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In a judgment on Apr 24, 2009, the Delhi High Court ordered that once it has been established that there has been a delay in supplying information without any reasonable cause, the Information Commission does not have any discretionary power on whether penalty has to be imposed or not. In this case the CIC, in its order, stated that, since this is the first violation of the department, penalty has not been imposed. This has been decided as illegal by the Delhi High Court and ordered that the penalty has to be imposed. The order also goes on to say that "even though the CIC recommended disciplinary action under Section 20 (2), its denial of any penalty order under Section 20, in the considered opinion of this Court, cannot be upheld" The entire order has been reproduce here for ready reference. WP (C) No.3845/2007 Page 1 * IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI Pronounced on : 28.04.2009 + W.P. (C) 3845/2007 MUJIBU !"M#$ ..... Pe%&%&oner '(rou)(: M*. +&r&,- .r&*(-n /er0-1 #d2oc-%e. 2er*u* CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION ..... Respondent '(rou)(: M*. 3o)0-4- #)n&(o%r&1 #d2oc-%e 5or e*67389. CORAM: HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE S. RAVINDRA BHAT . W(e%(er %(e e6or%er* o5 :oc-: 6-6er* 0-4 ;e -::o<ed %o *ee %(e ,ud)0en%= 3e* !. 'o ;e re5erred %o e6or%er or no%= 3e* ". W(e%(er %(e ,ud)0en% *(ou:d ;e re6or%ed &n %(e >&)e*%= 3e*

"on?;:e Mr. Ju*%&ce @. -2&ndr- B(-% (A6en Cour%)

. I**ue u:e. W&%( con*en% o5 coun*e: 5or 6-r%&e*1 (e-rd coun*e: 5or %(e 6-r%&e*. !. '(e 6e%&%&oner &* -))r&e2ed ;4 -n order d-%ed 29.5.2009 ;4 <(&c( %(e Cen%r-: In5or0-%&on Co00&**&on (CIC) dro66ed6en-:%4 6roceed&n)* under @ec%&on 20 o5 %(e &)(% %o In5or0-%&on #c%1 2005. ". '(e 5-c%*1 ;r&e5:41 -re %(-% %(e 6e%&%&oner *ou)(% &n5or0-%&on %(rou)( -n -66:&c-%&on d-%ed 29.BB.20051 &n re*6ec% o5 *er2&ce ru:e* o5 %(e @ou%( !-*%ern Co-:5&e:d* C&0&%ed (@!CC). I% &* und&*6u%ed %(-% de*6&%e %(e -66:&c-%&on1 (e d&d no% rece&2e -n4 re*6on*eD (e <-* con*%r-&ned %o WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 2 6re5er -n -66e-: <(&c( <-* o5 no -2-&:. "e1 %(ere5ore1 -66ro-c(ed %(e CIC on B9.3.20091 ;4 <-4 o5 *econd -66e-:. An 27.3.20091 %(e CIC 0-de %(e 5o::o<&n) order: 7 "At the very start we must adversely observe the manner in which this case has been handled by the public authority. The information asked for should be common knowledge and is suitable for suo moto disclosure u/s 4 (1 of the Act. !ad an effort been made to conform to this provision" the public authority" the appellant and this #ommission would have been saved much time and e$pense. %e have e$amined the file and heard both parties. %e find that the applicant has not been given the information that he has sought" not even the promotion rules" e$cept a copy of the seniority list" which was attested and certified by the &'( during the hearing. The Appellate Authority has failed to apply his mind to the appeal and dismissed it having been told that the information and been supplied" without caring to confirm this with the appellant or indeed giving him a chance to be heard which together with there being no evidence of the AA)s decision having been received by the appellant arouses the suspicion that this decision was only an afterthought in the apprehension that the applicant might go in appeal. The *outh +astern #oalfields ,td is directed to provide all the information asked for by the appellant to him within fifteen working days from the date of issue of this -ecision .otice. %e accept the plea of &'( /itra that because he was not the principal supplier of the information" the officer whose assistance he has sought under *ec 0 (4 namely 1/ (&2A is liable to bear responsibility for the delay and therefore deemed refusal to provide the information sought. !e will therefore show cause by April 34" 3440 as to why a penalty of 5s 30"444 should not be imposed upon him. This appears an egregious case of neglect of responsibility. A copy of this -ecision may therefore be sent to the *ecretary #oal in the 1overnment of 'ndia" and to the -epartment of &ersonnel 2 Training for their record and initiation of remedial action. .otice of this decision be given free of cost to the parties."

