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One of the strengths of withinsight is the diversity of skills and experience of the delegates.

What insights are you most eager to share with your peers from across the country regarding the present and future role of youth in Canadian society as influential contributors? Please fell free to draw from your own leadership experience. One of the most fundamental aspects of my education to date is the way that appreciation and respect for various perspectives, on many levels, has been valued and integrated into my sociology honours degree. believe that it is important to now be able to apply these values to my role in my own community and society at large, and continue to learn from these different viewpoints. !hrough my travels, have been able to experience the value that diversity brings to a culture. have been across Canada, from coast to coast, and seen first hand how a myriad of values, traditions, concerns, and perspectives have been woven together to build our nation. believe that my life has been enriched by this diversity. "y university experiences and my travels through Canada, #urope, and $ustralia have helped me to better understand human interaction. am now attempting to integrate this knowledge into my education and my participation in my community. $fter graduation, it is my desire to attend teachers college. feel that will be able to enrich the lives of my students by teaching and modeling an appreciation and respect for diversity. t is important that children learn that our country has been built by a diverse group of people, and that e%uality is the vehicle through which the appreciation of diversity is to be delivered. $s a classroom teacher&s assistant, a snowboard instructor, and a camp counsellor have learned that education can foster a critical sensitivity to diversity, and empower children to be proud of their heritage and future. #ducation is a vital tool in building a nation which embraces diversity. !hrough the various leadership positions that have held, have found that it is critical to develop sensitivity to diversity, and to acknowledge its potential impact on individuals& lives. t has also become apparent that it is critical to develop communication skills, as opening lines of communication is vital to understanding each other&s perspectives and positions on various issues. 'istening is a fundamental aspect of communication. believe that it is through listening to each other that we will begin to break through the barriers to diversity and e%uality. believe that youth today are embracing diversity and learning to appreciate each individual for what they are able to contribute to their community and their nation. also believe that we have the power to pass these important values on to the children of tomorrow which will help to create a cycle of growth and positive evolution in Canadian society. would be very happy to share my beliefs about education and its fundamental links to health, business, politics, culture, and society. look forward to the chance to share my hopes and dreams for our country with my peers, and would appreciate the opportunity to hear about their own views and perspectives about the potential of Canadian youth and our nation&s future. would be honoured to represent the (niversity of )uelph at withinsight *++,. believe that withinsight would be an opportunity to enhance my own leadership skills, and to gain valuable knowledge and experience to pass on to my future students.

!he specific theme of withinsight *++, is -(nified .iversity/ as we focus on producing a position paper on Canadian identity from a youth perspective. What is your understanding of this concept as a young Canadian and how do you think that will change after attending withinsight *++, and interacting with students from across the country. t is my understanding that unified diversity consists of a co0operative and respectful view which embraces the various cultures and traditions that our nation is made up of. $ common analogy that exemplifies this concept is that which describes Canada as a cultural mosaic as opposed to a melting pot of identity. Cultural diversity re%uires that the leaders of today and tomorrow engage the public and listen, so as to understand and appreciate the range of their opinions. 1or society to function at its greatest potential, from a structural functionalist stand point, all of its parts must act in unison. n order to do so, we must accept and embrace diversity. !here is a need to celebrate our differences, and to work together to build a nation that reflects this appreciation. believe that by interacting with students from across the country we will be able to gain perspective on the various differences and similarities that separate and unite us. feel that withinsight *++, will provide an opportunity to define diversity as it relates to Canadian culture and life, and ac%uire a better sense of what should and can be done to integrate it in a positive way in all of our future endeavors. )roup discussion between delegates will add to our personal perspectives and challenge the individual barriers to successful diversity that we may hold unconsciously. Withinsight *++, will offer students information on how our nation&s -unified diversity/ affects our citi2ens, as well as our interactions in the international community. believe that students will leave withinsight with a greater understanding of the specific implications of -unified diversity/ to our country on many levels, from the individual, to geographical regions. t is my hope that we would also gain insight on how to incorporate unified diversity into our education, professional, and personal lives.