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My Life as a

La Mennais

Fr. John Mary de La Mennais

La Mennais Brothers is a congregation for men whom
would like to serve God and his country. Many people asking me why does the La
Mennais Brother Formation was too long until to become a La Mennais Brother
.The same as a vocation to a priest more than ten years. The following stage of
1. Aspirancy
2. Postulancy
3. Novitiate
4. Temporary Profess
5. Final Profess
This stage we start from Aspirancy- a college student who acquire for
studying. Well ,as Aspirants do what the requirements for improving our abilities,
talents, behavior, values or even a way of life preparing to become a competent
brother soon. Many things we learned inside the formation house and outside the
campus. Starting from June, us joining to campus ministry for serving the mass as a
SERVER at the University of San Agustin .Every day we serve during morning and
afternoon mass. Some aspirants are not there during the mass because some
complicated schedules and many invalid reasons. I that case I learned how to serve:
it is my first time in my life. I feel about my stage fright when I would be there in
front of.
On August 18 we start our Novena Mass. Every afternoon we serve even
sometimes morning. In that week we have many activities would be witness to. Some
aspirants would be there to watch the activities and some are in stayed at home in
watching TV, doing assignment and using internet for research and making articles..
We say that life in the La Mennais Brother is not quit difficult because that our life
sometimes up sometimes down. During the morning comes we, wake up at 4:15AM
then go straight for bathing and proceed to chapel for Morning Prayer. After our
morning praise we precede to Dominican Chapels for the mass. When time for
Morning Prayer some aspirants feel in bed, sleepy and the mind far away that some
say “Physically Present but Mentally Absent”. I always share my Meditation not for
the sake that I meditate. I Praising God with all my heart, mind and soul. No body
can start for mediations if I am not to begin to share. Sometimes I tried to wait for
us and no body start or to begin. Every one has their own chores like cleaning the
chapel, computer area, dishes, tables, floors, study room and CR. Some are fighting
because of misunderstanding about the chores that are responsible to do. I feel that
there is no Spirit live in this formation house and there is something wrong with
them. For me I don’t like to fight or to joke which is hurt somebody. Humbleness’ is
my swords fighting to my enemy who hates me, to insult me but like what the
Scripture say” Forgive them 77 times seven”. Gods knows who we are our
personalities, behaviors, our strength and weaknesses. During our free time we have
schedule for study for our next lessons and next activities in school. Inside our
formation we should have class to the brothers for nourishing our soul and
increasing our ability and expertise to do thing which we don’t know how to apply.
We have time for watching movie, reading magazines, news, and etc.
For me sometimes I feel rejected but I think it is a lesson to me how to be a
humble in my self towards others. You know my friends VOCATION is not always
well understood, even by those closest to us. For a several years now we have been
thinking about document on our special vocation, which would be of value not only
to our selves but to the church in general. Society today is going through profound
changes which are full of promise for humanity. Still, there are signs waiting for
HOPE: For the UNITY and SOLIDARITY is felt everywhere in the world. In the
face of these needs and according to our individual’s talents, God calling day and
other people as well, just once called to our founders. We are convinced that our
VOCATION is an answer to the need of our world, to which we present ourselves as
BOTHERS, at the service of LOVE in the name of Jesus, with all that we are and all
that we can do. We are witnesses to the possibility of brotherhood in divided world.
The Brothers Prophetic dimension of life: Religious life develops in the kingdom
which is “Already among us”, but is always motivated and animated by the

ESCHA TOL OG ICAL , the kingdom which is “still to come”. It therefore

belongs to the realm of prophecy, on of the Charism of the Holy Spirit.
1. He Called by God.
2. He is man of God, a bearer of the Spirit
3. He lives in Community
4 He is attentive to the signs of the times
5. He involved in human liberation
6. He shares in a certain type of wisdom
We want to be strength and faithful in our vocation. Hoping to God and be
patience to wait our time to become a La Mennais Brother soon.

