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EPM Server Cloning from DEV to QA environment on VMware

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Requirement Technical Feasibility Case Study Error code and Test cases Assumption and Observations

1. Requirement: This document explains how to clone the EPM server virtual image from Development to QA. This document provides more details including technical steps, assumptions, validation, error details and Test case to test the configuration. 2. Technical Feasibility: An EPM server built on virtual image has Operating System, Data base server either Oracle or SQL server, Hyperion components like Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion ESSBASE, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Reporting and Hyperion Financial Management. It has network IP address defined to communicate with the physical server and in between various Virtual Image server as well. Once you clone the Virtual Image from DEV to QA. The below are the components that effect on destination server i.e. QA. 1. Host name and IP ADDRESS 2. DATA BASE Configuration 3. EPM Configuration Note: Changing the names is not applicable for Hyperion Applications, Hyperion multi dimension database, Database objects like outline, calculation scripts, load rules, substitution variables and partition. 1. Host name and IP ADDRESS: Once you clone DEV server to QA you need to change the Host name and IP address of QA server so that it communicates DEV server like below

2. Database Configuration: Change the data base ( Oracle or SQL SERVER) configuration so that it will point to newly changed IP address and Host name, but not for DEV server host name and IP address. Note: Please use Oracle data base server since it has flexibility to change the configuration easily. Please change the configuration for the below files. 1. TN Names

2. Listener

Please restart the services of data base server.

Test Case 1: Please restart the oracle server and check whether it is configured with new Host name and IP address or not. Test case 2: Please test the Hyperion shared services data base table whether it is connecting properly or not. It has to respond properly. If you still receive errors please reconfigure the oracle server once again and it will update with new host name and IP address. 3. EPM Configuration: Please stop all the services of EPM products before rehost the updated Host Name and IP address. Please re-host the hyperon components like below. Before starting the EPM Configuration please check the below task list. Check the host name is different for Development and QA Check the IP address are valid for Development and QA Check the network whether it is listening to DEV to QA and vice versa and within Physical layer or not Check the data base server whether it is talking to independent each other i.e. Development, QA and client machines. Please run the below command shown in the screen shot

You can run manually by re running the EPM system configurator like below screen shot

You can update manually by opening configuration files of each and every Hyperion components. 3. Case Study 1. VMWARE Hyperion Version Cloning: VMWARE 1-DEV Server details: Components: Windows 2003, Oracle EPM, MS-SQL Server - 2005, web Logic 9.3.2 EPM Components: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Database Server (SQL Server 2005) Performance Management Architect( Oracle EPM Hyperion Financial Management Application Server ( Oracle EPM Foundation Services ( Oracle EPM Web server ( Oracle EPM

VMWARE 1-QA Server details: (Cloning of DEV server) The below are the steps to be considered to clone DEV to QA. 1. Stop the VMWARE DEV server.

2. Clone and create a new VMWARE in Different location and change the IP ADDRESS and HOST Name. 3. Please change the hostname in the below location Application Server DriveName:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts 4. Change the registry setting C:\Hyperion\common\config\\ in registries properties for EPM Components 5. Edit the Host name for EPM components like below Open shared services-> Application group-> Foundation->Shared services->EPM System Registry->Financial Management-> Logical Web app@YourServerName_80>Financial Management web app@YourServerName_80-> Financial Management web app settings-> Right click and select <font color=blue>Export for Edit</font> change the Host Name and Server Name and then click on <font color=blue>import after Edit</font> to import the modified file File name: Financial_Management_Web_App.Properties name=FINANCIAL_MANAGEMENT_WEB_APP\:*YourServerName* host= YourHostName And restart you application Server. 6. If it doesnt start, then follow the below steps To Re-configure your application: <Font color="red">Note: First backup your databases for which you have created applications</font>

Start EPM System Configurator-> then select ->Financial Management-> under this select below options Configure database configure DCOM Configure Application Server Configure Application Cluster Register Application Server/Cluster Configure Web server

Configure Data Source for Extended Analytics Click next then select Perform 1st-time Configuration of database In this screen you can change your <Font color="Green">Server name/Database name/ User Name/ Password</font> Go to task manager and kill all HSVDatasource.exe, CASSecurity.exe, HSXServer.exe (if there are any) and HSXService.exe (if there are any). Alternatively reboot HFM Application server.

4. Error code and Test cases Test case 1: Please check the data base server responding or not properly. It has to respond properly.

In real time we dont create network adopter so you can ignore the above error massages in the above screen shot. Please check if you forgot to update the host name in configuration files and restart the server. It has to respond like below screen shot.

Test case - 2: Please test the Hyperion shared services data base table whether it is connecting properly or not. It has to respond properly.

5. Assumption and Observations: Assumptions 1. Server sizing and hardware configuration is not in scope 2. Technical implementation details may vary depending upon the components decided by client requirements

3. Total implementation depends upon the client communication process Observations: 1. Only hostname and IP address needs to be changed 2. Needs to update the Host name with updated IP address for database server and EPM server 3. No need to change EPM application names and EPM data bases or any EPM schemas. 4. Migrating artifacts and data from Development to QA is not in scope. 5. 9446414:You cannot start a cloned instance of Financial Reporting Web application (refer oracle document-> Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration -> Release Patch Set 1 (PS1): Question: In general Development server, QA server and Production server Hardware configuration varies and how can we clone same instance with same hardware configuration and use for DEV, QA and Production.