". I% &* -n und&*6u%ed 5-c% %(-% on B0.4.20091 %(e %(&rd re*6onden% co06-n4 c-u*ed - :e%%er %o ;e &**ued (- co64 o5 <(&c( (-* ;een 6roduced &n %(e*e 6roceed&n)*)1 re2e-:&n) %(e n-%ure o5 WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 3 &n5or0-%&on *ou)(%. I% <-* *6ec&5&c-::4 *%-%ed %(-% no *en&or&%4 :&*% (-d ;een &**ued &n %(e 4e-r 200472005. #66-ren%:41 - co64 o5 %(&* :e%%er <-* 5urn&*(ed dur&n) %(e cour*e o5 6roceed&n)*1 ;e5ore %(e CIC. An %(e neE% d-%e o5 (e-r&n)1 &.e.1 29.5.20091 %(e CIC con*&dered %(e eE6:-n-%&on o5 %(e Fdee0ed PIAF1 &.e. %(e *&E%( re*6onden% G(*&nce %(e de*&)n-%ed CPIA (-d reHu&red -no%(er o55&cer &.e. @(r& @.P. C(-u;e41 +M (Per*onne: -nd #d0&n&*%r-%&on) %o co::ec% -nd 5urn&*( %(e &n5or0-%&on1 5or con2en&ence1 - *%e6 <(&c( &* 6er0&**&;:e under %(e #c%) G 5or -66ro6r&-%e re*6on*e %o %(e Huer&e*. '(e no%&ce <-* *6ec&5&c-::4 &n %er0* o5 @ec%&on B9 (8)1 c-::&n) u6on %(e *&E%( re*6onden% %o *(o< c-u*e <(4 6en-:%4 ou)(% no% %o ;e &06o*ed. >ur&n) %(e cour*e o5 (e-r&n)1 %(e CIC no%ed %(-% %(ere <-* &ndeed - :-%e re*6on*e %o %(e Huer4 0-de on 29.BB.2005 <(&c( <-* e2en%u-::4 -n*<ered -5%er %(e 6e%&%&oner (-d -66ro-c(ed &% (%(e CIC) -nd &n 5-c% dur&n) %(e cour*e o5 %(e 6roceed&n)*. I% -:*o (e:d *&E%( re*6onden% cu:6-;:e -nd d&rec%ed de6-r%0en%-: 6roceed&n)* -)-&n*% (&0. "o<e2er1 &% d&*c(-r)ed %(e no%&ce -nd d&d no% &06o*e -n4 6en-:%4 under @ec%&on 20. '(e re:e2-n% 6-r% o5 %(e CIC?* 5&nd&n)* -re -* 5o::o<*: 7 "The appellant)s case is that the information said to have been provided to him was not actually attached with the letter stating that the information was attached. The &'( was asked to hand over the attachments on the spot which he did. 1/ (&2A *& #haubey" treated as #&'( u/s 0(0 has stated that the *+#, has no clues governing this procedure but only established practice" termed ".iyam" in !indi" the language used in the response to the appellant)s application. 5egarding this the full information has been provided and there are no seniority rules to provide. Appellant has every right to agitate the *+#, have such rules" but this #ommission is not the competent authority to take a decision on such a matter. !owever" under *ec 16(7 we direct *+#, to publish for the information of all its employees" the established current practice for considering promotion" preferably on the internet in keeping with *ec 4(1 of the Act. 5espondents denied that the public authority had taken any vindictive action against the appellant" and had issued no order of suspension but only served a charge sheet not related to the appeal. %e have e$amined the charge sheet" a copy of which has been received only recently. There is indeed no specific mention of information supplied to the #ommission" but the #harge *heet charges the appellant WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 4 with not having taken recourse to remedies available within the public authority and instead sought to depend on 8outside sources). 