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MILANO GPL secvenial sisteme de injecie GAZ




Installation of sequential gas injection system, must be done by skilled workers, with obey the rules of gas installation in cars.

Instalarea sistemului de injecie de gaz secvenial , trebuie s se fac de ctre muncitori calificai , cu respecte regulile de instalare de gaz n maini .
Before installation it is necessary to read the manual carefully.

Inainte de instalare este necesar s citii cu atenie manualul .

Before we start instalation of gas system we have to disconnect the minus of battery.

nainte de a ncepe instalarea sistemului de gaze naturale trebuie s deconectai minus al bateriei .
In case when the battery is connected it is very important that installation of harnesses must be done only when the gas control unit and fuses are disconnected.

n cazul n care bateria este conectat , este foarte important ca instalarea de hamuri trebuie s se faca numai atunci cnd unitatea de comand gaz i siguranele sunt deconectate .
The gas control unit must be located in place where it is protected from high temperatures, water, petrol, grease and other chemicals.

Unitatea de control de gaz trebuie s fie amplasate n locul unde este protejat de temperaturi nalte , ap , benzin , grsimi i alte substane chimice .
All points of connection must be soldered very carefully and isolated properly. secured against rubbing. ires must be

Toate punctele de cone iune trebuie s fie lipit cu foarte mare aten ie i izolate n mod corespunztor . !ire trebuie s fie asigurate mpotriva frecarii.
The gas control unit has got factory settings !default configuration" so it must be calibrated in every single car.

Unitatea de control de gaz are setrile din fabric " configura ia implicit #, astfel nct acesta s fie calibrat n fiecare ma in unic .
#as inlets for the intake manifold must be installed very carefully, while keeping the intake clean. $uring drilling it is e%tremely important &'T to allow any filings to get inside the intake. (or most cars it is advised to remove intake manifold prior to drilling.

$rizele de gaz pentru galeria de admisie trebuie instalate foarte atent, pstrnd n acelai timp admisia curata . Tipul de foraj este e trem de important de a nu permite sa patrunda pilitura n interiorul admisie . $entru cele mai multe masini, se recomand s scoatei galeria de admisie nainte de foraj .
ire )*+,- key. !red / pin A+ black connector" must be disappear after turn off the ignition. This connection can not load any other system in vehicle.

!irul % &'( ) cheie % " rou * pini +' conector negru # trebuie s nu mai aiba curent dup oprirea motorului . +ceast cone iune nu se recomanda sa mai alimenteze alti consumatori ai vehicul .
$o not connect to the shielded wires !do not cut the shield".

,u conectai cu fire ecranate " se taie scut # .

After the installation we must check tightness of gas connections.

-up instalare trebuie s verifice etaneitatea la reeaua de gaz .

-./01I.1. T.2,I0+
The 0ilano 12#34&# 5equential #as Injection 5ystem is designed for vehicles with advanced petrol supply diagnostics system !'B$ II36'B$", with catalytic converter and 1ambda sensors, and meets the 678' 9 fuel emission standards.

3ilano 4$5 6 0,4 secvenial sistem de injecie de gaz este proiectat pentru vehiculele cu alimentare cu sistem pe benzin avansat de diagnosticare " 78- II 6 .78- # , cu convertor catalitic i senzori lambda , care ndeplinete normele .uro 9 de emisii de combustibil .
The 0ilano system can be adapted to fit all engines with multi/point fuel injection, as well as sequential, semi/sequential or fullgoup and engines with turbocompressors !superchargers".

/istemul 3ilano pot fi adaptate pentru a se potrivi la toate motoarele cu injectie multi*punct , precum i motoare secveniale , semi * secveniale sau fullgoup i cu turbocompresori " compresoare # .
The use of a very fast microcontroller, acting as a signal proccessor and a )smart. controller of the output unit of the gas injectors, enables precise and instantaneous control of the gas/air mi%ture at the same moment !time point" at which the petrol 647 would inject fuel for the current cylinder. The very precise and time/synchroni:ed gas injection means that no difference is felt between running on gas and petrol. There is no significant loss of power or difference in the vehicle;s dynamics, and the vehicle offers the same acceleration when running on gas as with petrol.

Utilizarea unui microcontroler foarte rapid , care ac ioneaz ca un proccessor semnal i un % inteligent % controlor al unitii de ieire de la injectoarele de gaz , permite un control precis i instantanee a amestecului gaz * aer n acelai moment " punct de timp #, la care .0U benzina va injecta combustibil pentru cilindru curent . Injecia foarte precise i la timp sincronizata pe gaz nseamn c nu trebuie sa se resimte nicio diferen ntre rularea pe gaz i benzin . ,u e ist nici o pierdere semnificativ de putere sau o diferen n dinamica

vehiculului , iar vehiculul ofer aceeai acceleraie atunci cnd ruleaz pe gaz la fel ca i cu benzin .
The vehicle with the 0ilano 12#34&# 5equential #as Injection 5ystem will continue to meet fuel emission standards and will meet 'B$ II36'B$ requirements without additional emulators.

)ehicul cu 4$5 6 0,4 secvenial sistem de injecie de gaz 3ilano va continua pentru a ndeplini standardele de emisie de combustibil i va ndeplini cerinele 78- II 6 .78- fr emulatoare suplimentare .
The vapori:ed gas is supplied immediately in front of the valves < as in petrol system < which eliminates the possibility of e%plosions !caused by accumulation of gas in the large volume of the intake manifold". All engine management and diagnostic functions remain unchanged.

4azul vaporizat este furnizat imediat n faa supapelor * la fel ca n sistemul cu benzin* care elimin posibilitatea de e plozii " cauzat de acumularea de gaze n volum mare de galeria de admisie # . Toata energia de management al motorului i funcii de diagnosticare rmn neschimbate .

The 0ilano system has an innovative algorithm for calibration of the vehicle during a road test. In all range of loads, the gas control unit collects points reflecting the operation of the engine on petrol and gas, creating maps of the operations of the vehicle. 4omparison of those maps makes possible a precise configuration of the vehicle on gas, by establishing a map for gas indentical to that for petrol. 2reviously this could only be done by means of time/consuming tests using vehicle test benches !chassis dynometer".

