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# Music Room Interface Info [game] name = " Double Dealing Character" name_en = "Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing

Character" artist = "ZUN" circle = "" circle_en = "Team Shanghai Alice" year = 2013 gamenum = "14" packmethod = 2 bgmfile = "thbgm.dat" zwavid_08 = 0x00 zwavid_09 = 0x14 tracks = 18 [thvorbis] patchclass = "slow" [update] wikipage = "Double_Dealing_Character/Music" wikirev = 301182

[01] name_jp = "" position = "0x00000010, 0x002BADD0, 0x013D2F60" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Mysterious Purification Rod" comment_jp = " !"#\n\n$%&'!"()*+,-./0(1!\ comment_en = "The title screen theme.\n\nIt's the same as usual, but since there 's so many up-tempo tracks this time,\nI intended to make the title screen more subdued.\n\nI wonder about that?"

[02] name_jp = "EFG" position = "0x013D2F70, 0x0015D8C0, 0x00F92900" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Mist Lake" comment_jp = "H !"#\n\nHIJK!)LMNI.OGPQ0RSTSU#\n\ comment_en = "The stage 1 theme.\n\nSince it's the stage 1 theme, I made it a tr ack with a bit of impact to it.\nThanks to some principle, there's always this m ist hanging over the lake.\nNo fish seem to live there, but it looks like there' s various youkai\nliving there unexpectedly."

[03] name_jp = "st uv" position = "0x02365870, 0x00065180, 0x00F13000" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Mermaid from the Uncharted Land" comment_en = "Wakasagihime's theme.\n\nShe's a mermaid who's confident in her ab ility while underwater,\nbut unfortunately there's more land than water in Genso kyo.\nI made this battle music with a light feeling to it, rather than a serious one.\nI do love shrimp tempura." comment_jp = "wxyz{ !"#\n\n|}~R(PQ!"()(~ [04] name_jp = "J" position = "0x03278870, 0x00292480, 0x01128A70"

frequency = 44100 name_en = "Humans and Youkai Coming and Going at the Canal" comment_jp = " !"#\n\nIJNwN}N\n\n! comment_en = "The stage 2 theme.\n\nIn sharp contrast to the relaxed feeling of stage 1, the youkai here has a \"teenager who\nthinks they're cooler than everyo ne\" {{nihongo"

[05] name_jp = "." position = "0x043A12E0, 0x0005A130, 0x012311E0" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Dullahan Under the Willows" comment_en = "Sekibanki's theme.\n\nI don't really know whether rokurokubi are s upposed to stretch their neck\nor send their head flying off.\nBut when the head comes off, they can move their body around,\nso it seems like they can go back to normal, right?" comment_jp = " !"#\n\nN)(Qx(x\n\n~

[06] name_jp = "" position = "0x055D24C0, 0x000F02F0, 0x0185C590" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon" comment_jp = " !"#\n\n!!"#\n\n$RxQ comment_en = "The stage 3 theme.\n\nIt's a full moon in the Bamboo Forest.\nAt s ome point, the Bamboo Forest of the Lost became a sacred place\nfor youkai who w orship the moon.\n\nI kept that from Imperishable Night in mind for this track, too."

[07] name_jp = "" position = "0x06E2EA50, 0x0023CF40, 0x011D2280" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Lonesome Werewolf" comment_en = "Kagerou Imaizumi's theme.\n\nI tried giving it a midboss-ish feeli ng.\nEhh, although it's stage 3.\n\nBy the way, since this full moon is real, sh e can transform too." comment_jp = "* !"#\n\n}NSTNTSU#\n\nTP

[08] name_jp = " " position = "0x08000CD0, 0x006F17F0, 0x01F1DE50" frequency = 44100 comment_en = "Kyouko Kasodani's theme.\n\nDo people still shout Yahoo when they go to the mountains?\n\nOr do you feel nervous all of a sudden and can't find the co urage to shout?\n\nWell of course the Yamabiko get bored, it's understandable fo r them to go in to Buddhism from the boredom.\n\nBy the way, if you shout \"Idio t\" when you go to the sea, the fishermen would be surprised." name_en = "Magical Storm" comment_jp = " !"#\n\n\nxIJ!%)QxIJ!%

