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Glyphs: Prime (Berserk, Tiger's Fury, Rip or you can use Mangle and Bloodletting ), Major (Barkskin, Pounce,

Feral Charge) and Minor ( Dash, Aquatic Form, Unburdened Rebirth or Mark of the Wild). Rotation against Mage / Hunter / Warlock - Prowl, Pounce, Mangle, Rake, Shred un til 5 Combo Points, Rip. Against these Classes you should save your Charge for when they Blink, Teleport or jump away. Rotation against everyone else is pretty much the same, just you can use Charge at the start of it, so you get an extra spell off. Time to use Tiger's Fury is basically when ever it's off cooldown, there are tri cks to using it to it's max, but it's a bit demanding. Normally as I've mentioned you use it off cooldown, when ever it's ready. If you're skilled enou gh, you time it with stuff, Charge so your Ravage does more Dmg, Clearcasting so you get one extra Shred with 15% more Dmg etc. Berserk you can u se whenever, but it's best use either on Start (if it's a long fight) or combined with Tiger's Fury followed by Berserk to burst someone down (Usually a Healer that's below 50%). Burst Rotation - Tiger's Fury + Berserk = Shred, Shred, Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred, Shred,Shred,Shred,Shred and Shred. Ofc you want to have Bleeds ticking and Mangle debuff on the target before you do this. Also, once you Reach 5 Combo poi nts while bursting, you can use it on different things. What to do with 5 Combo Points - 1. Rip (Must spell to have on your opponent), 2 . Maim (Stun), 3. Save a life. Save a life is a thing that I just came up with, it's totally random, but it has that purpose, so let us continue, khm so s ave a life is when you have 5 combo points and your bleeds are already on the target and there is no need for a stun. However you see your partner low, yo u can use any Finishing move to get Instant Cast to heal your parter, yourself or to Cyclone / Root / Hibernate someone. If you're away and can't cast a normal finishing move on the target (you're rooted or something) you can use Savage Roar to get the Instant Cast proc and CC / Heal. 4. Ferocious Bite (t o finish people off). Bear Form you use in one of two ways 1. Offense or 2. Defense. 1. Offense - Not really needed... I personally use it to Charge people, Stun, us e a Mangle / Thrash, Interrupt or to soak up Dmg while Rooted. You don't stay longer then 30 sec in Bear. 2. Defense - I want to live button. You go in Bear, pop every single defensive c ooldown and you survive pretty much everything. If you have enough Rage that is or a Healer nearby. As for Macros there are few that I use for making 2in1 Spells. This allowes you to use Barsking on SI with one button and a mod (Alt). #showtooltip Barkskin /cast [nomod] Barkskin /Cast [modifier:alt] Survival Instincts(Cat or Bear Form) Charge + Stun in Bear #showtooltip Feral Charge(Bear Form) /Cast Feral Charge(Bear Form) /Cast Bash Charge + Rake in Cat #showtooltip Feral Charge(Cat Form) /Cast Feral Charge(Cat Form) /Cast Rake

Prowl while you're not in Stealth and Pounce while you're Stealthed #showtooltip Pounce /cast [nostealth] Prowl /cast [stealth] Pounce(Cat Form) And finally I want to Live button for Bear #showtooltip Survival Instincts /cast [nostance:1] Bear Form /cast Frenzied Regeneration /cast Survival Instincts /cast Enrage /cast Barkskin /cast Nature's Grasp