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Recipes in English and translated into Romanian Recipes from the coordinating Be lgian school SCRAMBLED EGGS IN THE

SCALE WITH SHRIMPS INGREDIENTS eggs arsley milk pepper and salt DIRECTIONS Break the eggs in a bowl. Pay attention t hat the egg scales break nicely in the middle Scramble the eggs and bake them, s top the baking process by adding a bit of milk. Mix the eggs with the shrimps. F ill the half egg scales with the mixed shrimps and eggs. Serve the eggs in an eg gholder and decorate with fine-cutted parsley or other green groceries. ptrunjel lapte sare i piper MOD DE PREPARARE: -se sparg oule ntr-un bol -batei oule i rjii-le apoi adugai puin lapte -amestecai oule cu creveii pn formai o umplutur -u e ou fiert cu umplutura -servii oule ntr-un suport special i decorai cu ptrunjel tiat unt sau cu alte verdeuri INGREDIENTE: OU JUMRI CU CREVEI SMOKED SALMON WITH CREAM CHEESE INGREDIENTS SOMON AFUMAT CU BRNZ INGREDIENTE: 100 grammes smoked salmon 100gr. somon afumat

100 grammes cream cheese (f.ex. Boursin) a little bit cream chive olive oil 3 sp aghetti rods DIRECTIONS Mix the cream cheese with the cream. colour them in oil. Let the spaghetti rods leak out on a piece of kitchen paper. Take 4 equal slice s of salmon and cover them with the cream cheese. Lay 2 blades of chive and 2 ro ds of spaghetti on the salmon and role on. Serve on small scales and garnish wit h something on your own taste.

100 gr. brnz gras (Boursin) puin smntn arpagic ulei de msline 3 fire de spaghete MOD REPARARE: Amestecai brnza cu smntna . rupei firele de spaghete n trei pri egale i n n ulei lsai-le s se scurg pe un prosop de buctrie. Luai patru felii egale de somon ei brnza. Punei dou lame( felii) de arpagic i dou fire de spaghete pe somon i apoi rul . Break the spaghetti rods in three equal parts and

BAKED SAUSAGE WITH APPLE AND ROSEMARY INGREDIENTS 2 sausages 1 apple 1 cup br broth rosemary 1 shallot port-wine pepper and salt 50 grammes butter

CRNAI FIERI CU MR I ROZMARIN INGREDIENTE 2 crnai 1 mr 1 ceac-cup de sup maro rozm dulce- hajme vin de Porto sare i piper 50 gr unt

DIRECTIONS Cut the sausages into pieces of 2 cm. Fry these in butter on bot es. Do the chopped shallot and the port-wine in a pot to reduce. Add the brown b roth. Finish with a bit of butter and chopped rosemary. Clean the apple and make little pellets. Bake these in butter with a bit of sugar. Take a toothpick and stick the little bolls apple and the sausage on ti. Cover with the sauce.

MOD DE PREPARARE: -tiai crnaii n buci de 2 cm -prjii-le pe ambele pri n unt -pune vinul de Porto ntr-o oal pentru a reduce -Adugai supa maro. -Terminai cu puin unt i ro marin tiat -Curai mrul i facei bucele mici. -Coacei-prjii acestea n unt cu puin obitoare i punei bucelele de mr i crnaii pe acesta -Acoperii cu sos.

SCAMPI WITH LEEK IN A LIGHT APPLE CURRY SAUCE INGREDIENTS 48 scampis (6 - peeled 1 apple 1 onion curry 1 glass white wine 4 dl cream 3 stems leek pepper DIRECTIONS Clean the leek and cut it in small pieces. Heat some oil and add the leek. Bake the peeled scampis in butter.

RAC DE MARE CU PRAZ NTR-UN SOS CURRY CONDIMENTAT UOR INGREDIENTE raci ( 6/persoana ) decojit/curat 1 mr ceap curry sticl de vin alb 4 dl crem-smntn 3 tulpini de praz p MOD DE PREPARARE: -curai prazul i tiai-l n buci mici. -nclzii ctva ulei i adug nt racii curai-decojai.

Season with salt and pepper. Remove the scampis from the pan and keep them warm. Stew the chopped onion and apple. Powder with some curry and deglace with the w hite wine. Reduce and add the cream. Reduce again and season. Serve the scampis on a plate with some leek in the middle and cover with the sauce.

-condimentai cu sare i piper. -ndeprtai-luai racii din tigaie i pstrai-l inei-l tecai ceapa tiat i mrul. -presrai-condimentai cu curry i acoperii cu vinul alb. Red uai i aduga-i crema-smntna Reducei din nou i condimentai. Servii racii pe o farfuri e praz n mijloc i acoperii cu sos.

