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Allen Smith 231-88-040-2893

PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Accomplished Training and Development Specialist with over 20 years of experience in human resources management, including working with various levels of personnel in organizational behavior, project management and corporate training. Training and Development Specialist who adds value to organizations by contributing to growth and driving profitability as a trusted advisor and strategic business partner. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Communicator/Negotiator MS Office Administrator

Strategic thinker Trainer Researcher

Detail-oriented Public Law Business Operations

Dari basic phrases Excellent interpersonal skills Human Resources

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE US Army 1988-Present Training and Development Specialist Presented information using a variety of instructional techniques and formats such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos and lectures. Executed daily operations of mentorship to Liberians. Assessed training needs through interviews with employees, focus groups and consultation with managers, instructors and customer representatives. Wrote, designed and produced training scenarios/curriculum. Prepared Liberian forces for deployment. Trained and managed 1200 Liberians conducting operations and achieved significant improvements in their productivity. Supervised 14 employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts, set and ensured goals. Screened, hired and assigned workers to positions based on qualifications. Agribusiness Development Trainer Executed daily operations of training and leadership in Agribusiness best practices. Provided employees with guidance in handling difficult and complex problems, and in resolving food crises. Wrote, designed and produced all training for Agribusiness teams to Afghanistan. Leadership Trainer Advisor Executed daily operations of tactical Army tasks in missions and Leadership. Wrote designed and produced field training exercises that certified units were prepared for deployments. Trained and managed thousands of service members and achieved significant improvements in their productivity and ability to understand complex human terrain environments. Executive Trainer Advisor Restructured and improved the mindset of senior level Service members in influencing complex human terrain environments. Served as Operations Officer, Lead Instructor, Force Protection Officer, and Interpreter Manger for the Counter Insurgency Training Center-Afghanistan. EDUCATION Western Michigan University, 2000 B.S. Public Law; Minor in Criminal Justice Command & Staff School, 2013 Lieutenant Colonel, Leadership and Training Courses 150+ hours training on Strategic and Operational tasks for the U.S. Government