[09] name_jp = ">?@" position = "0x09F1EB20, 0x005240E0, 0x01833240" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Illusionary Shamisen Recital" comment_jp = "ABA CDABA VW !"#\n\n\n%NIXYZ[\]0RSJ [10] name_jp = "}R"

position = "0x0B751D60, 0x0037DEC8, 0x018C6020" frequency = 44100 name_en = "The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air" comment_jp = " !"#\n\n\n%)0RSTSU#\n\n\n comment_en = "The third stage theme.\n\nCemeteries that appear in games- unless it's a horror game- tends to make you imagine of a comical one. So there's no meanin g in making the music too dark and heavy too.\n\nSo I brushed it up with a comic al feel.\n\nI can't resist this nostalgic feeling (Personally too)"

[11] name_jp = "" position = "0x0D017D80, 0x000E2140, 0x01614750" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Reverse Ideology" comment_en = "Seija Kijin's theme.\n\n\nI wrote this while thinking of the image of a little, lazy youkai.\n\nThe result is pretty mischievous well, the mood's p retty boss-like, so I'm happy.\n\nThis is a little boss that would take the init iative in disliking others.\n\nEven so, she's the villian this round." comment_jp = " !"#\n\n\n"QuS0'TSU

[12] name_jp = "" position = "0x0E62C4D0, 0x0032A900, 0x01135500" frequency = 44100 name_en = "The Exaggerated Castle Keep" comment_jp = " !"#\n\n\nx2S3QST"#\n\n\n44x~) comment_en = "The stage 6 theme.\n\n\nThis song feels like you're being rushed.\ n\n\nTogether with the last boss after this and the ending themes, there are 3 s ongs with the same melody.\n\nSince I tried doing that this time around, it give s them all a sense of togetherness." [13] name_jp = "; Little Princess" position = "0x0F7619D0, 0x0011B800, 0x02687380" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Rigid Paradise (Spirit world version)"

[14] name_jp = "<=^" position = "0x11DE8D50, 0x00080500, 0x00E3EBA0" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Magical Power of the Mallet" comment_en = "The fourth stage theme.\n\nI made it a flowing song to match the r apidly changing first half of the stage.\nIt feels nice to rush through a small space at high speed.\nThis is okay in caves, but don't run in halls at school or work.\nCaves are nice. (You shouldn't run in a limestone cavern, either.)" comment_jp = " _.`.a !"#\n\n\nbc !dTSU#\n\n\n

[15] name_jp = "klm" position = "0x12C278F0, 0x002FA840, 0x00CEE400" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Strange, Strange Instruments" comment_jp = ", !"#\n\n\n0n.o!"#\n\npqr [16] name_jp = "=^" position = "0x13915CF0, 0x001C0D60, 0x018C06C0" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Thunderclouds of Magical Power"

comment_en = "Seiga Kaku's theme. She's a evil hermit. Kind of like a magician t hat does a large assortment of tricks. So, I aimed for a mysterious song where y ou never know what's going to fly out at you next. Being able to pass through wa lls would be useful for running away, but it's not too useful for fighting, is i t? It would be critical for nurikabe, though." comment_jp = "=^\n\n\n_ !"#\n\n\ny~NI-Q

[17] name_jp = " Pristine Beat" position = "0x151D63B0, 0x0026D4C0, 0x02322D00" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat" comment_jp = " !"#\n\nvu.0RSJxINU!"()-R\n

[18] name_jp = "-Ffgh" position = "0x174F90B0, 0x001CACC8, 0x0066DCC0" frequency = 44100 name_en = "Player's Score" comment_en = "The stage 5 theme. Since we just came barreling through a narrow cave, I decided to write a nice, expansive song to contrast it. It's so stimulat ing to find such enormous spaces underground, isn't it? I wanted to compose some thing that would make you feel that kind of excitement." comment_jp = " !"#\n\nijU!)*[R[R('