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<Picture> Chorography is a method Ulmer generates out of the term chora which Derrida gets from Plato's Timaeus.

"... chorography as a term is... a rhetoric of invention concerned with the history of 'place' in relation to memory" !euretics" #$%. "The strategy of chorography for deconstructing the frontier metaphor of research is to consider the 'place' and its 'genre' in rhetorical terms& as a topos. The pro'ect is then to replace topos itself not 'ust one particular setting (ut place as such% with chora wherever the former is found in the trivium. )n order to foreground the foundational function of location in thought" choral writing organi*es any manner of information (y means of the writer's specific position in the time and space of a culture" ##%. "The choral strategy of writing with the paradigm +is, to include the 'set' of possi(le terms collected under the heading of a given concept or category" rather than to select one part and suppress the remainder" -.%. To read/write with images is to include all possi(le metaphorical readings/meanings/connections as possi(le" rather than to read/write with words which are perceived to have fi0ed meanings. 1ords are images too. "Chorography adds to the notion of 'value' the sense of the 'remainder' to suggest that the a(sent terms +meanings, have (een suppressed (ecause their availa(ility as su(stitutes seemed 'impossi(le'" -2%. "Chorography is an impossi(le possi(ility" 32%. "The 'timing' of chorography is important (ecause hypermedia still lac4s a 'rhetoric'. '1hile the teaching of classical rhetoric may have waned over the years" an accepted set of conventions a(out style" synta0" and structure still e0ists... 5o such rhetoric e0ists for hyperte0t'" 36%. 1riting with the paradigm is to use "a set of a(stract manipula(le elements ready to (e harmoni*ed with a plethora +plechora 7 % , of other electronic flows" 83-%. ...T9" film" telephone" 111" e&mail" :;;" radio" video al... "< principle of choral research +is, to collect what ) find into a set" unified (y a pattern of repetitions" rather than (y a concept. =lectronic learning is more li4e discovery than proof" .2%. "The chorographer.. writes with paradigms not arguments" #-%. "Chora receives everything or gives place to everything" (ut Plato insists that in fact it has to (e a virgin place" and that it has to (e totally foreign" totally e0terior to anything

that it receives. >ince it is a(solutely (lan4" everything that is printed on it is automatically effaced. )t remains foreign to the imprint it receives? so in a sense" it does not receive anything& it does not receive what it receives nor does it give what it gives. =verything inscri(ed in it erases itself immediately" while remaining in it. )t is thus an impossi(le surface& it is not even a surface" (ecause it has no depth" Derrida" @td. 2.%.