/istemul 3ilano are un algoritm inovator pentru calibrare al vehiculului n timpul unui test rutier . n tot spectrul de sarcini ,unitatea de comand gaz colecteaz puncte care reflect func ionarea motorului cu benzin i gaz , crend hri ale operaiunilor vehiculului . 0ompararea acestor hr i face posibil o configuraie e act a vehiculului pe gaz , prin stabilirea unei harti pentru gaz indentica cu cea pentru benzin . +nterior, acest lucru ar putea fi realizat doar prin intermediul testelor consumatoare de timp, cu ajutorul standurilor de ncercare de vehicule " d:nometer asiu # .
The gas control unit has a built/in mechanism for self/diagnosis.

Unitatea de control de gaz are un mecanism de built*in pentru auto * diagnostic .

The 0ilano system is very simple for installers to calibrate, and is transparent to the user thanks to the automatic switching mode. If the gas tank is almost empty the system switches automatically to petrol supply, and this is indicated by a sound signal !bu::er".

/istemul 3ilano este foarte simplu pentru instalare, pentru calibrarea , i este transparent pentru utilizator datorita modului de comutare automat . n cazul n care rezervorul de gaz este aproape gol sistemul comut automat la alimentarea cu benzina , iar acest lucru este indicat printr*un semnal sonor" buzzer # .
Installation is easy due to the small si:e of the enclosure and the convenient position of the attachment grip.

Instalarea este uoar datorit dimensiunilor mici ale incintei i poziie convenabil de prindere ataament .
The gas control unit contains an internal petrol injector emulator. The gas control unit enables it to be used with a variety of gas injectors., such as 0atri%, Taurus, 8ail, -altek, ect.

Unitatea de control de gaz conine o intern benzina injector emulator . Unitatea de control gaz i permite s fie utilizate cu o varietate de injectoarele de gaz . , 0um ar fi 3atri , Taur , feroviar , )alte; , ect .
The 0ilano system is available in 9/, =/ and >/ channel version for ?, 9, @, =, > cylinder engines.

/istemul 3ilano este disponibil n 9 * , < * i = * versiunea canal de > , 9 , ?, < , = cilindri .
5ystem 0ilano works correctly with standard turbocompressors. ith cars after tuning or with high supercharging it is posibble to have some problems with working on the gas. 2lease consult 0ilano technicians in such case.

/istem 3ilano funcioneaz corect cu turbocompresori standard. 0u ma ini dup Tuning sau cu un grad ridicat de supraalimentare este posibil s avei unele probleme cand lucreaz pe gaz . ) rugm s consulta i tehnicieni 3ilano n acest caz .


-escrierea prilor , /I/T.3U5

Unitatea de control electronic

0I1A&' electronic control unit is designed for controlling gas injectors in automotive gas installations.

3I5+,7 unitate de control electronic este proiectat pentru controlul injectoarele de gaz n instalaiile de gaz auto .
According to the present parameters readout !reducer temperature, gas temperature, manifold air pressure, rpms" and parameters received from petrol ECU, it calculates the time of the gas injection require !

0onform citire parametrilor prezenti " temperatura reductor , temperatura gazului , presiunea aerului galerie , rpm # i parametrilor primiti de la .0U benzina , acesta calculeaz timpul de injec ie de gaz necesari .
The device may be used in vehicles with up to > cylinders !depending on version".

-ispozitivul poate fi utilizat la vehicule cu pn la = cilindrii "n func ie de versiune # .

It contains 9, = or > independent channels of injectors emulator for isconnecting petrol injectors! Current attenuating resistance is connecte to the injector circuit! Car computer oes not etect errors, "hen injectors o not "or# $it oes not appl% to computers "ith current control&!

+cesta conine 9, < sau = canale independente de injectoare emulator pentru deconectarea injectoarelor de benzin. 1ezisten a curent atenuante este conectat la circuitul injectorului . 0alculator auto nu detecteaz erori , atunci cnd injectoarele nu funcioneaz " nu se aplic la computere cu control de curent # .
The case of the unit is made of aluminum to protect the ecectronic pieces used on the electronic card.

0azul n care unitatea este realizat din aluminiu pentru a proteja piesele ecectronic utilizate pe cartela electronic .
$4 supply...............................................................................................+A/+= - !typical +9-" 4urrent in standby mode !driving on petrol"...................................................................>@ mA

0in gas injector resistance..................................................................................................., 'perating temperature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!()*!!!+,-*.C Varistor protecte against o/er/oltage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))V Control unit suppl% protection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fuse ,-A 0a1imal loa of gas /al/e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*A

@ -0 de alimentare AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.'B*'< ) " '9) tipic # @ curent n modul standb: " de conducere pe benzin # AA..=? m+ @ 3in gaz injector rezisten . AAAAAAAAAAAAAA..( @ Temperatura de lucru AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.*(? ... &'B? C 0 @ )ariatiilor protejate mpotriva supratensiunilor AAAAAA (() @ Unitate de control de alimentare de protecie sigurane AAA.'B+ @ ncrcare ma im la vana de gazAAAAAAAAAAAAA.?+



A switch is installed to board to change from gasoline to 12# or vice versa.

Un comutator este instalat la bord pentru a schimba de la benzin la 4$5 sau invers .
hen, the car runs with gasoline, all leds are off. hen runs with 12#, blue led is on and also the leds for indication of level of gas are on with respect to amount of tthe 12#.

+tunci cand , masina ruleaza cu benzina , toate 5.-*urile sunt stinse . 0nd se ruleaza cu 4$5 , 5.-*ul albastru este aprins i de asemenea, 5.-*uri verzi pentru indicarea nivelului de gaze sunt aprinse indicand cantitatea de 4$5 .
hen the tank is full , all four green leds are on. only red led is on. hen it is empty, all the green leds are off and

0nd rezervorul este plin , toate cele patru 5.-*uri verzi sunt aprinse . +tunci cnd este gol , toate 5.-*urile verzi sunt oprite i doar rou este aprins .
A bu::er is installed to system. when the gas is ends, the car is switched automatically to gasoline . and this is informed to driver by means of this bu::er.

