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A Directive Address to the companions of Salafi Publications

This was taken from a gathering of western students with our noble Sheikh al-Muhaddith an-Naasih al-Ameen Abu Abd-ur-Rahmaan Yahya bin Ali alHajooree after a lecture given to the brothers in Britain, America, and other countries. In the name of Allah the One Full of Mercy the Bestower of Mercy The Question: Nowadays, the trials and tribulations have increased from salafi publications, they defame Daar-ul-Hadith in Dammaaj and what you all establish in it from good. So what is your advice? The Answer: Those that defame this good (), they have with them no proof for what they say. Rather, it is only the Shaytaan that incites them. Those that make defamation of this good (), they prevent from the path of Allah. Allah says:

: ...
So taste the evil (torment) from that which you have prevented from the path of Allah, and to you all is a tremendous torment. Surah an-Nahl :94

Those that slander, defame, and vilify this good (), they help in making firm the enemies (of the Sunnah), like the Raafidah, and the people of desires and fitnah. Also, they strengthen their prowess (i.e. their might and force). This is an aid to falsehood (), and they have no proof with them in that, not salafi publications nor other than them. It is nothing but empty claims and pure blind following, without any Quraan nor any evidence. I advise Abu Khadijah, and I advise Abu Hakeem, and the likes of them, those whom we use to know them to be upon goodness, then they were swept away by desires and lusts (), and by doubtful matters (), that they fear Allah, and protect over what they previously brought forward from good (), and calling to Allah (). Also, that they do not let the wordly life ( )afflict them (by being deceived by it), and that they do not become busied with the blind following of one particular individual, or others. So, if they have the ability to distinguish between the truth ( ) and the falsehood ( )without any blind following or desires, then let them do so. However, if they do not have this ability, then they should be patient, take their time, and stay far away from recklessness and lack of thought. Do not be yes-men! For verily, that is an evidence of their ignorance, desires, and being in an evil condition. It is not befitting that they be pleased with the statement that salafi publications (i.e. their establishment in Birmingham) is a land of migration ( ) , while it is in the midst of the disbelievers, with churches on its sides and bars (pubs) surrounding it. This statement is incorrect! Allah says:

So let them fear Allah and say a correct word. Surah an-Nisaa: 9 Everyone who detaches himself from the truth ( )and is pleased with the falsehood (), whether it be close or far, a little or a lot, small or big, he exposes himself to weakness and to the displeasure of Allah, the most high, () . For there has come in the hadith of the Prophet (j) that he said: ,(( )). ((Whoever argues in falsehood while he knows it, he remains in the displeasure of Allah. And whoever says about a believer that which is not with

him, Allah will cause him to dwell in the drippings (ie. sweat, puss, etc) of the people of the Hellfire until he leaves off what he said.)) O Mankind, do not be deceived by the life of this world, nor by the organizations and societies (), nor by the wealth. For Yahya will not benefit you, nor other than him, rather the only thing which will benefit you is youre actions.

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So whoever does an atom weight of good then he will see it, and whoever does an atom weight of evil then he will see it. Surah al-Zalzalah: 7-8 As of now, the image of salafi publications has been mutilated due to its blind following and them getting involved in fitnah. Every time a fitnah has come, they have fallen into it, from one time to another. What is that, except an indication of their lack of distinguishing (truth from falsehood), their ignorance and blind following. Verily, many different calls, calls larger than this have perished. The call of the alIkhwaan al-Muslimoon (the Islamic brotherhood), the call of the Jamaah at -Tabligh, the call of the Suroorees, the call of the Qutbees, and many other calls, all of them stood in opposition to the truth, so they dissolved and were exposed.


So what is after the truth except misguidance, so to where will you all be sent away? Surah Yunus: 32 My advice to them is that they repent to Allah from this lust and desire that they are in. That they (repent) from this ignorance in opposition to the ad-Dawah asSalafiyyah. Likewise, whoever helps and aids them upon this aids them upon evil, and whoever opposes the truth he only harms his own soul.

O mankind! Your transgression is only against your own souls, a brief enjoyment of this worldly life, then (in the end) to Us is your return, and We shall inform you of that which you used to do. Surah Yunus: 23

This is an advice to them. They are a people who are a publication of business, worldly affairs, and gathering money, while they were once those (whom I knew from them) loving the good. Now, the desires have conquered them. So the advice has been exerted, and returning to the truth is a virtuous affair and Allah alone is the One Who grants the success ((. These were the last of questions that took place on Saturday night on the 11 th of Jumaadaa Ulaah 1434.