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Introduction This document is prepared by Arewa Metal Containers Limited (ARMECO) to provide the detailed project execution plan for the construction of the three (3) numbers diesel storage tanks of total capacity of 5 million litres and the demolition of the two (2) numbers existing storage tanks at the Escravos Terminal Diesel Storage facilities of Chevron Nigeria Limited.

2. Project Execution Philosophies and Strategies

3. Health, Environment and Safety Refer to the detailed HSE plan prepared for the project

4. Subcontractor The construction of the tanks shall be carried out wholly by ARMECO after the foundation must have been completed by the foundation subcontractor and have been jointly verified to meet the requirement of the Approved for Construction Drawings by the COMPANY, the Contractor, the foundation subcontractor and ARMECO.

5. Organization Chart, Roles and Responsibilities 6. Contractors Facilities and Equipment

7. Nigerian Content and Local Community Labour

8. Nigerian Training and Technology Transfer 9. Quality management 10. Fabrication and Construction Engineering 11. Material Management and procurement 12. Information Management 13. Communications 14. Interface Management

15. Schedule Assurance 16. Risk mitigation 17. Security 18. Construction 19. Mobilization 20. Direct Labour and Subcontract Labour 21. Community Relations