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E !"I#$ M%&T$% C%&"'# '& E"%# (%T&ICI% B)&CE % *%""E+' ,%

Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare.

uthor: Topic:

An inpossible relationship. Tragedy 88 13


"ow many pages oes the book have:

"ow many chapters are there in the book: #hapters litles: #haracters:
Without names.

Romeo: Son and heredity of Montague and ady Montague. A !oung of 1" years old. #e is good looking$ inteligent and sensible. #e li%es bet&een a dispute &ith his family and 'apulets. (irst he lo%es Rosaline but after he lo%es Juliet and forget Rosaline. Juliet: )aughter of 'apuleto and ady 'apuleto. She is a *hild of 13 years old. She falls in lo%e &ith Romeo. She *omes from an aristo*ra*y family$ she hasn+t freedon and she best friend is her nanny. Fray Laurence: #e is a fran*is*an friar$ he is friend of Romeo and Juliet. Kind$ *i%i*. #e has intelligen*e &ith his plan. (ray auren*e marry Romeo and Juliet. #e is a mysti* too. Mercutio: #e is prin*e+s relative and Romeo+s friend. #e has imagination$ ingenery and sometimes he is strange. #e lo%es &ords players$ spe*ially se,ual &ords players. #e &ants Romeo &at*h the lo%e like a se,ual play. Nanny: Juliet+s nurse. She had taken *are of Juliet e%ery her life. She is a %ulgar personality. -anny is Romeo and Juliet (or she$ the lo%e is se,ual and worldly. Tybalt: A 'apulet$ Juliet+s *ousin. #e is a gentleman. #e hates Montes*o family. /rin*e+s relati%e. Lord Capulet: Juliet+s father. #e is an enemy of Montague. #e lo%es his daughter. #e has pruden*e$ but he *an get angry easily.

Lady Capulet: Juliet+s mother. She mirried young &ith Mr. 'apulet. She doesn+t kno& to be mom. Lord Montague: Romeo+s dad. #e is an enemy of 'apulet. #e is &orry for Romeo sadness. Lady Montague0 Romeo+s mom. She did after Romeo is e,iled to 1erona. Pars: #e is prin*e+s relati%e. #e is Juliet+s suitor &hom 'apulet family &ants. Benvolio: Montague+s un*le. Romeo+s *ousin and a good friend. #e try to be patient and a%oid %iolen*e from publi* pla*es. #e use to help to Romeo. Prince calus: 1erona /rin*e. #e is mer*iful. Fray Jo!n0 A fran*is*an friar. #e doesn+t gi%e the letter to Romeo be*ause the authorities keep in his house. Balt!asar: Romeo+s ser%ant. #e says to Romeo that Juliet is died. Peter: 'apulet+s ser%er. #e is illiterate. Rosaline: She doesn+t appear in the s*en$ but another persona2e talk obout her. "bra!am: Mantague+s ser%er. #e fights &ith Sampson ans 3regory. ampson and #regory0 'i%il ser%ants of 'apuleto+s #ouse. C!emist: #e had bought the %enom to Romeo.


Romeo and Juliet &ork says0 4efore e%ery times. 4ut it &as &ritten o%er 1556.

18R9-A0 in this pla*e li%es Romeo and Juliet :s;uare$ Street$ houses$ 'apuleto+s garden$ (ray auren*e+s *ell$ the Wood$ Juliet+s room and the *ementery<. MA-T=A0 in this pla*e Romeo is e,iled.

