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Electrical Engineering Objective Questions 2 Disclaimer : Al materials posted in ht p:/ are thoroughly verified by author.

. if any of the material posted cor ectness, Typing er or, online er ors, we are not responsible. However you can post the er or in comment or contact author to cor ect er ors. 1. DTMF Signals used in c) The amplifier starts functioning as an oscil ator a) FM Stero Applications d) b and c are cor ect e) None of the above b) Electronic Music Systems c) Telephone Dialing Applications 9. Sumpner's test used to determine d) None of the above. a) The performance of motors b) The steady temperature rise in transformers 2. Match the EEG Spectrum Subdivided bands. c) a and b are cor ect 1 . Delta Range 22 to 30 HZ d) None of the above 2. Theta Range 0.5 to 4 HZ 3. Alpha Range 4 to 8 HZ 10. A linear ac servo motor must have 4. Beta Range 8 to 1 3 HZ a) A large air gap 5. Gamma Range 1 3 to 22 HZ b) High rotor resistance c) High rotor reactance 3. Seismic Signals Caused by d) None of the above a) Electrical activity of heart b) Electrical activity of brain 11. ECG Signal is used to represent c) Earthquake d) None of the above a) Electrical activity of brain b) Electrical activity of the heart 4. Z80 is an c) The earthquake a) 1 6 - bit microprocessor d) a and b are cor ect

b) 8 - bit microprocessor c) 32 - bit microprocessor 12. The range of frequencies is blocked by the d) None of the above filter is cal ed a) Passband b) Multiband 5. Universal motors works in c) Stopband d) None of the above a) ac only b) DC only c) AC and DC d) None of the above 13. LED is switched on in a) Forward Biased b) reverse Biased 6. Zener diode is also cal ed c) a and b are cor ect d) None of the above a) Breakdown diode b) Tran : ht sistor c) a and b are cor ect d) None of the above 14. What semiconductor material used to get violet colour LED? 7. Distance Relays operates when a) Boron Nitride b) Aluminum Nitride a) The ratio V/I is less than a predetermined value c) Zinc Selenide d) indium gal ium Nitride b) The ratio V/I is higher than a predetermined value. c) a and b are cor ect d) None of the above . r e m i a l c s i D r u o d a e r o t t o g r o f t ' n o D . f l e s r u o y 8. What is the purpose of providing positive y b y l a u n a m r e w s n a e s e h t y f i r e v e s a e l P feedback in amplifiers. a) inpu d-41 a-31 c-21 b-11 b-01 b-9 d-8 Dtiomwnloaded From pedance may be increased considerably b) positive feedback increase the gain of an a - 7 a-6 c-5 b-4 c-3

-2 c-1 amplifier :srewsnA