SALMON TARTAR WITH APPLE AND CUCUMBER INGREDIENTS 600 grammes salmo ucumber 1 apple 1 small bunch of dille lemon juice 1 dl oil (corn oil) salt and pepper 50 grammes shallots 2 dl cream 10 slices smoked salmon DIRECTIONS Dis-edg e the salmonfilet and chop with a cutter. Sprinkle the filets with lemonjuice an d season with the oil. Add the chopped shallots, cucumber and apple.

SOMON TARTAR CU MR I CASTRAVETE INGREDIENTE: 600 gr somon file 1/3 castravete 1 mr 1 legtur mic de mrar suc-zeam de lmie 1 dl ulei de porumb sare i piper gr ceap dulce me 2 dl smntn 10 felii somon afumat MOD DE PREPARARE: Tocii-desfacei fileul de somon i mrunii-ltiai-l cu un cuit Stropii fileul cu zeama de lmie i ulei Adugai ceapa, c i mrul tiat.

Decorate with dille. Leave it at least one hour in the refrigerator. For the sau ce: half-whipped cream with small pieces of cucumber and apple. You can season w ith a little bit of lemonjuice. Wind the salmontartar in a slice of smoked salmo n, and make a package of it. Put it on the middle of a plate. Decorate with some dille and the sauce, finish with some crushed tomato. Some hot toast can finish the whole.

Decorai- ornai cu mrar Lsai mcar o or n frigider Pentru sos :smntn btut jumtate castravete i mr. Putei stropi cu puin zeam de lmie. Punei somonul tartar ntr-o feli mon afumat, i facei un pacheel-umplutur din acesta.

Punei-l n mijlocul unei farfurii Ornai-l cu puin mrar i sos, terminai cu roii tiate. frit putei pune pine prjit fierbinte

Recipes From Antwerp, Belgium CHICORY TOPPED WITH SHRIMPS INGREDIENTS: Chicor hrimps Cocktail sauce Pepper to taste PREPARATION: take the chicory and separate the leaves top each leaf with some shrimps add a dash of cocktail sauce some pe pper to taste cicoare crevei sos cocteil piper pentru gust MOD DE PREPARARE: cicoarea i ndeprtai frunzele -punei pe fiecare frunz crevei -adugai cocteil -puin entru gust PATEU DE VANAT CU DULCEATA DIN FRUCTE CITRICE ROSII INGREDIENTS: Game pt Red fruits marmalade PREPARATION: take a clean and nice serving dish cut an av erage sized slice of the game pt dress with some red fruits marmalade add green he rbs for colour INGREDIENTE: Pateu de vnat dulcea din fructe citrice roii MOD ARARE: luai un platou de servire curat tiai o felie medie de pateu de vnat mbrcai cu d lcea din fructe citrice roii adugai plant verde pentru aspect CICOARE ACOPERIT CU CREV EI INGREDIENTE: GAME PT WITH RED FRUITS MARMALADE

FRIED CHEESE CROQUETTES INGREDIENTS: 75 grams grease: stick rams all-purpose flower 1 2/3 cups milk 150 grams grated cheese (Parmesan, Gruye re) 2 eggs Dried bread crumbs Salt and pepper to taste A pinch of nutmeg to tast e PREPARATION: make a Bchamel sauce (melt the butter and add the flower) add the cheese and stir well till all the cheese has melted take the eggs and separate t he egg whites add the egg whites to your sauce add salt, pepper and nutmeg to ta ste butter a serving dish and spread the sauce (3cm thickness) let it cool off f or 3 hours cut the paste in cubes of 4 by 4cm roll the cubes through some flower , whisked egg white and dried bread crumbs (in this order and repeat this proces s if necessary!) deep-fry them in frying fat of 170 degrees for about 5 minutes drain well on kitchen paper serve hot 75 gr fin

CACAVAL PANE INGREDIENTE: 75 gr grsime: bucat de unt fr sare 1 2/3 pahar cu lapte 150 gr cacaval ras (parmezan, Gruyere) 2 ou pesmet uscat sare i piper dup gust puin nucoa pentru a da gust MOD DE PREPARARE: preparai un sos Bchamel (topii untul i adugai fina) se adaug cacavalul, se amestec bine pn se topete tot se sparg oule si se separ albuu glbenu albuurile se adaug n sos se adaug sare, piper i nucoar pentru a da gust se un grsime o tav i se pune sosul (3 cm grosime) se las s se rceasc aluatul se taie n cub de 4 * 4 cm cuburile se trec prin fin, albuurile btute i pesmet uscat (n aceasta ordi ne i dac este necesar, se repet procesul) se prjesc n grsime mult (bine ncins), de 1 ade timp de 5 minute se scurge i se usuc pe hrtie absorbant se servete cald

