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ABOUT Zo Pawlak When I meet new people and make the bold statement that I am an artist, I am often faced

with the q estion, !what is that artists do to make a li"in#$%, or !&ow e'actl( does that work$% Upon #rad atin# from Art school in &alifa', )o"a *cotia in +,,-, m( career was lar#el( a m(ster( to me. I str ##led with the q estions abo"e. )ow, three (ears o t of school, I ha"e immersed m(self in the chaos of m( field and I am learnin# e"er(da( that it is a make/it (o rself endea"o r that relies on man( connections and streams of income. I 0 ##le the se of the web, m( print work, m( marketin# and desi#n work, m( representation in #alleries, and m( teachin# contracts as a means to makin# one income. I ha"e learned that I often ali#n m(self with like/minded indi"id als and #ro ps. *ince we #ra"itate towards o r like/kind, we often #et ca #ht in a c(cle of lookin# to the same indi"id als for attendance to e"ents, s pport or answers to q estions. O r peers are "er( sef l and, for me, are a #reat so rce of 0o( and inspiration. Peers can lead b( e'ample thro #h creati"e approaches to art makin#, b t are often at similar sta#es in their careers. I am learnin# that the artist m st not spend their time onl( with other artists. The people I ha"e met who ha"e most affected m( b siness ha"e been b siness people themsel"es. 1ecentl(, I cons lted Peter 1eek abo t m( career #rowth. I e'plained that I was aspirin# to make

2+3,,,, this (ear from art sales alone. I was enco ra#ed and challen#ed when he relied, !Of co rse4 Well, I sho ld &OP5 (o are able to do that beca se if not, then (o sho ld look to be in another field.% When I shared this #oal with other (o n# artists, howe"er, it was deemed to be q ite a diffic lt feat. Their immediate response was demandin# !&ow$%, rather than offerin# reso rces, insi#ht and enco ra#ement. As I ha"e set abo t ed catin# m(self in order to achie"e m( #oal, I ha"e made leaps and bo nds. 6ore importantl(, I ha"e learned that there are m ltiple a"en es to do this and that man( ama7in# women ha"e pa"ed the wa( before me. 8oaded Bow offers a means to pass alon# the in"al able information, reso rces and stories that I am acq irin# alon# the wa(. 9en: )55;* <1AZ= 5;ITI)9 A); A;; O)>s: The 8oaded Bow is abo t the feminine desire to aspire to break the pres med wa(s in which she sho ld cond ct her b siness. We acc m late stories and compile information so that (o can feel enco ra#ed to be limitless in (o r b siness. There are eno #h fr strations and challen#es to bein# an entreprene rial woman, and o r aim is to facilitate the #rowth of each woman so that she faces her b siness head on with con"iction and confidence. &ere (o will find the ;O>s ;O)>T>s, the p sh for e'cellence and the tr th of the challen#es and

rewards of bein# (o r own determined leader. ?orward is o r motion. <reatin# and enco ra#in# are the central foc s of o r wrtin#. The 8oaded Bow meets the needs of entreprene rial women b( foc sin# on stories and reso rces that can be applied to their passion for learnin# and #rowin# their respecti"e b sinesses while watchin# other women>s b sinesses take shape.