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Cum combinam alimentele? Este simplu: 1.

la aceeasi masa putem combina grasimile bune cu proteinele, carbohidratii lenti cu proteinele, 2. dar nu vom combina carbohidratii cu grasimile (aceasta nu inseamna sa fim absolutisti, de exemplu dintr-o masa de peste gras sa eliminam painea dar este bine ca la o asemenea masa painea sa fie cat mai putina si neagra! integrala". Exceptie: intr-o masa lipido-proteica legumele pot (si este preferabil sa" fi(e" incluse, in orice cantitate. #. Carbohidratii cu descarcare rapida a energiei (ciocolata, dulceata, cartofi, paine alba" trebuie consumati singuri (nici macar in combinatie cu proteinele". $ltfel spus, daca ne este pofta de paine alba, este preferabil sa o consumam goala! cu dulceata, in cantitati mici, intre mese. %. &a masa principala consumati doar paine neagra! graham. '. (e-asemenea, cartofii si ma)area este indicat sa fie eliminate din mesele principale. (aca va este pofta de ma)are sau cartofi, consumati cartofi fierti goi, fara carne, smantana, iaurt sau altceva (puteti adauga sare si patrun*el". +a)area ar trebui consumata doar oca)ional si ca mancare de sine statatoare, fara carne, cu sau fara paine. ,. -estul legumelor boabe soia, linte, fasole pot fi combinate cu carnea. (e-asemenea, fasolea pastai poate fi preparata cu carne fara de)avanta*e pentru sanatate. (aca la fasolea pastai si! sau ciorba obisnuiti sa adaugati smantana, inlocuiti smantana cu iaurt, sana sau cu lapte batut. .. /ructele si sucurile naturale. $cestea trebuie consumate cu minim o ora inaintea mesei (minim #0 de minute daca masa este glucido-proteica" si minim #-% ore dupa. $ltfel spus, fructele si sucurile naturale merg cel mai bine intre mese. 1ucurile acidulate! din chimicale este preferabil sa le eliminati, pentru o sanatate pe termen lung a ficatului si a aparatului digestiv. 2. +inim o masa calda in fiecare )i, pentru sanatatea stomacului tau. Este preferabil ca aceasta sa fie masa de pran). Exceptie: in )ilele caniculare de vara este in regula sa mancam doar mancare rece, acest lucru contribuind si el la prevenirea supraincal)irii organismului.

Helpful or Harmful? The health benefits of coffee have been well-documented by now: Its antioxidants (found in the coffee beans) and caffeine have been linked with improvements in mental focus, organ function, even disease prevention. ut its not without its unpleasant side effects either, from jittery hands to an upset stomach. !o do the potential benefits outwei"h the downsides of drinkin" coffee# $nd, if so, how can you "et the most from your mornin" %oe without overdoin" it# &ur nutrition expert 'adelyn (. )ernstrom, *h.+., ,-!, analy.ed the latest research to come up with some answers. A Stimulating Benefit The evidence is pretty clear on this: ,offee supports mental focus. /hether on the sports field or in the office, studies have shown that a cup or two enhances a drinker0s alertness. This is connected to coffee0s stimulant effect on the special part of the nervous system that responds to dan"er, the 1fi"ht or fli"ht1 response. $ notable effect occurs as soon as 23 minutes after drinkin". Coffees Cancer-Fighting Po er ,offee has been linked to several cancer fighting effects. The mechanisms are not known, but are likely related to its antioxidant content. /hile the studies establish associations, not a clear correlation, evidence su""ests that coffee drinkers can be 43 percent less likely to "et liver cancer compared to non-coffee drinkers. &ther studies have shown reduced rates of other cancers in coffee drinkers, includin" colon, breast, and rectal cancers. A !eight-"oss Aid? The research seems to indicate that coffee can be good for your aistline# !ome researchers have theori.ed that it may suppress your desire to eat, at least in the short run. ut the better benefit may be for those who exercise as part of their efforts to stay slim. The stimulant effect of coffee helps fuel a meta$olic $oost durin" exercise that can support a bi""er calorie burn. $nd one study by researchers at ,oventry 5niversity found that hi"h doses of caffeine may even increase muscle po er and endurance durin" exercise--not only helpin" you to "et throu"h your work-out re"ime but to "et more out of it too. % Heart Coffee It mi"ht come as a surprise to learn that coffee can contribute to positive cardiovascular health. ut lon"-term studies show that drinkin" coffee does not appear to consistently elevate blood pressure. In fact, a study of 67,333 mid-life women who drank one to three cups a day of coffee showed a reduction in their cardiovascular risk factors of 68 percent, compared to those who drank no coffee at all. This is an association, not a cause, but a key feature is the amount of coffee -- %ust one to three cups daily. 'ore coffee didn0t "ive a better result. )or more tips on how much to drink to "et the most health benefits from your coffee, keep readin". Coffee and &ia$etes 9esearch has found that drinkin" coffee appears to cut the ris' of getting dia$etes by 43 percent. It0s unknown if this is a matter of biolo"y or behavior. /hether it0s related to the phytochemicals present in coffee or simply to the substitution of a cup of coffee for a hi"h-calorie snack (savin" calories and preventin" wei"ht "ain, a ma%or factor in diabetes risk) re:uires further study. ut either way, it appears to have a beneficial effect. If you0re at risk for diabetes, this mi"ht be an ar"ument for uppin" your coffee intake--researchers saw the benefit amon" heavy coffee drinkers (4 or more cups a day). !till, for many people, drinkin" five cups or more could have side effects. efore you brew another pot of coffee, keep readin"... (etting )ore for "ess efore you pick up another cup of %oe, keep in mind that too much coffee--and that amount can vary by person--is often what leads to unpleasant health effects, includin": stomach upset, nervousness, as well as trou$le sleeping. ,offee is also a diuretic, and can contri$ute to dehydration in susceptible individuals. !o how can you "et the most health benefits out of coffee while avoidin" the not-so-nice effects# ;enerally speakin", less is more: 'uch of the research out there indicates that %ust two ten-ounce mu"s of coffee a day are all you need to en%oy

most potential benefits without sufferin" the side effects. +rink it early in the day, so it doesn0t affect your sleep that ni"ht. $nd make sure to drink plenty of water too.

Chi *ei +sang

&o-it-yourself Chi transformation in , easy steps Try this self-help abdominal massa"e. ;illes 'arin recommends practicin" steps <-8 each day, and takin" a whole hour once per week for the full routine. <. =ie down on your back with feet flat, knees raised, supported by pillows. 6. reathe lon" and deep toward your sacrum (the trian"ular bone at the end of your spinal cord), first fillin" your abdomen, then your chest. >xhale, droppin" your chest first, then your abdomen. reathe "ently this way throu"hout the session. 2. 5sin" the fin"ertips of both hands, "ently massa"e the skin around your navel. +o this for 4-<3 minutes every day to improve di"estion and elimination and relieve nerve, back or neck pain, water retention and excess body wei"ht. 8. +etox: 'ove away from the navel, massa"e by pumpin" the belly, alternatin" with both hands (4-<3 minutes daily). &EC344 http:!!!archives!index.html