1iven the timing of the charge sheet i.e. shortly after the -ecision of the #ommission on 39/7/)4:" and that the appellant" as stated in the hearing and not contested" never had to face disciplinary procedures throughout his service in *+#," the suspicion is aroused that" although denied by the 1/(&2A in his counter to the allegations vide letter .o. *+#,/;*&/1/(&2A /)344:/1/91: of 16.0.)4:" the action taken is indeed related with the #'# being identified as an 8outside source). Although no penal action is proposed on this ground therefore" the public authority will take note of this and ensure that the appellant is not victimi<ed for his action in

seeking what is his right under law. This may also be brought to the notice of the /inistry of &ersonnel" &ublic 1rievances 2 &ensions" which will ensure that safeguards are provided in every public authority under its =urisdiction to protect bonafide interests of applicants under the Act at all levels. 'n our -ecision of 39/7/)4: we had asked C(-u;e4 treated as &'(" to show cause by April 34" 3440 as to why a penalty of 5s.30"444 should not be imposed upon him. 'n response deemed #&'( *& #houbey has replied vide his .o.*+#,/;*&/1/(&2A /344:/&'(/449 of 13/4/)4: that the information sought has been provided and penal proceedings be dropped. >nder &roviso to *ec 34(1 " the burden of proving that he acted reasonably and diligently shall be on the #&'(. 'n this case" the information available with the public authority has been provided now" it must be noted that no reasonable cause for delay stands established as to why it was not supplied as per the law in the first instance" although the appellate authority has pleaded ill health which we accept in his case. ;ecause this is the first case of its kind from the public authority" we do not propose a financial penalty. !owever" disciplinary action against 1/(&2A *& #houbey is recommended u/s 34 (3 " *+#, will initiate such action under the *ervice 5ules applicable to him" which could include but need not remain restricted to issue of a warning for dereliction of duty. .otice of this decision be given free of cost to the parties." #. '(e 6e%&%&oner con%end* %(-% -5%er (-2&n) no%ed -;ou% %(e ;urden o5 6ro2&n) %(-% %(e concerned &nd&2&du-: or 6u;:&c o55&cer (-d -c%ed d&:&)en%:41 ;e&n) on %(e &nd&2&du-:1 -nd 5ur%(er (o:d&n) %(-% %(ere <-* no re-*on-;:e c-u*e 5or %(e de:-41 %(e CIC 5e:: &n%o error &n no% &06o*&n) %(e 6en-:%4 -nd &n 0ere:4 reco00end&n) d&*c&6:&n-r4 -c%&on. In -dd&%&on %o -%%-cI&n) %(e order -* -r;&%r-r4 -nd un,u*%&5&ed1 %(e 6e%&%&oner con%end* %(-% (e (-d %o *(ocI&n):4 5-ce - c(-r)e7*(ee%1 -nd e2en %(ou)( (e (-* no< ;een 6ro0o%ed1 %(e %(&rd re*6onden% (-* no% &nd&c-%ed %(-% %(e c(-r)e7*(ee% (-* ;een dro66ed. '(e 6e%&%&oner con%end* %(-% %(e -::e)-%&on &n %(e WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 5 c(-r)e *(ee% <-* (&* (%(e 6e%&%&oner?*) dere:&c%&on &n 5&:&n) -n -66:&c-%&on1 under %(e #c%1 -nd e:&c&%&n) &n5or0-%&on ou%*&de o5 %(e or)-n&J-%&on?* c(-nne:*. I% &* *u;0&%%ed %(-% %(&* -::e)-%&on1 ;e*&de* ;e&n) un5ounded1 under0&ne* %(e 6ur6o*e o5 %(e #c%1 <(&c( doe* no% reHu&re -n4 &nd&2&du-: or -66:&c-n% %o de0on*%r-%e locus standi. @o :on) -* &n5or0-%&on &* &n %(e 5or0 0-nd-%ed1 -nd &* no% eEe06%ed 5ro0 d&*c:o*ure1 e2er4one (-* %(e r&)(% %o -cce** &%1 <(e%(er (e &* re:-%ed %o %(e or)-n&J-%&on (o:d&n) %(e &n5or0-%&on or no%. $. '(e %(&rd re*6onden%1 &n re6:41 -nd %(rou)( &%* coun*e:1 M*. 3o)0-4- #)n&(o%r&1 con%end* %(-% -c%&on reco00ended ;4 %(e CIC <-* &ndeed %-Ien -nd %(-% de6-r%0en%-: 6roceed&n)* <ere &n&%&-%ed -)-&n*% %(e *&E%( re*6onden%. In %(&* re)-rd &% &* *%-%ed -* 5o::o<*: 7 "$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ ??''' That the averments in paragraph 4 (??''' are denied and under reply it is submitted that regarding

the letter dated 14@11@344: of respondent no.: it is stated that he has been held guilty for giving false information and accordingly has been served a memorandum under #-A 5ules of 169A of #',. Burthermore an +nCuiry (fficer has also been appointed for holding an inCuiry into the charges levelled against respondent no. : as per the service rules/ conditions of #',. !ence it is not at all true that *+#, /anagement/ /inistry of #oal have not taking any action against respondent no.: based on the respondent no.1 decision. $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$" %. '(e %(&rd re*6onden% (-* no% Hue*%&oned %(e order o5 %(e CIC. '(e *&E%( re*6onden% <(o en%ered -66e-r-nce1 &n %(e 6roceed&n)* -nd 5&:ed - re6:4 doe* no% d&*6u%e %(e order. "e %oo *u;0&%* %(-% d&*c&6:&n-r4 -c%&on (-* ;een &n&%&-%ed -)-&n*% (&0. I% &* *u;0&%%ed %(-% &n %(e o2er-:: con*6ec%u* o5 %(e 5-c%*1 %(&* Cour% *(ou:d de*&*% 5ro0 0-I&n) -n4 -d2er*e order *&nce %(e de6-r%0en%-: 6roceed&n)* -re 6end&n)1 -* -n4 order <ou:d -d2er*e:4 &06-c% u6on (&* (%(e *&E%( re*6onden%?