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Q1: Describe the main stages of annual pilgrimage?

Ans: On 8th of Zilhajj a Muslim pilgrim has to wear Ihram first. This should be
done at Meeqat after performing wudu or ghusal for purification. Ihram is two sheets of unstitched cloth for men and normal clothes covering whole body except hands and face for women. After this the pilgrim should perform 2 Nafal prayers, make the intention of Hajj and proceed to Makkah. Wearing Ihram and making niyyat for Hajj is its first obligation. The pilgrim is now under the restrictions of Ihram like no cutting of nails etc. Also the talbiah i.e. Here I am O Lord should be continuously recited. On the same day the pilgrim should reach the Kaabah and perform Tawaf-e-Qudum i.e. 7 times encircling the Kaabah starting from the Black Stone. After that the pilgrim should offer a private prayer at al-Multazim, 2 Nafal prayers at place of Abraham and then should drink of Zam Zam. Then Sayi between Safa and Marwa, starting from Safa and ending at Marwa ,should be performed. This is in memory of Hazrat Hajra(AS) who was searching water for her infant son Hazrat Ismail (AS). Before offering the Zuhr of 8th ZilHajj the pilgrim should proceed to Mina and offer Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha there. The pilgrim will spend night in Mina. After the Fajr prayer next day in Mina, the pilgrim should move to Arafat. Here he should listen to the sermon, perform combined Zuhr and Asr prayers and then perform Waquf-e-Arafat between noon and dusk. In the waquf the pilgrim should continuously remember Allah in order to obtain His forgiveness. This is the most important obligation of Hajj and Hajj is void without it. After sunset without offering Maghrib prayers, the pilgrim should proceed to Muzdalifah. Here combined Maghrib and Isha prayers should be performed and the Fajr of 10th Zil Hajj should also be offered. The pebbles for Rami should also be collected from this place. Here night is mostly spent in remembrance of Allah. After Fajr prayers the pilgrim will leave for Mina and should stone the Jamarat-ul-Uqba (biggest pillar representing Satan) with 7 pebbles. The he

should perform sacrifice by slaughtering an animal. They do this in order to remember Hazrat Ibrahims sacrifice of his son. Then men should shave their hair and women should clip a lock of their hair. After this the restrictions of Ihram are over. The pilgrim should stone the 3 Jamarats from 11th to 12th and /or13th to follow Holy Prophets Sunnah. The stoning should be star ted from Jamarat-ulSughra and end on Jamarat-ul-Uqba. This symbolic stoning is called rami.In between this stay (10th-12th)the pilgrim should go to Holy Kaabah and perform Tawaf-e-Ziyarat. It is third and the last obligation of Hajj. Before leaving Makkah the pilgrim should also perform Tawaf-e-Wida at Holy Kaabah.

Compiled By : Muzammil Abdul Rauf Author: ASIM