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Transit of Planets

Vinay Garg, Faculty Member
Yash Sharma 'Karan'
The main objective of Astrology is to predict the future of the native with the help of his
horoscope. For making accurate prediction it is necessary to make an analysis of
three factors. These three factors are YOGAS formed with the combination and
permutation of planets, 2nd important factor is periods (dasa) and 3rd factor is transit.
When a person comes with a query, first of all it should be analyzed that his query is
related with which houses and planets. The house with, which query is related is
occupied by which planets and is receiving the aspects of which planets. The
determination of the auspicious or inauspicious results of that house shall be done by
analyzing three factors. These are house, house Lord and significators. For example
if the question asked is regarding marriage in that case we shall see that which planets
are there in seventh house, this house is aspected by which planets. Marriage yoga
for the possibility of marriage is there or not and in addition to that the position of
significator of 7th house i.e. JupiterNenus should be analyzed.
For females the significator of 7th house is Jupiter and for males the natural significator
of 7th house is Venus. By analyzing the placement, combination, and benefic or malefic
impact of these planets we conclude weather auspicious yoga for the possibility of
marriage is there or not.
After Yoga next important factor to be considered is major or sub period, the duration
of main period is a long and sub period's duration also can be 6 months or more than
2 years therefore, in order to predict the timing of an event during these 2 years the
help of transit can be taken.
Therefore, for predicting an event the importance of transit should be considered.
Although it is a matter of long discussion to determine whether transit predictions
should be made on the basis of ascendant sign or moon sign.
For supporting the predictions from both, scholars have given logical and justifiable
opinions. But, the conclusions that we have derived on the basis of our experience
advocate that auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the transit results of planets should
be done on the basis of moon sign and what type of results i.e, which house results it
shall yield would be decided on the basis of ascendant sign.
For instance if moon is positioned in 7th house and the sign of Leo is there, therefore
transit of Saturn into this sign shall cause negative impact of Saturn's SADHESATI
because transit of Saturn into Leo shows inauspicious results therefore there can be
delay or problems in marriage and married life.
Similarly what can be the results of transit of planets by considering the other important
factors has been taken into account in this book.
Because of lack of availability of books in the field of transit predictions this book has
been written for catering the need of students of all India astrologer's Federation
Societies Delhi.
We hope that the book shall be of immense help for solving the problems of students
while studying the techniques of making predictions.
Rnally, I am highly thankful to God for inspiring me to learn Astrology & Vastu. I consider
myself fortunate that I got an opportunity to write this book.
For writing this book I received cooperation of honorable Mr. Arun Kumar Bansal who
is President of All India Federation of Astrologer's Societies Delhi. Throughout my life
I shall remain thankful to him.
I also thank YashSharma 'Karan' to translate the book from Hindi to English to bring it
before you in this shape.
In addition to that I am Also thankful to all my seniors & teachers who guided me to
learn Astrology minutely.
- Vinay Garg
Chapter-1 Introduction. .................................................................................. 1
Chapter-2 How Transit is Judged. ................................................................... 3'
Chapter-3 The Phenomenon of Transit. .......................................................... 6
Chapter-4 Transit of Planets in Relation to Moon sign .................................. 23
Chapter-S Results ofTransit Over Natal Planets ........................................... 31
Chapter-6 Vedha (Obstruction) ..................................................................... 39
Chapter-7 Sadhesati of Saturn. .................................................................. .42
Results of Transit by Ashtakvarga __ .45
Epilogue ...................................................................................... 69
Every human being desires to know the forthcoming events of his life and its time.
Every astrologer prepares an outline of the future of the native by considering the 12
houses of his horoscope, combinations and strengths of planets etc. Then the
astrologer tries to tell the time when the predictions will materialize. Prediction of future
is a tedious task but timing of an event is more important.
The sages have described 42 dash as, results of transit of planets, various methods
such as tajik, muntha and angirus. They have explained in detail the effects of movement
of planets in sky (position of transitory Saturn from natal Saturn, transitory Jupiter from
natal Jupiter etc).
Everyone knows about the importance of procedures of transit. We shall discuss about
it in this book.
Planets move on their path with their individual speeds around the Sun. In this way
planets complete their circumambulation around Sun by moving from one zodiac sign
to other. When a person is born, the position of planets in various signs indicates his
birth horoscope. After birth, the movement of planets in various signs indicates transit.
The natal horoscope indicates the permanent effects of planets on the life of native but
transit of planet signifies their influence at a particular time.
According to Indian astrology, the fate of a person depends on the combined effect of
natal horoscope, dash as of planets and transit. In predictive astrology we have learnt
about various combinations (yogas), in calculations we studied various dashas, now
we shall discuss transit. Predictions can be made only by combining the results of
various yogas, dasha and transit. The importance of these methods in prediction has
a following order:
(i) Yogas
(ii) Dash a- Antardasha
(iii) Transit
If yogas are not favourabe, dashas and transit will not be able to give good results. For
example, if a horoscope does not permit a marriage, the most favourable dashas and
transit will not be able to give a marriage. First of all there should be favourable
combinations for marriage in the horoscope, next dasha- antardasha should be
favourable, thirdly when transit is favourable, marriage will take place.
Transit of Planets
Suppose a fan is running in a room. How this phenomenon is taking place. Will the fan
run if there is no electricity? We can say that first of all electricity is needed, next there
should be a fan and thirdly there should be an on/off button. Then the fan will circulate
Suppose you have received a letter. When a letter for you comes in post office, the
postman will deliver it to you. If there is no letter for you, postman or post office will be
The importance of transit in prediction is third in the order of importance. Transit can
not materialize an event alone.
Transit of Planets
How Transit is Judged
Transit should be seen from Moon, Sun or ascendant ?
The movement of a planet in a sign indicates it's effect on human beings. The ancient
sages have recommended for the use of sign where Moon is situated in the natal
horoscope. The situation of a transiting planet at a particular time from Moon sign
indicates the result of transit for that time.
The method of writing a horoscope has remained unchanged for hundreds of year.
The natal horoscope indicates the fixed results from birth to death. The position of
planets in the sky at the time of birth, their mutual relationships and their results are
indicated by natal horoscope centered around ascendant (Lagna Kundali). This
indicates results about all its houses. The moon chart is generally not used for the
The 3 types of lagnas (ascendants) are popular in astrology. Birth ascendant, Moon
ascendant and Sun ascendant. Which ascendant should be seen for results oftransit,
birth ascendant, Moon or Sun? All ascendants signify different matters. Birth ascendant
signifies body, Moon tells about mind and Sun represents soul. The native is made by
the combination of all three. The soul cannot assert itself without body. Body is controlled
by mind. Mind controls all senses and organs of body. Therefore importance of Moon
ascendant is uppermost. Mantreshwar has also advocated for study of transit by Moon.
aiTtr I 6T E1Fpf
Amongst all ascendants (Birth ascendant, Moon and Sun), Moon is supreme for transit
Vrihat Parashar Hora shastra advocates prediction by ascendant as well as Moon.
According to Aadhan Lagna Siddhanta Moon at the time of birth remains in the sign
where he was at the time of conceiving. This indicates importance of Moon-
When analysing the results of dasha-antardasha, the sign of dasha lord in natal chart
is considered as ascendant for knowing the results of a dasha. There could be 12
ascendants, that is why Moon ascendant is important.
Transit is an important part of Ashtakvarga system. The Ashtakvarga is formed by
combination of ascendant and 7 planets. Ashtakvarga tells about the good-bad
situations of planets. The good-bad results are arrived at by the mutual positions of
Transit of Planets 3
planets, their friendships and naturally beneficial/adverse traits. The mutual situation
of two planets indicates their good/bad results and not their situation from ascendant.
The ascendants could be 12. Moon is one planet. That is why the position of a planet
from Moon is important. That is why sages have chosen moon for predictions through
transit because Moon is a planet as well as ascendant and controls ascendant of
The sequence of mahadasha also starts with lord of constellation where Moon is
situated i.e. life begins with Moon. Moon is also the significator of a person's teen
years. That is why position of Moon is important in the horoscope of a child for knowing
any danger to his life. The gandant is also seen by Moon. The importance of a tithi is
also due to Moon. The constellation of a day is also seen from Moon. The constellation
where Moon is posited on a day is regarded as constellation for that day.
In this way, Moon is very important in Vedic astrology. Tithi, constellation, muhurt, dasha
etc. all activities are considered according to Moon. Due to this reason Moon is
important for transit. Sages have advised to consider transit from Moon.
Is It Possible to Predict Only by Transit ?
Transit is an important part of Predictive Astrology but it is not everything. Our sages
have stated clearly that what is missing in horoscope, cannot be given by transit.
Transit works under mahadasha (Major Period) and antardasha (Sub Period). lfthe
operating dasha- antardasha are of adverse planets but transit is favourable the native
will not have good results. Transit tells about the present situation of planets in sky
from the position of planets in natal horoscope. A planet which is well placed in birth
horoscope will give good results as soon as it comes in favourable situation in transit
but the planet which is adverse in birth horoscope will not give good results when it
comes in favourable position in transit. When the transiting planets come in the same
sign and degrees of its position in birth horoscope, their results are clearly visible.
Suppose Venus is posited in Taurus in 18 in natal horoscope. When Venus will come
again in transit in Taurus in 18, its good or bad results will be seen. In this way transiting
planets remain under the influence of natal planets.
If a planet is exalted or in own sign in birth horoscope, it will not give bad results when
it comes in an adverse position in transit. The results of transit are based on position
of planets in birth horoscope.
The study of transit rules indicates that transit also remains under the influence of
dash a and antardasha. A house of the horoscope signifies many aspects. For example
Transit of Planets
the 4th house signifies mother, education, vehicles, land, agriculture, comforts etc.
Which item out of these will materialize depends on dasha-antardasha. Transit follows
the desires of dashas. Transit results also depend on Tara. The 1, 3, 5, 7 tara from
birth constellation are adverse.
Transit is an important part of Astakvarga System. In Ashtakvarga good/bad position
of a planet are arrived at by considering ascendant and planets as centre. An
ashtakvarga chart is prepared for each planet and good/bad results of transit are
predicted on its basis. The results of transit also depend on bindus of ashtakvarga
The result of transit is arrived at by combining the results of all transiting planets. The
result of a single planet is not important as a planet is only a part of solar system. As
there are various parts of body-head, eyes, nose etc. Their combination forms body.
Similarly the result of transit is arrived at by combining the effects of all transiting planets.
That is why the individual transit of each planet Saturn, Jupiter etc gives different result
in each cycle.
Transit of Planets 5
The Phenomenon of Transit
Before predicting about the results of transit, it should be ascertained whether a
particular planet is favourable or adverse in the horoscope. Experience has shown
that a planet that appears benefic in the horoscope initially does not give favourable
results because in reality it is not benefic. For example if a person has Taurus ascendant
and Jupiter is posited in 1Oth house of his horoscope. Every astrologer knows that
Jupiter in 1Oth house gives good results but experience does not corroborate it. For
Taurus ascendant, Jupiter is 8th and 11th lord therefore it gives adverse results. Similarly
planets have to be evaluated for other ascendants as well.
Good/Bad Planets for 12 Ascendants
: Sun, Jupiter are favourable while Saturn, Venus and Mercury are
: Saturn, Mercury are favourable while Jupiter, Venus and Moon are
: Venus, Mercury are favourable while Mars, Jupiter and Sun are adverse.
: Mars, Jupiter are favourable while Venus, Saturn and Mercury are
: Mars, Jupiter are favourable while Venus, Saturn and Mercury are
:Venus, Mercury are favourable while Mars, Jupiter and Moon are adverse.
:Saturn, Mercury are favourable while Sun, Jupiter and Mars are adverse.
Sun, Moon are specially favourable, Jupiter favourable while Mercury,
Venus and Saturn are adverse.
Sagittarius : Venus is adverse while all other planets are favourable.
Capricorn : Mercury, Venus are favourable while Mars, Jupiter and Moon are adverse.
Aquarius Venus is favourable while Mars, Jupiter and Moon are adverse.
Pisces Moon, Mars and Jupiter are favourable while Sun, Mercury, Venus and
Saturn are adverse.
The results should be predicted on the basis of above table.
Transit of Planets
For knowing the timing of an event Annual Horoscope (Varshphal} is cast. In the various
methods of annual horoscope, the day-year method is most important and accurate.
In this method too transit of planets is studied. When aspects of planets are beneficial
and transitory planets are also favourable, positive results are achieved. If planetary
combinations of horoscope are good but transit is adverse, benefic effects will be
observed less and unfavourable results of transit will be seen more.
In the study of transit, all combinations of natal and transitory planets are not important
but conjunctions and oppositions are significant. Particularly the conjunction is
important. Certain houses of the horoscope are important. The transit of Sun, Saturn,
Jupiter and Mars over these places gives visible results.
The cusp of birth ascendant, middle position of 10th house, natal Sun, Jupiter and
Moon are important. Transit over these locations gives significant results.
Moon travels over all 12 signs within a month, that is why the significant results of
Moon are normally not felt. However transit of Moon is important particularly for study
of diseases or danger. If Jupiter is placed in 5, 9, 1 0 or 11 house of horoscope, transit
of Moon over natal Jupiter gives benefic results for money. These days give comforts
and success. Transit of Moon over natal Saturn gives failure and difficulties. Transit of -
Moon over other planets will be benefic only when these planets are benefic in natal
horoscope. Moon stays in a sign onlyfor214 days.
Transit of Sun on 1Oth house of n t ~ I horoscope is important. Transit of Sun gives the
results of house of its transit. Generally 5, 9, 1Oth months from birth month are fortunate
when health remains good. When Sun moves over natal Saturn, 2 to 4 days give
problems and failure. Every year these days are fixed, therefore it is advantageous to
remember it.
Transit of Venus in 1, 2, 5, 7, 9 houses from ascendant is benefic. At other places it is
not important. Transitory Venus on ascendant gives peace of mind, health is good,
days are joyous and full of entertainment. Venus in 2nd house gives nearness to family
members, money transactions are favourable, music etc keep mind pleased. Venus
in 5th house gives luxuries. Transit of Venus on 7th house gives marital bliss. Venus on
9th house confers success in job or business.
The results of Mars are more intense compared to above 3 planets. Mars remains in
a sign for approximately 45 days. When it is retrograde it remains in a sign for 5
months. When retrograde Mars is in 6, 8, 12 house or is in these houses near Saturn,
Venus or Rahu, bad results are indicated. Results of Mars are not as important as
Jupiter, Saturn or Moon.
Transit of Planets 7
Results of Transit of Mars on Various Houses
1 st House : Transit of Mars over ascendant gives more zeal, short temper when Sun
is present in ascendant in natal horoscope, transit of Mars over it increases heat of
body. When Saturn is in ascendant, transit of Mars gives illness, when Jupiter is in
ascendant, mars transit over it gives good health. When Moon is present in ascendant,
Mars gives quarrel.
If natal ascendant is Capricorn or Aries, transit of Mars on it will give stay away from
home. lflagna is Scorpio, health will be good. When lagna is Cancer, transit of Mars
over it will give disease.
2nd House: Transit of Mars on second house increases expenditure. If natal Saturn
is present here, debt and loss of money are indicated. If 2nd house has sign Aries,
Scorpio or Capricorn, transit of Mars increases income.
3rd House : Transit of Mars on 3rd house is bad for staying away from home. If
Sagittarius is the sign in this house, transit of Mars gives trouble in journey or accident.
If the 3rd house sign is Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, transit of Mars will give
transfer in job. If Scorpio is the sign, some favourable incidents are possible. Other
signs indicate hurry in nature.
4th House: Transit of Mars on 4th house gives fall in bliss of home. If Saturn, Rahu or
Mars is present here in natal horoscope, the native remains worried somehow about
home. If farmers are having Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius or Libra sign in 4th house in
natal horoscope during transit of Mars, they do not get good oxen etc for agriculture,
there may be some loss of money in this regard. If Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio is the
sign of 4th house, transit of Mars does not give bad results. Transit of Mars is not much
important on 4th house.
5th House : The transit of Mars on 5th house gives rise in expenditure, health of
native's children suffers. If Saturn, Rahu or Mars is present in 5th house in natal
horoscope, transit of Mars gives worry about health of children. If Gemini, Cancer
Libra or Aquarius sign is present in 5th house, traders lose money in gambling during
transit of Mars particularly when Saturn is present in these signs. Generally transit of
Mars on 5th house increases sensuality.
6th House : Transit of Mars on 6th house is unfortunate in all signs. The fatigue
increases, health suffers, servants do not remain faithful. If Saturn is present in this
house in natal horoscope, health suffers definitely. If the sign is Leo or Sagittarius,
transitory Jupiter or Saturn is unfavourable, the transit of Mars on this house gives loss
due to thieves or fire.
8 Transit of Planets
7th House : Transit of Mars over 7th house harms partnership business and legal
matters. Enemies cause hardships, partners start quarrel. If natal Venus is present in
7th house, immoral deeds are likely. If natal Saturn is posited in 7th house, transit of
Mars over it causes the ill health of spouse.
