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Seal Team Six: Killing Osama Bin Laden

BY: Zac Prasse


5th Period

Mark Owen was twelve years old when he began to dream of being a S.E.A.L. Good thing too, because if he hadnt we probably wouldnt have the firsthand account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden, and the world might have never known what really happened on May 2 nd 2011 in Bin Ladens house in Pakistan. Mark Owen grew up in Alaska. He always carried a gun with him mainly because the wildlife in Alaska can be dangerous. His dad taught him how to clean it, reload it, and fire it with precision. But he never really knew what it could do, like kill the number one terrorist in American history, Osama Bin Laden. Mark Owen says that, Killing Bin Laden definitely wasnt easy, and who could argue? He trained for months in North Carolina in a complex completely identical to Bin Ladens complex, but what went on in the actual complex got thrown out the window before they even got on the ground, but aborting the mission wasnt the only problem. Mark Owen says in his interview on Sixty Minutes this could have been any group of normal guys, we just so happened to be available. The Interviewer asked him how they where normal. Owen then replied that on their way into Pakistan for the mission, guys slept on the helicopter. Were just normal guys trying to catch some zzzs before the mission. Owen gives all of the credit to his trainers saying, They transformed us. As I stated before Mark Owen went through extensive training in a replica complex of the one where Bin Laden lived, rehearsing their plan until there were absolutely no flaws whatsoever.

The training was an essential part of the mission. Now looking back on the training Owen states, It was necessary. Period. We wouldnt have succeeded without all of the painstaking training. Although it really was a pain in the butt. We all remember the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers in 2001. Mark Owen says that he was in his barracks just in time to see the second plane hit the world trade center and at that moment Mark Owen was ready to kill Osama Bin Laden. The man chase to catch Osama Bin Laden lasted over ten years before S.E.A.L Team Six got into the complex and killed Bin Laden. Mark Owen was chosen to go on that mission and trained for 9 months before he got to get on the helicopter and flew into Abbottabad, Pakistan and set foot on the complex in which the number one terrorist in the world was thought to be living. It was a lot of work and you could get cut from the mission at any point. Mark Owen says this in his book No Easy Day where he gives his firsthand account of the mission. His training consists of water and ocean training, a kill house, and model firefights. The interviewer for Sixty Minutes asked Owen what the hardest part of the training was, Owen said that the hardest part of his training was probably that they would evaluate you after they made you work out so it was really physical toughness. But throughout all of that the training was mainly mental toughness they would be frustrated and have to think outside of the box very fast for battle tactics while in the kill house. This made the training very difficult.

This was one of the many challenges that nobody really thinks of, they just think of the mission and its toughness. Clearly now we can all see that there are way more complications that happened in the process of killing Bin Laden. The manhunt that America did in order to kill Osama Bin Laden lasted 10 long years. Even though many people helped with the chase, there was a main woman who had studied Bin Laden ever since the 9/11 attacks. Her name hasnt been mentioned due to safety reasons for her. Enemy has a long memory is what Owen said on his interview because he had been disguised. That woman had designed the plan herself too. There would be three groups of men in total that would be involved. Group one would hover over a hallway and the men would slide down the ropes and clear out the existing servants houses while group two would drop men onto the roof of the complex. During this entire endeavor group three would drop men outside the complex in case any neighbors, police, etc. came. One of the complications was how they where going to rehearse this. So, they made an exact replica in order to practice until perfection. Surely all of this work would help with the mission. But sadly their work didnt really help. Their plan went wrong within the first seconds. They would have been better off practicing improve. in a firefight. So thats exactly what they did. On May 2nd in Jabalabad, Afghanistan on a united states base S.E.A.L. Team six got into two helicopters and flew into Abbattobad, Pakistan underneath the modern Pakistani air radar. They then went straight to the complex that was

