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CASE 1 Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc.

This paper examines the Management and Leadership of David Generoso to Generoso Pharmaceutical Company in order to ecome productive andsuccessful . This paper !ill discuss the follo!in" # $irst this paper !illexamine the roles and responsi ilities of leaders in creatin" andmaintainin" a healthy or"ani%ational culture . Second & paper !ill differentiate et!een mana"ement and leadership . Third & this paper !ill descri e the roles that or"ani%ational mana"ers and leaders play in creatin" and maintainin" a healthy or"ani%ational culture . $ourth & this paper !ill explain ho! the four functions of mana"ement support the creation and maintenance of a healthy or"ani%ational culture . $inally & this paper recommends at least t!o strate"ies that or"ani%ational mana"ers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy or"ani%ational culture . This research paper in an or"ani%ation or in any usiness enterprise mana"ement should e fused !ith leadership . 'ana"ement !ould not su ordinates . e effective if mana"ers do not (no! ho! to lead his )her

'ana"ers should (no! ho! to influence and motivate their employees into doin" the ri"ht and the est thin" for the company . In the case of Generoso Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Inc . althou"h David is the one !ho opened all the doors of ne! opportunities for GPC & the smooth flo! of the operations of his company should also e credited to his "eneral mana"er James Smith . James ein" more client oriented and havin" as David Generoso once said **a fanatical elief on the "oodness of man . This characteristics of Rafael "reatly motivates employees !ithin the firm !hich !as very apparent since no inter pro lems !as noted !ithin the firm .

'r. David Generoso !as a philosophy "raduate of a sectarian university in the Philippines. A full scholar in 1+,- of the same university& he "ave up further studies on canon la! after a year and decided to pursue more secular activities. .e e"an his career in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry as a salesman in Central /u%on re"ion. 0ith his earnin"s& he married Eli%a eth 1eyes& a nurse and a certified pu lic accountant and they have een lessed !ith 2 children. After 2 years of com in" the Central /u%on re"ion& in 1+,3& David esta lished a company called Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals 4GPC5 !ith Eli%a eth and a usiness associate 'r. 1afael 6uenaventura& the team set up shop at the Generoso residence in Tarlac. They have an initial capitali%ation of P788 !ith a do%en ottles from the pharmaceutical firms !hich they had een connected !ith efore. They put their o!n la els on the products& re"istered it !ith the 6ureau of $ood and Dru" 46$AD5 and started sellin". Their initial mar(et !as composed of the personal contacts. David and 1afael had made !ith doctors& pharmacists& and hospital administrators durin" their time as sales representatives. In spite of the existin" salesmen representin" the i" pharmaceutical firms& they still persisted. David claimed that the most difficult part of the tas( !as to encoura"e customers to at least try their products. 6ut ecause he9s confident of the :uality of their products& he elieved that they !ill patroni%e them after!ards. GPC !as a le to esta lish a "ood trac( record and a fast expansion of their customer ase eyond Central /u%on re"ion. It !as incorporated in 1+3- as the increased volume of operations needed a roader ased mana"ement. David and Eli%a eth had een a le to move their operation from their residence in Tarlac to an office in ;ue%on City and from its initial capital of P788& GPC had total assets of P1- million that ma(es them a very li:uid company....