8th House :Transit of Mars over 8th house is not important. However if the native is
suffering from any disease, it does not get cured, rather it gets intensified.
9th House: Transit of Mars over 9th house increases enterprise. If Aries, Cancer 'or
Capricorn signs are present here, transit of Mars g i v ~ stay away from home. If natal
_Saturn is in 9th house, transit of Mars over. it causes bad reputation, there is criticism
in society. If Scorpio is the sign of 9th house, transit of Mars gives improvements in
industry and business.
10th House : If a favourable sign is present in 10th house, transit of Mars gives
improvement in industry or trade, business of grains improves, employed persons get
favourable bosses, all jobs are accomplished smoothly. If an adverse sign is posited
in 1Oth house and natal Saturn or Rahu is present in 1Oth house, transit of Mars causes
problems in employment, reputation goes down, financial problems are generated.
11th House :The transit of Mars on 11th house does not cause much difference . If
Taurus or Libra is present here, there is some increase in income. lftransit of Mars is
on an enemy planet or enemy sign, friends and relatives cause difficulties, expenditure
12th House : When Mars transits over 12th house, secret enemies are generated.
Transit of Mars here over natal Saturn or Mercury or on Cancer, Taurus, Libra or
Sagittarius is very unfortunate. During this period there are difficulties in dealings with
Transit of Sun
When Sun transits over 3, 6, 10, 11 houses there is gain of wealth, fame, honour by
government, success in all efforts, good intelligence, bliss of family members and
religious deeds.
Sun's transit on 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 houses gives disease, sorrows, danger, trouble
by fire, worry, stay away from home and loss of money.
Transit of Moon
Moon's transit on 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 houses gives profits, gain of money, meeting with
friends, wisdom and worship of gods and brahmins.
Transitof Planets 9
Moon's transit on 4, 5, 8, 9, 12 houses causes loss of money, danger from thief or fire,
quarrel or incarceration, losses stay away from loved ones, danger and agonies.
Transit of Mars
When Mars .transits on 3, 6, 11 houses, there is gain of land, gold and clothes, enemies
are destroyed, health is improved and king remains pleased.
Transit of Mars on 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 gives disease, stay away from home and
quarrel with friends.
Transit of Mercury
Transit of Mercury on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11 houses gives profits, good fortune, joys, gain of
money and increase in wealth.
Transit of Mercury on 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12houses causes reduction in joys, loss of money,
opposition by relatives, grief, danger, poor health, danger from enemies, stay away
from life partner.
Transit of Jupiter
Transit of Jupiter over 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 houses gives profits in sale/purchase, rise in
reputation and wisdom, gain of money, comforts and wealth. Transit of Jupiter on 1, 3,
4, 6, 8, 1 0, 12 houses causes disease, stay away from home and quarrel with friends.
Transit of Saturn
Transit of Saturn over 3, 6, 11 houses gives comforts, gold and gain of clothes, king
and friends remain favourable, wealth is accumulated.
Transit of Saturn over 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 1 o, 12 houses causes quarrel with relatives
and loss of money.
Transit of Rahu
The transit of Rahu on 1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11 houses causes marriage, birth of a son and
gain of money. Its transit on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12 can give death.
Sadhesati and Dhaiya of Saturn
The transit of Saturn over 1 ,2, 12 houses from natal Moon is called sadhesati. Its
transit on 4,8 houses from Moon is called dhaiya. In Karnatak, Saturn's transit on 4,* 5
houses is called panchami which is regarded as more dangerous in that state than
sadhesati. The 4th and 5th shani gives poverty and loss in business, insolvency is
possible, debts, destruction of property, death of family members, stay away from
home town, loss of wife and children are indicated.
10 Transit of Planets
Saturn's travel on 4,8 houses from Moon gives disease, quarrel with brothers, stay at
a distant place, difficulties and worries.
Saturn on 12, 1 and 2 houses gives disease of heart, head and legs, danger from evil
people and stress, children and cattle suffer.
Results of Transits on 12 Houses from Moon
Sun's travel on 1 st house from natal Moon gives stay away from home, on 2nd gives
danger, 3rd gain of money, 4th addiction, 5th poverty, 6th destruction of enemies, 7th
stay away from home, 8th disease, 9th reduction in glow, 1 Othfulfillment of desire, 11 th
profits and 12th house causes expenditure.
Moon's transit on 1 st house from natal Moon gives plentiful grains, 2nd loss of money,
3rd gain of wealth, 4th pain in stomach, 5th success in work, 6th failure in work, 7th
profits, 8th disease, 9th danger from king, 1Oth comforts, 11th gain of money and on
12th house grief is indicated.
The bad results of transit on 2,5 and 9 houses indicated above are meant when Moon
is in weak tithis, otherwise this transit is beneficial as Moon is strong.
1st house danger, 2nd loss, 3rd gain of money, 4th increase in enemies, 5th loss of
money, 6th gain of money, 7th loss of money, 8th attack by a weapon, 9th & 10th
disease, 11th gain of money and 12th expenditure.
1st house gain from brothers, 2nd gain of money, 3rd danger from enemies, 4th gain
of money, 5th difficulties, 6th stability, 7th disease, 8th gain of money, 9th regret, 1Oth
comforts, 11 th gain of money and 12th loss of money.
1st house danger, 2nd wealth, 3rd disease, 4th increase in enemies, 5th comforts,
6th grief, 7th honour by government, 8th disease, 9th comforts or poverty, 1Oth honour,
11th wealth and 12th agony.
1 st house destruction of enemies, 2nd wealth, 3rd comforts, 4th wealth, 5th birth of a
son, 6th increase in enemies, 7th grief, 8th gain of money, 9th gain of good clothes,
10th disease, 11th & 12th gain of money.
Transit of Planets 11
1st house fall from position, 2nd difficulties, 3rd good luck, 4th increase in enemies,
5th bliss from son, 6th comforts, 7th anger, 8th disease, 9th comforts, 10th poverty,
11 th gain of money and 12th misfortunes of various types.
Rahu /Ketu
1 st house loss of money, 2nd poverty, 3rd gain of money, 4th enmity, 5th grief, 6th gain
of money, 7th arguments, 8th disease, 9th evil deeds, 1Oth enmity, 11th comforts and
12th loss of money.
Results of Transit of Planets in 12 Houses from Ascendant
1st House
Sun : Body remains hot, mental health suffers, there is quarrel at home, interest in
business is lost. If Sun is well placed in natal horoscope, the month is fortunate, money
comes, noble deeds are performed.
Moon : If Moon is well placed in horoscope noble thoughts come in mind, desired
help is received, days pass happily. If Moon is adversely placed in horoscope mental
health suffers, money is spent in excess unnecessarily.
Mars: If Mars is well placed in horoscope, success in work is achieved soon, there is
lots of travel, business is profitable, there are differences with elderly people but soon
amicable settlement is achieved. If Mars is adverse in horoscope there is disease
related to bile, health suffers, insult is not tolerated, anger increases , money is not
received in time, there are differences with spouse, hurdles come in all efforts.
Mercury : Noble thoughts come in mind but there is some carelessness, writing
improves. If Mercury is adverse in horoscope, there is some action which causes
repentance later on, Taquaintance is made with friends who deceive.
Jupiter: If Jupiter is favourable in horoscope, wife becomes pregnant or gives birth,
position is elevated, success is achieved at the right moment due to use of intelligence,
there are many friends, there are celebrations or noble deeds, there is stay away from
home, money is received, there is bliss of spouse, students succeed in examinations,
there is no hurdle in start or completion of studies. Zeal is maintained. If someone is ill
in the home, he is healed. Native is honored. There is opportunity to help others in
noble functions such as marriage.
If Jupiter is adversely placed in horoscope, there is humiliation in high society, mind
remains devoid of zeal, expenditure is more, spouse or children fall ill, there is quarrel
with elders, wealth is destroyed.
12 Transit of Planets
Venus : If Venus is well placed in horoscope the bliss of spouse is good, there are
spouse related thoughts in mind, money is received in abundance, profits increase in
business, new people are introduced.
If Venus is adverse in natal horoscope there is no bliss of spouse, money is spent on
persons of opposite sex, bad habits are formed.
Saturn : If Saturn is favourable in horoscope, jobs are accomplished well but after
delays, confidence increases, influence on people increases, friends meet, their
affection is helpful, fame spreads, position of high responsibility is achieved, business
flourishes, there is profuse travel related to business, visit to a foreign country is
possible, ideas of big projects come in mind, native does other's work without
If Saturn is adverse in natal horoscope confidence is lost, there are tendencies for
suicide or to run away from home, father or spouse remains ill. If there is 2 wives
combination in horoscope, this period is fatal for wife. Death of a child is also possible,
native himself remains ill, business fails, job is lost, there is failure in examination,
hurdles in studies, native wanders here and there, money is not received, debt increases,
there is loss of money due to forgetting after giving it to someone or due to
disappearance or due to cheating by a partner. There is transfer to undesired place,
friends leave company, humiliation is likely, native is entangled in legal matters.
Results of Transit of Planets on Second House from Ascendant
Sun : If Sun is benefic in horoscope, sufficient money is earned, the job gets completed
all of a sudden, people are impressed, mind remains pleased, sensuality increases
but there are some worries at home.
If Sun is adversely placed in horoscope money is not received, if received it does not
stay, money is spent first and comes later. Native should not gamble at this juncture as
loss is likely. There is disease of eyes, quarrel with people increases, home remains
disordered, debts increase, full attention is not paid towards business. ..
Moon : Money is received, problem is solved, desired job is not completed in time,
normally these two days are smooth.
Mars : Whether Mars is favourable or unfavourable in horoscope money is not received,
expenses increase, there is paucity of funds, mind does not remain healthy, disease
is likely, money is lost in gambling, bitter remarks of people have to be listened, heat
and sensuality increases in body, there are hurdles in business.
Mercury: Mind remains healthy, success is achieved in writing. If Mercury is adversely
placed in horoscope, caution is desired in signing documents otherwise the native
may be caught in a criminal suit.
Transit of Planets 13
Jupiter: If Jupiter is benefic, there is increase in property, monthly income increases,
business flourishes, family bliss increases, there is plenty of travel or stay away from
home. If Jupiter is badly placed, there are difficulties in property matters, loan has to
be taken, property is kept as a collateral, there is loss of money in business or job,
someone at home remains ill, overall the period is bad.
Saturn : If well placed income increases, property flourishes, debt is over, plans of
big business are formulated, rent from property increases, there is victory in legal and
other matters.
If Saturn is adversely placed, important person of family may die, there is loss of money
in property and other legal matters, native himself or spouse or children remain ill,
there is disease of long tenure, suspension, demotion and dismissal from job are
likely, there is loss of money in business, humiliation is indicated. If there is transit of
Jupiter at the same time, its benefic results are destroyed due to adverse transit of
Saturn. Students fail in examinations, they have to worry about income by leaving studies.
Overall the period is agonizing.
Results of Transit of Planets on 3rd House from Ascendant
Sun :When Sun is benefic, good deeds are done, work is completed soon, authority
is conferred, people are impressed, unemployed persons get job or business is started,
there may_ be stay away from home.
If Sun is adversely placed in horoscope, there is separation from brothers or sisters
but the matter does not go to court, there are differences with elders, contacts with
friends are broken.
Moon : Normally this period is favourable. There is company of friends when money
is spent on parties or entertainment.
Mars: If benefic, there are favourable incidents that give progress and fame, courage
increases, there is stay away from home, profits in business and gambling are more
than expected, Native earns well but his brothers suffer.
If Mars is adverse, children of native suffer, native quarrels with brothers, mind remains
unhealthy, native remains short tempered, people look upon the native with suspicion,
employed persons are transferred.
Mercury : If Mercury is well placed mind remains calm and stable. All jobs are well
organized and careful. Writing improves. If Mercury is adverse, jobs are performed
with shoddiness, lethargy and r ~ devoid of cleanliness.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is benefic peace and settlement are obtained, officers are not
transferred, there are celebrations at home and the native gets promotion in job,
14 Transit of Planets
business is not changed, profits are ordinary but there is no debt, marriage and birth
of a son are possible.
If Jupiter is adverse, there is abortion or death of a child, spouse remains ill, money
does not remain in hand, debt burden increases, expenses are more than income,
there is quarrel with brothers, students do not pass, job is lost or business closes, luck
Venus : When Venus is well placed, there is bliss of spouse. If Venus is adverse
money is not earned, there is hurdle in bliss of spouse.
Saturn : When Saturn is benefic mind remains calm and content, Zealand courage
increase, burden of duty increases, confidence in business rises, promotion is
conferred, there is lot of travel, native helps in marriage of people, money is received,
friends and brothers help, success is achieved in legal matters.
If Saturn is adverse, mind remains depressed, there is no zeal for work, lethargy
prevails, native is transferred to undesired place, suitable position is not received in
job, brothers go to the court, brother, brother-in-law or children may die, native remains
unemployed, insult is hurled on him.
Results of Transit of Planets on 4th House from Ascendant
Sun : If Sun is benefic, many guests come to home, there is bliss of home, money is
spent on upkeep of home.
If Sun is adverse health suffers, mind remains worried and ill.
Moon: If Moon is well placed in horoscope, these 2 days are profitable, mind remains
pleased. Adverse Moon gives illness of mind.
Mars: If Mars is well placed, plans for new businesses come in mind, superiors remain
pleased, zeal and courage increase, projects are completed soon, law suit in property
is won. If Mars is adverse there is a disease like typhoid, property matters go to court.
Jupiter : When Jupiter is benefic, property is gained, native is transferred to a
favourable place, health of mother is good, friends help, period is good for studies,
agriculture is profitable, pension is received easily.
If Jupiter is adverse (particularly for Aries Ascendant) property is destroyed, poverty is
indicated, mother remains ill, father can die, employed persons are transferred to
undesired place, promotion is stopped, people criticize, property matter is dragged
to court and defeated, mind does not remain healthy:
Venus: If Venus is well placed, there are profits in business, money is gained, bliss of
spouse is good. If adverse, there is loss in business, bliss of spouse suffers, money is
not received.
Transit of Planets
Saturn : If Saturn is well placed, property is increased, business is profitable, money
is received in legacy by the death of a relative, big jobs are accomplished, transfer
and promotion are likely. If 36th year of life completes at this time, luck shines. If Saturn
is adversely placed, there are difficulties in receipt of pension (therefore if possible
pension should be taken 1-2 years before this period), father or an elder person in
home dies, mother remains ill. If there is 2 wives combination in horoscope, wife may
die, business closes down, transfer is ordered to undesired place, insults are hurled,
spouse and son do not behave well, there is quarrel with brothers on earlier earned
Results of Transit of Planets on 5th House from Ascendant
Sun : When Sun is well placed, mind remains stable, good deeds are performed,
success is achieved in started work, health is good, zeal increases. If Sun is adverse
health of sons is affected, money is spent on medicine, mind remains ill, heat of self
and spouse is increased.
Moon : These 2 days pass smoothly. Mind remains pleased, money is earned. If
Moon is adverse mind remains dejected, there is no zeal for work.
Mars : When Mars is well placed in horoscope, money is earned in business or
gambling, courage and zeal improve, promotion is conferred to a favourable place,
native works hard. If Mars is adversely placed health of children suffers, expenses are
more than income, native stays away from home without any purpose, health of spouse
suffers, there is failure in all efforts and examinations, there are differences with elders.
Mercury: When Mercury is favourably placed in horoscope, mind is sharp, thinking
capacity is good, native is careful about details, money is earned in shares, writing
work and studies give success. When Mercury is adversely placed, concentration in
studies is poor, judgement becomes weak, there is loss in shares etc.
Jupiter : When Jupiter is well placed in horoscope success is achieved in
examinations, education is completed, birth of a child is possible, job is received,
profits are ordinary, fame spreads. If Jupiter is adversely placed, education remains
incomplete, there is failure in examinations, native remains jobless or gets poor salary,
mind remains dissatisfied.
Venus: If Venus is well placed in horoscope this month (transit of Venus) is favourable,
friends extend help, all comforts are available, there is contact with various women,
mind remains pleased. When Venus is adverse, there are barriers in bliss of spouse
due to her illness, sons also fall ill.
Saturn :When Saturn is benefic in horoscope, birth of a daughter is possible, education
is completed, success is achieved in efforts, authority is and gambling
are profitable, fame spreads, friends help, journey to a forei"gn country is possible,
property is gained or purchased.
16 Transit of Planets
If Saturn is adversely placed, there is loss in shares and gambling, insolvency is
possible, debts increase, unemployment, humiliation, death of a child, illness of spouse
or self, more expenses than income, difficulty of food, beggar like situation, friends
leave, quarrel for property or business, suspension in job, imprisonment etc are
Results of Transit of Planets on 6th House from Ascendant
Sun :When Sun is benefic, health remains good, mind is energetic. If Sun is not
favourable money is not received, mind remains uneasy.
