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Ashley Bayles 311 522 9140

! PERSONAL INFORMATION Nationality: American and Canadian (dual citizenship)! Marital Status: Single Dependents: None Languages: English (native), Spanish (advanced) TEACHING EXPERIENCE The English School 2011 - Present Bogota, Colombia Technology Integration Coordinator, MYP English, MYP Drama, DP Lang & Lit

! Prince of Wales Secondary

Coached and mentored staff to improve pedagogy using technology. Facilitated staff professional development of almost 200 K-12 teachers. Led the Apple iPad 1:1 Launch and BYOD Device Programme in High School. Developed curriculum for IBDP English Language and Literature courses. Coordinated interdisciplinary units for MYP English and Drama.

2010 - 2011 Vancouver, Canada Grades 8, 10, 11 and 12 English and English Language Support, Grade 9 and 10 Spanish

! Developed ELL and SEN strategies to support and extend the learning of every child. Organized and facilitated extracurricular programmes. ! Gimnasio Los Caobos 2006 - 2007
Chia, Colombia Grade Six English Teacher

! Developed and designed the Grade Six English curriculum. Restructured classroom policies to ensure a productive learning environment. ! University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada Student Directed Seminar Instructor


! ! ! !

Designed and taught a fourth year English Majors Seminar at the University of British Columbia (UBC) using cultural studies to explore popular culture and music interaction. Worked in conjunction with a faculty advisor (Dr. Gisele Baxter) to develop the course outline, generate reading and resource lists, and assignments.

Ashley Bayles | Technology Integrator & English Specialist

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NON-TEACHING EXPERIENCE Backbone Technology Vancouver, Canada Web Producer & Director of Marketing 2008 - 2010

Trained new clients and staff members on the expression CMS software. Fixed bugs and solved technical concerns. Managed company website ( and 60 client websites. OTHER RELEVANT EXPERIENCE IB MYP Monitor Extended Essay Supervisor Personal Project Supervisor 2012 LAHC International Student Conference Organizer (TESTalks) Grade 11 Form Teacher Grade Two Classroom Volunteer Super Science Club Teacher PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Apple Distinguished Educator 1:1 Training IBDP Language and Literature Level 1 SMART Technologies - SMART Notebook Level 1 & 2 Certification SMART Technologies - SMART Notebook Level 1 & 2 Trainer Certification UBC Summer Institute 2012 Participant - Recurring Questions of Technology in Education PEDAGOGICAL INTERESTS Technology Integration Blended Learning Project-Based Learning Cross-curricular Collaboration Digital Literacy EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION University of British Columbia (UBC) Master of Educational Technology Bachelor of Education, Secondary English Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

! Vancouver Film School (VFS) ! Honours Diploma in Entertainment Business Management ! ! British Columbia Ministry of Education Professional Teaching Qualification Certificate Number L193188 !
Ashley Bayles | Technology Integrator & English Specialist

Vancouver, Canada 2014 2011 2006 Vancouver, Canada 2008 British Columbia, Canada 2011

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REFERENCE CONTACTS Sarah Osborne Headmistress The English School, Bogota

! Yolanda Ramirez ! Daniel Suarez

Director of ICT The English School, Bogota Head of English The English School, Bogota

! Rebekah Hommel - Former Head of English, The English School

Language and Literacy Coordinator and PD Coordinator Altamira International School

! Mike Choi

English Department Head Prince of Wales Secondary Work Phone: 1.604.713.8974 Marc Charalambous President Backbone Technology

! ! ! !

Ashley Bayles | Technology Integrator & English Specialist

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