%omeo and &uliet

>n the *ity of 1erona$ at the time our story starts$ there &ere t&o old and important families$ the Montagues and the 'apulets. They had been enemies for many generations and hated ea*h other bitterly. Romeo$ ord Montague$ and Juliet$ ord 'apulet+s daughter died$ %i*tims of the &ar bet&een their families. The 'apulets and the Montagues &ere de%astated by the deaths of their *hildren$ and they ended their an*ient ;uarrel. 9ur story begins &ith a fight bet&een the 'apulets and Montagues ser%ants. The four men dre& their s&ords. 4ut 4en%olio$ a nephe& of ord Montague dre& his s&ord &ith the intention of stopping the figth$ but Tybalt$ a nephe& of ady 'apulet appeared and started to fight &ith 4en%olio. >n this moment all 'apulet and Montague families *ame to the pla*e and started to fight. The prin*e S*alus &ho &as approa*hing stopped this and death threatened him. Romeo$ &ho had *ame after the fight$ told 4en%olio that he &as in lo%e. #e lo%ed Rosaline. >n another part of the *ity$ ord 'apulet &as talking to /aris$ &ho &anted to marry &ith Juliet. ord 'apulet ad%ised /aris to &in the heart of his daughter$ sin*e her *onsent to the marriage &as also important. Then turning to his ser%ant$ he ga%e him a list of guests for in%ite them to the party. The ser%ant &ent into the to&n to in%ite the guests$ but like he *ouldn+t read the names$ told to Romeo and 4en%olio$ &ho &ere passing $ that they *ould read the list$ and that they *ould *ome if they &ere not a Montague. Romeo$ 4en%olio and their friend Mer*utio &ent to the party. They &ere all &earing masks. Romeo &as staring at Juliet$ &ho &as dan*ing. Romeo *ouldn+t take his eyes of the girl. #e &alked o%er to her and took her hand in his. Romeo kissed Juliet. Juliet+s nanny approa*hed to say that her mother &anted to speak to her. uliet left immediately. Romeo &as horrified be*ause she &as a 'apulet. Juliet turned to the party. -anny told the girl that these young man &as Romeo$ a Montague. She &as sho*ked Romeo had fallen deeply in lo%e &ith Juliet. #e had forgotten to Rosaline. Romeo has *limbed o%er the high &alls surronding the 'apulet house. Juliet *ame onto the bal*ony. Juliet &as in lo%e to him too. Romeo said Juliet that she *all him lo%e. She thought thier lo%e &as impulsi%e. Juliet said that if his &ords &ere true$ she &ill send someone to he$ and he *an tell his person &here and &hen they &ill marry. Juliet left the bal*ony.The !oung man &ent to the friar au*en*e+s *ell and told him he fallen in lo%e &ith the daugther of ord 'apulet$ and he &anted the friar to marry them that day. 4en%olio and Mer*utio &ere looking for Romeo. Stopped talking be*ause nanny+s Juliet &as approa*hing. Romeo told nanny about his plan. Juliet needed to %isit friar auren*e+s *ell that afternoon and the friar &ould perform the marriage *eremony. -anny hurried ba*k to tell Juliet the good ne&s. ater that day$