*) *er2&ce record*. WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 9 &. '(e -;o2e d&*cu**&on <ou:d *(o< %(-% %(ou)( %(e 6e%&%&oner (-d -66:&ed 5or &n5or0-%&on on 29.BB.20051 (e <-* 0-de %o <-&% -nd 5orced %o 5&:e -66e-:* %o 5&r*% -66e::-%e -u%(or&%4 -nd :-%er %o %(e CIC. '(e &n%ern-: 6roce**e*1 <&%(&n %(e %(&rd re*6onden% cor6or-%&on1 -66-ren%:4 <ere &n*en*&%&2e %o %(e Huer&e* e:&c&%ed -nd e2en%u-::4 -5%er %(e CIC &**ued no%&ce1 d&d %(e %(&rd re*6onden% 5urn&*( %(e &n5or0-%&on. I% <-* &n %(e*e c&rcu0*%-nce* %(-% CIC &**ued no%&ce %o %(e PIA c-::&n) u6on (&0 <(4 6en-: -c%&on *(ou:d no% ;e %-Ien. '(-% de:-4 occurred1 ;e4ond %(e *%&6u:-%ed 6er&od &n 5urn&*(&n) &n5or0-%&on &* *e:5 e2&den%. Bo%( %(e order* d-%ed 27.3.2009 -nd 29.5.2009 c-%e)or&c-::4 record %(-% %(ere <-* de:-4. '(e on:4 Hue*%&on1 %(ere5ore1 <-* <(e%(er -5%er &**u&n) no%&ce -nd (e-r&n) %(e concerned dee0ed PIA 7 %(e *&E%( re*6onden%1 %(e CIC -c%ed <&%(&n &%* ,ur&*d&c%&on &n no% &06o*&n) %(e 6en-:%4 o5 *.251000/7. '. @ec%&on 201 <(&c( &* %(e 6ro2&*&on en-;:&n) %(e CIC %o &06o*e 6en-:%41 re-d* -* 5o::o<*: 7 "20. Penalties .7(B) W(ere %(e Cen%r-: In5or0-%&on Co00&**&on or %(e @%-%e In5or0-%&on Co00&**&on1 -* %(e c-*e 0-4 ;e1 -% %(e %&0e o5 dec&d&n) -n4 co06:-&n% or -66e-: &* o5 %(e o6&n&on %(-% %(e Cen%r-: Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer or %(e @%-%e Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer1 -* %(e c-*e 0-4 ;e1 (-*1 <&%(ou% -n4 re-*on-;:e c-u*e1 re5u*ed %o rece&2e -n -66:&c-%&on 5or &n5or0-%&on or (-* no% 5urn&*(ed &n5or0-%&on <&%(&n %(e %&0e *6ec&5&ed under *u;7*ec%&on (B) o5 *ec%&on 7 or 0-:-5&de:4 den&ed %(e reHue*% 5or &n5or0-%&on or Ino<&n):4 )&2en &ncorrec%1 &nco06:e%e or 0&*:e-d&n) &n5or0-%&on or de*%ro4ed &n5or0-%&on <(&c( <-* %(e *u;,ec% o5 %(e reHue*% or o;*%ruc%ed &n -n4 0-nner &n 5urn&*(&n) %(e &n5or0-%&on1 &% *(-:: &06o*e - 6en-:%4 o5 %<o (undred -nd 5&5%4 ru6ee* e-c( d-4 %&:: -66:&c-%&on &* rece&2ed or &n5or0-%&on &* 5urn&*(ed1 *o (o<e2er1 %(e %o%-: -0oun% o5 *uc( 6en-:%4 *(-:: no% eEceed %<en%475&2e %(ou*-nd ru6ee*: Pro2&ded %(-% %(e Cen%r-: Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer or %(e @%-%e Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer1 -* %(e c-*e

0-4 ;e1 *(-:: ;e )&2en - re-*on-;:e o66or%un&%4 o5 ;e&n) (e-rd ;e5ore -n4 6en-:%4 &* &06o*ed on (&0: Pro2&ded 5ur%(er %(-% %(e ;urden o5 6ro2&n) %(-% (e -c%ed re-*on-;:4 -nd d&:&)en%:4 *(-:: ;e on %(e Cen%r-: Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer or %(e @%-%e Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer1 -* %(e c-*e 0-4 ;e. WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 7 (3 %here the #entral 'nformation #ommission or the *tate 'nformation #ommission" as the case may be" at the time of deciding any complaint or appeal is of the opinion that the #entral &ublic 'nformation (fficer or the *tate &ublic 'nformation (fficer" as the case may be" has" without any reasonable cause and persistently" failed to receive an application for information or has not furnished information within the time