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You have been placed on the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program. Your future conduct will be

governed by the rules and conditions which follow these general instructions, it is very important that you understand

these rules and conditions and it will be your responsibility to understand and follow them. Ignorance will not excuse

violations. If there is anything you do not understand, ask for an explanation.

If you violate the conditions of your A.R.D. Program you will be subject to removal from the program. Your

case will be scheduled by the District Attorney Office for an arraignment hearing on the original charge brought forth

against you.


There are certain requirements for reporting. All reports must be made within a reasonable time. If you fail to

report, for example, an arrest or being fired from a job within forty-eight hours it will be your burden to show that you the report within a reasonable time. The longer the period beyond forty-eight hours, the greater will be the

presumption that thetime is unreasonable.

Any condition that may be waived or changed by the Probation Office will require written permission. You

may not rely upon oral permission or waiver by your Probation Officer.

If weapons

are prohibited, you are notified that if found to be in possession of any type of fireann, the weapon

will be confiscated for an Order of Destruction. You have 15 days from today's date to provide proof of disposal of any

weapon currently held in yourpossession.

These Court-Ordered conditions are in addition to any State and Federal Law now currently enforced and does

not relieve your obligation to comply with these laws as defined in 18 Pa. C.S.A. Section 6105 (i).



with SO conditions.

have not been classified as a sexual offender and


are not required to comply

You must comply with all conditions identified as standard by an asterisk (*) and all special conditions which

have been checked.

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* a. Use non-prescribedcontrolled substances.

* b. Become drunk, or publicly intoxicated, or havea BAC of .05or greater.

* c. Enter or remain in any bar, tavern, or other drinking establishment, or any establishment selling alcoholic or malt beverages

including State Liquor Stores without consent from the Probation OfBce. However, this condition shall not prohibit presence

in a restaurant facility provided presence is limited to the restaurant portion ofthe facility and no alcohol is present at tiie

table or seatingarea where you are located.

* d. Report to the Probation Office with alcohol on one's breath or in one's blood system. This includes reporting to the

alcohol safe driving program.



* a. Agree to have your person, blood, breath, or urine tested as directed by the Probation Office or Prison officials.

b. Attend counseling or ther^y sessions related to drug and alcohol abuse as directed by the Court, and comply with conditions

of any treatmentprogramrecommended.

c.Successfully complete the alcohol safe driving program orother programs required bylaw

d. Attend and comply with mental health counseling and therapy programs as directed by the Court and comply with

conditions of that program.

e. Attend and comply with any counseling or treatment program related to domestic violence as directed by the Court.




* a. Not commit any violation ofthe law or violate the terms and conditions ofany active Protection From Abuse Order.

* b. Report any contact with a law enforcement official or agency to the Probation Office within the next business day. This

includes any arrest, receipt of criminal complaint, citation, or summons.

* c.Not associate with persons having serious criminal records and reputations for criminal conduct.


* e. Obey all directions given by any Probation/Parole Officer.

d. Report to the Probation Office whendirected.

» f. Not commit any action which might cause fear, annoyance, or alarm to the victim ofany case where charges have been filed

against you.

* g. Obey a curfew from 12:00a.m. (midnight) to 6:00a.m. during which time you must remain inside your home unless

permitted otherwise bythe Adams County Adult Probation and Parole Department.




* a. Obtain employment as soon as possible as directed by your Probation/Parole Officer and maintain steady employment

* b. Not cause the loss of your job.

* c. Notify the Probation Office ofany change in your employment status within the next Court business day.



* a. Pay your debts, especially Court Ordered, forthesupport ofany person.

* b. Pay Court costs, fines, and restimtion on such payment plan as may be established by the Probation Office.

* c. Pay the costs of required counseling, therapy, treatment, and electronic monitoring programs.






* a. Perform forty (40) hours public/community service unless otherwise designated by Court Order. All public service shall

arranged by the Public/Community Service Coordinator for the Adams County Adult Probation and Parole Department.




* a. Notify the Probation Office in advance ofany changes ofmailing address or physical residence or ifadvance notice is not

possible, within thenext Court business day. * b. Consent to theentry bya Probation Officer into your home at any time

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Search and Seizure Acknowledgement

You are hereby notified that,upon being granted Intermediate Punishment, Probation, or Parole, you are subject to the provisions of

Act 35 of 1995. Act 35 of 1995 gives county probation and parole officers the authority to search the property of county offenders in

accordance with the provisions of section 27.2 of Act 35 of 1995.

The following paragraphs outline when and how a search may be conducted,

1. A personal search of an offender may be conducted by any Intensive Supervision, Parole, or Probation Officer:

a. If there is reasonable suspicion to believe the offender possesses contraband or other evidence of violations of the conditions of


b. When an offender is transported or taken into custody.

c. Upon enteringor leavingthe securingenclosureof a correctional institution,jail, or detentionfacility.

2. A propertysearchmaybe conducted by an officerif thereis reasonable suspicion to believethat the real or otherproperty in the

possession ofor undercontrol of the offendercontainscontraband or other evidenceofthe conditionsof supervision.

a. Prior approval of a supervisor shall be obtained for a propertysearch absent exigent circumstances. No prior approvalshall be

required for a personal search.

b. The offender may be detained if he is present during a property search. If the offender is not present during a propertysearch, the

officer in charge of the search make reasonable effort to provide a notice of tiie search, including a list of the items seized, after

the search is completed.

By signing this document I acknowledgethat I have been made aware of the search and seizure provisions of Act 35 of 1995.1 understand

that my person or property may be searched at any time under the provisions of the act.

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Notice and Agreement

1. You are being considered for the A.R.D. Program.

2.A condition ofyourparticipation in the program will bethatyouwill not become drunk or publicly intoxicated, or use

controlled substances.

3. Violation of this condition willresult in yourremoval from theprogram. Revocation of yourentryinto A.R.D. will result

in your case being placed back on the trial list.

4. You must submit to periodic tests of your blood, breath, or urine on equipment approved by the Adams County Board of Judges.

5.Asa condition ofyour participation inA.R.D., you must agree that the results of tests will beadmissable inrevocation

proceedings without supporting evidence establishing the reliability ofthe equipment and/or results. In other words, rules of

evidence will notapply andtheresults will justify your removal from theprogram or punishment phase.

6. A sample ofany blood or urine that you provide will be retained for 60 days by the Probation Office if no wntten permissions is

is provided. You will have the right to have an independent analysis of the sample by a laboratory of your choice if you request this

within the sixty (60) day period. The Probation Office will, asa courtesy, provide you with the name and address ofa laboratory

that does this type of work, but you will not be confined to that laboratory. If no request for an independent analysis is made

within the sixty day period, the specimen sample shall be destroyed and your right to an independent analysis will be lost.

I have read and understand the foregoing information. I understand and agree that the test results shall be admissable in revocation proceedings without supporting evidence showing reliability and that the results shall be sufficient cause for revocation and removal from the ARD

Program. By signing below I have read and understand the A.R.D. Program, Search and Seizure, and the Notice and Agreement sections

of this document

Further, the undersigned herewith acknowledges that he/she fully understands the above conditions, that he/she understands that ifhe/she violates any ofthe above conditions he/she will on proper motion and after hearing be released from the program and prosecuted according

tolaw and that he/she understands that it istheir responsibility tofile with the Probation Office a proper application todismiss the

charge(s) against him/her whenhe/shehas successfully completed the A.R.D. Program.



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