Romeo and friar auren*e &ere &aiting for Juiliet in the friar *ell+s. The young *ouple follo&ed the priest into the *hur*h. >n the another part of the *ity$ Mer*utio and 4en%olio &ere &alking arm in arm. 'apulets *ame. Tybalt and Mer*utio started to fight. Tybalt &ounded him badly. Mer*utio died. Romeo$ &ho had arri%ed$ dre& his s&ord and fought &ith Tybalt. Romeo stabbed Tybalt &ho fell dead to the gound. Romeo ran from the s*ene. /rin*e S*alus arri%ed. ike Tybalt and Mer*utio &ere prin*e+s relati%e$ his de*ision &as that Romeo musted lea%ed 1erona fore%er. >f Romeo had found$ he &ill senten*ed to death. Romeo$ &ho has hiding in friar au*en*e+s *ell$ &aited for ne&s. Romeo &anted to kill himself. The friar &ent to open the door. >t &as Juliet+s nanny. Romeo asked obout his &ife. She told Romeo first she *alled Tybalt+s name$ then yours. The friar+s plan &as Romeo to go to Juliet and *onfort her that night. Then$ before da&n he &ould go to the nearby *ity of Mantua and stay there until the family learned about the marriage and the prin*e forga%e him. The nanny ga%e the !oung man Juliet+s ring$ and he left. ate that night$ /aris and ord 'apulet &ere dis*ussing the possibility of mariage to Juliet. ord 'apulet had *hanged his mind about Juliet+s marriage. #e turned to his &ife and said that she *ould prepare to Juliet for her &edding day. Romeo had *limbed the rope ladder and &as &ith Juliet. Romeo promised that he &ould send messages to Juliet from Mantua. #e lea%ed the roon. ady 'apulet arri%ed and told Juliet about the marriage. Juliet had refused to it$ Juliet+s father e,ploded$ &alking up and do&n the roon$ shouting &ith rage. >n friar au*en*e+s *ell$ /aris &as telling the friar obout the marriage. Juliet &as *oming. The monk asked /ar?s to lea%e them alone and /aris left. The monk told Juliet to go home and agree to the marriage. #e &uold gi%e her a potion to drink that night. 9n Saturday morning$ &hen /aris *ame for Juliet$ she &ould appear dead. When she had gone$ the friar &rote a letter to Romeo e,plaining &hat had happened. #e ga%e the letter to friar John to take to Mantua. >n her room$ Juliet held up the bottle and s&allo&ed the potion. >t &as early on Thursday morning and the 'apulet household &as busy preparing for the &edding. The nanny hurried to Juliet+s bedroom. She shouted so loudly that ady 'apulet *ame running. She started to s*ream. ord 'apulet *ame. #e *ouldn+t speak. >n Mantua$ 4altashar$ Romeo+s ser%ant$ *ame into the room and told to R omeo that Juliet &as dead romeo remembered that and ld *hemist li%ed nearby. #e &ent inte the ba*k of the shop and put the money in his hand. Romeo putt he poison in his po*ket. >n 1erona (rair Jonh e,plained to friar auren*e that he hadn+t been allo&ed to send the letter. #e de*iden to &rite to Romeo again$ ans keep Juliet &ith him in his house until Romeo *ame. /aris$ &ho &as in the *ementary$ sa& that someone &as entering to the %ault. >t &as Romeo. /ar?s dre& his s&ord and the to&o men fought. Romeo killed to /aris. Romeo kissed to Juliet$ drank the poison and fell dead to the ground.

At that moment$ Juliet sat up$ turned her head$ sear*hing for Romeo. The e&s of Romeo+s death &as too mu*h for her. Seeing this she *limbed the tomb and &ent do&n to kiss her lo%er+s lips. She sei@ed Romeo+s dagger and stabbed herself.

'y personal opini(n

For me$ %illiam !a&espeare is t!e best 'riter( ) love t!is novel because it ma&e me *eel li&e ) 'ould be in t!is times( ) li&e t!e mood !o' !e describe t!e story( tarting *or t!e *ig!t bet'een t!e servants( Really nobody &no's because Capulets and Mont!agues !ate bitterly( First$ ) can$t understand '!y Romeo and Juliet *all in love i* t!ey are very +oung( !e is only a &id$ and !e is only a teenager( ) t!in& t!at in t!is times$ t!ey used to marry very +oung because t!ey could die ,uic&ly( ometimes ) *elt very desperate$ because '!en ) 'ondered because t!ey didn-t scapare i* t!ey loved so muc!( %!en t!e t!ings 'as 'ell *or t!em$ somet!ing 'as 'rong( .adn-t mood$ t!ey 'ould die in anot!er mood( ) 'ould li&e to read t!e original novel but is di**icul understand some 'ords and '!ic! t!e te/t 'ants to tell me( o t!en$ ) 'ill 'ait t!at ) be able *or t oread best in englis!( For me$ in t!is momente$ ) *eel very goos about ) learned and about ) &no'( ) never !ad read an englis! boo&( ) boug!t t!is since *our years ago$ because an englis! teac!er told me t!at it 'ould !elp me to me$ but ) never started to read it(