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Diagnostic test 5 Example: 1 ! # $ ) .

The future (2)

Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences. Shh! You b disturb your mother. a) are due to b) are not to c) are to

The Mayor of Paris _________ attend the service tomorrow before leaving the city. a) is about to b) is to c) is on the oint of These ills are _________ with any other medicine. a) not to be ta"en b) not ta"e The timetable _________ be ublished on 1 May. a) is due to b) is about to %urry! &un! The train's (ust __________ leave without us! a) to b) due to

c) due to be ta"en c) is on the oint of c) about to

*ecause of the erosion of their habitats+ some s ecies are _________ e,tinction. a) about to b) on the verge of c) li"ely to %e's very _______ to acce t the osition as we can't match his current salary. a) unli"ely b) li"ely c) sure /e _______ romote trainees within two to three years of 0ualifying. a) are about to b) e, ect to c) antici ate to 23'm sorry about s illing wine on your dress last wee".4 cleaners anyway. a) was going to b) would 25on't worry. 3 ________ ta"e it to the c) was to

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7s he raised his arm she realised that he _________ stri"e her again. a) was going to b) was to c) was about to 3'm really sorry. /e _______ to sto at a service station and hone you+ but we didn't want to waste any more time. a) were due to b) were going to c) were to

Now choose two correct answers to complete the sentences. Example: 11 1! 1# 1$ 1) 11. 11 E er!one was getting impatient. The trial of the centur! a) would to b) was to b, c start in two minutes. c) was due to

9rash investigators ________ release their findings to the ress later today. a) are about to b) are due to c) are to The e,am starts at three. _________ arrive at the hall at least five minutes before the start. a) *e sure to b) You are to c) *e bound to %urry u . The tour grou is __________ . 3f you don't come now + they'll go without you. a) to leave b) about to leave c) on the oint of leaving 5o you believe we are _________ a really e,citing brea"through here: a) on the oint of b) forthcoming c) on the verge of Standing underneath the stric"en building+ no one seemed aware of the _________ danger. a) im ending b) imminent c) bound 25o you thin" the (udges will li"e my entry:4 a) sure b) bound 2;f course. They're __________ to li"e it!4 c) unli"ely

/e ___________ one hundred er cent customer satisfaction with this new vacuum cleaner. a) ho e b) guarantee c) antici ate The society _________ e, and its membershi by twenty er cent in the ne,t year. a) ho es to b) may c) envisages

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<oo"+ 3 didn't ut the rubbish out this morning because 3 thought you _________ do it! a) were going to b) would c) were to The new de artment store __________ on !nd =anuary+ but the e, losion revented this. a) was to o en b) would o en c) was to have o ened #or each of the sentences $elow% write a new sentence using the word or phrase gi en. The result of our appeal against the parking fine should arrive in the post tomorrow. The result of our appeal against the parking fine is due tomorrow. 5o not disturb the chim an>ees during feeding time. The chim an>ees should 3t's ... they are on the /ill you romise The road@swee ing contract Averyone in the village lived in fear of The designer 3 really thin" the e,aminer ... The store 3f medical the neighbours. the secret of life. again tonight: from 5ustbugs. . the s ecifications by tomorrow afternoon. a handwritten scri t these days. . for all "nown diseases+ it must be ade0uately funded. during feeding time. Turn that music down! 3t's so loud that it'll definitely wa"e all the neighbours. Scientists in the human genome ro(ect feel that they are about to discover the secret of life. /ill you romise that you won't get drun" again tonight: 3t is robable that the road@swee ing contract will be withdrawn from 5ustbugs. Averyone in the village lived in fear of the volcanic eru tion+ which was imminent. The designer believes that he will be able to finish the s ecifications by tomorrow afternoon. 3 really don't thin" that the e,aminer will acce t a handwritten scri t these days. Please ma"e your urchases and roceed to the chec"@out. The store is going to close in five minutes. 3f we want medical research to rovide cures for all "nown diseases+ it must be ade0uately funded.

" (due) 1 ! # $ ) . 1 6 18 ?is)


?disturbed) ?bound) ?discovering) ?not to) ?likely to) ?impending) ?envisages) ?unlikely to) ?about)

Choose the $est er$ form. 7 * 9 5 A D E 2%ave you decided yet:4 2Yes+ ?3'll have B 3 have) the roast beef+ lease.4 2%ow ?will 3 have "nown B will 3 "now) that 3 have won a ri>e:4 2You ?are receiving B will receive) an email giving full details.4 Cuic" get out of the car! ?3t's going to burst B 3t's bursting) into flames at nay minute! 5on't come round before midday+ because ?3'll be cleaning B 3 clean) the house until then. Sorry 3 can't come on Thursday evening. ?3'm going to wor" B 3'm wor"ing) late on an im ortant ro(ect. The cost of construction ?is almost certainly rising B will almost certainly rise) before the end of the year as wage increases begin to ta"e effect. The conference ?is going to begin B begins) ne,t Driday morning at 6.88.