Moon; When Moon is favourable, money is received somewhat, mind remains content.
If Moon is adversely placed, money is not received, mind remains disturbed.
Mars :When Mars is benefic , native stays away from home for business/Success is
achieved with difficulties. Native has to pay graft in legal matters, bliss of spouse is
If Mars is adversely placed native is entangled in criminal suit, there are quarrels with
people, lawsuit is lost, money is wasted, debts rise, piles causes trouble, transfer to
an undesired place takes place, demotion in job is possible, there is quarrel with
Mercury: Whether benefic or adverse, mind remains stable. There are no turmoils.
All jobs are accomplished peacefully.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is placed favourably in the horoscope enemies remain weak
and accept defeat. Native can defeat even a staunch opponent in the election. Health
remains normal, debts are repayed, good dreams are seen.
If Jupiter is adverse, debts increase, health is not good, success is not achieved in
efforts, mind does not remain healthy, there is failure in the examinations, transfer
takes place to an undesired place, work gives trouble, maternal uncle or aunt causes
difficulties, there is defeat in legal suit.
Venus: Whether favourable or adverse, sensuality increases too much, bliss of spouse
is good.
Saturn: When Saturn is benefic in horoscope, new business is started, trouble caused
by enemy ends, health is good, debts are paid, friends help, there is promotion in
jobs, authority is conferred, progress is achieved by contesting seniors, seniors are
If Saturn is adverse there is problem due to loss of blood,death is not ruled out, failure
is encountered, there is defeat in the lawsuit, imprisonment is possible, promotion is
denied, there are frequent transfers, residence is changed.
Transit of Planets 17
Results of Transit of Planets. on 7th House from Ascendant
Sun : When Sun is favourable, native is promoted, superiors are impressed, jobs
give desired results, health of spouse is good, bliss of spouse is good, stay away from
home is possible, transfer to a better place is likely, business is profitable. If Sun is
adverse, there is no bliss of spouse, spouse or son remains ill, native himself falls ill,
there is loss in business, quarrel with elders or undesired transfer is likely.
Moon : These two days give only problems.
Mars :When Mars is favourable, there are profits in business, gambling and shares,
victory is achieved in lawsuit, progress is made by contesting with seniors. There is no
transfer._ Seniors remain pleased.
If Mars is adverse lots of money is spent in election and contest is tough. There is loss
in partnership and legal matters, spouse and son fall ill, there is quarrel at home.
Mercury : When Mercury is benefic there is profit in trade, shares etc. There is an
inclination to start new business or expand the old one, students do well in studies,
mind remains pleased. Writing work, seminars, discussions predominate in life.
If Mercury is adverse, mind remains restless, there are mistakes in speech and writing
that cause misunderstanding. Students and writers suffer in this period. There are
losses in business.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is benefic, the business flourishes. The health of family members
is good, there is victory in elections, contacts are developed with important people,
success is achieved in ventures, students pass in examinations, articles are published,
seniors remain pleased, promotion is conferred, there is loss in gambling or shares,
the birth of a child takes place, marriage is likely, there are celebrations related to
children etc, native helps others in matters of marriage etc, compromise is achieved
in legal matters. If Jupiter is adverse business is closed, spouse and children fall ill,
friends deceive, there is failure in ventures. Adverse mandate is conferred in
examinations, legal matters, promotion etc .. If there is combination for two wives in
horoscope, wife may die.
Venus : When Venus is benefic, sexual lust is reduced, bliss of spouse is good,
business flourishes, money is received. If Venus is adverse there are extra-marital
relations, money is not received, there are hurdles, business is sluggish.
Saturn :When Saturn is favourable, gain of money is good, foreign travel is possible,
business flourishes, new business may be started, legal matters are favourable, the
old matters of property are profitable. If a person has combinations for gain of money
in his horoscope, money is received at this period. The second marriage with a widow
18 Transit of Planets
is possible. Promotion is achieved but there are differences with superiors, health of
spouse and children improve. Marriage efforts of son or daughter make progress.
The native extends help for the marriage of relatives, gambling is profitable.
If Saturn is unfavourable in the horoscope there is loss in business or partnership. If
there is a 2 wives combination in horoscope, the wife may die. A child may die,
judgement in court is adverse, the native becomes penniless, suspension or dismissal
in job is possible, there is conflict with superiors, there is failure in ventures, students
fail in examinations or fail to appear. There may be death of mother or father, there is
defeat in election, property is sold, debts rise, there is not sufficient money for food,
deception causes loss of money, property matters reach court, there may be contact
with rich ladies.
Results of Transit of Planets on 8th House from Ascendant
Transit of only Saturn and Jupiter is considered important on 8th house.
Sun: Whether Sun is favourable or unfavourable health does not remain good. Seniors
remain displeased.
Moon : Mind remains pleased. Native has a sound sleep.
Mars : There may be a disease such as typhoid or malaria. If the native is a child
smallpox or measles cause trouble. Money is not received, expenses are more. Native
may sit at home on leave. There is danger of falling from a height.
Mercury: There are mistakes in writing therefore superiors become angry. The papers
are kept haphazardly. If Mercury is favourable, reverse results of above are experienced.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is favourable, money is received all of a sudden. Someone's
money kept as a trust is received, the person who had kept money dies- therefore the
money is not returned. There is interest in mystical knowledge. If Jupiter is adverse,
business closes down, debts rise, there is paucity of funds to buy food, it is a most
unfortunate period.
Venus: If Venus is benefic in horoscope, there is bliss of spouse. There are contacts
with other women and money is received from them. The business runs profitably.
If Venus is unfavouable bliss of spouse is not available in spite of expenditure of money,
business is not profitable.
Saturn : Whether Saturn is favourable or unfavourable in horoscope, its transit over
this house is unfavouable. Dismissal in job, incarceration Uail), suspension, closure of
business, loss of money, disease of spouse or children, foreign travel, failure in work,
adverse verdict in court, criticism by people are likely. There are all physical, financial
and mental agonies . Mind becomes detached.
Transit of Planets 19
Results of Transit of Planets on 9th House from Ascendant
Sun :When Sun is favourable in horoscope there is travel to foreign countries related
to business , the business flourishes, money remains in hand, luck shines, success is
achieved. If Sun is unfavourable, a son or a brother falls ill, excessive money is spent,
mind does not remain healthy.
Moon :Mind remains sick, money does not remain in hand, sleep is disturbed, there
is no peace of mind.
Mars :When Mars is benefic in the horoscope, there is zeal in business. There could
be travel or outside stay for a brief period. People are impressed. Desired transfer or
promotion is possible. Money is earned by shares or gambling.
If Mars is not favourable, a son or a brother falls ill. Friends and brothers deceive.
Undesired transfer takes place.
Mercury : If Mercury is favourable in horoscope, the period is good for writing,
publishing and sale of books. The other types of business give normal results. Money
is earned in shares. Money remains in hand. If Mercury is adverse, mind remains
confused, there is interest in purposeless wandering.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is benefic, education is completed. A government or teaching
job is offered. Marriage or birth of child is likely. Success is achieved in the examination.
Travel and writing are favourable. There is increase in fame. Money may be received
less. A brother or sister is married.
If Jupiter is unfavourable, the education remains incomplete, there is failure in
examination, native has to leave school or college. The sister may become a widow,
she may be inclined towards extra marital relations. The period is dangerous for native's
children. There may be defamation etc.
Venus : Whether Venus is benefic or malefic in horoscope, its transit gives medium
results. This period is particularly good for poets as their imagination becomes sharp.
Saturn : If Saturn is favourable in the horoscope the fame is increased. Money keeps
coming. Ideas for new industries come in mind. Stay away from home is possible.
Promotion is conferred. Desired transfer takes place. There is birth of a child.
If Saturn is adverse in horoscope brothers and sisters of the native suffer. A brother or
a sister may die or may become a widow or responsibility of her care comes on
native. A child may die or there is abortion. Brothers may deceive. There are problems
in business. There is paucity of funds. Promotion is stopped.
20 Transit of Planets
Results of Transit of Planets on 1Oth House from Ascendant
Sun : When Sun is favourable, honour, promotion, money, success and good
intelligence are achieved. If Sun is unfavourable failure, quarrel with father, problems
in job, wandering after loss, loss in business are likely.
Moon :These 2 days pass peacefully.
Mars : If Mars is favourable, success is achieved early. Jobs that are capable of
enhancing prestige are completed. Money is earned in shares or gambling. Promotion
is conferred. Senior officers remain pleased. Subordinates remain impressed. New
friends cause gain of money. Zeal and efficiency are increased. If mars is adverse
there are losses in business, quarrel with seniors, lethargy, illness of children etc. Interest
in work is lost.
Mercury : If Mercury is favourable, the office remains well maintained. New people
oome in contact. Writing is good. Money is earned in shares. If Mercury is adverse
there are mistakes in writing or calculations, superiors remain displeased. This period
is not favourable for writers and astrologer.
Jupiter : When Jupiter is favourable it is the most fortunate period of life. Money is
received, promotion is oonferred business is highly profitable. Contacts are developed
with important people, family bliss is good, victory is achieved in elections, fame
spreads, beneficial journeys take place, decision in oourt is when Jupiter is unfavourable
there is loss in business, father or children fall seriously ill or there is death, suspension
or transfer in job is possible, there is fear of termination etc.
Venus : When Venus is favourable there are many friends who are helpful, business
flourishes, money is received. When Venus is adverse, there is no bliss of spouse,
there are problems in business, money is not
Saturn : When Saturn is favourable fame spreads. There are fortunate results like
promotion, profits in business, victory in elections etc. Journey to a foreign country is
possible. There is change in job or business. Judgement of oourt is favourable, money
is received. Contacts are developed with important people, money is earned in
gambling or shares. If Saturn is adverse, reputation suffers, undesired transfer takes
place. There are unfortunate results like conflict with seniors, progress is stalled, death
of parents or children, debts, staying away from spouse or children etc. The native
remains jobless. The whole period is unfortunate.
Results of Transit of Planets on 11th House from Ascendant
The results of transit on this house are not important except for Saturn and Jupiter.
Jupiter: When Jupiter is benefic there is marriage or birth of a child or its possibilities,
Transit of Planets 21
moderate profit in business, profit in shares, promotion etc. This Jupiter gives either
money or children. If money is gained there is no birth of a child, if a child is bam
money is not received. When Jupiter is adverse marriage is not fixed, the child may
not remain alive there is loss in business, gambling, shares etc, promotion in job is
Saturn :When Saturn is favourable business flourishes, promotion in job is received,
success is achieved in desired transfer, money comes all of a sudden. If Saturn is
adverse the child may die, spouse remains ill loss of money is possible.
Results of Transit of Planets on 12th House from Ascendant
Normally the transit on 12th house is not favourable. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus may
not have important effects. The adverse effects of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are sharp.
Whether planets are benefic or malefic in horoscope, the results are generally not
Mars : The money is not received, expenses are more, debts increase. If Saturn is
adverse in horoscope and is adversely posited in relation to Mars at this time the
native may go to jail. The health does not remain good. Problems are frequently
Jupiter : There are difficulties in business and paucity of funds, mind does not remain
Saturn :There are adverse results like termination in job, stay in jail, foreign travel,
closure of business, death of spouse etc. As an exception when Saturn is in 12th
house and Capricorn in natal horoscope, results are somewhat good but spouse
remains away or there is hurdle in bliss of spouse.
22 Transit of Planets
Transit of Planets in Relation to
Moon sign
Transit of planets into ascendant and 1Oth house is important. Similarly the transit of
planets over houses where Sun and Moon are posited gives results like the
significations of those houses. After ascendant and 1Oth house, 4 and 7 houses are
important. Transit of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars is not significant over other houses.
Instead of horoscope's houses that are vacant, transit on houses having planets gives
more significant results.
Mercury, Venus and Sun visit all houses quite rapidly, therefore results of their transit
are generally not felt. Transit of Mercury and Venus gives some results.
Transit of Mercury on 1 st or 1Oth house over the horoscopes of clerks, artisans, writers
and lecturers is good for writing and ideas. Enthusiastic articles are written. Teachers
teach well. Results of transit on 4th or 7th house are slightly less powerful.
The transit of Venus on 1Oth house or ascendant gives bliss of spouse, luxuries and
comforts. Travel, meetings with authorities and friends are likely. At the time of sighting
of Moon (on shukla pratipada and dwiteeya), benefic results of the house where Moon
is transiting are obtained. At this time if Moon is transiting on natal ascendant, good
health, bliss of home, success in business, profit in money transactions etc. are
experienced throughout the month.
The transit of Sun over the house with a posited malefic planet gives unfavourable
results for 7-8 days. The Sun's transit on each sign is on same dates each year.
Therefore people may not believe the idea of certain bad dates every year. However
experience tells that few months are unfortunate every year. This is the period of transit
of Sun over malefic planets of horoscope. This adverse effect is not felt when good
period is passing in annual horoscope.
Transit of Sun over 7th house from natal Sun gives little minor disease like cough,
cold, weakness etc. This is particularly true if ascendant is weak.
Varahmihir has told the results of transit in chapter 104 of Vrihat Samhita as follows :
Sun on 3, 6, 10 house from natal moonsign, Mars on 3, 6, Mercury on 2, 4, 6, 8, Jupiter
on 2, 5, 7, 9, Venus on 6, 7, 10 and Saturn on 3, 6 gives danger like lion.
Transit of Planets 23
Sun : Transit of Sun over natal moonsign gives sorrows, loss of money, stomach
disorders and travel. On 2nd house loss of money, sorrows, danger, a disease of eyes
are likely. In 3rd house property is gained, money is accumulated, auspicious functions,
joys and destruction of enemies are likely. Transit on 4th house gives disease and
problems related to property. The 5th house transit gives disease and trouble from
enemies. The 6th house transit causes good health, relief from grief and defeat of
enemies. Transit on 7th gives stay away from home and stomach disorders. On 8th
disease, cough, conflict with spouse are likely. In 9th hurdles in gain of money, illness,
poverty and danger are possible. Transit on 1Oth gives success in all efforts, on 11 th
all jobs are performed easily. Transit on 12th house creates mess in all jobs.
Transit of Sun on natal Moon gives fatigue in travel, loss of money, irritation, disease,
painful stay away from home against native's will. In 2nd house loss of money and
reduction in comforts, 3rd house gain of high position, money comforts, good health
and defeat of enemies are likely. In 4th house disease and hurdles in bliss of spouse,
in 5th house anguish, hurdles in easy jobs make it difficult, in 6th house health is good,
enemies are defeated, worries are over.
Transit on 7th house gives disease of stomach or sexual organs, humiliation, painful
stay away from home. In 8th house fear in mind, disease, conflicts with people, trouble
from government, health problem due to hot climate are experienced. Transit on 9th
house gives danger, humiliation, parting from spouse or children and despair in all
matters. When Sun comes on 1Oth house big project are undertaken, success is
achieved, high position and honour are conferred. The results of 11th house are similar
to 1Oth. In 12th house painful events, loss of money, conflict with friends and fever are
Moon : The transit of Moon over natal Moon gives good food and clothes, on 2nd
house loss of honour, paucity of funds, birth of hurdles are likely. On 3rd house good
clothes, bliss of spouse and money are obtained. In 4th, people lose trust in the native,
in 5th poverty, disease, grief, trouble in journey are indicated. Transit on 6th house
gives money and comforts, on 7th grains, money, vehicle and comfortable sleep are
obtained. Moon's transit on 8th gives danger from snakes etc, in 9th despair, jail, hard
work, ache in stomach cause trouble. In 1Oth house, success is achieved in all efforts,
in 11th closed relatives cause joys, in 12th expenses are more than income, there may
be danger of an accident.
Transit of Moon over natal Moon gives good fortune, in 2nd house loss of money, in
3rd house success in every endeavour, in 4th danger, in 5th sorrows, in 6th good
health, in 7th comforts, in 8th adverse incidents, in 9th disease in 1Oth success in
desired matters, in 11th joys and in 12th house expenditure are indicated.
24 Transit of Planets
Mars : The transit of Mars over Moonsign gives turmoils, on 2nd house decline in
physical or mental health, trouble from enemies ~ n government, bile problem inspite
of being robust, danger of fire or theft are indicated. Transit on 3rd house gives .increase
in appetite, esteem rises, administers many people, there is gain of money, woolen
clothes and metals from mines etc. Mars in 4th house gives fever, stomach ache,
blood related diseases, loss due to tyranny or company of evil people.
Transit of Mars on 5th house gives enmity with people, disease, problems due to
children and fickle mind.
Transit of Mars on 6th house eliminates danger of enemies, there are no quarrels,
money is received, native does not need to depend on others' support. During transit
of Mars on 7th house health of spouse is not good, native may himself suffer from
disease of eyes or stomach. Transit of Mars on 8th house gives pimples and boils,
expenses are more. Mars on 9th house gives humiliation, loss of money, poor health,
lethargy et. Transit of Mars on 1Oth house gives gain of money in every respect. Mars
on 11th house gives victory and gain of authority, on 12th house excessive expenditure,
grief due to difficulties, pride due to superiority, excessive anger of spouse, bile
problem, a disease of eyes etc.
