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multiple copy part using transfrom in Unigraphics ~ Unigraphics & Sie...


Unigraphics & Siemens NX Tutorial

UGS NX Siemens PLM software tutorial, article, tips and trick

Get Unigraphics Tutorial from begining untul advance here Please share this blog on your social network, it's make this blog keep a live and have more post, leave some comment if you need further help BEGINER FAST EDITING

Begining Power Drafting in Siemens NX 8 A new method to drafting in Siemens NX 8 is power drafting, it's make drafting more efficient, fast when handle command, part, component... Make Array hole in cylinder, Circular pattern, Unigraphics Tutorial make array face in cylinder like hole, boss or other shape is easy using Unigraphics, to begin make array model, use pattern face, this i... Edit Object Display Change Color Some times we need to change the color of part, to change the color first click Edit Object Display Icon, or click CTLR + J in your keybord... Unigraphics NX 5 first time environment Picture below shown first time environment after we click icon to begin work in Unigraphics NX 5 Drop Drown menu with this menu under fil... record, call, and using macro in Unigraphics Macro is important to make fast design, because we can cut step design that too long became more shorter, we also can make hot key that run ... export and import file in Unigraphics NX 6 basically it's still same with other version, to export and import files, you can use the menu file-import-then choose the file type, th...


multiple copy part using transfrom in Unigraphics

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when works with part that have a pattern or same shape, using multiple copy is very helpful, although various way to create multiple part available in Unigraphics, at this tutorial focused using transform and multiple copy button only. to begin transform operation click transform button or using short cut CTRL+T, the transform dialog box will appear like picture below

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UNDERSTANDING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE MOUSE BUTTONS when we design in UGS, 80 % work using mouse, so learning the function of mouse button is basic to work more faster in Unigraphic environmen...

Unigraphics also called UGS, NX and Siemens PLM Software's vision is to enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through global innovation networks to deliver world-class products and services, allowing them to deal swiftly with emerging risks and opportunities.


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multiple copy part using transfrom in Unigraphics ~ Unigraphics & Sie...

Let's Start UG NX5 NX includes well established capabilities for 3D annotation, and Siemens customers worldwide are actively utilizing and endorsing 3D annota... move, copy, rotate using dynamic handle on NX 6 above Starting from NX 6, new features that simplify the design is the process transform, move and copy, it can be done dynamically and previews d... Make helix and cube, spring shape a like in Unigraphics Siemens PLM software Icon helix serves to make the basic form helix formation, this formation can be developed into a screw, spring, hose and other formations th...

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the target from this tutorial is make multiple part from single part, like picture below

2008 (36) November (2) October (2) multiple copy part using transfrom in Unigraphics Starting Drafting a model in Unigraphics September (7) August (4) July (4) June (10) May (7)

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Watch copy multiple part in How to Videos | View More Free Videos Online at

those pattern part made from one block, which choose button when using transform, those pattern can be made more fast.

Step to make those pattern part are 1. make the block with dimension X = 100 Y = 100 Z = 50 2. change the color by using CTR + J 3. click transform icon (CTRL + T) 4. select the part,OK 5. select and click Tranfrom Button 6. select delta X = 50 Y = 50 Z=0 7. Click OK 8. select multiple copy Avail at the number of copies column fill the 5 or any number what you like, select OK, Select Cancel to end the operation 9. Right Click and select FIT to fit with your screen.

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multiple copy part using transfrom in Unigraphics ~ Unigraphics & Sie...

make block (4) Measure Bodies (1) Mouse function (1) move (6) move face (2) multiple cpy (1) NX5 Environment (5) offset (3) pattern face (1) Power Drafting (1) pull face (1) Post a Comment quick change (1) reblend face (1) replace face (3) revolve (1) rotate (2) setting environment (3) Sew (1) Shading (1) shaft (1) sheet (1) shell (2) Siemens NX (2) Siemens NX 8 (1) simple bolt (1) simple part (1) simulation (1) Sketch (3) solid body (5) split body (2) spring (1) subtract (1) Synchronous Modeling (4) taper (1) text size (1) thick width (1) tips and trick (2) toolbar (1) tranparent (1) transform (5) UGS Introduction (2) Unite Operation (2) unparameterize (1) view (2) visualization (7) wireframe view (2)
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at those video, the part before multiple operation selected, i try to copy, and move,i hope it's more help to understand the different between copy, move and multiple copy, you can also Undo the operation by click Undo the last Operation
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