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PROPOSAL FORMAT FOR MAJOR PROJECT NEPAL COLLEGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGICAL Prepare your proposal in single-space ! single-colu"n #or"a$!

on le$$er paper %&'()*&+(, cen$i"e$ers Se$ $op! -o$$o"! le#$ an rig.$ "argins $o &/ "illi"e$ers( Te*$! $a-les! #igures! an e0ua$ions s.oul no$ 1iola$e "argins( Paragrap. in en$a$ion is 2 "illi"e$ers( 3se #ull 4us$i#ica$ion( 3se $5o spaces -e$5een sec$ions! an -e$5een $e*$ an $a-les or #igures( 6 3se 12 pt regular Arial #on$ si7e throughout the proposal e*cep$ #or $.e Heading %'8 p$ -ol capi$ali7e Arial #on$ si7e9 an subsections %'& p$ regular capi$ali7e Arial #on$ si7e9( 6 Proposal s.oul no$ e*cee &/(page li"i$( T.e -es$ nu"-er is in $.e range o# +'/ pages(

1. Title Page : This page includes the following fields '( The Title of Project &( The Institutional affiliation(Nepal College of Information Technology (Pokhara Uni ersity! 8( "em#ers Name :( Name of $epartment 2( The date of %u#mission )( The statements& 'inal year project presented to $epartment of (lectrical and (lectronic (ngineering &( Abstract '( It is a concise description of your work to entice potential readers into o#taining a copy of your research. It should include moti ation) pro#lem statement) approach)result and conclusions. The *#stract must #e no longer than page in length (250 words). 8( Table of Content 1. Ta#le of Content consist of %ection headings) %ection headings must #e included along with the page num#ers . Page num#er for a#stract) ta#le of content) list of ta#les) list of figures should #e in roman) and other should #e in numeric :( List of Tables 2( List of Figures )( Introduction +( Project Objectives, This section includes '( %tate the specific hypotheses or research +uestions you are trying to answer. &( %tate the specific hypotheses or research +uestions you are trying to answer. 8( %tate each o#jecti e or e,periment that you intend to carry out to answer your hypotheses.

:( It is highly recommended that if you ha e - hypotheses) you should ha e -

o#jecti es) each of which matches up with a stated hypothesis. 2( %tate in what way the accomplishments of the o#jecti es will address the hypotheses. )( %tate what impact the results of each hypothesis will ha e on the general pro#lem. ;( Background/Literature evie! '( The #ackground has #oth major purposes and minor purposes. The primary purpose are '( To gi e the re iewer enough information that he.she can understand what will follow &( To (sta#lished in detail importance of the pro#lem. 8( To show that there is a need to sol e the pro#lem :( To demonstrate that the pro#lem has has not yet #een sol ed. 2( To show that the direction you propose is the ne,t logical step in the e olution of the solution. ,( "et#odolog$ '( Research Plan: This section is designed to con ince the reader that you ha e an idea as to how to proceed and that your plan is organi/ed and feasi#ile. %u#headings of this section will #e& &( %etailed design& 0i e a detailed description for the design of your project(1lock $iagram (%oftware and 2ardware! of your project. 3ou must ha e a figure that illustrates the design and you must mention the source of the figure lf it is not original. 14.Cost Anal$sis& 0i e an estimate of the cost of #uilding a prototype. 14.5 "et#od of evaluation& 2ow will you e aluate the merits of your design once it has #een #uilt6 3our e aluation should #e #ased on the design criteria you ha e set up in (a! a#o e. 1e specific a#out e,periments you will run and the data that you will collect. Pro ide some detail. '/( Ti&e 'sti&ation: 7ork plan including time ta#le ''( Preli&inar$ results and discussion (if an$ alread$ #as been obtained)* '( Its major purposes are to show '( The project you propose has a strong likelihood of success) #ased on some preliminary experiments that you ha e done (feasi#ility! &( 3our group has some e,pertise in the field (either through e,periments) sur erys of patients) or contact with e,perts in the field!. '&( I&+lications of researc# (Conclusion) '8( List of references '( Basic referencing for&at for book referencing: *uthor) *. *. (3ear of pu#lication!. Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. 8ocation& Pu#lisher.

&( Basic referencing For&at for !ebsite: *uthor) utomati! Temperature Controller" 20#0$ * aila#le from& 9http&;14<<4=. >? 'e#ruary <41-@. ':( List of abbreviation and acron$&s '( LC%: 8i+uid Crystal $isplay &( "C: "icrocontroller