SHRIMP STUFFED TOMATOES INGREDIENTS: Shrimps Tomatoes Mayonnaise Pa Garden cress Lemon PREPARATION: peel the tomatoes (incise and soak in hot water ) cut the top off, remove the seeds, juice and flesh moisten the shrimps with so me lemon juice and add the mayonnaise stuff your tomatoes with this mixture top with some more mayonnaise and parsley serve on some lettuce or garnish with gard en cress or parsley

ROSII UMPLUTE CU CREVETI INGREDIENTE: crevei roii maionez ptrunjel salat verde creson lmie MOD DE PREPARARE: decojii roiile (tiai-le buci i scufundai-le n ap clocotit superioar a roiilor, ndeprtai seminele, zeama i pulpa umezii creveii cu zeam de lm aioneza umplei roiile cu aceast compozitie punei maionez i ptrunjel deasupra aezai-l salat verde sau decorai cu creson sau ptrunjel

OXEN- TAIL SOUP INGREDIENTS: 1 kg sliced oxen-t er 1 kg beef with bone 1 chopped carrot 1 bay leaf 4 tablespoons of parsley cut up finely 2 litres water or beef stock salt to taste 6 black pepper 2 chopped on ions 2 chopped celery stems 2 diced potatoes 8 tablespoons of barley groats PREP ARATION: remove excess fat and wash oxen-tail heat butter in Dutch oven add oxen -tail, beef, carrot, bay leaf, and parsley add water or beef stock, salt and pep per to taste boil and simmer for 2 to 3 hours let it cool off a bit and sieve re move the meat from the bones and add meat to soup add onions, celery, potato and barley simmer for another 30 minutes till the vegetables and barley are done En joy your meal! de bou corns

SUPA DE COADA DE BOU INGREDIENTE: 1 kg coad de bou-buci 60 gr de unt concentrat 1 k g carne de vac cu os 1 morcov tiat n buci 1 frunz dafin 4 lingurite ptrunjel tiat fin litri de ap sau zeam de carne de vac sare pentru gust 6 boabe de piper negru 2 cepe tiate mrunt 2 tulpini de elin tiate mrunt 2 cartofi tiai cuburi 8 linguri de boabe d rz MOD DE PREPARARE ndeprtai grsimea excesiv i splai coada nclzii untul n tigaie coada de bou, carnea de vac, morcovul, frunza de dafin i ptrunjelul adugai ap la zeam a de carne de vac, sare i piper pentru gust fierbei la foc mic timp de 2-3 ore lsai s se rceasc i puneti-l intr-o sit s se scurg separai carnea de os i adugai carne n s apa, elina, cartofii i boabele de orz -mai fierbei la foc mic timp de 30 de minute pn cnd legumele i orzul sunt fierte Poft bun!

BELGIAN CHICKEN FRICASSEE INGREDIENTS: 1 chicken (for 500 gr. vegetables like carrot, leek, celery and onion 1 bay leaf, some parsley stems and thyme 1 dl cream 40 gr. all-purpose flower a lemon concentrated butter pepper and salt to taste PREPARATION: heat the butter and add the washed and ch opped vegetables add the chicken and water boil and then shimmer 30 minutes off slice mushrooms and braise them briefly till they are done heat butter in a sauc epan, stir the flower in it and add stock whisk and boil until you have a smooth sauce and add the cream slice the chicken thinly and add to sauce together with mushrooms pepper and salt to taste -heat

FRICASSEE- TOCANA DE PUI BELGIAN INGREDIENTE: 1 pui (pentru sup) 500 gr ciuperci 500 gr legume: morcovi, praz, elin i ceap 1 frunz dafin, cteva tulpini de elin i cim dl smntn 40 gr fin lmie unt concentrat piper i sare pentru gust

MOD DE PREPARARE: nclzii untul i adugai legumele splate i tiate adugai puiul i ap foc mic timp de 30 de minute scoatei puiul i se trece totul prin sit, luai jumtate d e litru tiai ciupercile n felii i fierbei nbuit nclzii unt ntr-o crati, amestec rba batei i fierbei pn cnd sosul se ngroa i adugai smntna tiai puiul n buc ciupercile adugai piper i sare pentru gust -nclzii remove chicken and sieve stock, take half a litre