7 sonerie este instalat la sistem n cazul n care gazul se termin , ma ina este comutat automat la benzin i acest lucru este adus la cunostinta mecanicului prin intermediul acestui sonerie .
hen, the car is switched to 12#, first, system controls the temperature and the 820 to switch to gas. If the temperature is low, system waits to reach to the setted values. $uring this time, blue led is flashing. Tese parameters are set from software. the level sensor is assembled on the multivalve to show the level of the gas. 0ilano level sensor is compatible with A6B+A@A level sensor.

+tunci, masina este trecut pe 4$5, n primul rnd, sistemul controleaz temperatura i 1$3 pentru a comuta la gaz . -ac temperatura este sczut , sistemul ateapt s ajung la valorile setate . n acest timp , 5.-*ul albastru se aprinde intermitent . $arametrii setati sunt stabilite de la softEare*ul, senzor de nivel este asamblat pe multivalve pentru a arta nivelul de gaz . /enzor de nivel 3ilano este compatibil cu +.8'B?B senzor de nivel .

REDUCER 8eductorul The reducer guarantee gas evaporation from liquid phase to gaseous phase by using heat from cooling system. It measures pressure in intake manifold and it keeps constant gas pressure independently of engine load.

1eductorul garanie evaporari gazului de la faza lichid la faza gazoas , prin utilizarea cldurii din sistemul de rcire . /e msoar presiunea n colectorul de admisie i o menine constant presiunea gazului independent de sarcina motorului .
The output pressure value can be regulated in wide range !A.=...+.>bar". The recommended working pressure is + bar.

)aloarea presiunii de ieire poate fi reglat n gama larga " B.< ... '.=bar # . $resiunea de lucru recomandat este de ' bar .
The reducer is available in the following versionsB Super Milan !""#W $!%&HP'

1eductorul este disponibil n urmtoarele versiuni F /uper 3ilano (BB;D " (G>2$ #
#as control unit monitors the reducer temperature. If the temperature is below the switching treshold !set in the 24 software", the engine is fuelled by petrol. hen the treshold is reached, the gas control unit switches the system to gas supply. This procedure ensures that the gas flows through the reducer only when it can be vapori:ed completely.

Unitatea de control de gaze monitorizeaz temperatura reductorului . -ac temperatura este sub pragul de comutare " stabilit n softEare*ul $0*ul # , motorul este alimentat cu benzin . 0nd se atinge pragul ,unitatea de comand gaz comut sistemul pentru alimentare cu gaz . +ceast

procedur asigur c flu ul de gaz poate trece prin reductor numai atunci cnd acesta poate fi vaporizat complet .
8educer can be installed in parallel or perpendicular to vehicle a%is.

1eductor poate fi instalat n paralel sau perpendicular pe a a vehiculului .

Because of large weight reducer must be installed solidly to ehicle/car body.

-in cauza greutatii mari reductor trebuie s fie instalat solid pe caroserie auto .
It is not recommented to install reducer water inlets in serial to cooling system. This way of connection may reduce the flow of the engine coolant and may cause overheating of the engine.

,u se recomanda sa se instaleze orificiile de admisie a apei reductorului n serie cu sistem de rcire . +cest mod de conectare poate reduce flu ul de rcire a motorului i poate cauza supranclzirea motorului .
The reducer cannot be installed with the coil of gas valve downwards. This may result in valve sei:ure !stop" due to dirty gas.

1eductor nu poate fi instalat cu bobina de robinetul n jos gaz . +cest lucru poate duce la infundarea robinetului " oprire #, din cauza gazului murdar .

INJECTOR RAIL injector (or each type of gas injector it is neccesary to choose correct gas injector type in 24 software. (or each type of gas injector it is neccesary to wite default value of )071T. and

)'ffset. parameter according to the folloEing tableF

$entru fiecare tip de injector de gaz este necesar de a alege corect tipul de injector de gaz n softEare*ul $0*ului . $entru fiecare tip de injector de gaz este necesara pentru a alege valoarea implicit de % 3U5T % i parametrul % 7ffset %, n conformitate cu tabelul de mai jos F
4as injector 3+T1IH 3I5+,7 ">ohm# 3I5+,7 "'ohm# 3U5T BI "',B# BI "',B# BI "',B# 7ffset ',B (,B ',B

In case of the =/cylinders engines and 9/sections gas injectors rail only the first ? sections of each injectors rail are used.

n cazul motoarelor < * cilindri si 9 sectiuni injectoare de gaz feroviare numai primele > seciuni ale fiecreisunt utilizate injectoare feroviar .
Selection of nozzles.

/elecia"alegerea# de duze .
()* ++ !)( ++ !). ++ !)% ++ (!,(% HP-CYL (*,!. HP-CYL !/,&! HP-CYL &&,." HP-CYL

The In0e12 r Gr up is comprised of several injectors, precisely one for each cylinder. The opening time and opening sequence of the injectors is established by the 4$4 which elaborates the data supplied by the original petrol 647 in real time through comple% algorithms.

4rupul Injector este compus din mai multe injectoare , mai precis una pentru fiecare cilindru . Timpul de deschidere i secvena de deschidere a injectoarelor este stabilit de 0-0 care elaboreaza datele furnizate de .0U benzina original n timp real, prin algoritmi complec i .

MAP SENSOR 5ensor de presiune The pressure sensor used by the system is a differential type, which allows it to efficiently measure the positive entry pressure at the gas injector rail and to measure at the same time, the negative pressure present in the inlet collector of the engine. Both of these measurements are considered by the algorithm of 12# gaseous injection systems. The presence of the pressure sensor in the injection system allows it to provide accurate carburetion for the gas system and to be able to utili:e, at any time, specific characteristics of the injection system such as automatic commutation to petrolin the absence of 12# .

