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Sports Writing is also news writing. It carries the structure of a combined straight news and an action story.

A sports writer must tell his intended readers on what really had happened in a particular game thereby describing the actions, particularly, spectacular actions done by the players/athletes in a particular game or event. However, a straight news differs from that of a sports news in the sense that in a sports news, the writer uses special vocabulary words-- the sports lingo. Creativity and imagination and imagination are employed in describing action, thus, sometimes sport stories have the flavour of features. To be able to become a good sports writer, he/she must possess certain qualities, to wit: 1. He must have a nose for news 2. He must be familiar of all sports/events 3. He must have a working knowledge on the jargon of sports writing, usually referred to as sports lingo. Qualities of a Good Sports Writer 1. Must know team/individual standing 2. Must be familiar with the rules and regulations, strategies and tactics of the game or event he is writing about 3. Must know coaches and players as intimately as possible 4. Must observe accuracy 5. Must be able to take notes quickly without losing the sequence of the play 6. Must be fair and unbiased, even if you have personal favourites. 7. Must use the specialized language of the game being reported. 8. Must be at the sports venue not as a cheerer or spectator but as reporter. Writing the Sports Lead 1. a. b. c. d. e. The traditional sports lead consists of 5 Ws, and H, if possible. Who won? Against whom? By what score? Where? When?

The Alaska Aces (who won) lambasted the San Miguel Beermen (against whom) in their Semi-Final Quest, 93-65 (by what score), during the unprecedented Presidents Cup held at the Cuneta Astrodome (where), July 20, 2006 (when).

Writing the Body In writing the body of the sports news, the writer must conform with the following pointers. Team or individual standing (if it were a series of games) - 1 Paragraph Crucial moment - 1 Paragraph Top scorer of the game - 1 Paragraph Play - by - play account - 3 Paragraphs Quotations - 1 Paragraph Note: Phrases and statements embedded with ideas connected to the weather, crowd and celebration based on the writers analysis can be inserted in any of the paragraphs, if necessary. There must be 8 paragraphs in a sports news story. Sports Lingo for Basketball 1. Evened up matters with a 70-59 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 8-2 slate Got way laid Jampacked crowd Limit its turn-overs Point Guard Fired 19 pints Hauling rebounds Scored six points Topscored with 28 big pints Converted just three of 11 3-pt. tries As the final buzzer sounded Playing solidly all throughout League leader bannered the team Turn-around shot Poured all of his 19 pints Beat the buzzer Rainbow territory Undergoal stab with 5 seconds left Failed to score Wide-open three point shots Stretch the lead to three Improved their record Grabbed four rebounds Dished out four assists

26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Sank both free throws Guns for 2nd berth 1-2-2 defense Whole court pressure Triangle offense Fake and roll offense Finger Roll 2nd Board Perimeter Area Towering Defense Arrow Decision Back Court Reliever

Sports Lingo and Crutches Volleyball Wallop set Tosser over-reaching Spider block Backliner switch Net placing crossing 2 out of 3 back liner spike Volleyball belles Court Liners Chinese kill Touching Winning Score: 25 points Score must Badminton Racket shuttle cock fault-score rule smash doubles Mixed doubles double block back ball booming service unretaliated spike wall blocks like fireballs Anticipated spike Stopper be in a 2 pt. gap

overhead shots clear drop shot deceptive shots fast drop

slicing offensive lob shot winning score: 15 pts./set 2 out of 3 sets ruling shuttlers

deceptive shot - any action taken by a player that causes the opponent to be uncertain of his next move. Sports page is one of the most read sections of the newspaper because it is filled with action and emotion of players who are idolized by sports enthusiasts. QUALITIES OF A GOOD SPORTS WRITER: Must be a sports enthusiast.

Must know the basic roles, strategies, team and players or team records. Ability to take note quickly without missing the important sequence of the play. Must be fair in reporting even if he has a favourite team or player. Must observe accuracy in presenting facts. Has wide knowledge on sports lingo.

