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BeBeral Bureay of investigation { Bnited States Bepartinent of Justices — Ne orsoontStrvemusten, : with aliases, et als ESPIONAGE - RB = ‘With reference to the investigation of MICHAEL ENTEIAN, it is noted that Informant GREGORY, in her signed statenent dated Novenber 30, 1945, furnished the following information with regard to ENDELMAN: She was introduced to ENDEDIAN by JOSEPHAECKEART in January, 1938, and she had the impression that ENTEDMAN was working for ECKHART in the United States and was probably connected with the Russian espionage system here at that time but was in her opinion “enall fry. She stated that ENIEL- MAN left the United States in Yay, 1938, and she received some post cards from him from Hendaye, France, which is located on the Spanish border. ig [— ‘Informant GREOORY in her signed statement also advised that in ° November of 1944 she discussed both ENTELWAN and ECKHART with JACK, her Russian superior at the time, and he indicated that he knew these people jand told the informant, "If you ever run into them, run like hell." She jalso stated that at her first meeting with OOLOB, when she ‘told hin of her Yi SS, [backeround, GoL0s interrogated her concerning ECKHART and ENTELMAN, as well S Silas ouuier srmer Po: » and GOLOS stated that ECKHART and ENDELZAN g & ~Qyrere traitors to the Communist movenent. SDL 8 A physical surveillance of ENTELMAN was insti tute > Fleld Division on November 20, 1945, and has contii ce that SSB glourvettiance hes failed to reflect that ENTEDIUN has contacted or has been “contacted by any other subject in this case during that period of time, nor has there been any indication that during that period of time he has con— tacted any possible Russian espionage agent. He resides in a rooming house and does not have a telephone. He has no know present employment. We presently have a mail cover on him, but to date no results have been received z which would “i that ENIEIMAN is engaging in any Russian espionage o ICTORY] activities: ABO:RAL