Recipes from the Romanian school MEAT BALLS INGREDIENTS: 500 g minced pork onful of minced parsley 2 slices of bread, crumbled an egg 4-5 cloves of garlic Salt Pepper 3-4 spoonful of flour PREPARATION: mix the minced meat with the minc ed parsley, then add the minced cloves of garlic, the crumbled bread (soaked in milk and wrung properly) the egg, flour. add salt and pepper. both sides, place 2" apart in pan with hot oil bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes or until the meat is n o longer pink. make small meatballs and put them to fry on CHIFTELE ING 500 g carne de porc tocat 2 linguri de ptrunjel mrunit 2 felii de pine, fcute pesmet un ou 4-5 cei de usturoi Sare Piper 3-4 linguri de fin MOD DE PREPARARE: amestecai ca rnea tocat cu ptrunjelul mrunit, apoi adugai ceii mrunii de usturoi , pesmetul (n i stors bine), oule, fina. adugai sare i piper. facei chiftele mici dndu-le o form d i aezai-i n tigaie n ulei bine ncins s se prjeasc pe ambele pri, la 2" distan imp de 12-15 minute sau pn cnd carnea nu mai este roz.

SNITEL- SCHNITZEL INGREDIENTS: 1 kg of beef 4 spoonful of flour 4 eggs Salt P 4 spoonful of breadcrumbs PREPARATION: clean the meat properly from all its ten dons, making sure to trim the edges of the meat carefully, then cut it to slices of average size, which are beaten with a special hammer for meat until they get thinner. the slices are seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. dip the slices in the flour first, then in the whisked egg and then in the breadcrumbs. Be care ful to ensure that the slice is completely covered with the breadcrumbs, then pu t the slices in a hot frying pan, the oil in the pan should be deep enough that the schnitzel's float whilst cooking. cooking time should not be more than 4 min utes for each side. VITAMIN BOMB SALAD INGREDIENTS: 1 medium sized cabbage A cup of rice 3 tomatoes 1 kg carne de vit 4 linguri fin 4 ou Sare Piper 4 SNIEL INGREDIENTE:

MOD DE PREPARARE: curai bine carnea de pieli, apoi tiai n felii de mrime mijlocie i eliile cu un ciocan special de carne pn cnd devin mai subiri. feliile se condimentea z cu puin sare i piper. trecei feliile prin fin , apoi prin oul btut cu furculia iar aceea prin pesmet. Asiguraiv c felia este acoperit complet de pesmet apoi punei feli ile ntr-o tigaie n ulei bine ncins, uleiul n tigaie trebuie s fie destul ca nielul s teasc n timp ce se prjete. timpul de prjire nu trebuie s fie mai mult de 4 minute pent ru fiecare parte. SALAT BOMBA DE VITAMINE INGREDIENTE 1 varz mijlocie. 1 can de orez 3 roii

2 cucumbers 3 mild peppers 1 onion 2 eggs 1 lemon l cream Oil Vinegar PREPARATIO N: boil the rice in salted water. it; cut the peppers, the tomatoes and the cucu mbers into small pieces; cut the onion into small pieces and add a bit of vinega r. 2 castravei 3 ardei slabi 1 ceap 2 ou 1 lmie l crem-cream

MOD DE PREPARARE: fierbei orezul n ap srat. Tiai varza n buci mici i punei sare roiile i castraveii n buci mici; tiai ceapa n buci mici i adugai un pic de oet a amestecnd glbenuurile de ou cu ulei dup aceea adugai crema i sucul de lmie. Pun astron mai nti maioneza, apoi adugai orezul fiert, dup aceea un rnd de varz, un rnd d iper, roii, castravei i ceap. Repetai procedura i pe deasupra punei maionez. cut the cabbage into small pieces and put salt on prepare the mayonnaise by mixing the yolks of eggs with oil then add the cream a nd the lemon juice. in a bowl place first the mayonnaise, then add boiled rice then a row of cabbage , a row of peppers, tomatoes , cucumbers and onion. repeat the procedure and on the top of it put mayonnaise. MOSAIC ROLL INGREDIENTS: 400gr.pressed ham 200gr. spiced cottage cheese 300gr. b utter 4 boiled yolks RULOU MOZAIC INGREDIENTE : 400 g unc presat, 250 g telemea, 300 g unt, 4 glbenuuri fi erte, 300 g msline, 4-5 sardele, piper.