/enzorul de presiune folosit de ctre sistemul este un tip diferen ial , care i permite s msoare eficient presiunea pozitiv de intrare la injectorul de gaz feroviar i s msoare , n acelai timp ,presiunea negativ prezent n colectorul de admisie al motorului . +mbele aceste msurtori sunt considerate de algoritmul de sisteme de injec ie gazoase 5$4 . $rezena senzorului de presiune n sistemul de injec ie i permite s furnizeze carburatie corecte pentru sistemul de gaze i s fie capabil de a utiliza , n orice moment , caracteristicile specifice ale sistemului de injec ie , cum ar fi comutarea automat a benzinei in absena 5$4 .
TEMPERATURE SENSORS Sen3 rii 4e 2e+pera2ura There are two temarature sensors. 'ne of them is on the reducer and the other one is on the injector rail. These sensors are very important. To switch from gasoline to gas , system checks temperature values.

. ist doi senzori de temperatura . Unul dintre ei este pe reductor , iar cellalt este pe in injector . +ceti senzori sunt foarte importanti . $entru a trece de la benzina la gaz , sistemul verifica valorile de temperatur .

GAS FILTER (iltru de ga: The filter located between the 12# reducer and injector railblocks any impuri/ ties present in 12# or 06TCA&6 fuel. Impurities can be of various kinds and si:es, such as the small metal fragments produced during installation of the tubes of the system or the metal residue present in the refuelling system. This simple device allows you to increase the safety margin of the #A5 injector which can thus work in absolute safety.

!iltrul situat intre reductor 4$5 i injector railbloc;s orice impuriti prezente n 4$5 sau combustibil metan. Impurit i pot fi de diferite tipuri i dimensiuni, cum ar fi acele mici fragmente metalice produse n timpul instalrii dintre tuburile sistemului sau rezidul de metal prezent n sistem de alimentare . +cest dispozitiv simplu permite s creasc marja de siguran a injectorului de gaz care poate lucra altfel, n siguran absolut .
The gas enters from the upper part and flows into the lower cylin/ drical section which also acts also as an e%pansion tank The filter element withholds larger impurities while oils or gaseous residues remain deposited in the bottom of the cylindrical section. This dual action allows youB to ensure the gas is free from large elements when leaving the filter !otherwise they might damage the injector rail" and, in addition, to be sure the gas is free from oily elements or non/combustible impurities.

4azul intr din partea superioar i se vars n seciunea cilindrului vertical inferior care , de asemenea, acioneaz, ca un vas de e pansiune . .lementul filtrant reine impuritile mai mari n timp ce uleiuri sau reziduri gazoase se depun n partea de jos a seciunii cilindrice . +ceast aciune dubl v permite F v asigura ca gazul este filtrat de elemente mari atunci cnd prseste filtrul" altfel s*ar putea deteriora injector feroviar # i , n plus, pentru a fi sigur c gazul este filtrat de elemente uleioase sau impuriti non * combustibile .

AttentionDDD (ilters have gas flow direction strictly defined.

+tenie J !iltrele au direcia de curgere de gaz strict definit . Gas inlets to the intake manifold. $rizele de gaze la galeria de admisie .
#as inlets to the intake manifold must be installed very carefully, while keeping the intake clean. $uring drilling it is e%tremely important &'T to allow any filings to get inside the intake. (or most cars it is advised to remove intake manifold prior to drilling.

$rizele de gaze de pe galeria de admisie trebuie s fie instalate foarte atent , pstrnd n acelai timp curatenia . Tipul de foraj este e trem de important de a nu permite piliturei de a patrunde n interiorul admisie, pentru cele mai multe masini , se recomand s scoate i galeria de admisie nainte de foraj .
The holes for gas intlets to the intake manifold should be drilled as close as it is possible to cylinder head. It is important to keep the the same hoses length to each cylinder. The holes should cross a%is of each intake pipe. #as inlets should be directed to the cylinder.

4urile pentru injectoare se fac pe colectorul de admisie si trebuie s fie ct mai aproape posibil de chiulasa . .ste important s se pstreze aceleai lungimea a furtunului pentru fiecare cilindru . 4urile trebuie s traverseze a a fiecrei conducta de admisie . $rize de gaz trebuie s fie ndreptate ctre cilindru .
Coles for gas inlets should be made by drill with diameter @mm, after that holes should be tapped to 0=. #as inlets should be protected against accidental unscrewing.

4uri pentru prize de gaz ar trebui s fie fcute cu ma in de gurit cu diametrul de ?mm , dup care gurile ar trebui s fie dat filet cu un tarod la 3< . $rize de gaze ar trebui s fie protejate mpotriva desurubarii accidentale .


/02.3+ .5.0T1I0+

Thanks to the injector emulator pre/ sent inside the 647, with its own spe/ cific wiring, the functioning of the injectors is interrupted and substituted by a fake load, eliminating in this way

annoying problems such as lighting of the check/engine signal

-atorit emulator injector pre * a trimis n interiorul .0U , cu propriile sale cabluri spe * cifice , modul de funcionare a injectoarelor este ntrerupt i nlocuit cu o sarcin fals , eliminnd n acest fel probleme enervante , cum ar fi iluminatul de semnal chec;* motor

Cable reference STRAIGHT

+12V on the left in the wiring.

Cable reference INVERTED

+12V on the right in the wiring

In the figure on the right you can see a dia/ gram which describes the connection of injector )A. in the general wiring to the original petrol injector of the vehicle.

n figura din dreapta se poate vedea o diagrama care descrie conectarea injectorului % + %, n general, cabluri cu injectorul originalul de benzina a vehiculului
Eou proceed by identifying the injector com/ mand signal. 'nce you have found the cable you must cut it and connect the two ends left after cutting with the two wires in the general wiring.

/e va proceda prin identificarea semnal com * mand injector . 7dat ce a i gsit cablul trebuie s *l taiati i conectai cele dou capete rmase dup tiere cu dou fire din cabluri general.
The E611' 3B1A4F wire has to be connect/ ed to the cut wire which returns towards the original petrol control unit, while the yellow wire has to be connected to the wire that returns back towards the original petrol injec/ tor.

