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rlstp:cell=DN917S1; rlstc:cell=DN917S1,state=active; rxcdp:mo=rxotg-93; rxasp:mo=rxotg-93; RLCPC:CELL=DN362S3,BSPWRT=47,BSPWRB=47;

Check state of cell Change state of cell to active Configuration data (radios, timeslots) Alarm Situations

rxmsp:mo=rxotrx-103-5; !check is a radio is blocked due to power saving or ot her. BLO of 2000 is BTS power saving RLSUP:cell= QSI

RLNRC:cell=DN191S1,CELLR=DN355S1,OFFSET=-5,KOFFSET=-5; !Move HO boundary closer to C1,make OFFSET or KOFFSET negative on C1>C2 relation rlslp:cell=wx166S2; RXCDP:mo=rxotg-x; see number of TRXs rxmsc:mo=rxotg-10,ABISALLOC=FLEXIBLE; rxasp:mo=rxotg-xx; SITUATIONS rxmfp:mo=RXOCF-xx; RMATION !MO specific status print! RXMFP:MO=RXOTG-50,SUBORD; r TG! RXASP:MO=RXOTG-0; s print! RXTCP:MOTY=RXOTG,CELL=XXXXXa; e Managed Object number of the cell eg 257 RXMSP:MO=RXOTG-257; managed object Status RXCDP:MO=RXOTG-257; managed object Configuration Data RXCAP:mo=RXOTG-xx; ies RAEPP:ID=ALL; he BSC optional properties RXMOP:mo=rxotg-0; Supervision Alarms !MO Configuration - to !Activate Flexible Abis !MANAGED OBJECT ALARM !MANAGED OBJECT FAULT INFO !Fault print for MO's unde !Alarm statu !TG to Channel Group Gives th !This gives the !This gives the !This gives the MO Capabilit !This gives all t !shows CONFACT


!This converts MSISDN to IM !Gives

!Gives last Location Update. Look to match MSC number on HGSDP to know whi ch MSS to search on. CTRAI tes a call trace. !Initia

RXCAP:mo=rxot etc; inc subords RLCPP:cell=dn470v2; RLBCP:cell=dn470v2; RLPCC:cell=dn470v2; RLIMI:cell=xxxxxx; Channel Measurements

!Gives MO Capabilities !Configured Power !BTS Power Control Data !MS Power Control !Initiates ICM Idle

rlimc:cell=dntphv3,intave=6,limit1=2,limit2=6,limit3=12,limit4=22; !ALEX Default settings RLLHC:cell=xxxxx; layer threshold) HGPDC !HLR change rrtpp:trapool=all; sation RLMFC:CELL=XXX,MBCCHNO=9&11&107&108,LISTTYPE=IDLE; ies RLDMC:Cell= alf rate / Full Rate proportion RLDMP:Cell= RXBLI:MO=RXOTG-xx,subord,force; RXBLE:MO=RXOTG-xx,SUBORD; !Blocks all TGs and Subords !Deblocks all TGs !Transcoder utili !Adds measurement frequenc !Changes the H !Changes layerthr (


!Gives !Gives rbs205 sites on BSC! !Gives rbs2000 sites on BSC! !Find Managed Object No.! !Find state of cell! !State of Managed Objects!

RXESE:mo=rxotg-10,subord; so no alarms in NOC RXPLI:MO=RXOTG-10,UC; mo- if S/W fault! RXELP:MO=RXETG-10; LOG DATA

!MO service end. Switches off MO !Load new S/W version to active !Error print of TG - ERROR

RLCRP:CELL=901231; rldec:cell=xxxxx,mfrms=2 od of transmission for PAGING REQUEST RXLTI:MO=RXETS-10-0-0&&- 7; RLSLP:CELL=901231; ability! RLCCC:CELL=901231,CHGR=0,SDCCH=2; RLOLP:CELL=906152; ls! RLLUP:CELL=901231; ity! RLLDP:CELL=901231;