300gr. black olives 4-5 sardines pepper PREPARATION: cut the ham into thin slice s, then place them next to each other on a piece of cellophane in order to form a rectangle. MOD DE PREPARARE: tiai unca felii ct mai subiri, apoi le aezai unele lng ele pe o folie de celofan, ca s formai un dreptunghi. Mrunii telemeaua, o amestecai cu 150 g unt, iar crema obinut o ntindei n strat subire peste unc. Pasai glbenuurile tecai cu restul de unt i puin piper i ntindei pasta peste brnz. Dai la rece. Cura e smburi, le dai prin maina de tocat i le amestecai cu sardelele mrunite i cu uleiul . ntindei i aceast compoziie peste pasta de glbenuuri. Rulai totul ct mai strns e ca s se ntreasc untul. Tiai ruloul felii de jumtate de centimetru i le servii ca a iv. cut the cheese into very small pieces and mix it with 150 gr. butter and spread this cream over the ham. hash the yolks and mix them with the rest of the butter, add a little bit of pep per and spread it over the cheese. mince the olives and the sardines and spread them over the yolks. roll everythin g and let it get cold, then slice it.

BOEUF SALAD INGREDIENTS: 3 carrots celery 1 parsley root 8 medium 1 pickled red pepper/capsicum 400 g pickled cucumbers 2 eggs 1 tablespoon musta rd 2 chicken/poultry breasts lemon 350 ml oil Salt and pepper as preferred olive s. PREPARATION: cube the red pepper and the pickled cucumbers, put them in a thi ck sieve. clean the carrots, parsley, celery and the potatoes, wash them and boi l them in lightly salted water; boil separately the chicken breasts. cube the bo iled vegetables and the meat, place all in a bowl, add and let rest until you pr epare the mayonnaise. boil an egg hard. prepare the mayonnaise from the boiled y olk, the crud yolk, mustard, salt, lemon juice and oil. mix of the mayonnaise wi th the vegetables, meat and pickled vegetables, add salt and

SALAT DE BOEUF INGREDIENTE 3 morcovi mari 1 rdcin ptrunjel 8 cartofi mijlocii 1 gogoar murat 400 g castravei murai 2 ou 1 lingur mutar 2 pulpe pui lmie 350 ml ulei sare er dup gust iar pentru decor gogoar murat i cteva msline. MOD DE PREPARARE: tiai gog l i castraveii murai n cubulee i i punei la scurs ntr-o strecurtoare. Curai morc ul, elina i cartofii, i splai i i fierbei n ap uor srat. Separat punei la fiert . Tiai legumele fierte i carnea n cubulee. Fierbei tare 1 ou. Preparai maioneza din g nuul fiert i zdrobit bine, glbenuul crud, mutar, sare, zeam de lmie i ulei. Amesteca maionez cu legumele, carnea i murturile, srai i piperai dup gust. Aezai salata pe u u, o acoperii cu For decoration: pickled red pepper and a few

pepper as preferred, mix well. arrange on a serving platter, smooth with a knife and then cover with the rest of the mayonnaise and garnish it with the hard boi led egg white, pickled red pepper and a few olives; try to shape flowers, other designs. maioneza rmas i o decorai cu albu fiert, gogoar i msline.

Recipes from the Italian school SHRIMP WITH GARLIC AND TOASTED BREADCRUMBS (SERV ES 6) INGREDIENTS: 1 cup fresh Italian bread crumbs 1/3 cup chopped flat-leaf p rsley 1 garlic clove, minced Salt and pepper 1/4 cup olive oil 1-1/2 lbs. large shrimp, peeled Lemon wedges METHOD: Preheat oven to 450-degrees F. Grease a l e baking sheet. In a bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic, salt and pe pper. Add about 3 TB. of oil to moisten the crumbs. Place the shrimp on the baki ng sheet. Curl each shrimp into a circle. Spoon a little of the crumb mixture on each CREVETE CU USTUROI I PESMET PRJIT(6 PORTII) INGREDIENTE : 1 ceac de pesmet aspt italian 1/3 ceac de ptrunjel cu frunze turtie-ntinseculcate-sttute- tiate 1 cea sturoi tiat mrunt sare, piper ceac ulei de msline 1-1/2 livr (1 livr-453,6 gr) creve ri (decojii) felii unghiulare de lmie MOD DE PREPARARE: Cuptorul se nclzete la 450 F. e unge cu grsime- greseaz o mare foaie-tabl-pnzplac pentru copt-coacere .ntr-un castro se amestec pesmetul, ptrunjelul, usturoiul, sarea i piperul. Se adaug 3 terbiu pent ru a nmuia pesmetul Se aeaz creveii pe foaia de copt. fiecare crevete se aeaz-creesteform de cerc.-se rotesc

shrimp. Drizzle with a little oil. Fiecare crevete este presrat cu o lingur din amestecul de pesmet preparat anterior . Se stropesc cu ulei. Se las la cuptor 10-15 minute, pn cnd crevetele devine roz, i ar pesmeii se rumenesc puin. Crevetele se servesc cu felii unghiulare de lmie i se st ropete cu puin lmie. Bake 10-15 minutes, until the shrimp are pink and the crumbs lightly browned Ser ve with lemon wedges to drizzle over the shrimp.