O God I thank you for the life you have given me, for the faith and the hope and the
love. Show me how to make due a return.I offer myself to you to be at your
serviceThis is my desire. Show me the special way you want me to fulfill that
promise. I know there is pain in answering your call. I accept the pain knowing that
you are near at all times and that if I lose my life for your sake I will find it. Holy

Mary, pray for me now and always. AMEN

La Mennais Aspirants Photos

The La Mennais Brother and La Mennais Aspirants


La Mennais Brothers:
Br. Eugene -
Br. André -
La Mennais Aspirants:

Adamje Abiera-Dao, Antique….. Is a 3rd year college at the University of San

Agustin, major in MAPEH.
Carlo Sueta- Pandan, Antique……Is a 2nd year college at the University of San
Agustin, major in English.
Erwin John Mariano- San Remigio, Antique …. Is a 3rd year college at the
University of San Agustin, major in Mathematics.

Edsil Sigue- Hamtic, Antique…. Is a 3rd year college at the University of San
Agustin, major in MAPEH.

Johnny Baleña- San Remigio, Antique…. Is a 1st year college at the University of
San Agustin, major in English.

Rey Iniego- Patnongon , Antique…….. Is a 1st year college at the University of

San Agustin, major in Mathematics.

Raphy Gordon- San Remigio, Antique…… Is a 2nd year college at the University of
San Agustin, major in English.

Jayrie Salmorin- Patnongon , Antique….. Is a 1st year college at the University of

San Agustin, major in English.

Joemari Jamco- Patnongon, Antique….Is a 1st year college at the University of

San Agustin, major in English.
Lito Asinas- Hamtic, Antique… Is a 1st year college at the University of
San Agustin, major in History (Social Studies).
Raphy Macatigos Gordon La Mennais Aspirant

Since I was here at the La Mennais Formation House everything is

interesting for the first day of the year. I am very happy to be there at the La
Mennais, Why? Because I continue my studies and some people inspiring me to be
strong enough and never give up from my studies and me always believe in gods
help. Some time in school I am not in my body. During our exam is too very difficult,
why? Because our test is always writing essay and my teacher don’t understand
what I written. Sometimes my teacher gives comments and suggestion how to
improve my hand written. I asking my self why it is my written cannot be change. I
try to change it but never change. So, now I practicing and hope it change. Some
our subject course is more in writing or speaking like English 103, Creative Writing.
I always do my best in class but for me it depends on my capacity and what I
learned since the passed years and now. The Brothers, I don’t know if they are
happy to see us that we are come from different Municipalities and towns. Sometime
I got mistake but explained to them why and what reason is. Sometimes I feel hurt
according what they show to me but I already learned it since from the beginning of
my new life in Jesus Christ. Like what my teacher says” Constant Practice makes
perfect”. Do you believe that? Learned it and be humble to your self. When we are
come together in our rooms some are talking about ASWANG, ENKANTO and
many more. Every morning we drink milk and sometimes our food I don’t like it.
Very oily and I don’t know what kind of menu that is. Is too different from antique
menu or the way to cook foods and vegetables. Last month Br. André celebrates his
40th Anniversary of Religious life, generous service to the people of God and his
country and to the Antiqueños. We have mass during afternoon and so posed to be
we have confession but not work. The mass celebrated by Fr. Jacque, the Mill Hill
Missionary. After the mass we have short snacks and then supper. Fr. Jacque asks
me if I ate vegetables, I replied “yes” but selected and it depends what I like it..
According to Fr. Jacque homily there are three things to learned, first is Discover,
2nd study and last is Prayer. According to my teacher in Values Prof. Pinuela at the
University of San Agustin
” There is no student better than the teacher, if that student become a better
than the teacher, that teacher is a great teacher” Do you believed it or not? I believed
that all what the brothers do is for my good and the good of us for the future
brother or future educators. Today I have my own website, uploading the
documents in my own site. I Make PowerPoint, Movie maker, and etc. All things I
learned come from what I discovered especially me thank God for that gift which he
given me for my benefit and for others. Everything comes from God no body owned
except God. Do now and don’t wait for tomorrow. Happy day!

By:Raphy M.. Gordon La Mennais Aspirants 2009-2010
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