!Cell Resources !This parameter defines peri !Time-slot loop test! !logical channel avail !Adding SDCCH T/S! !Underlay/Overlay detai !Cell TA /ul/dl HO qual


!Halting a specific CHGR! !Alters MFRMS paging

RLLSI; ate CLS on a BSC RLLCI:cell=11111; l Load Sharing on a cell RLLCP:cell=12345; ing Data RLSTC:CELL=901231 l! RLSTP:CELL=901231 RLLUC:CELL=901231,QLIMUL/DL=100; RLLOP:CELL=906152; pwr! RLCPP:CELL=906152;

!Activ !Activate CLS Cel !CLS Cell Load Shar !State of CHGRs on cel !Status of cell! !Altering QLIMUL/DL Parameters! !Cell pwr, min rx & ms !MS & BTS Pwr levels!

RLLDP:CELL=906152; X! RLDEP:CELL=906152; C, BCCH etc Int/Ext to BSC! RLDEC:CELL=901231,BCCH=579; ers! RLCFP:CELL=906152; SDCHH, CBCH, HOP, DCHNO! RLSSC:cell=xxxxxx,accmin=xxx; RXMOP:MO=RXETG-35; b, S/W Version! RXMOP:MO=RXETRX-35-0; EI, RBLT! RLCHC:CELL=906152,HOP=OFF/TCH; g! BLESE:RXERX versity! RXMOC:MO=RXERX-8-0,RXD=AB; RLCPP:CELL=906152; RXMDP:MO=RXETRX-35-0; s! RISPP:EMG=90615S,EMRS=0; RXAPP:MO=RXOTG-0; nn & usage (RBS 2000)! RXAPE:MO=RXOTG-3,DCP=13&&15 ; s!

!Disconnect data, TA, R !Cell Details, CGI, BSI !Change cell paramet !Cellconfig/freq. data. !Chages ACCMIN !EMG, HOP, Com !dbun Version, CT !De/Activating Freq hoppin !Changing RX Di

!BS Pwr & MS max pwr! !TRABS & RBLT Dev !Semi-perm ETB & RTT t/s! !RBLT/DCP co !Removing RBLT/DCP connection

RXAPI:MO=RXOTG,DEV=RBLT-1532&&-1534,DCP=13&&15; !Defining new RBLT/DCP connectio ns! RADEP:DEV=RBLT-1532; and GS used by 64k rblt! NTCOP:SNT=ETRBLT-47; of ETRBLT/SNT! S: STDEP:DEV=RBLT-604&&-606; BLODE:DEV=RBLT-604&&-606; g RBLT devs! BLODI:DEV=RBLT-604&&-606; EXEGP:EMG=90615S; !RP, CLC State & Data-rate !RBLT State, SEBU, WO, BL etc! !Blocking/De-Blockin !ETRBLT/SNT !RBLT range

! EXCLP:EQM=CLC-14; DIREP:EMG=90615S; LC bl, 6=clr! RLNRP:CELL=906152,CELLR=ALL,NODATA; RLMFP:CELL=901211; MGCEP:CELL=901211; MGOCP:CELL=901211; MGCEE:CELL=909130; corresponding MSC-first remove data on MSC! !Txmn to site,O=err, 5=C !Cell Neighbours defined! !Neighbouring BCCHs! !Cell Defined on own MSC?! !Defined as external cell! !Changing CGIs and BSC on

MGCEI:CELL=909130,CGI=234-30-51-4913,BSC=SUB; !Now to redefine in terms of CGI a nd BSC!