QUALITIES OF SPORTS Basically, it answers the five Ws and one H. It primarily describes the most thrilling and eventful part of the game. It uses more colourful words, adjectives, figures of speech, local color and longer sentences, which are not commonly used in straight news. It uses special vocabulary called sports lingo. KINDS OF SPORTS NEWS: 1. Advance news it gives advance information in the coming events. The following are the expected contents of the advance news. a. Significance of the game. b. Historical background of the game or event. c. Physical and mental qualities of the athletes. d. Strengths and weaknesses of each player and team based on their previous competitions. e. Venue of the event. f. Expected viewers. g. Weather that could affect the game. h. Statement of the coaches and athletes. 2. Coverage story an on the spot news of an actual game or event. It contains important reports like the following: a. Outcome of the winner, score of both teams. b. Significance of the outcome the prize or the chance to move on to the higher level of competition. c. Spectacular parts of the game how the winner outsmarted the loser, see-sawing scores and last minute play. d. Comparison of the strength and weaknesses of the athletes of both teams. e. Star player f. Weather g. Audience/viewers

3. Follow-up sports story it summarizes the activities of the team. It also analyzes the recently concluded game like a player who was injured and the psychological aspects of the players. 4. News based on the records it is based on the data gathered from authorities or officials of the game. It could also be a summary of different events almost simultaneously played in an athletic meet. WRITING THE SPORTS STORY: 1. Headline a. Red Bull frustrates SMB b. Skygo stuns Shark c. South Korea topples China in OT d. Realtors outgun Turbo Chargers e. Tamaraws rout UB Cardinals 2. The Lead The classic 5Ws appear in the Sports lead as (1) Who Won? (2) Against Whom? (3) By What Score? (4) Where? (5) When? Three ways of writing the sports lead 1. Key play this is usually used when the best angle of the sports event is through the collective effort of all the members of the winning team. University of Santo Tomas held off host Lyceum in a nervy fourth set to post a 25-13, 21-25, 25-20, 25-23 victory yesterday in the shakeys V-League Womens Volleyball Tournament at the Lyceum Gym. Umiskor and Adamson University ng anim na runs sa second inning upang gawing tuntungan sa kanilang 6-2 panaig laban sa University of the East kahapon sa pagpapatuloy ng UAAP Softball Tournament sa UST Field. 2. Outstanding Player when one or two of the members stand out of the rest of the players that caused the team to win the game, their heroic deed is the best angle to start a sports lead. James Yap lived up to expectation as he delivered the winning basket that lifted Purefoods Chunkee Giants to a heartstopping 75-74 overtime victory over Red Bull last night in the PBA Philippines Cup at the Araneta Coliseum. Iginupo ni top seed Anna Patricia Santos si 7th seed Ivy de Castro, 6-1, 2-6, 6-0 upang makatuntong sa singles semifinals ng Php 4,000,000.00 PCA Open Tennis Championship sa PCA Indoor Courts, Plaza Dilao kahapon. 3. Analytical approach this is used when the team employs a very spectacular strategy or action that brings them to victory.

Barking on nerve breaking wallops, deadly spikes and tricky placing, DLSU lady Archers dethroned Far Eastern University in the crucial third set of their UAAP Womens Volleyball Championship game, 25-18, 25-22, 25-19 at Cuneta Astrodome yesterday. Sa pamamagitan ng malalakas na spike at mapaglinlang na placing, pinadapa ng Abad Santos ES netters and Soliman ES spikers sa pangatlong set sa iskor na 25-20, 21-25, 25-17 sa isang exhibition game, Hulyo 26 sa Torres HS oval kaugnay sa pagdiriwang ng Sports Week. 4. The Body Contains the play-by-play account of the game. Highlights of the game Find the turning point of the game. Describe spectacular plays. Tell about the last minute fumble. Decisive play the most crucial part of the game that gives a certain team the winning margin. Play-by-Play Describe the progress of the game in detail but due to limited space, play-by-play has to be condensed. Comparison of the Teams Which was the better team? Who did better in the foulline? In what department were the losers weak? Best score for the day what did they do to become the heroes of the game? Quotation it is customary for the star player or coach to have his sentiments recorded for posterity. Weather condition Mud, sunshine, heat, cold, or wind may have a bearing on the game. Crowd and Celebration How did the spectators behave? SUGGESTED WAYS TO GATHER DATA ON SPORTS NEWS: 1. Before the game: a. Know the roles of the game. b. Know key people c. List down their names in full and check the spelling. d. Interview key person who are involved in the game. 2. During the actual game a. Look for a good working place where you can closely witness the game. b. Observe closely and list down the following: i. The most thrilling part of the game ii. Unexpected event like a neophyte who perform excellently iii. Humorous event iv. Audience Reaction v. Statement of the players and coaches 3. After the game a. Check the accuracy of the score from the officials b. Interview star player or coach of the winning team.