The transit of Mars on moonsign gives repentances, parting away from family members,
diseases due to impure blood, bile disease and illness due to excessive heat. On 2nd
house, danger is generated, native speaks harshly there is loss of money.
Transit of Mars on 3rd house gives success in all efforts, there is gain of gold or
om aments. Transit of Mars on 4th house causes ups and downs and stomach problems.
In 5th house fever, unfortunate wishes worries due to children, quarrels with family
members are possible. In 6th house enemies are defeated, diseases are cured, money
is gained and success is achieved. In 7th house there is quarrel with spouse due to a
misunderstanding there is illness of stomach or eyes. In 8th house fever, loss of money
and difficulties are encountered. In 9th house humilitation, loss of money and weakness
are likely. In 1Oth house conduct of the native falls, full efforts are not put for any work, in
11 th house money is gained, there is addition in property. In 12th house transit of Mars
gives loss of money and poor health due to increase in heat.
Mercury: When Mercury transits on the natal Moon, there is trouble due fo tendency
of people to speak against you, in government matters property is destroyed, native
may go to jail, people try to keep distance. In 2nd house money is gained but esteem
does not rise. In 3rd house new friendships are developed but friends maintain some
distance due to fear of king and enemies, the native tries to remain aloof due to fall in
character. In 4th house money is gained, there is increase in number of relatives and
family members. In 5th house, there is quarrel with spouse or children, bliss of spouse
Transit of Planets 25
is not available. In 6th house, good luck, victory and progress are achieved. Transit of
Mercury in 7th house gives trouble and failure. In 8th, birth of a son, victory, gain of
money and clothes are indicated, mind becomes sharp. Transit of Mercury on 9th
house gives hurdles, in 1Oth house defeat of enemies, gain of money, beautiful house
and bliss of spouse are indicated. Mercury's transit on 11th house gives money,
comforts, spouse, children, friends and vehicles etc, native remains satisfied and
enthusiastic, encouragement from people is available. Transtt of Mercury on 2 ~ h house
gives defeat by enemies, disease, hurdles in bliss of spouse etc.
Transit of mercury on Moonsign causes loss of money, in 2nd hose gain of money, in
3rd enemies cause problems, in 4th house gain of money again and again, in 5th
quarrel with spouse and sons, in 6th success in every work, in 7th misunderstanding,
in 8th birth of a son, gain of money, in 9th hurdles, in 1Oth bliss in all matters, in 11th
good fortune and in 12th there is fear of humiliation.
Jupiter :The transit of Jupiter on Moon sign of natal horoscope gives loss of money,
termination of job, difficulties, weak mind etc. Its transit on 2nd house gives destruction
of enemies, money and bliss of spouse. On 3rd house instabilities of mind, hurdles in
work, in 4th problems caused by brothers and relatives create the desire to leave the
home, mind remains disturbed. During Jupiter's transit on 5th house there is birth of a
son, relatives remain pleased there is gain of a house, clothes and catties, bliss of
spouse is good.
In 6th house spouse's behaviour causes quarrel and dissatisfaction. In 7th house
Jupiter's transit gives bliss of spouse, gain of money, good food and a vehicle,
imagination for poetry etc is sharp. On 8th house imprisonment, disease, grief, trouble
in journey, painful condition like death are indicated. On 9th house transit of Jupiter
gives good efficiency, children, influence on people, gain of money and bliss of spouse
etc. On 1Oth house, place is destroyed, loss of money and bad results are likely. On
11 th house, Jupiter's transit gives all auspicious results, in 12th house there are hurdles
in journey.
Jupiter's transit on Moonsign of birth horoscope causes departure from birth place,
expenses are more, there is a tendency to cause agony to others. In 2nd house money
is received in abundance, there is bliss of family, whatever is said is materialized. In
3rd house situation deteriorates, there is separation from friends, there are hurdles in
business, diseases cause trouble. In 4th house there is grief due to death of a family
member, humiliation, attack by 'animals. On 5th house Jupiter gives birth of a son,
contacts with important people and good relations with rulers. In 6th house there is
trouble caused by relatives and enemies, pain due to disease.
In 7th house there is journey for fortunate jobs, there is bliss of spouse and children. In
26 Transit of Planets
8th house there is deterioration in health, problems in journey, loss of money and bad
luck. In 9th house the luck shines. Jupiter's transit on 1Oth house causes danger to
property and authority, there is worry about children. In 11 th house there is birth of a
child, gain of authority, honour, gain of money through various means. In 12th house
there is danger to property and increase in problems.
The transit of Jupiter gives good r s u ~ in some manner. Its result is according to strength
of the horoscope. Jupiter's transit on 9th and 1Oth house gives a chance for progress.
At this time many religious deeds and noble acts are performed. The hidden feelings
of mind come on surface.
Transit of Jupiter on ascendant gives improvement in health, mind remains pleased,
positive ideas come in mind, prestige in society rises, mind becomes sharp.
The transit of Jupiter on 2nd house certainly gives financial progress. There is increase
in monthly income and property, debts are paid. The transit of Jupiter on 3rd house
gives progress of mind, journeys are pleasant, relations with brothers and relatives
are strengthened. This period is good for writing work.
Transit of Jupiter on 4th house gives bliss of family, completion of important tasks at
this time is favourable. Jupiter on 5th house gives increase in income. Money is used
judiciously, deals of money are profitable. This period is good for bliss of luxuries and
entertainment. When Jupiter is in 6th house in transit, health is good, trusted servants
are available who cause satisfaction, business agents have good reputation. Relatives
such as maternal or paternal uncle are beneficial, organization of function is pleasing.
Jupiter's transit on 7th house is good for marriage, affair, legal work and journey. Noble
deeds and legal work are successful.
Jupiter's transit on 8th house is favourable for religious intellectual and philosophical
pursuits. Sudden gain of money or gain through legacies is possible if suitable
combination is present in horoscope. The saints may have indications of future events.
The death at this period is very peaceful.
Jupiter on 9th house gives progress of mind. Stay away from home is possible.
When jupiter transits over 1Oth house esteem and authority are increased. The seniors
remain pleased. Transit of Jupiter on 11th house gives bliss friends, mind remains
calm and pleased, interest in religion increases, secret adventurous jobs are successful
at this period but at this period there is loss of money. Jupiter on 12th house increases
interest in religion.
The above description gives an impression that transit of Jupiter is good in all houses.
However good results will be felt by only those people in whose horoscope Jupiter is
Transit of Planets 27
strong and favourable. Jupiter is weak in the horoscopes of many people. If natal
Jupiter is in 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 houses in favourable signs, its benefic results are obtained.
Jupiter in 7th house in natal horoscope is not highly beneficial. Jupiter is good in 1, 2,
5, 7, 9, 10 houses. Intelligent and learned people may find the results of Jupiter highly
favourable but illiterate or less intelligent people may not find such results as good.
The money goes to rich people easily. Similarly good results of planets are more
. evident in the lives of fortunate people.
Good results of transit of Jupiter over natal. Sun and Moon are generally felt by all
people. During this period generally opportunities for improvement in financial position
are experienced. Use of these opportunities give improvement in life. Jupiter remains
in each house for one year. The months when Jupiter transits over degrees of Sun and
Moon are worth watching. If Sun and Moon are having benefic aspect on Jupiter, results
of transits of Jupiter are particularly good.
Venus : The t r n s i ~ of Venus on moonsign gives luxuries, beautification, good fool,
bliss of spouse, comforts of bed etc. In 2nd house there is bliss of spouse, son, money,
grains, honour from government, family etc., luck favours. In 3rd house gain of money,
honour, son and clothes and destruction of enemies is indicated. In 4th house good
friends are made, power increases. Transit of Venus on 5th house gives satisfaction,
relatives meet, there is gain of a son and money, friends help but enemies remain
strong. The transit of Venus on 6th house of natal horoscope gives disease, grief and
defeat. In 7th house bad results are obtained about spouse. In 8th house Venus gives
gain of a house and clothes, gains from a rich lady is possible. In 9th house Venus
gives religious deeds, bliss of spouse, gain of money and clothes. In 1Oth house
humiliation, quarrel, bitter talks of people are experienced. In 11th house various friends
meet, money is received, native donates grains. Venus on 12th house gives gain of
money and clothes. However if Venus is stationery, these results are not obtained.
Transit of Venus on natal Moonsign gives all comforts, in 2nd house gain of money, in
3rd house better luck, 4th house gain of friends and comforts, in 5th house gain of a
child, in 6th house bad conduct, in 7th house trouble to spouse, in 8th gain of money, in
9th comforts, in 10th quarrel, in 1_1th safety and in 12th house Venus gives gain of
Saturn :Transit of Saturn on natal Moonsign gives trouble due to poison, fire, parting
from relatives, imprisonment, it can also give death. Native has to go away from him,
there is enmity with sons due to advice of friends, money is destroyed, native may
wander or may have to beg. In 2nd house bliss and health suffer, the money received
does not stay. In 3rd house the native gets money, comforts, servants, there is gain of
a house, property, comforts and good health, native punishes enemies by the help of
brave friends even if he is a coward. In 4th house Saturn gives parting away from
28 Transit of Planets
friends, money and spouse. In 5th house money is lost, son may move away. In 6th
house enemies and diseases are destroyed, bliss of spouse is good. In 7th house
Saturn gives useless wandering. In 8th house there is parting away from spouse and
sons, native becomes poor. In 9th house, native suffers from enmity, imprisonment
and ailment of heart, no work remains organized. In 1Oth house, noble deeds are
performed but there is loss of money, reputation and knowledge. In 11 th house there is
gain of spouse and wealth. Saturn's transit on 12th house gives grief due to various
Saturn's transit on natal Moonsign gives disease, native has to see the death of many
people. In 2nd house there is loss of money and children. In 3rd house, there is progress
in business and authority, servants are easily available, money is earned. In 4th house
relatives and spouse suffer (death is possible), money is lost. In 5th house loss of
money or children is likely, mind remains suspicious. In 6th house, Saturn gives bliss
of all kind. In 7th house, spouse suffers, there is danger and stay away from home. In
8th house there is loss of children, property, friends and catties, native falls ill. lh 9th
house poverty, hurdles in desired deeds, death of elders are indicated. In 1Oth house
bad deeds are performed, native suffers due to disease and insult. In 11th house
bliss, property and honour are indicated. Saturn's transit on 12th house gives trouble
due to useless enterprise, loss of money due to enemies, problems due to disease of
spouse or children.
Saturn's transit on ascendant gives disappointments and depression. If the horoscope
is good and Saturn is favourable, the native worries about accepting new jobs and its
fulfillment. At this time calm nature, skills and foresight are desired.
The transit of Saturn on 2nd house of natal horoscope gives reduction in income. If
horoscope has combinations for financial problems, there is grave financial crisis at
this time. The native has to take loan, there is loss in deals of money. He should be
careful in spending money.
The Saturn's transit on 3rd house gives disappointments and hurdles. There is quarrel
with brothers or sisters. If natal Saturn is favourable, serious ideas come in mind,
there is interest in classical subjects, native serves literature and studies difficult
subjects. Transit of Saturn on 4th house gives worries at home, there may be a death
in family, there are undesired and unwarranted changes. If Saturn is strong in natal
horoscope, native requires rest. If he is old, he should try to wind up his business and
try to improve his next life.
If natal Saturn or Mars is posited in 4th house, Saturn's transit on it gives much trouble.
The life of mother is in danger. There is quarrel about property. Saturn's transit' on natal
Sun gives failure in business. Saturn's transit on natal Venus is lucky.
Transit of Planets 29
Saturn's transit on 5th house affects natives children. There may be birth of a child. If
the sign here is Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio, there will be loss in business. Traders
should not gamble at this time. The signs Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius are favourable
for Saturn.
During Saturn's transit on 6th house, health is not good, servants cause trouble. If 6th
house is weak in natal horoscope, native suffers due to poisonous insects or fever. At
this time a change of place for better health is desired. The transit of Saturn on 7th
house is bad for bliss of spouse. It Mars, Sun or Rahu are posited in natal horoscope
in this house, the health of spouse suffers. If there is combination tor 2 spouses in natal
horoscope, at this time first spouse may die. It sign Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio is
present in 7th house, transit of Saturn is unfortunate, there is loss in legal matters.
Transit of Saturn on 8th house gives loss in partnership, health suffers. When Saturn
transits over 9th house, faith in religion increases, ambitions rise, 'there is visit to holy
places. It Saturn here is posited in enemy sign, reputation suffers, there is difficulty in
legal matters and quarrel with friends.
If Saturn transits on 1Oth house on enemy sign or enemy planet, there is a big set back
to business, reputation suffers, esteem falls. The employed persons have to face the
wrath of superiors. If Mars or Saturn is retrograde in 1Oth house in horoscope, bad
results are likely. If in this house the sign is Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius,
prestige rises, business flourishes.
Transit of Saturn on 11 th house gives fulfillment of wishes. This period is favourable for
study of classics and research. If Mars is situated in this house in natal horoscope,
friends and relatives cause loss due to deception. If sign in this house is friendly or
own, transit of Saturn is fortunate.
Saturn's transit on 12th house of natal horoscope is always unlucky, there may be
unfortunate events. If natal Mars or Saturn is posited in this house, there may be
imprisonment due to government action, expenses are more, native has to take loans.
Rahu : Rahu's transit on natal moonsign affects health, in 2nd house there is loss of
money, in 3rd house bliss, in 4th difficulties, in 5th loss of money, in 6th bliss, in 7th
house loss, in 8th death or equivalent trouble ,in 9th loss, in 1Oth gains, in 11th highly
fortunate period and in 12th expenditure is high.
Period of Specific Results
Sun and Mars give their special results in 1 st Drekkan i.e. oo to 1 0.Jupiter and Venus
give h i ~ results in 2nd Drekkan i.e. 1 0 to 20 while Moon and Saturn are effective in
3rd Drekkan i.e. 20 to 30. Mercury and Rahu give there results in all degrees of the
30 Transit of Planets
Results of Transit Over Natal Planets
Results of Transit of Sun Over Natal Planets
Transit of Sun over Sun or on 7th house from it gives problems. Money is received but
is spent, it does not stay. Health suffers. There may be a disease related to heat or
bile. The business closes down.
When Sun is transiting on Moon or on 7th house from it and Sun is lord of a malefic
house, at this time mind remains disturbed, money is spent, business suffers, profits
are reduced. If Sun is lord of a benefic house business flourishes and mind remains
Transit of Sun over Mars or on 7th house from it causes the habit of telling lies, deceptive
manners, native tries to spread misunderstanding etc.
Native does not get money, debts mount, typhoid or malaria is possible. The business
remains closed for few days. If Sun is benefic in horoscope vitality and zeal improve in
business, debts are paid.
Transit of Sun over Mercury or on 7th house from it gives increase in intelligence.
Native normally does not make any mistake, jobs are completed soon.
Transit of Sun over Jupiter or 7th house from it is not fortunate. People at home fall ill,
money is lost business suffers, there are problems in the job of employed persons. ,
Sun's transit on Venus or 7th house from it gives hurdles, bliss of spouse is absent,
guests come at home.
Sun's transit on Saturn or 7th house from it gives a troublesome period. There is stay
away from home, financial difficulties, failure, emotional disease or physical ailment
Results of Transit of Moon Over Natal Planets
When Moon transits over Sun in natal horoscope or 7th house from it and Moon is
adversely placed in horoscope, mind remains ill, money is not received, success is
not achieved.
Transit of Moon over natal Moon or 7th house from it when Moon is favourably placed
in horoscope, native has comfortable 2 days, pleasing news in received. If Moon is
adverse, problem is not solved.
Transit of Planets 31
When Moon transits over Mars or 7th house from it there is quarrel, assaults etc. Mind
remains angry. Money is received, success is achieved. Expenses increase. Transit
of Moon over Mercury or 7th house from it gives unhealthy mind, there are mistakes in
writing, adverse news is received.
When Moon transits over natal Jupiter or 7th house from it, bliss of spouse is good
mind remains pleased. These two days pass comfortably, money is received. When
Moon transits over Saturn or 7th house from it, money is received but is spent totally,
nothing is saved, debts increase. Mind remains unhealthy. There are arguments. There
is failure in all jobs.
Transit of Mars Over Natal Planets
Transit of Mars over Sun of natal horoscope gives results according to the house of
Sun's residence. If in ascendant heat increases in the body, zeal rises, there is desire
to do new things. In 2nd house, money deals increase, eyes may have on ailment. In
3rd house if moveable sign is present, transit of Mars gives stay away from home. In
4th house worries are indicated. In 5th if Sun is posited with Venus, transit of mars
gives chances of conceiving. In 6th, if Sun is posited in enemy sign, transit of Mars
gives disease. Similarly other houses should be analysed. If Mars is favourably placed
in the horoscope native gets beneficial results. People engaged in the business related
to Mars earn profits. For other people transit of Mars over natal Sun gives bad results
such as disease, quarrel or accident particularly when Sun is in Sagittarius.