specified under sub@section (1 of section 9 or malafidely denied the reCuest for information or knowingly given incorrect" incomplete or misleading information or destroyed information which was the sub=ect of the reCuest or obstructed in any manner in furnishing the information" it shall recommend for disciplinary action against the #entral &ublic 'nformation (fficer or the *tate &ublic 'nformation (fficer" as the case may be" under the service rules applicable to him." (. # c:o*e -nd %eE%u-: re-d&n) o5 @ec%&on 20 &%*e:5 re2e-:* %(-% %(ere -re %(ree c&rcu0*%-nce*1 <(ere;4 - 6en-:%4 c-n ;e &06o*ed &.e. (-) e5u*-: %o rece&2e -n -66:&c-%&on 5or &n5or0-%&onD (;) $o% 5urn&*(&n) &n5or0-%&on <&%(&n %(e %&0e *6ec&5&edD -nd (c) >en4&n) 0-:- 5&de:4 %(e reHue*% 5or &n5or0-%&on or Ino<&n):4 )&2en &ncorrec%1 &nco06:e%e or 0&*:e-d&n) &n5or0-%&on 5or de*%ro4&n) &n5or0-%&on %(-% <-* %(e *u;,ec% 0-%%er o5 %(e reHue*%. !-c( o5 %(e cond&%&on* &* 6re5-ced ;4 %(e &n5r-c%&on F<&%(ou% re-*on-;:e c-u*eF. '(e CIC &n &%* *econd &06u)ned order d-%ed 29.5.2009 c:e-r:4 recorded %(-% %(e 9 %( re*6onden% d&d no% 5urn&*( -n4 re-*on-;:e c-u*e 5or %(e de:-4 -nd %(-% %(&* 5-c% *%ood Fe*%-;:&*(edF. I% de*&*%ed 5ro0 &06o*&n) %(e 6en-:%4 <(&c( &% <-* undou;%ed:4 co06e%en% %o under @ec%&on 20 (B). I%1 (o<e2er1 reco00ended %(-% -c%&on *(ou:d ;e %-Ien -)-&n*% %(e concerned Pu;:&c In5or0-%&on A55&cer &.e. %(e *&E%( re*6onden% under @ec%&on 20 (2). '(-% 6-r% o5 %(e order &* no% &n d&*6u%e. . $o<1 &% &* - <e:: e*%-;:&*(ed 6ro6o*&%&on %(-% - 'r&;un-: G -* %(e CIC un7den&ed:4 &* 7 c-n ;e correc%ed &n eEerc&*e o5 ,ud&c&-: re2&e< ,ur&*d&c%&on ;4 %(e "&)( Cour%1 &5 &% 5-&:* %o eEerc&*e ,ur&*d&c%&on :-<5u::4 2e*%ed &n &% or -c%* ;e4ond &%* ,ur&*d&c%&on1 -n eE6re**&on %(-% &nc:ude* WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 8 -c%&n) con%r-r4 %o %(e 6ro2&*&on* o5 :-<1 or e*%-;:&*(ed 6r&nc&6:e* o5 :-< or %(e Con*%&%u%&on. '(&* 6ro6o*&%&on (-* ;een &n eE&*%ence 5or (-:5 - cen%ur4 *&nce !ari Dishnu Eamat v. Ahmad 'shaCue #I B955 @C 2331 <(ere %(e @u6re0e Cour% dec:-red %(e 6-r-0e%er* o5 ,ud&c&-: re2&e< -)-&n*% order* o5 Hu-*& ,ud&c&-: ;od&e*1 -nd %r&;un-:*. '(e*e <ere eE6:-&ned &n %(e :-%er ,ud)0en%1 &n *urya -ev 5ai v. 5am #hander 5ai 2003 (9) @CC 9751 &n %(e 5o::o<&n) %er0*: "....... the !igh #ourt was not =ustified in looking into the order of -ecember 3" 1603" as an appellate