4+58., 6 ,.41U srm trebuie s fie 0onnect * .d atiat srm care se ntoarce spre unitatea de control benzina original , n timp conductorul galben trebuie s fie conectat la cablul care se ntoarce napoi spre benzina original injecie * tor .
N5 ( IGNITION SIGNAL WIRE $6EY TURNED ON' T7e i8n2i n 9i8nal 1an :e 2a#en : 27 ;r + a p <er 9i8nal ; ne ; 27e ri8inal in0e12 r9 ; 27e =e7i1le $> (! ? l29' r ;r + a 2@pi1al p in2A 9u17 a9 27e ;u9e : BA a9 l n8 a9 27i9 9up, plie9 = l2a8e <7en 27e i8n2i n i9 n $#e@ 2urne4 n')

, C ' +$1I,-.1. /I4,+5 DI1. " K.L $71,IT. # /emnalul igntion pot fi luate att la un semnal de putere a unuia dintre injectoare originale ale autovehiculului " & '( ) # sau de la un punct tipic , cum ar fi panoul de sigurane , atta timp ct aceast sup * straturi tensiune atunciigntion este pornit "tasta pornit # .

hen you enter to 0ilano software, following page will appear on the screen. (rom (I16 menu, you canB ) print diagram. ) save configuration. ) e%it.

0nd introducei la 3ilano softEare*ul , pagina urmtoare va aprea pe ecran . -in meniul !ile , avei posibilitatea sF % Imprim schema % % /alva configuraia % % Ieire %
(rom $6-I46 menu , you set the 4'0 2'8T for communication with 647 (rom 1A&#7A#6 menu, you will choose the language (rom I&$' menu , you will get short enterance for other menus

-in meniul aparatului , setai portul 073 pentru comunicare cu .0U -in meniul limbaj , vei alege limba -in meniul !ereastr , vei primi e plicatii scurte pentru alte meniuri
(rom the READING $F!' screen , you will check the parameters. These parameters areB /petrol injection time /gas injection time /820 ! it must be the same as on the board of the car" /-apori:ator temperature /#as Temperature /#as pressue on injectors /5upply voltage /1ambda ! if mounted"

-in citirea " !( # ecran , vei verifica parametrii . +ceti parametri sunt F * timp de injectie benzin * timp de injectie gaz * 1$3 " acesta trebuie s fie aceeai ca i la bordul masinii # * )aporizator temperatura * Temperatura gazelor * 4az pressue la injectoare * Tensiunea de alimentare

* 5ambda " dac este montat #

6-68E 4CA&#6 I& 4'&(I#78ATI'& 075T B6 4'&(I806$ BE 28655I&# ) 8IT6 4'&(I#78ATI'&. B7TT'&.

!iecare schimbare de configuraie trebuie s fie confirmata prin apsarea butonului %0onfigurare Drite%.

-ac totul este corect i sistemul nu afieaz niciun cod de probleme, putem merge la !ila de configurare .

If everything is correct and system does not display any trouble code we can go to 4onfiguration tab.

(rom the 4'&(I#78ATI'& !(?" menu, you can set the required parameters of the car, and also parameters of the gas system. BA5I4 !(++" 28655786 56&5'8 TE26 is 25/44, for this system (761 TE26 is 12# or 4&# I&G64T'8 4'7&T is the number of the cylinders. 6&#I&6 TE26 is 5TA&$A8T for normal cars and T78B' for turbo and compressor cars. 4A2A4ITE is the capacity of the engine in ccm 2' 68 is the power of the engine in k

0'7&T6$ &'HH615 is the dimension of the no::les installed on injector I&G64T'8 TE26 is 0I1A&' ? 'C0 820 5'7846 is selected and also must be checked from 86A$I&#5 if it is the same as on the board #A5 16-61 56&5'8 TE26 is the type of the electronic level sensor 5 IT4CI&# T' #A5 is set by vapori:ator temperature and also the 820. TI06 ('8 5 IT4CI&# '& 5I&#16 6071AT'8 is )A.

-in meniul de configurare " !> # , putei seta parametrii necesari ai mainii , i de asemenea, parametrii sistemului de gaze naturale . 8+/I0 " !'' # $1./IU,. Tip senzor este $/ * 00( pentru acest sistem Tipul de combustibil este 4$5 sau 4,0 I,M.0T71 07U,T este numrul cilindrilor . Tipul de motor este /T+,-+1T pentru masinile normale si Turbo pentru autoturisme turbo i compresor . 0apacitatea este capacitatea cilindrica a motorului n ccm $utere este puterea motorului n ;D 37,T+T ,7NN.5/ este dimensiunea duzelor instalate pe injector I,M.0T71 tip este 3ilano > 723 1$3 /7U10. este selectat i , de asemenea, trebuie s fie verificate din 5.0TU1I dac acesta este la fel ca la bord autovehiculului 4+N senzor de nivel tip este tipul de traductor de nivel Trecerea la gaz este stabilit de temperatur vaporizator i , de asemenea, 1$3 . TI3$ -. $71,I1.+ .3U5+T71 unice este % B %

4'&(I#78ATI'& !(?" and A$-A46$ !(+," menu you can set B

0onfigurare " !> # i advaced " !'( # meniu putei seta F

5 IT4CI&# T' 26T8'1 C6& the gas is terminated in the tank. Eou can set the minimum pressure and also time to switch to petrol

Trecerea la benzina cnd gazul este consumat n rezervor . $ute i seta presiunea minim i , de asemenea, de timp pentru a comuta la benzin
If the car is 560I 56J76&TIA1 or (711 #8'72 you have put a mark on the bo%.

-aca masina este un grup /.3I secvential sau !U55 a i pus un semn pe cutie .


0alibrarea sistemului de 4+N


After the installation of the calibration sensor, we can do A7T' 4A1IB8ATI'& at service. 4hoose, K A7T' 4A1IB8ATI'& !(>" K from 4A1IB8ATI'& !(9" menu. Then start the calibration. 820 section color must be #866& during the autocalibration. -apori:er temperature must be higher than @AL4 to start calibration.