Transit of Mars over natal Mercury generally gives good results. Mind is inclined towards
industry, imagination increases but enmity and legal battles may increase due to a
tendency for criticism. If Mercury is posited in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or
Pisces, worries or migraine are likely.
During transit of Mars over natal Moon there is quarrel with wife and hurried jobs are
performed. If Moon is strong in the horoscope, success is achieved in business, native
goes on travel.
Transit of Mars over natal Venus is generally good, esteem in society and domestic
bliss improve. If Venus is adverse in horoscope, losses are likely. Transit of mars over
natal Mars gives results according to the house of residence of Mars.
Transit of Mars over natal Jupiter is good. Success in business or job is achieved. If
Jupiter is posited in enemy sign or debilitated there is loss in legal matter or partnership.
If Jupiter is in 12th house loss of money is likely, if it is in 6th house enemies cause
Transit of Mars over Saturn always gives adverse results such as accident, failure in
business, quarrel with senior officers or relatives, disease, weak health of father etc.
32 Transit of Planets
Transit of mars over natal Sun or on 7th house from it gives typhoid, malaria, piles etc.
Expenses are more than income. Business closes for a brief period. Bitter remarks of
people have to be listened. Officers in the office cause agony. Transfer is possible.
Loss is incurred in shares or gambling. Results of transit of Mars over natal Moon or
7th house from it are similar to Sun. However if Sun and Mars both are well placed in
horoscope, good results are also achieved. Zeal courage and vitality increase, jobs
are completed soon. Business flourishes, senior officers remain pleased, money is
earned in gambling or shares. Transit of Mars over natal Mars or 7th house from it: If
Mars is posited in 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12 houses, the results of transit are very bad. Loss
of money, debt, abortion, trouble to children, disease etc are likely. If Mars is posited in
other houses than above, some good results related to the house are achieved. The
transit of Mars over Sun, Moon and Mars in the horoscope of a child gives measles,
smallpox, boils, cramps, diarrhea, typhoid etc.
The transit of Mars over natal Mercury or 7th house from it gives trouble due to furnishing
of false testimony or forgery, loss of documents etc. People criticize the native. Senior
officers are angry due to mistakes in reading or writing. Transit of Mars over Jupiter or
7th house from it increases authority, gives promotion. Money is earned in gambling
or shares. Children suffer.
Transit of Mars over natal Venus increases lust, bliss of spouse is good. Transit on 7th
house from it causes reduction in bliss of spouse due to her illness or going away to
her parents. Money is not saved due to expenses equal to income.
The transit of Mars over natal Saturn or 7th house from it given bad results when Saturn
is in house 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12. Loss of money, failure, more expenses than income,
humiliation, criminal case, theft, stoppage of promotion, transfer to undesired place
illness of spouse are possible. If Saturn and Mars both are well placed in horoscope,
this period passes somewhat comfortably and there is no major loss.
Transit of Mercury Over Natal Planets
Transit of Mercury is significant only on natal Mars and Saturn. Results of its transit on
other planets are not felt much. During the transit of Mercury on Mar or Saturn or 7th
house from it the mind remains restless, money is lost due to forgetting anything at any
place, there are mistakes in writing, native suffers due to proven a liar in testimony or
by false documents. Mind remains sick. There is quarrel with people or staff of
newspapers. Writing is bad. This period is unfortunate for teachers, professors,
auditors, clerks etc. Native has to stay away from home.
Transit of Jupiter Over Natal Planets
Transit of Jupiter over natal Sun gives financial progress, success is achieved in all
Transit of Planets 33
matters, officers remain pleased, elder relatives cause gain of money, health is good.
Transit of Jupiter over natal Moon gives bliss of family and society, success is achieved
in public work, native is honored, bliss of spouse is ensured. If horoscope has favourable
combinations, pleasant journey is indicated at this time. Transit of Jupiter over natal
Mercury gives success in examinations and writing work. Deals of documents
certificates are done well. Peace is achieved by elimination of worries.
Transit of Jupiter over natal Venus gives good bliss of spouse. This period is favourable
for increasing affection and study of fine arts. Success is achieved in theatre, cinema,
circus etc.
Transit of Jupiter over natal Mars gives progress in profession. Plenty of assignments
are received. Business flourishes. lfthis transit is on 1, 3, 7, 9 houses, employed
persons are transferred. Traders have to stay away from home for their business. If
natal Mars is debilitated or aspect by a malefic, transit of Jupiter gives loss of money,
excessive expenditure.
Transit of Jupiter over natal Saturn gives gains through elder family members and
senior officers. If natal Saturn is strong, at this time property is gained.
Note : Jupiter does not give only good results. Good results are obtained only when
natal Jupiter and other planets are strong.
Transit of Jupiter over natal Sun or 7th house from it when Sun or Jupiter is in a house
of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, results are inauspicious.
Difficult disease or even death is possible. Unfortunate results such as closure of
business, loss of money, termination of job, suspension, humiliation, partition with
brothers, defeat in legal suit, illness of father or his death etc are possible. If Sun is
posited in 5, 6, 9, 10 or 11, transit of Jupiter over there is good somewhat.
Transit of Mercury over natal Moon or on 7th house from it when Moon is posited in 3,
6, 7, 8,11 or 12 gives most unfortunate results. Illness or death of mother, separation
from father, closure of business, loss of work for sometime, loss of money, debt, death
of a child, serious illness of the self, staying away from home in difficult conditions,
suspension of job etc are possible. If natal Moon is in 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10 houses, above
results are mild.
The transit of Mercury over mars or 7th house from it when Mass and Jupiter both are
strong in horoscope, gives increase in authority, promotion is conferred. Senior officers
remain pleased. Zeal and vitality are increased. Health of self, spouse and children
remains sound. There are gains in gambling and shares, transfer to a desired place is
possible. If Mars and Jupiter are adversely placed in natal horoscope abortion, death
34 Transit of Planets
of a child, demotion, stoppage of promotion, misunderstanding with officers, loss in
business, expenditure of deposited money, debt etc are likely.
The transit of Jupiter over natal Mercury or 7th house from it when natal Mars and
Jupiter are strong in horoscope, mind remains stable and calm, judgement of just/
unjust is correct, writing is good, documents are maintained well. If both are adverse,
there is loss due cheating in documents of a house, property or agriculture.
During the transit of Jupiter over natal Jupiter or 7th house from it when Jupiter is in a
house 3, 6, 7, 8 or 12 , bad luck results are likely such as loss of money, closure of
business, poverty, worthless wandering, humiliation, debt, opposition by spouse or
children. If Jupiter is well placed these results are mild.
The transit of Jupiter over natal Venus or 7th house from it if Venus is posited in 1, 3, 6,
7, 8 or 12 gives quarrel in travel enmity, adverse decision in court excessive loss of
money, destruction of earned and inherited wealth, debts, bad habits, closure of
business, humiliation, no receipt of help from anyone, leaving the village, death of
spouse or a child, unemployment, legal puzzles, worries, emotional illness, opposition
by spouse or children or by relatives, loss of will to live, suspension in job, charges of
corruption, retirement before due date etc. If there is demise of spouse or a child, all
above adverse results become fortunate. If Venus and Jupiter are favourably placed in
horoscope, good results are obtained.
During the transit of Jupiter over natal Saturn or 7th house from it when Saturn is
posited in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 favourably, lost wealth is received back, judgement in
court is favourable, gain is likely due to finding of old documents. There is birth of a
child but it weeps a lost and is weak. There is a possibility of change in job or business.
The results of the house of residence of Saturn are obtained. If Saturn is posited in 2,
4, 6, 8, 9, 11, financial position goes down, death of a child is possible, business does
not run well, there are ups and downs, job too is unstable.
Results of Transit of Venus on Natal Planets
If Venus is posited in 3, 6, 7, 8 or 10, the transit of Venus over these houses is not
lucky, transit of Venus over planets other than Moon or Mars is generally not significant.
If Venus is posited in 2, 4, 5, 9, 12, transit of Venus over Mars or Moon is lucky.
Transit of Venus over natal Moon or 7th house from it, when Venus is benefic in
horoscope gives interest in music, dance, good clothes and food are available, friends
help, there is a desire to do business. Bliss of spouse is good. Native is interested to
become an actor, there is a tendency to lead a luxurious life and means are available
for it.
Transit of Planets 35
Sexual desire increases . If Venus is adverse in horoscope spouse falls ill, bliss of
spouse is missing due to quarrel or going to parent's home. The business closes due
to any reason.
The transit of Venus over natal Mars or 7th house from it, if Venus is favourably placed
in horoscope, its results are same as transit of Mars over Venus. If Venus is adverse
there is quarrel with spouse, separation is possible, money is spent on other women,
money does not stay in hand. Transit of Venus over natal Sun gives fame. Company of
noble people is received, contacts are developed with elderly people. Transit of Venus
over natal Moon is important for bliss of spouse. At this time sexual desire increases.
Generally success is achieved in all ventures. Transit of Venus over natal Mercury is
good for business of writing work, native stays away from home, business runs profitably
friends gives joys.
Transit of Venus over natal Venus gives interest in subjects signified by Venus. The
results are like the houses owned by Venus. If Venus is favourable in horoscope these
results are felt otherwise not.
The transit of Venus over natal Mars increases unnecessary expenses, there is loss of
money due to lethargy and excessive enjoyment. If natal Mars is in Aries, Leo, Scorpio
or Capricorn in 1 , 3, 9 or 12 , this transit of Venus is lucky, traders earn by deals
involving risk. Senior officers of employed persons remain pleased due to their good
Transit of Venus over natal Jupiter gives progress. Popularity and bliss of home are
good. If Mars, Saturn or Rahu are posited with Jupiter in horoscope or these are
aspecting Jupiter adversely, good results will be very less.
If natal Saturn is weak in bala (strength) the transit of Venus does not give any result. IF
natal Saturn is strong, transit of Venus gives average results.
Results of Transit of Saturn over Natal Planets
Transit of Saturn is always painful for health, business or job. Saturn is cold in nature,
his job is contraction therefore his transit declines business, income falls, workers do
not get work. There is always some trouble. Transit of Saturn on ascendant reduces
vitality. Transit of Saturn over Sun or Moon gives cold related disease such as arthritis.
During the transit of Saturn over ascendant, Moon or Sun if transit of Moon is also
influencing, there is a possibility of accident or any other emergency. If influence of
Moon is benefic, adverse results are less severe.
Transit of Saturn over natal Sun gives fall of reputation in job or quarrel with senior
officers. If father is alive, there are differences with him, loss of money and humiliation
are likely . Health is not good. There is separation or quarrel with spouse.
36 Transit of Planets
Transit of Saturn over natal Moon is unfortunate for domestic bliss, there are problems
related to property or a house, health of spouse suffers. If there is a 2 wives combination
in horoscope, the life of wife may be in danger. Health of mother suffers. Mind remains
Transit of Saturn over natal Mercury is bad for writing. Students do not succeed in
examinations. Mind remains worried.
Transit of Saturn over natal Venus causes hurdles in bliss of spouse. There is loss in
trade of materials signified by Venus. At this time if aspect, conjunction etc of transiting
Moon is adverse, reputation of native suffers, false rumors are spread against him. If
natal Venus is in Taurus, Libra, Pisces or Sagittarius and in house 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8or 10,
native gets progress in trade or job.
Transit of Saturn over natal Mars causes quarrel or accident in journey. There may be
occasions of adventure or sudden danger.
Transit of Saturn over natal Jupiter if Jupiter is strong in horoscope gives progress in
business and accumulation of wealth. Success is achieved in matters of court. Religious
gurus get good donations. However if Jupiter is weak, transit of Saturn is harmful.
Transit of Saturn over natal Saturn is lucky if Saturn is favourable in horoscope,
otherwise bad results are likely.
Transit of Saturn over natal Sun or 7th house from it, if Sun is posited in 2, 4, 5, 8, 10
or 12 in most unfortunate. Death of father or mother, closure of business, debt, difficulty
in even getting meals, humiliation, differences with brothers or relatives, partition etc
are possible. Friends turn enemies, nobody helps, bankers urge to pay back their
money. There is a possibility of being caught in a criminal case. There is a desire to
leave the home or commit suicide. Native g s for money even from his enemy, spouse
remains ill. Results like madness, exile from country, termination in job, fall in reputation,
loss in shares or gambling are possible. The results are mild if Sun is posited in other
house than above. If there is death of mother, father, spouse or a child other bad results
do not occur. The transit of Saturn over natal Moon or 7th house from it is called
sadhesati whose bad results are known to every one. The sadhesati begins at Saturn
being 45 before the position of Moon and ends 45 after it.
The transit of Saturn over natal Mars or 7th house from it when Mars is in house 1, 2, 4,
5, 7, 8, 11 or 12 is unfortunate. Business closes down, debts increase, people deceive,
there are mistakes in jobs. This combination in early age gives smallpox, measles,
boils, typhoid, malaria etc. If brother or father has mortgaged his property, this goes
away by defeat in' court. Health of self or spouse/children remains poor. The criminal
base leads to imprisonment. These results may not be severe if other planets are
Transit of Planets 37
strong and running dasha is good. There are unfortunate results like termination in job,
suspension, transfer to undesired place, changes of corruption, loss in shares or
gambling humiliation, desire to leave the country or to commit suicide, opposition by
spouse or children, friends conduct is dubious and unhelpful. If Saturn and Mars are
strong in horoscope, good results are obtained. If Mars is posited in 3, 6, 9, transit of
Saturn gives death of a child or brother, afterwards money is not lost.
Transit of Saturn over natal Mercury or on 7th house from it , if Mercury is posited in 3,
5, 7, 8, 10 or 12 and in lord of a malefic house, give unstable mind, students fail in
examinations, documents or testimony is proved false that may lead to a criminal
case. Health of children is not good. If Mercury is strong, mind becomes sharp and
stable. Documents are used well. Students succeed in examinations. Estimates are
proved correct.
Transit of Saturn over natal Jupiter gives unfortunate results according to house of
residence of Jupiter. Transit of Saturn over Jupiter and Mercury is slightly bad for
intellectuals, writers, professors, teachers, astrologers, editors, translators, lawyers,
judges, clerks, auditors, singers etc. Students do not pass in examination, children of
the native suffer.
Transit of Saturn over natal Venus or 7th house from it when Venus is in 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10
or 12 and horoscope has 2 wives combination causes death like results for the wife of
the native. Native himself and his children fall ill. Business is sluggish or gets closed.
There is a paucity of funds, debts rise, humiliation or leaving of village is possible.
Bankers ask for their money. Unless Saturn leaves the house of Venus, business does
not reestablish. There may be a change in business . Money lent to others is not
recovered, money taken on loan has to be paid .If Venus is in 3, 6, 9or 11 good results
are likely. Transit of Saturn over natal Saturn or 7th house from it gives financial, physical
and emotional problems whether natal Saturn is benefic or not . The business changes.
If native is independent, he becomes dependent. If he is dependent, becomes
independent. Wife and children have to be sent to home of wife's parents. There may
be a revolution with the life of native. Rise of good fortune starts from it.
38 Transit of Planets
Vedha (Obstruction)
When a planet is transiting on a benefic house and at the same time another planet is
transiting on an obstructing house the benefic results of the transit are converted into
bad ones. This behaviour of planets is called vedha. In following pages benefic/malefic
places of transit of planets will be described.
Sun : Benefic houses for transit :3, 6, 10, 11
Vedha Houses : 9, 12, 4, 5
It means that 3rd house is considered lucky for transit of Sun but if a planet is posited
in 9th house (except Saturn as Saturn is son of Sun, there is no vedha of father-son)
sun will be obstructed and will lose his beneficence.
Similarly Sun is auspicious on 6th house but it will lose its beneficence if a planet is
present in 12th house. Similarly if Sun is in transiting on 1Oth house, a planet in 4th and
if Sun is on 11th, planet in 5th house will cause obstruction and weaken Sun.
Vedha for other planets are mentioned below :
Moon : Gives good results on 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 in transit but if other planets are
present in 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, Moon will be powerless due to vedha. However vedha of
Mercury is not considered because Mercury is son of Moon.
Mars :Gives good results on 3, 6, 11.1fthe other planet is in 5, 9, 12, Mars will be
weak due to vedha.
Mercury: Gives auspicious results on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11 in transit but if another planet
is in 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 12it will be neutralized due to vedha. Vedha of Moon is not considered
for Mercury.
Jupiter : Gives good results on 2, 5, 7, 9, 11. By vedha planets of 3, 4, 8, 10, 12
become neutral. (It appears to mean that Jupiter is not affected by vedha of other
Venus : Gives results on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 houses but other planet in 1, 3, 5, 6,
7, 8, 10, 11 houses at the same time neutralizes Venus.