MEDITERRANEAN HEARTS OF PALM SALAD (SERVES 6) INGREDIENTS: 1 head R e, cut into bite-size pieces 1 (14 oz) can sliced hearts of palm, chilled 2 toma toes, cut into wedges 1 cup roasted red pepper, cut into strips 2 TB. olive oil 2 TB. red wine vinegar 2 TB. lemon juice 1/3 cup chicken broth Salt and pepper 1 /2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese METHOD: On individual salad plates, evenly div ide the lettuce, palm, tomatoes, and red pepper. In a small bowl, whisk together the oil, vinegar, lemon juice, broth, salt

SALAT MEDITERANEAN DE MIEZPARTEA CENTRAL DE PALMIER (6 PORII) INGREDIENTE 1 cap de s alat verde Romaine, tiat n buci mici 1( 14 uncii) conserv de miez de palmier, ngheat oii, tiate n buci 1 ceac de ardei rou prjit, tiat n felii-buci 2 linguri de ulei inguri de oet de vin rou 2 linguri de suc de lmie 1/3 ceac de sup de pui Sare i piper ac de buci de brnz de Gorgonzola MOD DE PREPARARE: Pe farfurii individuale pentru sala t, mprii uniform salata verde, miezul de palmier, roiile, i ardeiul rou. ntr-un cast bol mic, agitai mpreun uleiul, oetul, sucul de lmie, supa, sarea i piperul.

and pepper. Drizzle the dressing over the salad on each plate. Top each salad wi th some crumbled cheese. Punei-picurai preparatul pe salat pe fiecare farfurie. Punei pe fiecare salat buci de rnz frmiat

SAUTED SPINACH WITH CANNELLINI BEANS (SERVES 6) INGREDIENTS: 2 l 1/4 cup olive oil 6 garlic cloves, minced Red pepper flakes Salt and pepper 2 ( 14 oz) cans cannellini beans METHOD:

SPANAC SOTE CU FASOLE DE CANNELLINI( 6 PORII) INGREDIENTE 2 livre de spanac proa pt ceac ulei de msline cele de usturoi, tiate mrunt ardei rou Sare i piper 2( 14 nserve de fasole cannellini MOD DE PREPARARE: Aranjai-curai captul tulpinilor de span ac i dai la o parte-ndeprtai toate frunzele galbene. Pentru a aranja cantitatea mare de spanac, facei sote din frunze simultan ulei. Adugai ctva-din usturoi, ardeiul rou, sare i piper i facei sote timp de 2-3 minute pn cnd devine auriu. Adugai o parte din anac. Punei-l n ulei ca s fie acoperit uniform Gtii 2-3 minute pn cnd frunzele devin lite-mici dar nu spongioase. Adugai fasoale la spanac pn cnd se ntr-o tigaie mare ncl mediu-foarte tare, adugai o parte din Trim the ends off the spinach stems and discard any yellowed leaves. To accommod ate the large quantity of spinach, saute the leaves in batches. In a large skill et over medium-high heat, add a portion of the oil. Add some of the garlic, red pepper, salt and pepper and saut 2-3 minutes until it is golden. Add a portion of the spinach. Toss to coat it evenly with the oil. Cook 2-3 minutes until the le aves are wilted but not mushy. Add some of the beans with each batch of

spinach just to heat through. Serve nclzete. Servii

CHRISTMAS SOUP WITH BREAD AND CHEESE (SERVES 6) INGREDIENTS 4 egg yol 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese 1/3 cup fine fresh breadcrumbs Pinch of nutmeg Salt Zest of 1 small lemon cups chicken broth METHOD Combine the yolks, cheese, breadcrumbs, nutmeg, salt, and lemon zest to form a firm paste. Bring the broth to a simmer in a large saucepan. stirring to break it up well. Cook 3 minutes. Serve. Slowly whisk in the breadcrumb mixture, SUPA DE CRACIUN CU PAINE SI BRANZA INGREDIENTE: 4 galbenusuri de ou ceasca plina cu branza Parmezan razuita 1/3 ceasca de pesmet fin un varf de cutit de nucsoar a sare miezul unei lamai mici cesti supa de pui MOD DE PREPARARE: Amestecati gal benusurile, branza, pesmetul, nucsoara, sarea si miezul de lamiae pana se formea za o pasta consistent. Fierbeti supa la foc mic intr-o oala mare. Amestecati bin e cu telul compozitia in supa. Fierbeti 3 minute. Serviti. CHRISTMAS BEET RAVIOLI INGREDIENTS: 4 medium beet 1/2 cup ricotta cheese 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese COLTUNASI (RAVIOLI) CU SFECLA INGREDIENTE: 4 sfecle mijlocii ceasca de branza ri cotta ceasca de branza parmesan razuita

