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d n a , d e v i l t r o h s , e l b a t c i d e r p FAD - un l a c i t i l o p d n a , c i m o n o c e , l without socia . e c n a c i f i n g i s

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Trends and megatrends merit close attention.

MACROENVI RONMENT forces and tr ends that shape oppor tunities and pose threats . UNCONTROL LABLE

Socio-cultural D e m o g r a p h i c c i m o n Eco
l a c i g o l o Natural Techn Politica l-legal

DEMOGRAPH IC Population people make up markets

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x i M e g A n o i t a l u p o P

According to United Nations, many East Asian countries have experienced a decline in their Total Fertility Rates in the past 50 years. In the period of 1965-1970, the average family had five or more children. From 2005 to 2010, the average shifted to below 2.1 children per family.

What is the implication?

g in in f e d s p u o r g Cohor t 5 moments

School-Age Children !! Have signicant inuence over family purchases Tweens and Teens, Gen Y, Millenials !!Spend billions annually on everything from snacks to clothing to electronics. !!Also inuence billions of family purchases. !!Companies that target this group can have signicant success

Generation X

!! Born between 1966 and 1981

!! Family-oriented, well educated, and optimistic Baby Boomers !!Born between 1946 and 1965, Inuenced by Vietnam War and careerism that followed. !!Lucrative and Diverse segment that generally tends to value health and quality of life.

Seniors !!Heads of households more than 55 years old control about threequarters of the countrys total assets. !!Account for 40 percent of new-car sales and most of the travel spending

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Question: How would religion in different countries in Asia impact on the marketing strategies of a firm wishing to enter that country? Give examples using the marketing mix variables.



Illiterates. College degrees. . s t u o p o r d l o o h c s h ig H . s e e r g e d l o o h s c p s u h o ig r H G l a n o i t n a o i c t u a d c E u d e e u l a v s . n s As ofessional Degree ra Pi

g in s o o h c , g n ti ra a p e s r o g s d More are divorcinsya e e n g f o in y t e rr s a e m v r ti o c r, n te ti la is d g in arr ha ,m yp rru ro ga chm t to oa nE d . ie n rr re a d il M h . s c s n v e r v D e a t h W t S a to S P n o d ti s l n it o te b eh e sa g th uh yin oin ou H btu hd itn wa

n o i t a l u p o P n i s t f i h S Geographical

t n e m n o r i v n E c i m o Econ

n e e w t e b s p a g g Increasin rich and poor

: y b d e t c e f f a e r a s e r u it d n e p x e r e m u s n o C y it il b a il a v A it d e r C d n Savings, Debt a

t n e m n o r i v n E l a r u t l Social-Cu

Society sha pes beliefs

and norms

that define


The people l iving in a pa r ticular socie many core b ty hold eliefs and v alues that t per sis t. end to Core beliefs and values are passed fr om paren on ts to c hild ren and a reinforced by re major social institutions. Secondar y b eliefs and v alues are m open to chan or e ge. Mar keter s have some chance of changing se condar y val ues but lit chance of ch tle anging core values.


s e u l a V e r Asian Co
Respect for elders-filial piety Confucian ethics Importance of the family Extended

Filipino Core Values

Professor Felipe M. de Leon, Jr.
Commissioner, NCCA Chairman, NLTA University of the Philippines

KAPWA (share identity)

Asian Social Institute

!! the core of Filipino psychology, it is humaneness at the highest level !! implies unique moral obligation to treat one another as equal fellow human beings

Filipino Core Values

PAKIRAMDAM (SHARED INNER PERCEPTION) !! Knowing Through Feeling or implied Knowing; Participatory Sensitivity) !! A unique social skill inherent in Filipino personhood !! The need for openness and basic trust is a precondition for this active process of sensing subtle cues

Filipino Core Values

Kagandahang Loob (SHARED HUMANITY)
!! Pagkamakatao; A Shared Inner Nobility; A Quiet Sense of Responsibility for Others; A Great Compassion for All Living Beings) !! Nudges a person towards genuine acts of generosity, kindness and caring

Levels of Filipino Social Interaction

AMONG OUTSIDERS: ! MakiTUNGO (courtesy) ! MakiSALAMUHA (mixing) ! MakiLAHOK (joining) ! MakiBAGAY (adapting) ! MakiSAMA (getting along with)


Characteristic tendencies of this trait are giving in to another persons wish, demands, wants or desires The motive for this could be politeness or expectation of future concessions or immediate rewards

g n i g r e m e s e u l a v d e r a h s . s h t e i c w n s a t p s u o m r u g rc i E c r R o U T s L e U c n C e B i r U e S p x e e f i l l a i c e from their sp

NATURAL EN VIRONMENT The deteriora tion of the environment is a major global conce rn.

n i a t r e c t i h e v a h s n o i t a l u g e r w Ne d r a h y r e v industries

Ever y new technology is a force for creative destruction.

n u r g n o l r o j a m s e t a e r c . o e l s l b a a s e e e i s g e o r l New techno es that are not always fo c n e u q e s n co

The entrepre neurs should monitor the following tre nds in techn ology: Accelerating pace of chan ge Unlimited op por tunities f or innovation Increased re gulation of technologica l change

l a g e L l a c i Polit

INCREASE IN BUSINESS L EGISLATION Competitive Behavior Product Stan dards Counter feitin g ETC . . . But can also be positive

Other issues : Growth of sp ecial interes t groups Market Refo rm Corruption