PLLDP; paging load RAHEP; !Prints Tranceiver Handler load status CTRAI:MSISDN=5144774100; !Initiates a call trace


APLOC; stmfo -i -z LF -f Oracle -p 60 -b 200905180900 -s 200905190900 SHMSGSERV S: CD Directoryname: CD \Sts\data\Deliverydir\loadfiles200905190900_69 DIR/P stmotls -l SHMSGSERV TYPE

rxtcp:moty=rxotg,cell=pg0300d; rxapp:mo=rxotg-500; radep:dev=rblt-4112; ntcop:snt=etrblt2-4112;

radep:dev=rblt2-4112; ntcop:snt=etm2-4; dtqup:dip=128RBL2;

How to match a TG to a Digital Path rxtcp:moty=rxotg,cell=pg0654a; !to find the TG! rxapp:mo=rxotg-1; ! to find the devices! radrp:dev=rblt2-2337; !to find RP! radep:dev=rblt2-2337; !find corresponding STM1! ntcop:snt=etm2-3; Find the corresponding STM and look for the DIP range in the l ist dtqup:dip=xxxx ! Enter the corresponding DIP from the previous command


rxtcp:moty=rxotg,cell=pg0300d; rxapp:mo=rxotg-500; radep:dev=rblt-4112; ntcop:snt=etrblt2-4112; radep:dev=rblt2-4112; ntcop:snt=etm2-4; dtqup:dip=128RBL2;

How to map a TS to an abis path for 64k resolution rxbli:mo=rxotg-10,subord,force; !Block Cell rxese:mo=rxotg-10,subord; !Managed Object End rlstc:cell=pg0010a,STATE=hALTED; !Halt Cell RLBDC:cell=pg0010c,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=2; !Change number of GPRS BPCs rxape:mo=rxotg-10,dcp=all; !Abis Path End rxapi:mo=rxotg-10,dcp=1&&28,dev=RBLT2-321 &&-348; !Abis path initiate - 321<>348 Normal TS

rxapi:mo=rxotg-10,dcp=29&&31,dev=RBLT2-349&&-351,res64k;!Abis path initiate - 34 9<>351 64k TS

/VAR/OPT/ERICSSON/SGW/OUTPUTFILES/SDM/BCPFILES/ /var/opt/ericsson/sgw/outputfiles/sdm/bcpfiles/PMBSC1S:

RLACP: Radio Control Cell,Adaptive Configuration, Print RLADP: Radio Control Cell,Amr CODEC Set Data, Print RLAPP: Radio Control Cell,Amr Power Control Cell Data, Print RLBAP: Radio Control Cell,Dynamic BTS Power Control Additional BSC Data, Print RLBCP: Radio Control Cell,Dynamic BTS Power Control Cell Data, Print RLBDP: Radio Control Cell Configuration BPC Data, Print RLBQP: Radio Control Cell,BSC MS Queuing Data, Print RLCAP: Radio Control Cell BSC Ciphering Algorithm, Print RLCDP: Radio Control Cell Multiple Channel Allocation Data, Print RLCHP: Radio Control Cell,Configuration Frequency Hopping Data, Print RLCLP: Radio Control Cell,Channel Allocation Data, Print RLCPP: Radio Control Cell,Configuration Power Data, Print RLCRP: Radio Control Cell Resources, Print RLCXP: Radio Control Cell Configuration, DTX Downlink, Print RLDAP: Radio Control Cell Dynamic Allocation on ABIS, Print RLDCP: Radio Control Cell Differential Channel Allocation Data, Print RLDEP: Radio Control Cell,Description Data, Print RLDGP: Radio Control Cell,Definition of Channel Group, Print RLDHP: Radio Control Cell,Dynamic Hr Allocation Data, Print RLDMP: Radio Control Cell,Dynamic Fr/Hr Mode Adaptation Data, Print RLDRP: Radio Control Cell,Channel Data Rate, Print RLDTP: Radio Control Cell,Data Administration TSC, Print

