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Format for Self Assessment Report (SAR) for NBA Accreditation of Undergraduate Engineering Programme

Mechanical ____________ _________________ (Name of the Programme)

National Board of Accreditation New Delhi, India May 2011 (Version.3.0) VERSION.3.0 SAR : The Self Assessment Report(SAR) should be submitted using the format which is or ganized in the following four parts: Part I: Part II: Part III: mme Educational Part IV: visit. Abbreviations: CAY CAYm1 CAYm2 LYG LYGm1 CFY CFYm1 -----------Current Academic Year e.g., __2010 11___ Current Academic Year minus one e.g., __2009 Current Academic Year minus two e.g., __2008 Latest Year of Graduation e.g., __2007 08___ Latest Year of Graduation minus one e.g., __2006 Current Financial Year e.g., __2010 11___ Current Financial Year minus one e.g., __2009 10___ 09___ 07___ 10___ Institutional Summary for Criteria I, II and III. Department/Programme Summary for Criteria IV to X. Curricula and syllabi for the degree programme along with Progra Objectives (PEOs), Programme Outcomes and Assessment. List of Documents to be made available during the accreditation Organization of the

Notes: 1. It would be greatly appreciated if precise and specific details, as requ ested in this format, are provided in tabular form and/or using bullets as far a s possible. No detailed description should be included anywhere; do not include any detail/information which is not asked for. In case, you wish to add any data /information which is not asked for, kindly add in the annexures. 2. Include data for three consecutive years, unless otherwise specified. 3. Information sought is mostly meant to be the Average over sufficient sampl

es, as applicable. 4. In this manuscript, Institution is used interchangeably for college/Instit ute/ University and Head of the Institution for Principal/Director/Vice-Chancellor . IF ANY CHANGE IS MADE BY THE INSTITUTION IN THE FORMAT/CONTENTS OF THE SAR WHILE SUBMITING TO NBA FOR ACCREDITATION OF ITS UNDER GRADUATE ENGINEERING PROGRAMME S, THE APPLICATION OF THE INSTITUTION SHALL BE LIABLE FOR REJECTION

CAY __________ LYG ___________ Declaration

CFY ____________

This Self Assessment Report (SAR) is prepared for the Current Academic Year (___ _______) and the Current Financial Year (_________) on behalf of the Institution . I certify that the information provided in this SAR is extracted from the record s and to the best of my knowledge, is correct and complete. I understand that any false statement/information of consequence may lead to rej ection of the application for accreditation for a period of two or more years. I also understand that the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) or its sub-commi ttees will have the right to decide on the basis of the submitted SAR whether th e Institution should be considered for an accreditation visit. If the information of consequence was found to be wrong during the visit or subs equent to grant of accreditation, NBA has right to withdraw the grant of accredi tation and no accreditation will be allowed for a period of next two years or mo re.

Place:Bijapur Signature, Name and Designation of the Date: Head of the Institution with seal PART I INSTITUTIONAL SUMMARY (Criteria I, II and III) I.0.1. Name and Address of the Institution and affiliated University: SECAB Institute of Engineering & Technology 424, Nauraspur, Bagalkot Road, Bijapur Visvesvaraya Technological University Jnana Sangama, Belgaum I.0.2. Name, Designation, Telephone, Mobile Numbers and E-mail ids of the conta ct person for NBA: Name : Designation : Principal Telephone No. : I.0.3. History of the Institution (including dates of introduction and number o f seats of various programmes of study along with NBA accreditation, if any), in

tabular form: Year Description programmes (Intake strength) 60 60 60 60

2002 Institution started with the following 1. Civil Engineering 2. Computer Science & Engineering 3. Electronics & Communication Engineering 4. Information Science & Engineering (date)

NBA-AICTE Accreditation visits and accreditation granted, if any Not Yet

2004 2006 2009 Addition of new programmes, increase in intake strength of the existing programmes and/or accreditation status 1. Mechanical Engineering 60 2. MBA 60 3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 60 I.0.4. Ownership Status: Govt.(Central/State) / Trust / Society (Govt. / NGO / Private) / Private/ Other (specify) Society (N.G.O) I.0.5. Financial Status: Govt.(Central/State) / Grants-in-aid / Not-for-p rofit / Private-Self financing / Other(specify) Not-for-profit I.0.6. Nature of Trust /Society: Educational

I.0.7. External Sources of Funds: Name of the External Source 2010-11 CFYm1 2009-10 CFYm2 2008-09 Nil Nil Nil CFY

asst director in the dept of industries asst directr of factoris