court" though it would be =ustified in scrutini<ing that order as if it was brought before it under Article 33: of the #onstitution for issue of a writ of certiorari. The limit of the =urisdiction of the !igh #ourt in issuing writs of certiorari was considered by this #ourt in !ari Dishnu Eamath v. Ahmad 'shaCue 1600@'* 1144 F ((* A'5 1600 *# 377 and the following four proposition were laid down F@ "(1 #ertiorari will be issued for correcting errors of =urisdictionG (3 #ertiorari will also be issued when the #ourt or Tribunal acts illegally in the e$ercise of its undoubted =urisdiction" as when it decides without giving an opportunity to the parties to be heard" or violates the principles of natural =usticeG (7 The court issuing a writ of certiorari acts in e$ercise of a supervisory and not appellate =urisdiction. (nce conseCuence of this is that the court will not review findings of fact reached by the inferior court or tribunal" even if they be erroneous. (4 An error in the decision or determination itself may also be amenable to a writ of certiorari if it is a manifest error apparent on the face of the proceedings" e.g." when it is based on clear ignorance or disregard of the provisions of law. 'n other words" it is a patent error which can be corrected by certiorari but not a mere wrong decision." !. '(e Cour% <(&:e con*&der&n) - co06:-&n% -;ou% %(e 'r&;un-: &n5r-c%&n) &%* ;ound* (-* %o ;e -:&2e %o %(e 5-c% %(-% 6r&0-r4 d&*cre%&on &n *uc( c-*e* &* <&%( %(e *%-%u%or4 'r&;un-:. #% %(e *-0e %&0e1 once &% &* e*%-;:&*(ed %(-% %(e 'r&;un-:1 5or no -66-ren% re-*on1 e&%(er eEceeded &%* WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e 9 ,ur&*d&c%&on or 5-&:ed %o eEerc&*e ,ur&*d&c%&on :-<5u::4 2e*%ed &n &%1 %(e "&)( Cour% <ou:d ;e ,u*%&5&ed &n &n%er5er&n) <&%( &%* order*. ". In %(&* c-*e1 order d-%ed 29.5.2009 -* <e:: -* %(e 6re2&ou* order o5 27.3.2009 e*%-;:&*(e* %(-% %(e &n5or0-%&on *ou)(% <-* 5urn&*(ed -5%er CIC &**ued &%* order*. Moreo2er1 *(ocI&n):41 %(e 6e%&%&oner <-* &**ued <&%( c(-r)e7*(ee% G - 5-c% ;orne 5ro0 %(e order d-%ed 29.5.20071 5or Fno% (-2&n) %-Ien recour*e %o %(e re0ed&e* -2-&:-;:e <&%(&n %(e 6u;:&c -u%(or&%4F. In o%(er <ord*1 %(e 6e%&%&oner <-* *ou)(% %o ;e 6roceeded -)-&n*% de6-r%0en%-::4 5or %(e *&n o5 -66ro-c(&n) %(e PIA under %(e 'I #c%1 7 - r&)(% )u-r-n%eed %o (&0 &n :-<. In *uc( c-*e*1 &% &* co:d co05or% 5or - :&%&)-n% G *uc( -* %(e 6e%&%&oner/-66:&c-n% G <(o <-* dr&2en %o *eeI &n5or0-%&on1 %o -66ro-c( %(e CIC1 -% >e:(&1 %o ;e %o:d %(-% %(e err&n) o55&c&-: <ou:d ;e 6roceeded <&%( de6-r%0en%-::4 e*6ec&-::4 -5%er record&n) %(-% %(e :-6*e &.e. %(e de:-4 or e2en %(e unre-*on-;:ene** o5 <&%((o:d&n) o5 &n5or0-%&on <-* un,u*%&5&ed. '(e 6e%&%&oner &n e55ec% <-* dou;:4 de6r&2ed G &n %(e 5&r*% &n*%-nce1 o5 %(e &n5or0-%&on <(&c( <-* *ou)(% 5or1 -nd *econd:41 (e <-* eE6o*ed %o -n un,u*%&5&ed %(re-% o5 enHu&r4. In %(e*e c&rcu0*%-nce*1 e2en %(ou)( %(e CIC reco00ended d&*c&6:&n-r4 -c%&on under @ec%&on 20 (2)1 &%* den&-: o5 -n46en-:%4 order under @ec%&on 201 &n %(e con*&dered o6&n&on o5 %(&* Cour%1 c-nno% ;e u6(e:d.

