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Fundamentals of Education



Education consists of acquisition of knowledge and learning, both formal and informal. The first thing that a baby learns is the mother tongue and in that sense, the first teacher is the mother (Moon). She continues to tech the child toilet training, eating and other members of the family contribute a little, but under the overall control of the mother. Thus, the Moon is the teacher and the child Mercury is the learner. At this stage the learning is merely by repetition and copying or imbibing the sounds and actions. This is well represented by the constellation Aslesha (in the fourth natural sign Cancer) which shows copying or repetition of something. Thus the fourth house becomes the house of basic learning and formal education as well upto say, the tenth standard or the O-Level. At this stage the students are taught to be disciplined and they are expected to copy the behaviour of parents and teachers in all matters. Later some of them also copy elder brothers or elder students. Thus, this is the natural process of Apara-Vidya or all learning that is associated with this material world. Simultaneously, the children are also given some training into the religious affairs and tend to copy the religious beliefs of the father and other elders. The Hindu children are given the Gayatri Mantra and the Christians have to be baptised and almost all religions give some form of learning to the child. This is the fifth house that follows the fourth house and also contributes to learning, but PARAVIDYA. It is from here that the child gets the Guru mantra and develops attachment for the deity whose Guru Mantra has been given to him. The Sun owns the fifth house of the natural zodiac and thus these religious practices are generally patriarchal. The Guru Mantra is signified by Jupiter and so is Para Vidya. The ninth house is the sixth from the fourth. Thus, if one works hard (6th house) and has good scores in formal childhood education (4th house), then the person is likely to continue into higher formal education. Being the fifth from the fifth house, it shows the application of knowledge and the intelligence. Thus higher education is different from lower education in that it requires an independent application of the mind and intelligence instead of just repeating or mugging up. The extent to which the independent application of mind will be made will depend on the extent of influence of Jupiter. If this is low, then the person shall continue to read and reproduce portions of books and literature without trying to understand their inner meanings. Jupiter is the lord of the natural ninth house and also its significator. The Sun becomes the significator for the APARA-VIDYA associated with the ninth while Jupiter signifies Para-Vidya.

Education and trouble in education

QUESTION BY MS.LAILA Education and trouble in education, Can this be seen from any special arudha lagnas in the D24 charts? If the lagna for the D24 chart is incorrect can anything be told just by looking at the planet positions themselves in D24?



Just a couple of points: (1) Arudha pada of 4th (A4) shows the illusion surrounding learning. It shows the institutes one studies at. Benefics and Sun in it show good colleges. Malefics (and Saturn) show bad ones. (2) The 4th in D-24 shows learning. Jupiter & Mercury for astrology, Sun and Rahu for medicine. (3) A malefic (say Saturn) in 8th can show obstacles in education. Lagna lord in 6th/8th and 6th/8th lord in lagna can also show it. It is also possible if the 8th house has a lot of benefic points in D-24's SAV. JHLite 3.0 gives you AVs and SAV of all divisional charts. Parasara advised that houses that have too many benefic points in SAV are fortified in a chart. And the 8th house (in D-24) shows obstacles (in education).

Why knowledge from 2nd?

QUESTION BY MR.YASOMATINANDANA DAS Maharishi Jaimini indicates that knowledge can be seen also from the 2nd. Is that because 2nd is ruled by Sri-sakti which can be attributed to Saraswati also?



No, it is the 11th from the 4th and 10th from the 5th house. Real knowledge increases our expression.