Vedha of Rahu-Ketu are like Sun.
When a planet transits over a benefic house from natal Moon it gives good results.
However if at the same time another planet transits from obstructing house, the good
results are converted into bad. Good results will not be obtained till the planet does not
Transit of Planets 39
leave the obstructing house. However it should also be seen whether the transiting
planet is still on auspicious house from Moon or not . If the planet leaves the auspicious
house and obstructing planet also leaves the obstructing house, the auspicious planet
will not be effective.
The reverse of above rule is also valid. If a planet transits on obstructing house, bad
results are obtained. At the same time if a planet travels on an auspicious house, bad
results of former planet are neutralized. This is called reverse vedha orvaam vedha.
Example Horoscope
For example a native was born on 11 July 1964 at 21.30 hrs at Delhi. Its lagna horoscope
is given below .If we look for transit on 9 August 2005 at 16.30 hrs the transit horoscope
will be as follows:
Lagna Kundali
11 July 1964
21.30 Hrs
Gochar Kundali
Transit Date : 9 August 2005
Transit Time : 16.30 Hrs.
Transit Place : Delhi
In transit horoscope we shall see the benefic and vedha houses from Moonsign of
native. The moonsign of native is Cancer. Therefore position of planets will be seen by
considering Cancer as 1 st house. For example if we wish to study the transit of Jupiter,
the benefic houses for Jupiter are 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 from Moon and obstructing houses
are 3, 4, 8, 10 and 12.
In transit horoscope Jupiter is in Virgo. It means Jupiter is in 3rd house from Moon
sign. This 3rd house is obstructing house for Jupiter, therefore native' will suffer due to
bad results of Jupiter. The Virgo sign is in 8th house in lagna horoscope of native,
therefore native will have to pass through bad results of 8th house. The 8th house
indicates accidents, delay in jobs, hurdles and fall of morale. Therefore possibly native
Transit of Planets
may have to pass through these difficulties.
At the same time if we consider reverse vedha i.e., if a planet transits on benefic
houses 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 from Moon for Jupiter, the above mentioned bad effects will
be neutralized. In transit horoscope it is seen that in 2nd house from native's moonsign
Cancer Venus and in 9th house Rahu are present therefore till this situation continues,
native will not suffer due to bad effects of Jupiter. Generally Venus stays in a sign for 1
month to 5 weeks therefore for this period Jupiter's ill effects may remain suspended.
Rahu will remain in 9th house for 1 Y2 years. During this period Jupiter will change his
sign and will be in 4th house from Moonsign. Here Jupiter will stay for 1 year. The 4th
house is also a vedha place for Jupiter. Therefore Jupiter will not give good results
over here. Further Rahu in 9th house from Moon will be in this house for only 6th months.
It means that after passing of these 6 months, Jupiter will be in 4th house but Rahu will
not be in 9th house. During these 6 months bad results of transit of Jupiter are possible.
Similarly the results of other planet's transit can be forecast by considering vedha.
Transit of Planets 41
Sadhesati of Saturn
Sadhesati of Saturn is 7% years period of transit of Saturn. When Saturn comes in
12th house from Moonsign of natal horoscope, sadhesati begins. Saturn remains in
one sign for 2% years. During sadhesati, Saturn remains for 2% years in 12th house,
2% years in moonsign and for 2% years in 2nd house from moonsign.
When sadhesati starts and when it ends depends on sign and degrees of Moon in
natal horoscope. Sadhesati starts 45before degrees of Moon and ends 45after it.
Whether sadhesati will give good results or bad depends on sign of Moon. Relations
of Saturn with lord of sign of Saturn's transit should be studied. For example if Saturn
is transiting on Leo, relations between Saturn and Leo's lord Sun must be considered
which are enemy relations therefore Saturn's transit on Leo will be a difficult period
and results will be related to the house having Leo sign. Saturn's transit on friendly
sign is beneficial and benefits will be related to the house passing through sadhesati.
If Saturn is neutral for the sign, average results for the house under sadhesati are
The following table shows the various results of sadhesati
Auspicious/Inauspicious impacts of Dhaiya of Saturn
Moon sign 1st Dhaiya 2nd Dhaiya 3rd Dhaiya
Aries Neutral Bad Good
Taurus bad
Good Good
Gemini Good Good Bad
Good Bad Bad
Leo bad Bad Good
Virgo bad Good Good
Libra good Good Bad
Scorpio Good Bad Neutral
Sagittarius Bad Neutral Good
Capricorn Neutral Good Good
Aquarius Good Good Neutral
Pisces Good Neutral Bad
Transit of Planets
This table has been prepared on the basis of natural friendship/enmity of Saturn with
other planets. If relationships are different according to 5-fold friendship principle, results
will be different.
For knowing the correct remedy of Sadhesati first of all learn about nature of Saturn.
Saturn is a cruel planet. Its sadhesati definitely causes some effect on the life of native.
Capricorn and Aquarius are signs of Saturn. When sadhesati comes on these signs
then good effect of Shani are reduced. If Saturn is a benefic planet in horoscope,
sadhesati is not much harmful. If Saturn is a malefic, maarak (death inflicting) or
obstructing planet then sadhesati is very unfortunate.
Saturn increases the results of the house where it resides in the horoscope and reduces
the results of houses aspected by him. Saturn is considered for quarrel, enmity,
imprisonment, murder, persisting disease, humiliation, failure, hurdles, bitterness in
relationships, despair etc. native's death or life span is also considered by if. Saturn
related people are suspicious, clever, churning and assertive by nature. They are
serious, imaginative, entrepreneurs, frugal, persevering, lovers of freedom, inventors,
reserved, lovers of astronomy and chemistry and are sensitive for honour. Diseases
like ailments of legs, accidents, impotence, wind related problems, spinal chord, Cancer
leprosy and evil spirits are related to Saturn. Cobblers iron smiths, mechanics,
carpenters, coal traders, drivers, oil traders, judges are related to Saturn. Saturn is
exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Venus and Mercury are its friends , Sun,
Moon and Mars are enemies and Jupiter is even. Saturn is son of Lord Sun but regards
Sun his enemy.
Those people suffer more in dasha of Shani or sadhesati who take forbidden food,
have relations with women other than wife, do not have faith in work, are engaged in
wrong deeds and do not worship.
'll ml" <R, -q ctiT<I I
viT m <fiT lWT I I
For getting rid of hardships people should indulge in charity, worship, chanting of
mantras, yantra, tantra etc.
Following remedies may be effective for reducing the evils of sadhesati:
1. Worship of Saturn
2. Recitation of Shani Mantra
3. Worship of Shani Yantra
4. Worship of shani Grah Peeda Nivarak Yantra
Transit of Planets 43
5. If Saturn is favourable, wear sapphire or iron ring in middle finger.
6. Wear rudraksh
7. Worship Lord Shiva. Recite Om namah shivaay.
8. Worship Lord Hanuman
9. Worship God
1 o. Do not take alcohol or flesh
11. Do not have illicit relations
12. Do not indulge in wrong deeds
13. Remain enterprising
14. Go to temple daily and ask for God's pardon
15: Donate Urad, oil and black clothes on Saturday
16.1rrigate PEEPAL tree on Saturday by raw milk and water, worship the tree and light
lamps under it.
17. Do not wear black clothes on Saturday.
18. Recite mrityunjaya mantra.
19.lfproblem is severe arrange recitation of mahamrityunjaya by an able person.
20. Observe fast on Saturday, read or listen shanivar Vrit Katha.
21 . Worship Lord Krishna.
44 Transit of Planets
Results of Transit by Ashtakvarga
Transit means travel of a planet presently on a sign. Ashtakvarga is based on transit.
Moon is controller of mind, its importance is also due to its being the fastest planet but
other planets are also important. The sign housing the Moon is regarded as ascendant
and horoscope thus prepared is used for prediction like natal horoscope.
Results of Transit of Sun in 12 Houses
1. The native will have loss of wealth, unwanted trouble and hurdles in accomplishing
what he undertakes during the transit of the Sun overthe first house. He will suffer
from pain in chest and will keep going on travels without any purpose. He will be
2. The Sun transiting over second house causes loss or misuse of wealth, lack of
happiness and problem in eyes to the native. He happens to be obstinate by
nature. Some people might cheat him.
3. The native will have sudden gain of wealth, good news from distant places and
win over enemies during the transit of the Sun over the third house. He will win
court cases against him and will remain happy as well.
4. The Sun transiting over the fourth house causes painful family life, laziness and
diseases. Dispute between the native and his wife is possible. He will have to
face hurdles in accomplishing his jobs.
5. During the transit of the Sun over the fifth house, the native will be weak by health
and will have to face hurdles in accomplishing his jobs. The sphere of his enemies
will enhance further. Mental agony is also possible.
3. The native will win over his enemies during the transit of the Sun over sixth house.
He will win court cases against him. He will enjoy good health and will remain
7. The native will suffer from problems in stomach and private parts, if the seventh
house of his horoscope is under the transit of the Sun. Besides, he will suffer
from piles and mental ailments. Loss of dignity and aimless travels are possible.
He will be a pauper.
3. During the transit of the Sun over eighth house, the native will have difference of
opinions with the people in the society and in his office. He will be at odds with
his wife and will suffer from different diseases.
Transit of Planets 45
9. The native will have dispute with his friends and relatives during the transit of the
Sun over ninth house. He will be a pauper and will have to face troubles. He may
suffer loss in business. Accident, problems in stomach and mental ailment are
also possible.
10. During the transit of the Sun over 1 Qth house the native will achieve his desired
11. The native will earn name and fame and financial gain during the transit of the
Sun over eleventh house. He will be free from diseases and will emerge successful
at every step. He will achieve his desired goal.
12. The transit of the Sun over twelfth house proves to be auspicious. The native by
his good deeds and proper remedies will emerge successful at every step during
this period of transit. He will prove to be a man of firm character, but he might
face agonies and distresses caused by his enemies: Mental ailment is also
Results of Transit of Moon in 12 houses
1. In first house, the Moon augurs success in job, enhancement in happiness and
prosperity and good news from a distant place.
2. While in second, it causes disrepute, dispute without any reason, mental agony,
misuse of money, financial loss and troubles.
3. The native having Moon in third house wins in court cases and over enemies. He
enjoys a happy and prosperous family life and the sphere of prosperity gets
enhanced. Financial gain and bright future are also possible.
4. The Moon in fourth house causes fear from state, worries, perturbation, loss while
in journey, hurdles in accomplishing jobs and mental tension.
5. While in fifth house, the Moon causes unwanted worries, griet etc. The native
goes on travel without any reason in this period. However, he enjoys financial
6. In sixth house, the Moon tells of enhancement in the sphere of happiness and
prosperity, good health, win over enemies, win in litigation etc.
7. The native having Moon in seventh house gets honour and the sphere of his
happiness and prosperity may enhance. Accomplishment of such a job or an
agreement is possible that may earn benefit and financial gain in future.
8. While in eighth house, the Moon causes hurdles, worries and unfavourable results.
Hurdles in accomplishing what all the native undertakes are also possible.
9. In ninth house, the Moon causes mental tension, problems in stomach, financial
loss, aimless travels etc.
46 Transit of Planets
10. The Moon transiting in tenth house augurs success, accomplishment of jobs
undertaken, worry free life, happiness, enthusiasm, cooperation from higher
officials, fulfilment of desires etc.
11. The native will have new friends, success in job and business and good news, if
the Moon is transiting in his tenth house. He will overcome his hurdles and
12. In twelfth house, the Moon causes possibility of accident, injuries on the body
caused by enemies, unwanted expenses, worries and hardships.
Results of Transit of Mars on 12 Houses
1. Mars transiting in first house causes hardships, hurdles, financial loss and worries.
2. The native will have to face troubles caused by the government or the high ranking
officials, if Mars is in the second house of his horoscope. Dispute and mental
agony are possible. His enemies may cause loss. Trouble in speech, headache,
mental tension etc. are also possible.
3. Mars in third house tells of success in whatever the native undertakes. Financial
gains, friendship with high ranking officials and cooperation from them, gain of
wealth and win over enemies are possible.
4. If in fourth house, Mars causes loss of job or the person may not have a desired
position. He may suffer from fever, problems in stomach and abnormal blood
pressure. Hurdles in accomplishing auspicious exercises and disputes with
relatives are possible.
5. Enemies of the native become stronger and overpowering if Mars transits in his
fifth house. He may suffer from fever. Worries, hurdles in accomplishing jobs,
difference of opinions with the relatives and dispute with sons are also possible.
6. The native wins over his enemies or compromise with them is possible, if Mars
is transiting in his sixth house. He remains free from diseases during this period.
Success in whatever he undertakes and favourable situations are imminent.
7. Mars in seventh house causes dispute with wife and in laws. It also causes eye
problems, problems in stomach, abnormal blood pressure or blood related
8. While transiting in eighth house, Mars causes anemia, high blood pressure,
deterioration in diseases etc. It also causes possibility of accident, injuries on
the head, loss of wealth and unwanted travel. Enemies of the native cause trouble
and troublesome situations grow further.
Transit of Planets 47
9. Mars transiting in the ninth house of the native causes him loss in honour and
dignity and loss of wealth and physical weakness. He suffers from loss of virility.
He has to face various types of hurdles.
10. lftransiting in the tenth,house, Mars causes obstacles in auspicious exercises to
be performed in the family of the native. He may prove to be unsuccessful even if
he works harder.
11. While transiting in the eleventh house, Mars creates some favourable situations
for the native and speaks of unexpected success in whatever he undertakes. He
earns name and fame and financial gains and wins over his enemies. He also
wins the faith of his officials.
12. If in twelfth house, Mars causes loss of health, unwanted dispute, eye problems,
dispute with relatives and worries.
Results of Transit of Mercury on 12 Houses
1. While transiting in the first house, Mercury causes loss of wealth and troubles to
the native. He has to face unwanted worries during this period caused due to the
wrong counsel of some unworthy people. He cannot achieve his target even if he
goes on trip for the same.
2. Hurdles and troubles are possible in accomplishing what all the native undertakes,
if Mercury transits over his second house. Some sad news related to any of his
relatives may jolt him. However, financial gain is imminent.
3. Enemies of the native will cause him loss, if Mercury transits in his third house.
Disfavour from state, troubles from officials, unwanted dispute, mental agony
aimless travels etc. are possible during this period.
4. Pending work will be expedited during this period of Mercury transiting in the
fourth house of the native. Financial gain, mitigation of hardships, good news
about relatives, mental happiness etc. are possible.
5. While transiting in fifth house, Mercury causes disrespect from the sons, dispute
in family and mental agony. Troubles grow further during this period.
6. Mercury transiting in the sixth house of the native makes him accomplish whatever
he undertakes He gets name, fame and respect in the society.
7. While transiting in the 7th house, Mercury causes some relief in skin disease if
the native is suffering from. It also causes high blood pressure, differences with
near and dear ones, hurdles, worries etc.
48 Transit of Planets
8. If transiting in eighth house, Mercury tells of increase in the number of members
of the family. Some auspicious exercises may take place in the family. Gain of
wealth is possible and pending work will be expedited. The native will get success
in business.
9. While transiting in ninth house Mercury causes mental troubles and delay in
financial gain. Hardships and hurdles in auspicious functions are also possible.
10. Transiting in the tenth house of the native causes humiliations to his enemies. On
the other hand the native himself will succeed in business. The planet in this
situation tells of accommodation of wealth, enhancement in material happiness
and cooperation from true friends of the native.
11. The native will have bliss of progeny and benefit from them during this period of
Mercury transiting in eleventh house.
12. Defeat at the hand of enemies, hurdles in cooperation from friends futile travels
are possible if Mercury transits in the twelfth house of the native. He will be
diseased and will have to face troubles in family life.
Results of Transit of Jupiter on 12 Houses
1. Transiting in the first house of the native, Jupiter causes financial loss, sudden
obstacles, wrath of holy spirits etc. Long journey and loss of wealth are possible.
2. The native enjoys material happiness during this period of Jupiter transiting in
his second house. Prosperity in family, financial gain and success in influencing
others are possible.
3. While transiting in the third house of the horoscope of the native Jupiter causes
deterioration of status, hurdles in his jobs, disrepute and financial loss. A sense
of wandering aimlessly develops in him during this period.
4. Transiting in fourth house, Jupiter tells of conspiracy plotted against the native by
his relatives. Injuries on body caused by some four legged animal is possible.
He will also have to bear the adverse outcome of his deeds performed earlier.
5. Jupiter transiting over fifth house of the native tells of birth of a son child, bliss of
progeny, overall development, benefit from state and favourable time.
6. Transiting in sixth house, Jupiter causes dispute with cousins, worsening ailments,
mental tension, inimical behaviour from friends and financial loss.
7. Jupiter transiting over seventh house augurs greater happiness and prosperity,
good health, gain, etc. The native may purchase a vehicle and his art of oration
may improve.