RLDUP: Radio Control Cell,Dual Transfer Mode, Print RLEMP: Radio Control Cell,Enhanced Measurement Reporting, Print RLGAP: Radio Control Cell,Channel Group Allocation Data, Print RLGNP: Radio Control Cell,GPRS Neighbour Relation Data, Print RLGQP: Radio Control Cell,GPRS Quality of Service Data, Print RLGRP: Radio Control Cell,General Packet Radio Service Resources, Print RLGSP: Radio Control Cell,General Packet Radio Service, Print RLHBP: Radio Control Cell,BSC Locating Hierarchical Cell Structure Band Data, Pr int RLHPP: Radio Control Cell,Connection of Cell to Channel Allocation Profile, Prin t RLIHP: Radio Control Cell Locating Intracell Handover Data, Print RLIMP: Radio Control Cell Idle Channel Measurement, Print RLLAP: Radio Control Cell Location Area, Print RLLBP: Radio Control Cell, BSC Locating Data, Print RLLCP: Radio Control Cell Load Sharing Data, Print RLLDP: Radio Control Cell Locating Disconnect Data, Print RLLFP: Radio Control Cell Locating Filter Data, Print RLLHP: Radio Control Cell, Locating Hierarchical Data, Print RLLLP: Radio Control Cell Subcell Load Distribution Data, Print RLLOP: Radio Control Cell, Locating Data, Print RLLPP: Radio Control Cell Locating Penalty Data, Print RLLSP: Radio Control Cell BSC Load Sharing Status, Print RLLUP: Radio Control Cell Locating Urgency Data, Print RLLUP: Radio Control Cell Locating Urgency Data, Print RLMAP: Radio Control Cell, Dynamic MS Power Control Additional BSC Data, Print RLMBP: Radio Control Cell, Short Message Service Cell Broadcast Message Data, Pr int RLMFP: Radio Control Cell Measurement Frequencies, Print RLMQP: Radio Control Cell, MS Queuing Data, Print RLMTP: Radio Control Cell, Short Message Service Cell Broadcast Distribution Dat a, Print

RLNRP: Radio Control Cell, Neighbour Relation, Print RLOLP: Radio Control Cell Locating Overlaid Subcell Data, Print RLOMP: Radio Control Cell BSC Band Operation Mode, Print RLPBP: Radio Control Cell, Handover Power Boost Data, Print RLPCP: Radio Control Cell, Dynamic MS Power Control Cell Data, Print RLPDP: Radio Control Cell, GPRS Packet Control Channel Data, Print RLPPP: Radio Control Cell BSC Differential Channel Allocation Priority Profile D ata, Print RLPRP: Radio Control Cell BSC Differential Channel Allocation Priority Profile R esource Type Data, Print RLPSP: Radio Control Cell, Packet Specific Cell Plan Data, Print RLSBP: Radio Control Cell System Information BCCH Data, Print RLSCP: Radio Control Cell BSC Differential Channel Allocation Statistics Collect ion Data, Print RLSDP: Radio Control Cell Differential Channel Allocation Statistics Data, Print RLSLP: Radio Control Cell Supervision of Logical Channels Availability Data, Pri nt RLSMP: Radio Control Cell System Information BCCH Message Distribution, Print RLSQP: Radio Control Cell, BSC Speech Quality Supervision Data, Print RLSSP: Radio Control Cell System Information SACCH and BCCH Data, Print RLSTP: Radio Control Cell State, Print RLSUP: Radio Control Cell, System Information Utran Data, Print RLTDP: Radio Control Cell, MSC Traffic Distribution Data, Print RLTYP: Radio Control Cell System Type, Print RLUMP: Radio Control Cell, Utran Measurement Frequency Data, Print RLVGP: Radio Control Cell, Voice Groupe Call Service Data, Print RLVLP: Radio Control Cell Seizure Supervision of Logical Channels Data, Print

To create a CNAI planned area, follow these steps:

You need to have the following directories set up in your CNA directory structur e: Home/bunyda/cnai /reports

/export /import /data When you have these folders set up, then you need to copy these 4 lines into the terminal window in Sun Tools:

setenv CNAI_REPORT_FILE_DIR ~/cnai/reports setenv CNAI_EXPORT_DIR ~/cnai/export setenv CNAI_DATA_DIR ~/cnai/data setenv CNAI_IMPORT_DIR ~/cnai/import

I have attached a zip file with a data folder to this email you need to copy the se to the data folder in CNA. This is what tells CNA what to export. If you need to build a new file, you must build a file like the ones in this folder.

