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We often feel very distrustful and doubtful when we think about the future, especially when we take in consideration

our primitive need to perpetuate this species. We take it as a serious responsibility and we rarely neglect it when it comes to becoming grandparents. We have reserves and feel irritated by thinking about it. However, the subject of this article, a psychotherapist (Gael Lindenfield , reali!es that a good relation with our grandchildren can be a big source of happiness and welfare. "n the same time, grandparents can make you conscious of your genetic and biological history, as well as of your spiritual history (the general history of the family . #hey can give you new perspectives and teach you new things about the place you were born$ they can provide and confer a psychological comfort to you, as a growing human being. "n the adulthood we are still vulnerable % our psychological health can be affected by the relationship we had or we haven&t had with our grandparents. 'eople can get healed emotionally simply by having a happy memory of unconditional grandparent love reawakened. (lan is a case in which his father&s ambitions didn&t raise to his grandfather&s unconditional love. #he father&s perfectionism and professional )severity& had e*pectations that were too big for (lan % those obsessions transformed him into a workaholic. (nother situation, in which self+esteem was very low, (ngela&s case, asked for a resolution in her grandmother&s memory. ,he was remembering and recalling the moments when her always joyful and smiling grandmother used to greet her after school. #hat gave her a boost of confidence. #he psychotherapist, after becoming a grandparent himself, reali!es how important (lan and (ngela were to their grandparents. However, the intimate and mutually satisfying relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are diminishing increasingly more as we approach today. #he reasons of this distancing, says Gael Lindenfield the psychotherapist, are geographic or pecuniary. Gael)s perspective about this situation is focused and based on concrete cases he have met. #he lack of time and the overcharged program is also a factor to favor this distancing. #his )strange& estranging is also caused by the break+up of

family through divorce or separation. When they lose contact with their grandchildren, a lot of grandparents are predisposed to emotional imbalances and even physical illness. -eing more wise, they&ll never give up hope and they will not accept separation or loss in the family. #hat&s why grandparents have such strong bond instincts. + they are wise and they often hide big souls behind those wrinkled faces.