2 TB. dry breadcrumbs Salt and pepper 1 recipe for Quick and Easy Ravioli Dough TB. unsalted butter 1 TB. poppy seeds Extra Parmesan for sprinkling METHOD: 2 linguri pesmet uscat sare si piper 8 linguri unt nesarat 1 lingura boabe de ma c parmesan pt. presarare vezi reteta pt. un aluat rapid si usor pt. ravioli ! MO D DE PREPARARE: Intr-o oala, acoperiti sfeclele cu apa si lasati-le sa fiarba la foc mic timp de 20-30 de minute sau pana cand sfeclele pot fi patrunse usor cu o furculita. In a saucepan, cover the beets with water and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook over low heat 20-30 minutes, or until the beets can be pierced easily with a for k. Drain and set aside to cool. Remove the skin from the beets and cut into chun ks. Put beets in a food processor. Chop the beets until coarse. Add the cheeses and breadcrumbs. Pulse to form a slightly coarse mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Make the ravioli dough and follow the directions for filling and cooking . Go to directions. For the sauce, melt the butter with the poppy seeds in a sma ll saucepan. Pour the sauce over the cooked ravioli and sprinkle with Parmesan. Scurgeti-le si lasati-le deoparte sa se raceasca. Indepartati coaja sfecleleor s i taiati-le in bucati mari si apoi puneti-le intr-un food processor. Maruntiti s feclele si apoi adaugati pesmetul. Amestecati pana se formeaza o compozitie rigi da, aspra. Adaugati sare si piper dupa gust. Pregatiti aluatul pentru coltunasi si urmati indicatiile pt. umplututa si pregatire. Pt. sos, topiti untul impreuna cu boabele de mac, intr-o craticioara. Turnati sosul peste coltunasi si presara ti parmezan. branzeturile si UOVA ALLA BELLA ROSINA OU BELLA ROSINA

Note: a tasty starter or a cold christmas dish. INGREDIENTS not: un aperitiv gustos sau fel de mncare rece de Crciun INGREDIENTE: 4 hard-boiled eggs Mayonnaise Level: easy Time: preparation: 10 minutes cooking: 6 -8 minutes PREPARATION:

4 ou fierte bine maionez nivel : uor timp : de preparare : 10 minute de gtire : 6-8 minute MOD DE PREPARARE: Oule se taie n jumtate i se scoate glbenuurile. Albuurile se mple cu maionez. Dac vrei se poate aduga maionezei i ptrunjel proaspt i capere- (tia t). Albuurile se aranjeaz n farfuria n care va fi servit. Presrai glbenuurile pe alb hiar nainte de servire. Half the eggs and remove their yolks. Stuff the whites with the mayonnaise. If y ou want, you can add some fresh parsley and capers (finely chopped) to the mayon naise. Arrange the whites in the serving plate. Pure the yolks over the whites ju st before serving Note You can't prepare these eggs in advance; their yolks would dry up. It's a typic al Italian antipasto but you can also serve them in summer as first course Not: nu se pot pregti oule mai devreme. Glbenuurile s-ar usca.