Transit of Planets 49
8. While transiting in eighth house, Jupiter causes ailments worsening further, journey
in vain, hurdles in accomplishing jobs and many other problems. Financial loss
is also possible.
9. The sphere of happiness and prosperity of the native enhances further during the
transit of Jupiter in his ninth house. Advent of luck and enhancement in the sphere
of influence, courage, repute, name and fame are also possible.
10. If transiting in tenth house, Jupiter causes loss in business, hurdles in
accomplishing jobs, retrenchment from post, hurdles in promotion, worries for
children etc. Some sad news is also possible.
11. Jupiter transiting in eleventh house of the native causes off good health, bliss of
son child or benefit from the son, enhancement in repute and name and fame
12. While transiting in twelfth house, Jupiter causes hurdles in achieving goal, financial
loss, fear, worries and bad dreams.
Results of Transit of Venus on 12 Houses
1. Transiting in first house, Venus augurs enhancement in the sphere of happiness
and prosperity, financial gain and favourable opportunities.
2. The native will have financial gain during the transit of Venus in his second house.
This will give him mental happiness, income from different sources etc. He will
enjoy a happy life and will achieve his goal.
3. While transiting in third house, Venus causes financial gains, success in business,
respect, and name and fame.
4. The native will establish friendship with new people during the transit of
Venus in his fourth house. He will have gain from his friends and will win over his
enemies. His economic condition will improve further.
5. Venus transiting in the fifth house indicates that the native will enjoy bliss of children.
Birth of a child in family is possible. Financial gain and name and fame are
imminent. The virtuous deeds of his children will earn him respect during this
6. The transit of Venus in sixth house will create a pleasure and favourable
environment around the native. But some hurdles in accomplishing his jobs are
also possible.
7. Venus transiting in seventh house causes dispute with wife and deterioration in
her health. Accident and trouble from in laws are possible.
50 Transit of Planets
8. While transiting in the eight house of the native, Venus causes him mental trouble,
infamy, financial loss etc. During this period, he proves to be a man of lose
character, wandering aimlessly. Besides, he fails in achieving his goal.
9. During the transit of Venus in ninth house, the native will build or buy a building, or
some favourable situation tor the same will be created. Profit in property dealing
is possible. Enhancement in the sphere of happiness and prosperity is imminent.
For unmarrieds, chances of marriage will crop out.
10. Transiting in the tenth house Venus makes the native influential more than before.
He earns name, fame and respect in the society. But differences with near and
dear ones, dispute in family, increase in expenses etc. are possible. However,
he becomes much interested in spiritual exercises.
11. While transiting in eleventh house, Venus causes downfall, ruin, defeat from
enemies, dispute with relatives, various types of troubles etc.
12. Transiting in twelfth house Venus indicates that the native will have gain from new
friends, financial gains, mental happiness etc.
Results of Transit of Saturn on 12 Houses
1. While transiting in the first house, Satum gives malefic results. The native may
consume poison, or there might be some poisonous attacks on his body. Accident,
conspiracy by the members of the family, inimical behaviour from friends etc. are
possible. Overseas trip, transfer, disrespect etc. are also imminent. He will develop
in him a sense of telling lie. He will stay away from home.
2. Transiting in second house Saturn causes deterioration in ailments, diseases of
different types, loss of wealth, insult, hurdles, delay in child birth, etc. It also causes
hurdles in accomplishing whatever the native undertakes.
3. Income, new sources of business, income from different sources, expansion of
the sphere of happiness and prosperity of the native etc. are possible during the
transit of Saturn over third house. Appointment or transfer to a place of liking,
expansion in the realm of business are imminent. Besides, all types of auspicious
functions are performed in the family.
4. The native stays aloof from his family, if Saturn transits in his fourth house. He will
have difference and dispute with his friends also and will have no faith in them.
Sabotaging tendencies get encouraged. Emotions get glozed.
5. Transiting in fifth house Saturn causes sudden loss, hurdles in business,
defamation, loss of a child, hurdles from children, mental tension etc.
Transit of Planets 51
6. Saturn gives some favourable results during its transit in sixth house of the native.
He wins over his enemies, earns popularity among friends and relatives, enjoys
good heaith, wins in litigations and overcomes hardships during this period.
Besides, he develops a sense of fascination towards opposite sex.
7. Transiting in seventh house, Saturn causes the native hurdles in accomplishing
his jobs, dispute with wife, separation from children and difference with his friends.
He keeps on wandering aimlessly.
8. The native will have mental happiness and will be able to overcome his hardships
during the transit of Saturn in eighth house. But loss of bliss of child, abortion,
loss of livestock, dispute with friends, strife, theft, loss of health, irritation in nature
etc. are also possible.
9. Saturn transiting in ninth house causes miserable plight, loss of wealth, hurdles
in auspicious functions, defamation, death of an old person in the family, agony,
worries and loss in business etc.
10. Transiting in tenth house, Saturn causes disrespect, financial loss etc. He/She
loses his/her character during this period. He/She remains perturbed due to
financial loss.
11. Changes in mood, hindrances in jobs undertaken, troubles and problems etc.
are possible during the transit of Saturn in eleventh house. However, gain of
wealth is also possible by evil acts, fraudulent, bribery etc.
12. Saturn transiting in twelfth house, keeps the natives indulged in futile activities. It
causes misuse of time, financial loss, loss of health, loss in business, distress to
wife and children etc. The native keeps wandering during this period. He has to
face defeat at the hand of his enemies.
Results of Transit of Rahu on 12 Houses
1. While transiting in first house, Rahu causes physical weakness and various types
of troubles and agonies.
2. If transiting in second house, Rahu causes loss or misuse of wealth and loss of
bliss in the family as well.
3. During the transit of Rahu in third house, the native will have gain of wealth from
different sources and the sphere of his valour will expand further.
4. The native will have to suffer much during the transit of Rahu in fourth house.
Accident and trouble caused by vehicle are also possible.
5. Rahu transiting in fifth house causes loss of wealth, loss of bliss of child or pain to
52 Transit of Planets
6. The sphere of happiness, reputation and respect of the native will expand further
during the transit of Rahu in sixth house.
7. During the transit of Rahu in seventh house, loss of health, loss of bliss of conjugal
life and dispute are possible.
8. Transiting in eighth house, Rahu causes deadly pain, pain during travels etc. It
makes the native wander aimlessly.
9. The native has to face financial loss during the transit of Saturn in ninth house.
10. Gain of wealth, benefit from state or from the state officials etc. are possible
during the transit of Rahu in tenth house.
11. The sphere of wealth and prosperity gets enhanced during the transit of Rahu in
eleventh house. Cooperation from leaders is also possible.
12. Rahu transiting in twelfth house causes sudden expenses and expenses over
trip to alien lands.
ResuHs of Transit of Planets by Rekhas
The information about results of transit of planets according to the rekhas is presented
in following pages :
8 Rekhas : Having 8 Rekhas, the Sun happens to be favourable and gives wealth.
7 Rekhas :The Sun with 7 Rekhas gives mental happiness, name, fame and wealth.
6 Rekhas : Wrth 6 Rekhas, the Sun augurs that the person will progress and will be elevated
to a higher post.
5 Rekhas : The Sun with 5 Rekhas enhances the sphere of wealth and property of the
person. He may have gain of land and vehicle.
4 Rekhas : Neutral, that means that the person will have neither malefic nor benefic
effects of the Sun. Time for him remains normal.
3 Rekhas :The person having Sun with 3 Rekhas will have to face problems before
getting success.
2 Rekhas : The person will have loss caused due to his own stupid actions in this
position of the Sun.
1 line : The Sun with one line causes terrible or deadly affliction.
Transit of Planets 53
Here the effects of the Sun with different Rekhas have been mentioned. An example is
being cited to make it more clear. If Sun transits the first house, it will cause financial
loss, unwanted trouble etc.
But if the Sun has eight Rekhas, some favourable circumstances will come up in spite
of troubles prevailing around. The result will be the same as said above, if the Sun is
with four Rekhas. But the Sun will shower its most adverse effect, if it has only one or
no line.
Therefore, an astrologer should make a deep study of the Sun before making prediction.
Study of all the other planets should be made the way it has been done with the Sun.
Now the prediction of the effects of the planets with or without Rekhas is given below.
8 Rekhas : Moon with 8 Rekhas augurs mental happiness, cooperation from relatives
and benefits.
7 Rekhas :The person will have cooperation from his relatives and he will accomplish
his jobs successfully.
6 Rekhas : Benefit from higher officials success in administrative job is imminent.
5 Rekhas :The sphere of courage and reputation enhances further.
4 Rekhas: Moon with 4 Rekhas causes ill health.
3 Rekhas : Dispute with relatives is possible.
2 Rekhas: Moon having 2 Rekhas causes loss of wealth.
1 line : All the labour of the person proves to be futile.
0 line : The Moon without a line keeps the person surrounded by agonies.
8 Rekhas : Property dealing and trade in machinery prove to be profitable.
7 Rekhas : Cooperation from brothers and friends is possible.
6 Rekhas : The person with Mars having 6 Rekhas gets benefit from state,
administration and administrative officials.
5 Rekhas: Enhancement in the sphere of world by happiness is expected.
4 Rekhas: Normal- no profit no loss.
3 Rekhas: Dispute in family
2 Rekhas : Mars with two Rekhas causes dispute with wife and the person remains
worried about his children.
Transit of Planets
11ine: The person suffers much from blood related diseases.
0 line: Mars having no Rekhas causes fire, stomach problems and accident.
8 Rekhas : Mercury with 8 Rekhas earns the person honour from state and name and
fame as well.
7 Rekhas : The person may have a gain of wealth and his financial position improves
6 Rekhas The person having Mercury with 6 Rekhas succeeds in what all he
5 Rekhas : Gain from relatives is possible.
4 Rekhas: Mercury with 4 Rekhas makes the person more and more enthusiast.
3 Rekhas : With 3 Rekhas, Mercury causes misuse of money.
2 Rekhas : The person having Mercury with 2 Rekhas suffers from different diseases.
1 line : The person may suffer from skin disease.
0 line: Mercury without a line causes sudden loss of wealth and loss of honour.
8 Rekhas: The person earns honour, name and fame, if he has Jupiter with 8 Rekhas.
Gain of wealth is also possible.
7 Rekhas Jupiter with 7 Rekhas renders happiness and the person earns income
from different sources.
6 Rekhas The person may have a new vehicle.
5 Rekhas: Win, over enemies and in court cases is possible.
4 Rekhas: Normal- neither good nor bad.
3 Rekhas Jupiter with 3 Rekhas causes mental agony or depression.
2 Rekhas Dishonour from state or demotion from post or transfer is possible.
1 line : Jupiter with one line causes loss or misuse of wealth.
0 line : Jupiter having to line makes the person face troubles.
8 Rekhas : Successful love affairs or conjugal life is possible. The native enjoys all
round worldly happiness.
7 Rekhas :Venus with 7 Rekhas tells of bliss of clothes, ornaments or the things related
to worldly happiness.
Transit of Planets
6 Rekhas: Venus in this condition makes the person happy and euthusiast.
5 Rekhas : Cooperation from friends, relatives or colleagues is imminent.
4 Rekhas : Mixed results- neither favourable nor unfavourable.
3 Rekhas : Venus with 3 Rekhas causes dispute with the relatives of the native.
2 Rekhas : Loss in service is possible. The native may suffer from different diseases.
1 line: The native may get hurt from water
Oline: The native proves unsuccessful in whatever he undertakes.
8 Rekhas : The native having Saturn with 8 Rekhas succeeds in administrative and
major jobs entrusted to him.
7 Rekhas : Gain from servants, colleagues or subordinates.
6 Rekhas : The sphere of name and fame of the native enhances further
5 Rekhas : Saturn in this condition augurs bliss of wealth and prosperity.
4 Rekhas: Mixed results-neither good nor bad.
3 Rekhas : Loss or misuse of wealth is possible.
2 Rekhas : In this condition of Saturn, the native may suffer from different diseases.
He may have to go to jail or might indulge in litigation.
1 line : The native may face stigma and charges may be framed against him.
0 line : Any disease or physical weakness the native is suffering from will
deteriorate further.
Significant effects of the planets
The question is when do the planets shower their benefic or malefic effects on native.
A sign has 30 degrees (Amshas). It means that a planet enters the next sign after it
passes 30 degrees (Amshans) in the sing it is situated in. A description on which
planet showers what effects on what degree is given here under.
Sun: While moving in between 1 to 10 degrees.
Moon : In between 20 to 30 degrees
Mars : In between 1 0 to 20 degrees.
-Jupiter : In the middle of the sign i.e. in between 1 0 to 20 degrees.
56 Transit of Planets
Venus: Same as what Jupiter gives.
Sautrn: Gives results same what the Moon does.
Rahu: Showers its effects same as Mercury does.
Earlier words like deterioration in disease, diseases etc. have been mentioned. Now
the question arises as to which part of the body will the disease affect. To find out the
answer of this question, it has to be kept in mind that in which constellation the planet
concerned is transiting. The part of the body to be affected by a disease can be
ascertained only by the constellation.
A description in this regard is given below mentioning there in the part or parts of the
body to be affected by disease or diseases in different constellations according to the
effects ofthe planets.
1. Ashwini, the first constellation- Face.
2. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th constellation - Head
3. 6th, Th, 8th and 9th constellation Chest or heart
4. 10th, 11th 12th and 13th constellation- Right hand
5. 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th constellation- Both legs.
6. 20th, 21
, 22nd and 23rd constellation- Left hand.
7. 24th and 25th constellation- Both eyes.
8. 26th and 27th constellation - Private part.
1. 1st, and 2nd constellation- Face.
2. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th constellation- Head.
3. 7th and 8th constellation - Back.
4. ?the and 1Oth constellation- Both eyes.
5. 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15thconstellation- Heart.
6. 16th, 17'1', and 18th constellation Left hand.
7. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th constellation -Both legs.
8. 25th, 26th and 27'1' constellation- Right hand.
Transit of Planets 57
1. 1st, and 2nd constellation - Face.
2. 3rd. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th constellation -Both legs.
3. 9th, 1Qthand 11thconstellation the womb
4. 12'h, 13
h, 14'hand 15th constellation- Left hand.
5. 16th and 1 ?lh constellation - Head.
6. 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th constellation - Right hand.
7. 26th and 27'h constellation
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd, constellation- Head.
2. 4'h, 5th and 6thconstellation- Face.
3. 7th, 8th, gth, 1 0, 11th and 12th constellation - the womb
4. 18th and 19th constellation - Private part.
5. 20th to 27'h- Both legs.
Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
1. 1st constellation - Face.
2. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5
h constellation- Right hand.
3. 6th, 7th and 8th constellation - Right lag.
4. 9th, 1 Qth and 11th constellation - Left leg.
5. 121h, f3'h, 14th and 15thconstellation- Left hand.
6. 16th, 17'h, 18th, 19th and 20
h constellation -the womb
7. 2P', 22nd and 23rd constellation - Head
8. 26th and 27 constellation - Back.
calculation of all the planets mentioned above should be made by Moon sign.
Special Results of Transit
1. The Sun with 5, 6 or 8 Rekhas tells of marriage, travel, auspicious exercises and
enhancement in the sphere of wealth, if it transits over the Moon sign.
2. The Sun having 2, 3 or 4 Rekhas causes delay, hurdles or disturbance in whatever
the native undertakes, if it transits over the Moon sign.
58 Transit of Planets
3. If the Sun having no line transits over the Moon sign, it causes hurdles and some
deadly afflictions to the native.
1. While in own sign/the Moon having 6, 7, or 8 Rekhas tells of happy conjugal life of
the native.
He attains good education and succeeds in interviews he faces.
2. If the Moon having 1, 2, 3 or 4 Rekhas transits in its own sign, it causes delay in
accomplishing What all the native udertakes. It also causes hurdles in his way.
3. Moon with more Rekhas tells of a happy conjugal life.
1. The native may buy a plot or plots of land, if Mars having 5 or more Rekhas transits
in Moon sign i.e. the Birth sign. He may reap a good harvest and may earn profit in
property dealing.
2. Mars having no line (Shunya line) or 1 or 2 Rekhas causes deterioration in blood
related disease, if it transits in Birth sign i.e. Moon sign.
1. The native gets higher education and succeeds in interviews he faces, if Mercury
transits in its Birth sign i.e. the Moon sign. It also tells off enhancement in the sphere
of his trade or business and some significant gain as well.
2. Mercury having no line (Shunyaline) causes sudden loss in business while in transit
in Sun sign, Moon sign or in its own sign.
1. The native will have mental contentment, knowledge of Vedas and bliss of children,
if Jupiter having 6, 7 or 8 Rekhas transits in Moon sign or in its own sign. He will be
performing spiritual exercises.
2. The native will have gain of gold, silver, gems, jewels etc. and his finacial position
will improve if Jupiter has 4 or 5 Rekhas.