-up instalarea senzorului de calibrare , putem face +UT7 0+5I81+1.+ la serviciu . +legei , O +UT7 0+5I81+TI7, " != # % din meniul 0+5I81+1. " !9 # . +poi, ncepe calibrarea . 1$3 culoare sec iune trebuie s fie verde n timpul calibrare . Temperatura vaporizatorului trebuie s fie mai mare de ?B C 0, pentru a ncepe calibrarea .
It is recomended that, check the car pMerformance after the calibration. If there are some mistakes , do it manual calibration. A1 AE5 4C64F 60I55I'& (' TC6 4A8 BE #A5 A&A1E568.

.ste recomandat ca sa verificai performante main dup calibrare . -ac e ist unele greeli , faceti calibrarea manual . )erificai ntotdeauna .3I/I+ !70+1 0U analizor de gaze .


A(T68 TC6 A7T'0ATI4 4A1IB8ATI'& 4C64F TC6 MULT -A176 (8'0 0'$611I&# 06&7. +utocalibration changes the 3U5T parameter. The value of 3U5T parameter determines if nozzles size is correctly chosen. 0orrectness of nozzles size is shoEed in the tableF

-U$P calibrare automata se verifica valoarea 3U5T -. 5+ 37-.5+1.+ 3.,U . +utocalibrare schimb parametrul 3U5T . )aloarea 3U5T parametru determin dac dimensiunea duzelor este corect aleas . 0orectitudinea dimensiunea duzelor este artat ntabel F
Value of MULT parameter Q&(?I "Q',(?# Nozzles size too small * change diameter

&'?I * &(?I "','? * ',(?# *'?I * &'?I "B,=? R ','?# *(?I * *'?I "B,G? R B,=?# S*(?I "SB,G?#

in range 7ptimal in range too big * change diameter

$entru motoarele fr sistemul de injec ie secvenial este necesar de a selecta e act dimensiunea duzelor , n scopul de a men ine parametrii 3U5T in intervalul *'? I * &'? I" B,=?*','? # . /electarea imprecis de duze duce la instabilitate rpm la ralanti .
ItTs ver: helpful to have drill set from ',= mm to >,B mm "step b: B,'mm# to change the diameter of nozzles.

For engines without sequential injection system it is necessary to select precisely the nozzles size in order to eep MULT parameter in range !"#$ ! %"#$ &'()#!"("#*. +mprecise selecting of nozzles results in insta,le r.p.m on idle.

.ste foarte util de a avea drill setat de la ',= mm la >,B mm " pas de B,' mm #, pentru a schimba diametrul duzelor .

!or small engines "beloE '.( l# it is possible to use smaller nozzles than '.= mm. In such case is necesser: to solder the nozzles and ne t drill smaller diameter "',?mm#. When Ma !"ced#!e is $ell made %"! all !an&e "% l"ad s'stem Milan" $"!(s c"!!ectl' in eve!' ca!)

$entru motoarele mici " sub ',( l# , este posibil s se utilizeze duze mici de ',= mm . n acest caz, este necesar de lipire a duzelor i facei urmtoarele diametru mai mic " ',? mm # . 0nd procedura 3ap este bine facut pentru toata gama de sistem de ncrcare 3ilano funcioneaz corect n fiecare main .

0A&7A1 4A1IB8ATI'& 4alibrarea manuala (or manual calibration, first of all, you must go to 0A2 !(+A" menu from 4A1IB8ATI'& !(9" menu. 'n the menu you have to see -A4770 value which is between A,@/A,> . if it is A then check the connection of the map sensor and also vacuum line.

$entru calibrarea manual , n primul rnd , trebuie s merge i la 3+$ " !'B #, meniul de 0+5I81+1. " !9 # meniu . n meniul va trebui s vedem valoare vacuum, care este ntre B,?*B,= . dac acesta este B , atunci verificai cone iunea senzorului hart i , de asemenea, linia de vid .
De ride Eith rotational engine speed R ((BB*(=BB r.p.m. -T F+.ST /0 .+10 2N 30T.2L -FT0. T4-T 2N 5-S.

3ergem cu turaia motorului de rotaie * ((BB*(=BB rpm 5a nceput am plimbare pe banzinadupa aceea pe gaz
$arameters (nd gear ((BB*(=BB rpm $.T175 >th gear ((BB*(=BB rpm 9th or ?th gear ((BB*(=BB rpm (nd gear ((BB*(=BB rpm 4+/ >th gear ((BB*(=BB rpm 9th or ?th gear ((BB*(=BB rpm -uration about ' minute about ' minute about ' minute about ' minute about ' minute about ' minute

$e fiecare treapt de vitez trebuie s fie colectate cel pu in cteva puncte . $rocedura 2arta poate fi terminat atunci cnd pentru fiecare gama de sarcin " loE , mediu , mare# aduna cteva puncte

7n each gear at least feE points must be collected. The 3ap procedure can be finished Ehen for each range of load "5oE, 3edium, 2igh# are collect feE points

8efore starting the neE 3ap procedure $etrol and 4as map must be cleared and all model parameters shoud be set as default value.

nainte de a ncepe noua procedur 2art benzina si harta de gaz trebuie s fie eliminate i toi parametrii modelului shoud fi setat ca valoare implicit .
1ed points create the petrol map Ehile green points create the gas map.

$uncte roii crea harta de benzin n timp ce punctele verzi crea harta de gaz .