known to have Osama Bin laden living in it. But when Black hawk Two(Mark Owens helicopter) went to hover over the main hallway, the downdraft of the helicopter literally bounced off of the walls and sent the helicopter crashing into the courtyard to the left of their objective. Owen says that he had already begun to get ready for the jump out of the helicopter. His legs where dangling out of the side of the helicopter! He and his buddy both had to bring them back in but only Owens fit. His buddy managed to get one in but there was no more room at all! So now they were just hoping that the helicopter didnt go into a roll or el se his leg would get snapped off! As they fell they got very lucky. The helicopter had managed to land on the side of the nearest wall and get propped up. So the men casually walked over to the door and ran to where they were supposed to go in the first place. This was where some of the servants were thought to be living. They tried the door. Locked. Next plan. Owen then took out his chain cutters and tried to get in--nothing but solid metal. Right then rapid fire started to come through the door. Owen ducked and rolled only to get hit right on the cutters that were in front of his neck. Immediately his buddy started to return fire. Then all was quiet, so they went explosive. As soon as they came in there were just a mom and her kids sitting in the corner of the room. So immediately one of the men asked her where her husband was and all she said was Hes dead you shot him. So one of the men patted down the woman and her children and they kept moving. As soon as they got to the bottom they saw a head poke out from a room, so they shot him in the head. Keep moving is all Owen was thinking while going through the complex behind the point man. A point man is the man most

trusted to take the best shots, so he is always in the front of an invading squadron. By now the men had made it to the second story thought to be where Osamas son, Khalid was living. The men were cautiously approaching the second story when Khalid poked his head around the corner and then back very quickly. The point man then quietly whispered Khalid. Khalid then poked his head back around the door only to be shot in the head by the point mantwo down. The third floor was where Osama was thought to be living. The men got to the third floor to see a tall man standing in a doorway. Quicker than he could move out of the way, the point man shot him in the head. Immediately two women started to lie over the body. Mark Owen says in his article the women on this complex were very hostile. Usually the women just go along with what the soldiers want but they werent going to. The point man had been the first man to get to the third story so when the women laid down on that tall mans body he ran straight towards them, picked one up in each had and ran them to the far side of the wall so that if they had on suicide vests or any other explosives they would just kill him. Owen was looking at the body and it was still moving. So Owen shot the body a rapid five more times. Then it was still. Owen flipped over the body (still unidentified to who it was) and began to clean it. Just then they figured out the body was in fact Osama Bin Ladens. Mark Owen states that one of the reasons he was so hard to identify was because he looked very young. The other reason was that he had a bullet wound in the head so a lot of blood. After Owen had completely cleaned the body he then took very detailed pictures while the man behind him took blood and saliva samples just to be certain that it was

Osama. Then the men zipped the number one terrorist in American history in a bag and began to head out. On their way out they grabbed as much as they could in flash drives, computers, and more. Their success was great! They almost succeeded the mission, but their problems kept continuing. The men were heading out and there was a little misunderstanding with the explosives expert. Luckily they caught him or else they all could have been in jeopardy. As the men were collecting all of the goodies they told the explosives expert to prep it to blow. And by that they meant the helicopter because it was successfully no use in that courtyard. But the explosives man started to prep the house to blow! Owen ran up on him in the second story and just looked at him blankly and said, What are you doing? the man then replied Prepping it to blow. No not the house, the helicopter! Owen replied. The man then said oh and started to collect his explosives and blow the helicopter. The men were still on the complex when the explosives went off and in the pitch black of the night, that helicopter was like white light. Then the men boarded on a backup helicopter and flew off the base. Still there was no celebration because before they where out of Pakistan the backup helicopter ran out of gas! Luckily Black hawk One had more gas so they made a quick stop. After that last delay everything was smooth going. They made it back safely and the men celebrated with a congratulatory pat on the back. But after that there wasnt really a celebration. It was just what they do--just another day at work.

On May 2, 2011 on national television Barack Obama announced to the world that the operation that he had kept a secret from Americas people to kill Osama Bin Laden had been successfully carried out. He then continued to the people of America who had lost somebody on 9/11 that they had been avenged on this night. And if it werent for the hard work and dedication of S.E.A.L Team Six they wouldnt have. Despite the challenges, S.E.A.L Team Six showed us that America could overcome any challenge that they are faced with, and on May 2, 2011 they overcame those challenges and they made the innocent lives that were lost on September 11,2001 avenged.

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2. I used the information by completely using all of it in my passage. I didn't know anything about the mission and its challenges until i watched it. I completely based all of my data off of the interview. I then told the story in my words in my article.