3. Aspersion is caused, if Jupiter has no line (Shunyaline)
1. Venus having Rekhas in between 4 to 8 tells of successful love affairs, mental peace,
enhancement in the sphere of happiness and happy conjugal life, if it transits in
Moon sign or in the sign of Venus.
2. Venus causes infamy if it transits having no line (Shunyaline) or 1 or 2 Rekhas.
Transit of Planets 59
1. Saturn with 6, ?or 8 Rekhas gives wealth, and profit in the trade of iron and cultivation,
if it transits in its Birth sign i.e. in Moon sign.
2. Saturn causes financial loss, if it has no line (Shunyaline) or 1 or 2 Rekhas.
Rahu Ashtaka Varga
The method, by which the situation of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
and Lagna is analyzed, is called Ashtaka Varga. In it, Rahu is not considered. Rahu
has also not been considered in Ashtaka Varga mentioned elaborately in the scriptures
of Astrology, since it is basically a shadowy planet.
However, Rahu has been mentioned in Shubha Hora Prakash. In Ashtaka Varga,
consideration of Rahu is neither justifiable nor does it suit to the rules of Predictive
Astrology .. Analysis of Rahu Ashtaka Varga is mentioned here under only for those
versed in Astrology.
Here, it has to be pointed out that no Ashtaka Varga or chart of Rahu is cast. The
Rekha Sthanas of Rahu can be considered to find out the effects of Rahu as mentioned
Rekha Sthanas of Rahu
From the Sun- 1 ,2,3,4, 7,8, 10
From Moon- 1 ,3,5,7,8,9,10
From Mars- 2,3,5, 12
From Mercury- 2,4, 7,8, 12
From Jupiter- 1 ,3,4,6,8
From Venus- 6, 7, 11,12
From Saturn- 3,5,7,10,11,12
From Lagna- 3,4,5,9, 12
Sub total- 44
Rekha Sthanas of Rahu Ashtaka Varga (43)
Trikona Shodhan or Ekadhipatya Shodhan of Rahu is not possible. In example
horoscope, Rekhas will be as follows in Rahu Ashtaka Varga.
60 Transit of Planets
Rahu Ashtaka Varga.
Tranasit of Rahu (in Moon sign)
1. During the transit of Rahu, the native suffers from different diseases. He has to
face trouble and distress.
2. Misuse or loss of money and trouble in the family are possible.
3. Rahu in this condition tells of good health, mental peace and happiness of the
4. Accident, diseases and various types agonies are possible.
5. The native will remain worried about his children and will suffer financial loss.
6. Mental peace and win over enemies are possible.
7. Physical loss is possible. Either of the couple has to face affliction. Hurdles in
earnings are also caused.
8. Accident by a vehicle is possible. While in journey, the native may have to face
trouble or he may suffer some injuries.
9. Mental depression worsens and the native goes astray from the path of his religion.
10. Circle of enemies of the native widens. He has to face disputes without any reason.
11. Sphere of mental and material happiness enhances further.
12. Undue expenses and heavy expenditure on travel are forecast.
Prediction should be made after analyzing the effects of Rahu the way mentioned
Example Chart of Rahu Ashtaka Varga
Transit of Planets 61
In our illustrative horoscope ascendant sign is Taurus, & Moon is also occupying the
ascendant only, therefore, while making transit predictions, sign Taurus shall be con-
sidered ascendant, Gemini sign will be house of wealth, Cancer would be house of
strength & so on & this shall receive approval while considering the fundamentals of
transit. Planets yield auspicious results in below mentioned places, houses from as-
cendant or moon sign.
3, 6, 11
2,4,6,8, 10,11
1 ,2,3,4,5,8,9, 11 '12
3,6, 11
In illustrative horoscope Moon is in Taurus, therefore, Moon sign is Taurus, therefore
when Sun would transit into 3rd from Taurus that is cancer it shall produce auspicious
results. But, Sun would fail to produce its auspicious results if some planet takes posi-
tion in 7th home from Sun, because, Sun would affect that planet directly & that planet
shall also have an impact on Sun & eventually Sun shall loose its auspiciousness.
The main basis of transit predictions is Moon sign only. When we shall be discussing
the impact of Sun in first house in transit it would mean that your moon sign in first
house, therefore, when Sun would be occupying Moon sign we shall say that its transit
of Sun in first home & the same is applicable to all the planets.
In our next illustrative we shall be explaining transit predictions on the basis of
ashtakvarga system.
DOB: 11 July 1964
TOB : 21 .30 Hrs
POB: Delhi
Transit of Planets
for this illustrative horoscope we shall have to draw a VARIOUS ASHTAKVARGA
CHART of Sun to see the transit impact of Sun, which is depicted below:
Transit of Sun into that house where it is giving 4 lines or above 4 the results produced
shall be auspicious. Whenever Sun would transit into a house where it is giving less
than 4 lines, the results produced by Sun are inauspicious. For instance in illustrative
horoscope Sun is giving 5 lines in Aries & this sign falls in first house of illustrative
horoscope. As auspicious lines are more than 4 therefore Sun would yield auspicious
results of first house. Transit of Sun into Aries would enhance monetary & property
development gains because Aries falls in 3rd house of illustrative horoscope & 3rd
house stands for strength. Therefore little efforts shall bring more gains & that is why
there can be substantial increase in monetary gains & property making.
Sign Taurus is the fourth house of illustrative horoscope which is house of mother &
general happiness. Therefore 5 lines in this house shall bring improvement in the health
of mother & the native shall enjoy harmonious relations with her. Native shall enjoy
mental satisfaction after going through mental agonies.
Gemini sign is in the 5th house of illustrative horoscope. There are 3 auspicious lines
in this house. Therefore when Sun shall transit into 5th house there would be a possibility
of trouble to children. As 5th house is the house of children therefore the presence of 3
lines only in this house shall bring favorable results often lot of troubles & difficulties.
Sign cancer is in the 6th house of illustrative horoscope & Sun is giving only 2 lines to
this house therefore, transit of Sun in 6th house shall cause discerns, secret enmity,
debt & legal cases etc. When Sun gives only 2 lives in a sign then because of the
transit of Sun through that house the native gets losses because of his own stupid
actions only & it is also possible that native might become the victim of legal cases or
Transit of Planets
Sign Leo is in the 7th house of illustrative horoscope. Sun is giving again 3 lines only
in this house, therefore, transit of Sun through this house shall bring troubles in married
life & business plans, because presence of only 3 lines in a house indicates trouble
some condition. Therefore in this condition bitterness emerges in relationship with
Sign Virgo is in 8th house of illustrative horoscope where Sun is giving 5 lines therefore,
transit of Sun in 8th house shall cause an increase in the results of this house. In this
condition the native might face obstacles in accomplishing the tasks undertaken, there
can be more accidents & he is likely to face health related problems too.
Sign Libra is in 9th house where Sun is giving only 2 lines. Therefore when Sun would
transit into 9th house it would cause disinterestedness in religious deeds and obstacles
in development of destiny.
In this situation the native would not get results inspite of putting lot of efforts.
Sign Scorpio is occupying 1Oth house of illustrative horoscope. Therefore transit of
Sun in 10th house shall cause an increase in the auspicious results of this house
because 5 lines are considered auspicious. As a result of it there shall be an
improvement in relations of the native with seniors. Native shall receive recognition &
his work would go on properly. If he is a business person he shall receive gains in his
Sagittarius sign is occupying 11th house & there are 7 auspicious lines in this house.
Therefore, transit of Sun in the 11th house shall enhance the beneficial results of house
of income. In this condition native shall acquire financial gain, mental happiness, and
name & fame.
Sign Capricorn is in the 12th house of illustrative horoscope. There are 3 auspicious
lines in it As a result transit of Sun in 12th house shall decrease the results of this
house, therefore expenses shall decrease, bed pleasure shall also decrease & there
shall be useless journeys as well. Sign Aquarius is in the first house of native therefore
transit of Sun in this house shall produce average results in health & mental state as it
is having 4 lines only.
Sign Pisces occupies 2nd house of this horoscope which has 41ines again, therefore,
transit of Sun in this house shall be producing average results in monetary gains.
The same formula of prediction of transit of planets is applicable to all other planets
Transit of a planet would yield auspicious or inauspicious results for a house shall be
determined on the basis of number of lines it is giving to that house in ashtakvarga. If
64 Transit of Planets
a planet is giving more than 4 lines results are favorable, 41ines shall produce average
results & less than 4 can cause inauspicious results only.
So, ashtakvarga system is highly beneficial for determining the quality & quantity wise
prediction of transit of planets. On the basis of birth chart we can do the analysis of it
that which aspect of our life would be affected by the transit of a particular planet in a
particular house.
Some specific time because of the influence of a specific planet would be of what type
to the native can be decided by the analysis of sarvashtakvarga. For analysing this we
shall see that a specific planet is occupying which sign in specific time. In
sarvashtakvarga how many lines that specific planet is giving in that specific sign.
The time during which total lines shall be more can be considered more auspicious
If total lines are less it shall be considered an inauspicious time. In this the planet
acquiring maximum lines shall produce the results, of the house where it is positioned
in the birth chart.
For example the position of planets on 9th August 2005 is as follows:
Lines given by planets in the signs that they are occupying in Transit horoscope are
Transit of Planets
Transit Date : 9 August 2005
Transit Time : 16.30 Hrs.
Transit Place : Delhi
Sarvashtakvarga for the Transit Horoscope is mentioned below-
Sarvashtak Table
Planet Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sag. Cap. Acq. Pisces Total
Saturn 6 3 3
4 2 1 5 4 5 39
Jupiter 4 5 6 5 5

4 5 .4 5 5 6 56

4 1 1 3 4 3 5 6 4 4 39
Sun 5 5 3

3 5 2 5 7 3 4 4 48
4 6 4 3
5 4 4 5 4 4 5 52
Mercury 3 7 3
4 5 3 6 6 2 6 5 54
Moon 6 3 2 7 2
3 5 4 5 4 4 49
Ascendant 6 7 2 6 4 4 3 3

2 4 2 49
encircled in the above mentioned Sarvashtakvarga table. On this basis the sum total
of encircled lines shall be as follows:
4 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 +6 = 28 Lines.
This number of lines is below average because for each planet maximum number of
lines is 8 therefore maximum number of auspicious lines can be 8 X 8 = 64 & therefore
to have auspicious lines less than 32 is below average. So, we can predict that this
would be an ordinary time for this native.
In this we. can say that ascendant is receiving the maximum number of auspicious
lines therefore ascendant related auspicious results shall be obtained like physical
fitness and boosting of morale in the same ways predictions can be made for other
homes also by determining the number of auspicious lines.
If we shall have to classify the planets on the basis of their speed, we can put them in
3 classes.
First Class
Second Class
Third Class
Jupiter, Saturn
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars
Moon & Ascendant
If we shall have to predict about a specific year we shall be considering the lines of
Jupiter & Saturn in Ashtakvarga & for knowing about a specific month the lines of Sun,
66 Transit of Planets
Mercury, Venus & Mars shall be studied. For knowing about a specific day the lines of
Moon in Ashtakvarga shall be given importance.
For knowing about the time period of two hours the lines of ascendant in Ashtakvarga
shall be studied.
For example in illustrative horoscope the sum total of lines of Jupiter & Saturn in 4+ 2
= 6. These lines are below ave.rage therefore the year 2005 shall turn out to be a very
ordinary year for the native. But if we do the analysis for the previous year i.e., 2004
our findings tell that sum total of auspicious lines of Jupiter & Saturn is 5 + 4 = 9
therefore, the year 2005 shall be less auspicious as compared to the auspiciousness
of the year 2004. The same comparative approach shall help us to predict about other
/ears in a more effective manner.
For knowing about a specific month we shall do the analysis of sum total of auspicious
fines of the second class planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars Which turn out to be 2
+-3 + 4 +3 = 12 for the month of August and for the month of September it is 3 + 4 + 5
+-4 = 16. This analysis helps us to conclude that month of September shall be better
as compared to August & the same comparative approach would be applicable to
decide the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the other months.
For marking the transit tradition for a specific day we shall be studying the lines of 3rd
::lass planet Moon, For illustrative horoscope moon gives 4 auspicious lines on 9th
6.ugust 2005, therefore, it shall be an average day for the native. After two days when
\/loon would transit into sign Scorpio it shall give 3 lines only therefore transit of Moon
nto Scorpio shall produce results below average because here lines given by Moon
are below average number of 4. Moon stays in a sign for around 2% days therefore
ransit prediction would remain same for next two days. If a person is habitual of writing
diary he shall be surprised to notice that he went through the same type of experiences
n previous months when Moon was making a transit through the same signs in previous
f we shall have to know about a specific time we shall see the ashtakvarga of ascendant.
n this ashtakvarga of transit for the above mentioned horoscope ascendant is giving
3 lines on the sign Sagittarius, the durC).tion of which is 2 hours therefore when the
Jeriod of Sagittarius ascendant shall be in continuation that time can be considered
:he most auspicious time for the day & it shall be more auspicious than average.
1\tbN as the speed of Moon & Sun is highest of Jupiter Y Saturn is slowest therefore
:ransit predictions shall be more dependent on the lines of Jupiter & Saturn because
ines of Jupiter & Saturn shall change after a long time. If these lines shall be more in
lumber, auspicious time for the native shall continue for a longer duration if the number
)fthese lines shall be less, the duration of inauspicious time gets increased.
Transit of Planets 67
It is generally noticed that for all the planets maximum number of lines are 84 average
in 4 but to accept it completely be correct it is not applicable to al
the planets. Because for determining the maximum & average number of lines total
auspicious lines shall be divided into 12 signs. Therefore total auspicious lines dMdec
by 12 shall give us the average number of auspicious lines.
In the beldw mentioned table we are giving average number, minimum average numbe1
of auspicious lines that a sign should have to yield at least average auspicious results
For satiating your curiosity we are mentioning the total maximum auspicious lines ol
each planet-
- .: t . -i
.-Maximum Marks
. -..... , .:- .. 1:
f' 1 ' .....
... .; - I 1' J;t .': - " f -:. ,
Sun 48 48/12
4 4
Moon 49 49/12
4.08 4.08 ( or 4 )
Mars 39 39/12
3.25 3.25 ( or 3 )
Mercury 54 54/12
4.5 4.5
Jupiter 56 56/12
4.66 4.66 ( or 4.5 )
Venus 52 52/1 2
4.33 4.33 ( or 4 )
Saturn 39 39/12
3.25 3.25 ( or 3 )
Ascendant 49 49/12
4.08 4.08 ( or 4 )

Transit of Planet:
Transit of Jupiter & Saturn into the sign occupied by Sun, Moon, Mars & Venus in birth
chart yield inauspicious results. From this the question arises whether the result of
transit of Jupiter like that of Saturn through all these 4 lines shall be inauspicious or
For determining this we should keep this thing in our mind that very difficult time in
one's life comes twice. Generally it is the time of SADHESATI, of Saturn. When one
SADHESATI is over, it comes again exactly after 22 years. For some people the
intensity of evil impact of SADHESATI is not much but the intensity of eviWmpact of 4th
& 8th house Saturn is more or else inauspicious results of Jupiter is more. Transit of
an inauspicious Jupiter in the signs of Sun, Moon, Mars & Venus is more inauspicious
when more malefic planet comes in conjunction with Jupiter in these signs. If in
horoscope (Birth Chart) Jupiter is forming a good relation with these planets & Saturn
forms an inauspicious relation, in that case results produced by the transit of Jupiter
w o u l n ~ be inauspicious but Saturn produces inauspicious results. Similarly if Saturn
in forming auspicious relation with these planets, its result in transit would be auspicious.
1. If a person remains unmarried throughout his life, for him transit of Jupiter even
through angles is also useless. For them transit of Jupiter or Saturn through the
sign of Venus is useless.
2. For those people who have semen related problems or the lives of whom are
sterile for those people transit of Jupiter in 5th or 9th house is useless. In the same
way for poor & beggars also the transit of Jupiter, Saturn & Rahu in angles do not
produce any result.
Few guidelines to help you give transit predications -
1. In horoscope one of the two planets Jupiter & Saturn is effective &: other is
ineffective. For Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra & Scorpio Moon signs Jupiter is ineffective.
For Taurus, Gemini & Cancer Saturn in ineffective. For Capricorn & Aquarius Rahu
is ineffective. For Sagittarius & Pisces none of the planets are ineffective.
For Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn Saturn's Sadhesati cloesn't bring very inauspicious
results. For these 8th house Saturn brings trouble.
Transit of Planets 69
Transit of Sun in Aries & Leo, Moon in Taurus & Cancer, Mars in Aries Scorpio &
Capricorn, Mercury in Gemini & Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarians, Pisces & Cancer, Saturn
in Capricorn, Aquarius & Libra means in their own sign or exalted signs always bring
Saturn brings trouble in 2nd, 4th, 8th & 12th house.
Jupiter brings trouble in 3rd, 6th, 8th & 12th house.
All planets fail to yield their results in their transit into a sign occupied by Saturn in its
70 Transit of Planets