To export some paramaters, use the following line cna_export NW=DIGICEL, MSC=all, MSC_REF=none, BSC=all, BSC_REF=none, CELL=all, C ELL_REF=N1_Param.txt, OUTPUT=N1_Param.txt

This will export the lac parameters for the network to your export folder. Open this file and you can make changes to the lac parameters. Save the file (and don t remove the 2nd line with all the ---------------------------------

Then, when you have made your changes, save the file as tab delimited and copy t o your import folder and run the following line from the terminal: cna_import LAC_Param_090909.txt LAC_Param_090909

and it will import the changes you have made to a planned area called LAC_Param which you can open as a planned area and run it as normal.

FTP Operation for new 3G sites into E// 2G OSS. 1. Start->Run->cmd 2. In command window:

ftp Username:<username> Password:<password> lcd d:\temp (enter the path where your text file is stored on your desktop) cd /var/opt/ericsson/cnai/data/import put filename.txt Your file is now ready to run 3. Next Go to C.N.A / Tools / Console Cna_import filename.txt NEW_PLANNED_AREA_NAME

4. Next Go to C.N.A / Planned areas / My_Planned_Areas NEW_PLANNED_AREA_NAME will be added to your planned areas and ready to run.

Note: Run this procedure all the way through for the UCELL file first, which wil l define your new 3G cells in C.N.A. Then run procedure through for UNCELL file to define your neighbours.

rlstp:cell=pg0008a&pg0008b&pg0008c; RXMOP:mo=rxotg-75; rxmsc:mo=rxotg-10,ABISALLOC=FLEXIBLE; RXMOP:mo=rxotg-10; RLGSC:cell=pg0010a,FLEXHIGHGPRS=1; RLGSC:cell=pg0010B,FLEXHIGHGPRS=1; RLGSC:cell=pg0010C,FLEXHIGHGPRS=1; RLGSP:cell=pg0010a&pg0010b&pg0010c; RLBDC:cell=pg0010a,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=4; RLBDC:cell=pg0010B,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=4; RLBDC:cell=pg0010C,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=4; RLBDP:cell=pg0010a&pg0010b&pg0010c; RXESI:mo=rxotg-10,subord; RXBLE:mo=rxotg-10,subord;

RLSTC:cell=pg0010a,STATE=ACTIVE; RLSTC:cell=pg0010B,STATE=ACTIVE; RLSTC:cell=pg0010C,STATE=ACTIVE; RLSTP:cell=pg0010a&pg0010b&pg0010c; RLBDC:cell=pg0010a,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=2; RLBDC:cell=pg0010b,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=2; RLBDC:cell=pg0010c,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=2; dbunyan mml rlccp:cell=pg0010a; rlbdp:cell=pg0010a; rlcrp:cell=pg0010a; rlcrp:cell=pg0042a; rxtcP:moty=rxotg,cell=pg0010C;

rxbli:mo=rxotg-97,subord,force; !Block Cell rxese:mo=rxotg-97,subord; !Managed Object End :cell=pg0035b,STATE=hALTED; !Halt Cell RXMOP:mo=rxotg-75; !Managed Object Properties rxmsc:mo=rxotg-97,ABISALLOC=FLEXIBLE; !Set ABIS to Flexible RLGSC:cell=pg0035b,FLEXHIGHGPRS=1; !Change ABIS Edge Parameters RLBDC:cell=pg0035b,CHGR=1,NUMREQEGPRSBPC=1; !Set number of on demand EDGE rxape:mo=rxotg-97,dcp=all; !Abis Path End rxapi:mo=rxotg-97,dcp=1&&28,dev=RBLT2-321 &&-348; !Abis path initiate - 321<>348 Normal TS rxapi:mo=rxotg-97,dcp=29&&31,dev=RBLT2-349&&-971,res64k;!Abis path initiate - 34 9<>971 64k TS rxesi:mo=rxotg-97,subord; !Initiate Managed Object rlstc:cell=pg0035b,STATE=active; !Change state to active rxble:mo=rxotg-97,subord; !End Blocking