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Now it is not new for Sri Lankan Muslims has become a frequent event. Today morning my lawyer friend texted me Masjids safee at kadawaththa road, Dehiwala came under attack by some thugs around 11pm last night. I was not shocked neither was I surprised, as I was a year ago. Some unknown gangs throwing stones at Masjids, Buddhist radicals mocking at Islamic values, Srilankan government blessing these radicals are no more news and not even new.

Hatred against Islamic principles have become a trend in the current world. You can see that all over the world, especially in Europe. There are numerable hate campaigns carried out by Haters of Islam in many European countries. Western media always depict a Muslim with beard as radical, fundamental, religious fanatic nowadays. History testifies how west plotted to topple the ottoman kingdom the last Islamic Khilafa- after the world war one. Sykes and Picot agreement - a secret pact on how to partition the Ottoman Empire was signed between Britain France, and Russia in was later exposed by Bolsheviks after the Russian revolution. Pages of the history carry many records how the west from the emergence of Islam to now, has been bitter against Islam. There is a reason for that. West always saw Islam as a threat to their very existence. Western ideology and Islamic principles always conflict and contradict with each other. Western principles and values are based on mostly Greek Philosophy which challenges the very existence of God and Rule of religion while Islamic ideology is purely based on religion that believes in afterlife. From the time of the emergence of Islam battles between Muslims and other faiths were perceived as war of ideologies rather than individuals. Istanbul- former capital of Ottoman Empire was a strategic geopolitical location which posed a serious threat British Empires sea rout. More over supporters of Zionism saw Islamic kingdom as a threat to the creation of Israel. The efforts taken to buy a land for Jews during period of Ottoman Empire was in vain. They were able to create Israel only many decades after the collapse of Ottoman Empire. West feel that if Muslims are molded by the ideology of Islam they will wage jihad against them and that would challenge their interest and is capable enough to change the order of the world which the west created after many defeats. That is why there are many efforts taken to modernize the Islam and water down the real teaching of Islamic principles by altering the school and college syllabuses in e gulf countries, buying the Islamic

scholars with modernized thought, arresting the scholars who talk about jihad,improsing and torturing the mujahedeen.

But that is not the case in Sri Lanka.Asian Muslims in pur context Sri Lankan Muslims are completely different than the Muslims in Middle East and Europe. Asian Muslims are far away from the concept of jihad. Most of them do not know what Islam is.even in Madrasa in Srilanka which produce Muslim clerics, concept of jihad is not taught in detail. Then we can imagine status of a simple Muslim. Muslims in Srilanka are used to live in harmony with majority. Being a minority community, influence of majority culture, lack of knowledge in Arabic, differences of many schools of thought, cowardice as a characteristic of Asian people in comparison with other regions, distance with international Muslim community,contitous stress by Sri lanka Muslim scholars on love for mother land, influence of Islamic modernism are few reasons among many have led most of the Sri Lankan Muslim s as a peace loving non voila net calm sacred sheeps grazing in faraway land. These Muslims cannot pose a threat to Sri Lanka at any time. They did not and it is impossible to think that they would. There is no need to unradicalise Sri Lankan Muslim since all of them are born unradicalized. Sri Lankan government know this very well. I have been observing the ongoing campaign against Sri Lankan Muslims my Buddhist radicals. If you closely observe the ways and pattern international Muslim radicals confrontation is completely different from the ways Sri Lankan Muslims are dealt with in reason time. The pattern and the timeline will show us a truth. That is the recent campaign against Sri Lankan Muslims are not to unradicalse them nor the campaign pattern is in line with western model of unradcalisation of Muslim. Having considered the point that srilankam Muslims are harmless the reasons for the recent onslaught against Muslims and the pattern of occurrences reveal the reason why this campaign is carried out.