After, driving the car at each speed , press 86A$ 0A2 . following points will appear as #A5'1I&6 points as follows

-up ce , conduce masina la fiecare vitez , apsa i 1.+- 3+$ . urmtoarele puncte vor aprea ca puncte de 8.,NI,P dup cum urmeaz


Then , switcC car to #A5, do the same procedure as you did for gasoline point creation. After that press 86A$ 0A2. #A5 points will appear as follows

+poi , comutai maina la gaz , face aceeai procedur aa cum ai fcut pentru crearea de puncte de benzin . -up ce presa consulta o hart . $unctele 4+N. va aprea dup cum urmeaz

If the #A5 points are not in the same area with #A5'1I&6 points. This means that, injector no::les are not suitable for this car. If, the #A5 points are '-68 the #A5'1I&6 points, then user 50A1168 &o::els. If #A5 points are B61' the #A5'1I&6 points , then use BI##68 no:lles for injectors.

n cazul n care punctele de gaz nu sunt n aceea i zon cu puncte de benzin. +ceasta nseamn c , duzele injectoarelor nu sunt potrivite pentru acest automobil . n cazul n care , n punctele de gaz sunt peste punctele de benzina, acesta va ,ozzels mai mic. n cazul n care punctele de gaz sunt sub punctele de benzina, apoi utiliza i nozlles mai mari pentru injectoare .
After , you have such points , press 864A1471AT6 0'$61. 5oftware makes calculation automatically. And then, it pass directly to, 0'$611I&# !(N" menu.

-up ce , ai astfel de puncte , apsai 37-.5 recalcula . /oftEare*ul face n mod automat de calcul . i apoi , se trece direct la , 3odelare " !U # meniu
'n 0'$611I&# , points must be on the 86$ 1I&6.

$e 3odelarea, puncte trebuie s fie pe linia ro ie .

after Ee have to chec; again the 3U5T value to understand that nozzle sizes are good.

dup ce ne*am pentru a verifica din nou valoarea 3U5T s n eleag c dimensiunile duza sunt bune .
0orrectness of nozzles size is shoEed in the tableF

0orectitudinea dimensiunea duzelor este artat ntabel F

Value of MULT parameter Q&(?I "Q',(?# Nozzles size too small * change diameter"prea mic* schimba diametrul#

&'?I * &(?I "','? * ',(?# *'?I * &'?I "B,=? R ','?# *(?I * *'?I "B,G? R B,=?# S*(?I "SB,G?#

in range"in interval# 7ptimal"optima# in range"in interval# too big * change diameter"prea mare* schimba diametrul#

T7en <e 7a=e 2 17e1# OFFSET =alue ) ; r 27i9D () S<i217 2 GASOLINE an4 =eri;@ PETROL INJECTION TIME !) S<i217 2 GAS an4 =eri;@ a8ain PETROL INJECTION TIME &) : 27 =alue9 +u92 al+ 92 SAME) I; n 2A 27e 9a+eA in1rea9e r 4e1rea9e 27e OFFSET =alue un2il 2 8e2 27e 9a+e =alue)

+poi, avem de a verifica valoarea 7!!/.T . pentru aceasta F ' . 0omutare la benzin i verifica $.T175 durata timpului de injectare ( . 0omuta la gaz i verifica durata timpului de injectare din nou $.T175 > . ambele valori trebuie aproape aceleai . -ac nu , la fel , a mri sau micora valoarea de compensare pn la a obine aceeai valoare .
.) A;2er e=er@ 17an8e pre99 WRITE A 9 A 9 ;2<are +e+ ri3e 27e 17an8e9)

-up fiecare $resa /crie schimbare , deci , softEare*ul memora modificrile .


(rom $IA#&'5TI4 !(=" menu at T8'7B16 4'$65, you can check if there are errors detected by the ecu. Eou can see and correct them and also you can erase them.

-e la diagnosticare " !< #, meniul de coduri de eroare , pute i verifica dac e ist erori detectate de ctre .0U . $uteti vedea i le corecta i , de asemenea, le putei terge .

(rom $IA#&'5TI4 !(=" menu at '54I1'54'26, you can see the following parameters and check them when you drive the car.

-e la diagnosticare " !< #, meniul de la 7/0I57/07$. , pute i vedea urmtorii parametri i verificai*le atunci cnd conduci maina .

this menu is to check if the injectors are installed correctly. Eou can switch each injectors to gas or petrol. If the are in order , there will be no change ! shaking" when car is running .

acest meniu este de a verifica daca injectoarele sunt instalate corect . $utei trece fiecare injectoarele de gaz sau petrol . n cazul n care sunt , n ordine , nu va fi nici o schimbare " agitare # atunci cnd ma ina ruleaz .

. Frequent mista es and recommendations.

. 4reeli frecvente i recomandri .

.1. Instalation

)er: often in cars li;e !71-, Ee can encounter electromagnetic interferences Ehich are caused b: damaged elements of ignition s:stem. In this case the connection of the enclosure of gas control unit to the minus of batter: ma: be helpful:. This connection must be made b: separate Eire. Dhen Ee use control unit Eith additional electromagnetic protection "!71- t:pe# Ee remove effects but not reasons. . change of elements of ignition s:stem "spar; plugs ect.# remove those problems in U= I of cases.

B.' . instalare V !oarte des in masini , precum !ord , putem ntlni interferen e electromagnetice , care sunt cauzate de elemente deteriorate ale sistemului de aprindere . n acest caz,conectarea incinta unitii de control gaz la minus a bateriei poate fi helpful: . +ceast legtur trebuie s fie fcut prin cablu separat . V 0nd vom folosi unitatea de control cu protec ie electromagnetic suplimentar " de tip !71- # vom elimina efectele , dar nu motive . /chimbul de elemente ale sistemului de aprindere " scnteie prize etc . # elimina aceste probleme n U= I din cazuri .
* Dhen after sEitching to gas the engine stops it is necessar: to chec; connection of emulator Eires for each channel. It is possible that there is the Erong connection in place Ehere petrol injectors are cut. 3a:be the Eires from petrol .0U and petrol injectors are e changed "e.g. for first channel there are gra: and gra:*blac; Eires#.

* 0nd , dup trecerea la gazse oprete motorul este necesar s se verifice cone iunea de fire emulator pentru fiecare canal . .ste posibil ca nu este cone iune greit n locul unde injectoare de benzin sunt tiate . $oate c firele de la .0U benzina si injectoare de benzin sunt schimbate " de e emplu, pentru primul canal e ist fire gri i gri * negru # .