WINNING TEAM He's a good X's and O's coach. He runs a squeaky-clean program. (Said when any college team has not been under NCAA investigation within the last 5 years) They're a blue collar team. They've gone to a youth movement. They've got tremendous mental toughness. They're a dark horse team. This team is showing flashes of brilliance. They're finally hitting their stride. This team is really starting to gel. This team is starting to make some noise. This could be a sleeper team. They're a team to be reckoned with. Everybody's on the same page. The players have bought into the system. They're doing all the little things you need to win. This team is not going to sneak up on anybody. This team has turned the corner. This team has raised the bar. They've gotten over the hump. This team has finally gotten off the schneid. They're loaded this year. They have a strong supporting cast. They've added a new wrinkle to their offense. This team travels well. Those players form their nucleus. He's really whipped them into shape. He's got them headed in the right direction. This team takes on the personality of their coach. He must challenge his players. These guys have been working their tails off. These guys have been busting their butts. They're finally getting the respect they deserve. They've been playing with confidence. They've got great team chemistry. This team is like a family. They've got die-hard fans. The city has rallied around this team. You have to respect their quickness. You have to respect their athleticism. You have to respect their physicality. (`Physicality' was invented by college basketball analyst Clark Kellogg and is currently spreading to different announcers) They do a great job defensively. They're a multi-faceted team. They're an offensive-minded team. They have a high-octane offense. They have a potent offense.

They've got a lot of depth. They pride themselves on their defense. They have a stingy defense. They have a swarming defense. They play tough "D". They play tenacious defense. They play punishing defense. They play tremendous pressure defense. They play in-your-face defense. Theyve been on a roll. Theyre over-achievers. They can go the distance. They won't be denied. They strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. Theyve come out of nowhere. Theyve returned from oblivion. What an incredible turnaround. They're a real Cinderella story. They're having a storybook season. They're having a dream season. Theyre a better team than their record indicates. They're no pushovers. They give you so many different looks. They have a lot of weapons. They've got a tremendous ballclub. This franchise has a storied past. They're the winningest team in league history. Winningest? They can put up big numbers. They're playing with swagger. They're a team of destiny. They're on a mission. LOSING TEAM It's a rebuilding year. They've been struggling offensively. (Teams never struggle defensively) Their offense has been sputtering. They're a bit banged up. They've got some players who are ding'd up. They've got a few guys who are nicked up. They're nursing some nagging injuries. They've had a few players go down with injuries. They've been riddled with injuries. They need to get healthy. A week off will do them some good. They've got to ignore the off-field distractions. They need a win to stop their five game skid. They're still missing a few pieces to the puzzle. Their defense has been much maligned.

They're the league doormats. They're the league cellar dwellers. This team is searching to find its identity. Despite the losing record, they're just a few plays away from having a perfect season. The coach has been under fire. The coach is on the hot seat. The coach's head is on the chopping block. DURING THE GAME It's a game of inches. They're feeling each other out. Denver draws first blood. It's going down to the wire. It's a real pressure cooker. It's a nail biter. It's a nip and tuck game. It's a see-saw game. We've got a real barn-burner. The fans are getting their money's worth. This is an offensive shootout. They're locked in a defensive battle. These two teams are fighting tooth and nail. These two teams are going at it like a couple of heavyweights. This game has gone true to form. What a difference a week makes. That changed the complexion of the game. You can feel the momentum swinging. That took the crowd out of the game. That really silenced the crowd. The crowd is really into it now. The crowd is going wild. The fans are on their feet. That play electrified the crowd. This place is bedlam. This place is pandemonium. You can feel the electricity. They're within striking distance now. Now we've got a football game. It's a whole new ballgame. They've scratched and clawed their way back into the game. It's a shame somebody has to lose this game. They're playing with a sense of urgency. They dodged the bullet there. They got a big break there. That was a missed opportunity. That'll give coach Jimmy Johnson a few more grey hairs. Coach Jimmy Johnson is absolutely livid on the sideline. He should get an Academy Award for that acting job.

