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[NM] D H International School


Earliest Start Date 01.06.2013 Latest End Date 27.08.2013

About [NM] D H International School

DH International School is the one and only premium preschool, located at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with well planned infrastructure and rich green surroundings. DHIS believes in providing children an all round development which inculcates skills such as Cognitive Skills, Social skills, Self Help skills, Language skills and enhances their Perception and Creativity.

Job Description
Department the intern will be working Job Description1 (DH International) is a pre-school, kindergarten, and maximum up to 1st grade, that is just starting up in Navi Mumbai. The intern will have to teach, interact with the students and teachers of this school. Job Description2 To teach English to non-native English speakers, and also to train students in any dance form, theatre, art or music unique to their country through special workshops. Job Description3 Helping with using and coming up with new teaching aids, reading stories, playing and coming up with innovative games for the children. Basically being involved in all the classroom activities Job Description4 Sensitising the children to the culture and country they come from. The trainee may do this by conducting workshops, making presentations etc or any other innovative way of doing the same. Job Description5 The trainee will be teaching children from the kindergarten level to the 1st grade, so they will be required to customise their workshops, presentation styles to the children's level of understanding. Job Description6 Measurable results expected from the intern Preparation required from the intern before arrival Details on the Working Conditions Other Details of the Working Conditions Learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship Additional information a potential candidate may require for the Internship To help in the schools advertising and public relations, as and when required. Also to conduct workshops with teachers from time to time. To create a good and global learning environment for the children to learn in as well as provide undivided attention to the kids. To bring along a laptop and learning and study material for kids up to 1st grade, and teach them English. Also come prepared to interact with children who know their native languages better. Personal Workspace Internet Access Any Other Infrastructure is of international standards and so the trainee can work with ease and at the same time will be able to contribute to their fullest. The intern will get to experience the vast cultural diversity and values in India, as well be part of a new school, and learn and interact with young children and how to handle them. none Primary Education up to 1st Grade

Work Information
Field of Work Working Hours Teaching & Language Education Cultural Education From 9:00 To 15:00 With a total of 35 hours per week Saturday work Always Payment Salary in US $148

Organisational Preferences
Internship Earliest Start Date Internship Latest Date Minimum Duration Maximum Duration Degree 01.06.2013 (Preferred) 27.08.2013 (Preferred) 8 Weeks (Preferred) 12 Weeks (Preferred) Bachelor (Required)

Social Sciences Teaching & Language Education Psychology(Preferred) Child (Youth) Education(Required) Subjects Education(Required)

Computer PC User Skills(Preferred) Internet User Skills(Preferred) Personal skills and knowledge Professional Skills First Aid(Preferred) Language Teaching(Required)

Excellent English(Required)

Required/Preferred Geographical Regions Preferred Europe and North America Asia Pacific Iberoamerica Sub Regions Latin America North America Europe Language Zones English Speaking World -