* -o not place Eires close to ignition s:stem, coils etc. * +ll signals "from petrol injectors, rpm, ect# should be ta;en from petrol .0U Ehenevere possible. * If the hoses from gas injectors to inta;e manifold are bent it can be possible that engine Eill not have full poEer.

* ,u aezai firele aproape de sistemul de aprindere , bobine , etc * Toate semnalele " de la injectoare de benzin , rpm , .0T# ar trebui s fie luate de la .0U benzina Ehenevere posibil . * -ac furtunurile de la injectoarele de gaz la galeria de admisie sunt ndoite poate fi posibil ca motorul nu va avea putere deplin .
+t is a,solutely necessary to chec elements of ignition system &spar plugs( high6 7oltage wires and coils*. Their ,ad condition can lead to wor distur,ance of the gas control unit.

.ste absolut necesar s se verifice elemente ale sistemului de aprindere " bujii , fire de nalt tensiune i bobine # . /tarea lor proast poate duce la locul de munc tulburarea unitate de control de gaz .
+f that pro,lems appear in few months after instalation it means that elements of6 ignition system ,ecome damaged.

n cazul n care apar probleme care n cteva luni dup instalarea nseamn c elemente ale sistemului de aprindere deteriora .

2. Autocalibration autocalibrare
If +utocalibration process is failed it is necessar: to manuall: calibrate the gas s:stem. In this case it is necessar: to adjust petrol injection times on gas. "petrol injection times should be the same on petrol and on gas#. De adjust that injection times using W3U5TX and W7!!/.TX parameter. Drong adjustment causes uncorrect Eor; s:stem on the gas.

-ac procesul 0alibrare automat este omis , este necesar calibrarea manual sistemul de gaze .

n acest caz, este necesar s se adapteze ori injectare benzina pe gaz . " injecie benzin ori ar trebui s fie la fel pe benzin i pe gaz # . ,e adaptm c ori de injectare utiliznd % 3U5T % i parametrul % 7!!/.T % . 0auzele reglaj incorect necorespunzatoare sistem de lucru pe gaz .

3. The Map procedure Harta procedura

/eYuential gas injection s:stem Eor;s correctl: onl: if Ee e ecute the 3ap procedure. If the gas control unit has not collected an: points, chec; connection of calibration and pressure sensors.

/istemul de injecie de gaz secvenial funcioneaz corect numai dac vom e ecuta procedura hart .
If gas control unit is not calibrated b: using 3ap procedure it can causeF V W0hec; engineX "3I5# lighting V high consumption of gas "more than (BI in comparison to petrol# V vibrations during the changes gas*petrol*gas V c:linders misfire detected V engine not having full poEer V engine sha;ing and not Eor;ing on high r.p.m.

-ac unitatea de comand de gaze nu a adunat nici un punct , verifica i cone iunea de calibrare i senzori de presiune . -ac unitatea de comand de gaz nu este calibrat prin utilizarea procedurii 2arta aceasta poate provoca F V % motor 0hec;% " 3I5 # iluminat V consum mare de gaz " mai mult de (BI n compara ie cu benzin # V vibraii n timpul gaz * petrol * gaz schimbrile V cilindri rateu detectate V 3otorul nu are putere V motorul tremura i nu de lucru pe mare turaie
0hange of an: gas eYuipment "reducer, nozzles, filters, injectors # or parameters "gas pressure# reYuires e ecution of the 3ap procedure on gas again.

/chimba de orice echipament de gaz " reductor , duze , filtre , injectoare # sau parametrii " presiune gaz # impune din nou e ecutarea procedurii de hart pe gaz . 4. En ine shakin ! in"ectors times disappear. 9 . 3otor tremura * injectoarele ori dispar .
In cars Ehere petrol injection times are ver: high "more than (Bms for high r.p.m.# the petrol injection times in the softEare ma: disappear.

n mainile care timpilor de injecie pe benzin sunt foarte mare " mai mult de (Bms de rpm ridicat # timpii de injectie pe benzina, in softEare*ul ar putea s dispar .
Time of petrol injection disappear EhenF impulses of petrol injection merge "the petrol injectors are alEa:s open# 1easonsF the gas mi ture too lean impulses of gas injection merge "the gas injectors are alEa:s open R trouble code appearsF 4as mi ture too lean# 1easonsF nozzles too small pressure too small Erong model parameters

Timp de injecie benzin dispar atunci cnd F V impulsuri de benzina cu injectie merge " injectoare de benzin sunt mereu deschise # 3otiveF V amestecul de gaze prea srac V impulsuri de injecie mbinare gaz " injectoarele de gaz sunt ntotdeauna deschise * apare codul de probleme F amestec de gaz prea srac # motive F V duze prea mici V $resiunea prea mic V parametrii de model greit #. The modification of input si nals ? . 3odificarea de semnale de intrare
8ecause of the neE strict norms Ehich refer to e haust gas emission in neE cars, there ma: appear a problem Eith r.p.m signal reading "on idling appears value of (BBBB*

(?BBB r.p.m#. It is necessar: to install another filter on r.p.m. signal.

-in cauza noilor norme stricte care se refer la gaze de esapament de gaze n maini noi , pot aprea o problem cu rpm lectur semnal " la mers n gol apare valoare de (BBBB * (?BBB r.p.m # . .ste necesar s se instaleze un alt filtru pe rpm semnal .

!or !71- Dindstar (BB>, !71- !ocus (BB> "american version# 1'Z1(Z'BB; ohm6B,?D[ 0'Z>>n!6(?B) !or !71- . pedition (BB( ?,9l )= 1'Z'?; ohm6B,?DF 1(Z'BB; ohm6B,?DF 0'Z>>n!6(?B)

$entru !ord Dindstar (BB> , !71- !70U/ (BB> " american versiune # 1' Z 1( Z ohm 'BB; 6 B,? D [ 0' Z >>n!6(?B) $entru !ord . pedition (BB( ?,9 l )= 1' Z '?; ohmi 6 B,? D F 1( Z ohm 'BB; 6 B,? D F 0' Z >>n!6(?B)