). #* 5-r -* %(e *&E%( re*6onden%?* con%en%&on re)-rd&n) 6o**&;:e 6re,ud&ce &n (&* de6-r%0en%-: enHu&r4 &* concerned1 %(&* Cour% 5ee:* %(-% -n order under @ec%&on 20 <ou:d no% &n -n4 0-nner co0e &n %(e <-4 o5 (&* de5en*e*1 :-<5u::4 -2-&:-;:e %o (&0 &n *uc( 6roceed&n)*. '(e *&E%( re*6onden% &* no% den4&n) %(e 5&nd&n)* recorded &n %(e order d-%ed 29.5.2009D &n 5-c% (e (-* no% e2en c(-::en)ed &%. '(e cour% c-nno% ;e un0&nd5u: o5 %(e c&rcu0*%-nce* under <(&c( %(e #c% <-* 5r-0ed1 -nd ;rou)(% &n%o 5orce. I% *eeI* %o 5o*%er -n Fo6enne** cu:%ureF -0on) WP (C) $o.3845/2007 P-)e B0 *%-%e -)enc&e*1 -nd - <&der *ec%&on o5 F6u;:&c -u%(or&%&e*F <(o*e -c%&on* (-2e - *&)n&5&c-n% or :-*%&n) &06-c% on %(e 6eo6:e -nd %(e&r :&2e*. In5or0-%&on *eeIer* -re %o ;e 5urn&*(ed <(-% %(e4 -*I 5or1 un:e** %(e #c% 6ro(&;&%* d&*c:o*ureD %(e4 -re no% %o ;e dr&2en -<-4 %(rou)( *(eer &n-c%&on or 5&:&;u*%er&n) %-c%&c* o5 %(e 6u;:&c -u%(or&%&e* or %(e&r o55&cer*. I% &* %o en*ure %(e*e end*1 %(-% %&0e :&0&%* (-2e ;een 6re*cr&;ed1 &n -;*o:u%e %er0*1 -* <e:: -* 6en-:%4 6ro2&*&on*. '(e*e -re 0e-n% %o en*ure - cu:%ure o5 &n5or0-%&on d&*c:o*ure *o nece**-r4 5or - ro;u*% -nd 5unc%&on&n) de0ocr-c4. #. In t*e +,o-e ./0.12st+n.es3 Co10t /s o4 t*e op/n/on t*+t t*e /2p15ned o0de0 to t*e e6tent /t d/s.*+05es t*e s/6t* 0espondent o4 t*e not/.e 1nde0 Se.t/on ' 7&8 +nd does not /2pose t*e pen+9t: so15*t 4o0 *+s to ,e de.9+0ed /99e5+9. In t*/s .+se3 t*e pen+9t: +2o1nt 7on +..o1nt o4 t*e de9+: ,et;een !&. !.!((# +nd t*e 4/0st ;ee< o4 M+:3 !(($ ;*en t*e /n4o02+t/on ;+s 5/-en8 ;o19d ;o0< o1t to Rs.!#3(((=>. T*e t*/0d 0espondent /s *e0e,: d/0e.ted to ded1.t t*e s+2e 40o2 t*e s/6t* 0espondent?s s+9+0: /n 4/-e e@1+9 /nst+992ents +nd depos/t t*e +2o1nt3 ;/t* t*e Co22/ss/on. $. In t*e ./ o4 t*e .+se3 t*e t*/0d 0espondent s*+99 ,e+0 t*e .ost o4 t*e p0o.eed/n5s @1+nt/4/ed +t Rs.#(3(((=> ,e p+/d to t*e pet/t/one0 ;/t*/n s/6 ;ee<s 40o2 tod+:. %. T*e W0/t Aet/t/on /s +99o;ed /n t*e +,o-e te02s.