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The Eagles Eye Monday, 11.18.13 Theater

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Moon Over Buffalo

1950s play highlights stage life of washed up celebrities

Susana Rocha Staff Reporter
Moon Over Buffalo, the latest play staged by the Akins Journey Theatre, answers a common question seen in the media today: What are people willing to do to become famous? The answer it turns out is almost anything. And when fame eludes the characters in the play, the result if often hilarity. And that is one of the reasons theater teacher Maureen Siegel selected the 1995 play written by Ken Ludwig to open this years theater season. I picked Moon Over Buffalo because I was looking for a really funny show, I laughed a lot while reading it, she said. I fell in love with it instantly. The play takes place in the 1950s focusing on the sad lives of washed up actors who want to regain the spotlight in Hollywood films. Much of the play focuses on the antics of cheating spouses, secret plots and the dreams of people who want out of the lives they are currently living. The work and effort theatre students contributed to this play are shown through their dedication. Students stayed after school regularly until 9 p.m. and attended weekend practice to get the play perfected. There were two different casts that performed for two days each. The alternating casts made each performance distinct, said students in the play. Each cast had a different way that they play it, you can see the different choices they make for their characters, senior Jose Cantu said. All the choices they made turned out really well. The cast overcame some obstacles throughout the performances. It has gotten a lot better over time. Before we were doing the show it was really iffy, because we werent quite sure of

Journey theatre presents comic production

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Hide in the closet

Junior Janice Francos character confronts Senior Manuel Cantus character on stage as he makes a fool out of himself and orders him to hide. Franco played Charlotte and Cantu played George, the leads, in Moon Over Buffalo.

how well we were going to do, Cantu said. During the past few shows everyone has gotten it together. The Akins journey theater is now working on Youre A Good Man Charlie Brown, the musical, involving mostly

freshmen and sophomores. Its a building year for the department, Siegel said. We have a really strong incoming class and Im really excited about that.

Deandra Tristan Staff Reporter

New crew brings hip hop back

effort and teamwork into their dances. Majority of the dancers only started to take dance recently, but they see it as something they would like to do in the future. The team is currently planning on going to competition next semester. Senior Reynaldo Tamayo just started taking dance seriously last year but sees dance and choreography in his upcoming career and in his future. Tamayos position on the Hip Hop team is just a dancer but he also contributes to to the choreography of the dances. I feel like the team is making progress and people are getting a lot better, sophomore Joseph Atkinson

The rhythm of the Hip-Hop team members feet pounded on the ground, leaving the crowd roaring at a recent pep rally. The audience gains excitement as they see a new type of dance performed. Junior Nathan Tavarez held auditions and formed an after school hip-hop team that consists of 14 people. We spend our Tuesdays and Thursdays after school working hard and choreographing our dances together, junior Abigail Tovar said. The team put much

said. If there is a hip hop class next year, I would want to join so I can improve. Senior Paula Vuorela, an exchange student from Finland, is excited to be a part of the Hip Hop Team. Vuorela has danced ballet for 11 years in her home country, and is currently in her fifth year of dancing hip-hop style. I like being in a group because its a good experience to try new stuff and Ill be able to do something no one else can do when I go back to my country, Vuorela said. This after school program has been a learning experience and opportunity for some students to learn something new, and commit to something they love to do. The team hopes it will turn into a class next year.

Savannah Garza

Deandra Tristan

Shoe stomp Junior Nathan Tavarez performs with the hip-hop team. They danced at the pep rally before the playoffs last Thursday.

First time performing The 2013-2014 new hip-hop team strikes a pose after a pep rally. They danced to Just Blaze by Jay-Z.

Review New generation game

Student raves Pokmon X and Y

Maria Moreno Staff Reporter
Many of us have grown up with Pokmon, whether it was playing the trading card game or playing it on the Gameboy, some of us have been playing it for as long as we can remember. Typically, a new Pokmon game has been released every year and most of them were basically the same. This time around Junichi Masuda, the creator of the Pokmon games, knew it was time for a change, leading to the creation of Pokmon X and Y. These games arent your typical Pokmon games with two dimensional graphics and repetitive plot. The game takes place in Kalos, a French inspired region, with beautiful scenery and superb settings. This time, trainers can battle with their Pokmon in three dimensions and customize their character by buying clothes, changing their hairstyle and skin color. Mega evolutions of some of the old Pokmon were added. This basically boosts up their stats, making them a lot stronger and faster. This is a really cool addition to the game, and makes battles a lot more interesting. You can also catch one of the two new legendaries Xerneas, the fairy type or Yvetal, the dark/flying type, depending on the game version you bought. Along with these two you can also catch one of the three Legendary Birds and Mewtwo, who also have a mega evolution. Super Training is one of the new features added to train your Pokmons effort values, also known as EV training. This makes it easier to get certain stats better than the rest, which is really convenient for people who play competitively and dont have the time to fill out all 540 EV slots manually. Theres also PokmonAime, a feature based on the
Johanna Dakay

Nintendo DS game, Nintendogs. You can pet your Pokmon using this and make them friendlier, making it easier to evolve certain Pokmon. The game was one of the easiest Pokmon games to beat due to the Experience Share item you get at the beginning. It makes it easier to level up all of your Pokmon in your party at the same time. Overall, I think Pokemon X and Y are one of the best Pokemon games out yet and highly recommend you buy it. The game successfully blends old and new generations together, while incorporating a new design.

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