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Honest Robin: Out in 1911

In 1911, English Quaker Henry Bryan Binns, one of the earliest Whitman biographers, and a friend to Edward Carpenter, published The Great Companions, a book learly inspired by Whitman and Carpenter! "he book#s title is taken from Whitman#s prophesy of the emergen e of great ompanions, and the hapter#s title is taken from Whitman#s reminder that they would be the spiritual e$ui%alents of those pioneers who tamed the &meri an west! In this hara teristi %ignette, Binns seems to be alluding to period pra ti es of a tou h of makeup 'lipsti k() and the wearing of notorious olors su h as Wildean green, sure to trigger homophobi rea tions on the street! * +it hell ,antine -ould, urator, .ea%esof-rass!/rg


Henry Bryan Binns [1873-1923]. The Great Companions (New York: B. W. Huebsc ! 1911"! # a$%er 7 e&cer$%! '1-2. Honest Robin. He is so (rank a (e))ow e % inks s a*e o( i+in, u$ is ear%. -)a+ in is you% ! e .es%s in ,reen. / ou, %(u) an+ re+ as a berry is is *ou% ! is ,rey 0co%s eyes 1uie% an+ co*ra+e)y. Brown-)e,,e+! )i, %-s o+! carryin, is s$a+e! eroic % rou, % e suns ine! e swin,s a)on, our o$en s%ree% in+i((eren% %o % e 2eerin, )a+s. W en 3obin )! o$en an+ +ownri, %)y e $ro((ers a)) is *an oo+ an+ $roc)ai*s i%: wi% +i.ine ,es%ure! e +e(ies % e )or+s an+ co**ona)%y: 45ai% !6 says e! 4is bon+ (or ones% co*ra+es7 o% er! *eans %reac ery an+ *is+oub%in,: w a% (or is 8iber%y i( no% (or 8o.e96