Good call by the official. The officials were right on top of that. You know that score won't hold up. That was just huge. Great individual effort. You can't teach that. That was a real heads-up play. That was a gutsy play. That was a textbook play. That was a page right out of the Broncos' playbook. They diagrammed that perfectly. That's stuff for the highlight film. He's having a whale of a game. He's having a monster game. He's been the story of the game. The competitive juices are flowing. They're playing inspired defense. That's 14 unanswered points. This could be the turning point. That came at an inopportune time. That could turn the tide of the game. That was the game's defining play. That set the tone of the game. Gut-check time. Crunch time. You couldn't have written a better script. This game has turned into a chess match. These two teams are going at it like a couple of heavyweight fighters. The Broncos must now pin their hopes on John Elway. They cant quite put them away. That was the big play that capped the rally. They're forced to burn a timeout. There's a buck-30 left in regulation. (A cliche way to say there's a minute and a half remaining in regulation time) Time is of the essence. The clock is their ally. The clock is their enemy.

When a team is winning It's theirs to lose. No lead is safe. They can smell blood in the water. It's been all Denver to this point. They can't afford to get lackadaisical. That score gives them a big cushion. That score sealed the victory. They've built an insurmountable lead.

Theyre off to the races now. They've answered the call. They're hitting on all cylinders. This team is running like a well-oiled machine. It's all over but the shouting. This one's in the bag. This is just a walk in the park for them now. They're blowing the game wide open. They're going for the jugular. They're running roughshod over them. It looks like they're running up the score. They're putting on a clinic. When a Team is Losing That's gotta hurt. They look out of synch. He's seen enough. (Usually said when a baseball manager pulls a pitcher or when a basketball coach calls a timeout) They're making a lot of un-forced errors. They appear to lack consistency. They have to generate some offense. They're not playing to win - they're playing not to lose. They're back on their heels. They're on the ropes. They have to get back into their offensive rhythm. They're going to have to make some adjustments. They've got to go back and re-group. (Individual players are often encouraged to re-group, which makes as much sense as 110 percent.) They'll have a lot to discuss at halftime. They must maintain their composure. They have to get back on track. They have a tough road to hoe. (The sports world has distorted the original cliche by replacing "row" with "road". How do you hoe a road?) They have to circle the wagons. Their play is very tentative. They don't have their heads in the game. The Broncos left their game in Denver. They've gone to the well once too often. They're not out of it yet. They're still hanging around. We've still got plenty of football left. They have to slowly chip away at this lead. They won't go quietly. No need to panic, there's plenty of time left. Never say die. They can still try the "Hail Mary". Well, stranger things have happened. It ain't over 'til it's over.

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. You can feel this one slipping away. Looks like we'll have another team fall from the ranks of the unbeaten. That score makes it respectable. That's too little, too late. This game is getting out of hand. When it rains it pours. That really took the wind out of their sails. That could be the knock-out punch. That was the back breaker. There's the dagger. That sealed their fate. That's a nail in the coffin. A lot of the faithful are heading for the exits. Warm up the bus. Their defense is getting shredded. The wheels just fell off. The roof just caved in. Lights out. They're self-destructing. They ran into a buzz saw. They're getting an old-fashioned woodshed whippin'. The rout is on. This is a real shellacking. This is a train wreck. This is turning into a real laugher. This could get ugly. PLAYOFFS The wildcard race is heating up. They're still in the hunt for that final playoff berth. They're still very much alive. They're still in the mix. They're peaking at the right time. They're capable of making a deep run in the post-season. They're on the bubble. They've got some good, quality wins. (Used when a college basketball team is on the bubble for the NCAA tournament) They're on the outside looking in. They have to run the table. They have to win out. Their magic number is five. They managed to back into the playoffs. They've played a soft schedule. They have to remember what got them here. They have to treat this just like any other game. They've been here before. They have a lot of big game experience.

They control their own destiny. Anything less than a championship is unacceptable. They're going for back-to-back championships. They're going for a three-peat. This team has a chance to do something special. They're not just happy to be here. In the playoffs anything can happen. Hopefully they can steal one on the road. They need to get a win in their building. They're in the driver's seat. They have to do the things they've been doing all season. A win tonight will force a decisive game seven. It doesn't matter who they play in the next round. They've battled back from the brink of elimination. It's do or die. They're behind the eight ball. They're in a must-win situation. They need a win to stave off elimination. (Stave off? Staving? Has any normal human being ever 'staved' anything? The only time you hear about 'staving' is in this classic sports cliche.) This is for all the marbles. There's no tomorrow. If you lose, you go home. Theyre down but not out. They've got their backs against the wall. They've been mathematically eliminated. (Teams are never eliminated. They are always 'mathematically eliminated', which makes the sportscaster sound like a number genius.)