Recipes from the Polish school CHRISTMAS EVE'S BEETROOT SOUP (BORSCH) BEETROOT BASE Take about 1,5 kg beetroot (only the root part), wash it and slice. Than place t he slices in a jar and cover with warm (but not hot) water. On the top put a sli ce of wholemeal bread. Cover the jar with a piece of cloth and leave it in a war m place. After 4 or 5 days carefully remove the froth from the top and pour the liquid into clean bottles. Cork them and put in a cold place. You can store it e ven for a few months. CHRISTMAS BORSCH Prepare strong vegetable stock (by cookin g celery, parsley, carrot, leek and one onion) Cook the vegetables with 4 red be etroots (they must be peeled ans sliced). Add 10 grains of black pepper, 2 grain s of pimento and a piece of a bay leaf. In a separate pot cook 5-8 dkg of dried fungi in two glasses of water. Both stocks (the vegetable one and the fungi one) pour through a strainer and mix. Than add the beetroot base (the proportion: 1,5 litre of stock 0,5 litre of the base). Heat the soup to the moment of boiling (b ut do not cook it). At the end add juice made of one raw squashed RDCIN DE SFECL ia n jur de 1,5 kg sfecl (doar rdcina) se spal i se taie felii. Se aeaz feliile ntrrcan i se acoper cu ap cldu (dar nu fierbinte). Deasupra se pune o felie de pine din f integral. Se acoper borcanul cu o bucat de pnz i se las ntr-un loc cldu. Dup 4-5 z tenie, se ndeprteaz spuma de deasupra i lichidul se toarn n sticle curate. Se pune dop se pun ntr-un loc rece. Se pot menine aa chiar timp de cteva luni. CIORB DE CRCIUN se prepar o cantitate mare de legume (fierbnd elin, ptrunjel, morcov, praz i 1 ceap) . L gumele se fierb cu 4 sfecle roii (care trebuie decojite i tiate felii). Se adaug 10 boabe de piper negru, 2 boabe de ardei rou i o frunz de dafin. ntr-o crati separat se ierb 5-8 kg de ciuperci uscai n dou pahare de ap. Ambele cantiti (de legume i de ciupe ci) i se trec printr-o strecurtoare i se amestec. Apoi se adaug rdcina de sfecl (prop : cantitatea de 1, 5 l 0,5 l rdcin de sfecl). Supa se nclzete pn se fierbe ( dar s bei-frigei). La urm se adaug un lichid fcut dintr-o sfecl crud-nefiart zdrobit. Se a ahr, un SUP DE SFECL DE CRCIUN

beetroot. Add some sugar, a glass of red dry wine (or some lemon juice). A few m inutes before serving add grated clove of garlic. pahar de vin rou sec (sau zeam-suc de lmie). Cu cteva minute nainte de servire se adau g cei de usturoi rase pe rztoare. BOILED DOUGH POCKETS WITH FILLING (EARS) DOUGH PREPARATION 15 dkg of flour mix wit h 1 egg and a pinch of salt. When the dough is ready roll it out thinly and cut into small squares (4x4cm). Put some stuffing on each square. Fold the squares d iagonally (to make triangles) and stick the edges carefully. Then stick together the two opposite corners. Put the ears into boiling water with some salt. When th ey appear on the surface they are ready. Put them into a tureen and pour hot sou p on them. STUFFING PREPARATION Slice cooked fungi into very tiny pieces, add on e small chopped onion and some butter then fry on the frying pan. Add one spoon of bread crumbs and mix with one raw egg. Add some salt and pepper.

PUNGI DE COC-ALUAT FIERTE CU UMPLUTUR (URECHI) MOD DE PREPARARE: aluatul Amestecai 15 dkg de fin cu 1 ou i o pictur-ciupitur de sare. Cnd aluatul 4x4cm). Punei nite umpl e fiecare ptrat. mpturai ptratele n diagonal( pentru a face triunghiuri) i lipii mar e cu grij. Dup aceea lipii mpreun cele dou coluri vizavi. Punei urechile" n ap n nite sare. Cnd apar pe suprafa sunt gata. Punei-i ntr-o sosier i turnai sup fierbin le. UMPLUTUR MOD DE PREPARARE: Feliai ciuperci fierte n buci foarte micue, adugai o c mic tiat i ctva unt apoi prjii n tigaie. Adugai o lingur de pesmete i amestecai . Adugai ctva sare i piper. este gata lungii-l subire i tiai-l n ptrate mici(

CARP SOUP INGREDIENTS: 2 carrots 1 parsley (the root part) 1 cele tatoes 5 dkg butter remains of a carp (the head, the fishbone, the soft roe) of small fish 3 dkg flour pinch of ginger pepper salt soup seasoning pieces of toas ts PREPARATION: Peel the vegetables and shred them. Cut the onion. Put them into a pot with butter, cover with a lid and stew until they are soft. In a separate pot boil some water with some salt and the remains of fish or some small fish. When they are soft and the stock is ready pour it through a strainer and add the stewed vegetables. Remove carefully the fishbone of the fish and divide the fis h into small pieces. Wash the potatoes and cut into small pieces. Put

SUP DE CRAP INGREDIENTE: 1 rdcin de ptrunjel 1 elin 1 ceap 2 cartofi 5 dkg unt restur e crap (cap, os de pete, lapi ) al unui pete mic 3 dkg fin ciupitur de ghimbir Sare , piper condimente sup felii de pine prjit MOD DE PREPARARE: Legumele se cur i se taie ci. Se taie ceapa. Se pun ntr-o crati cu unt, se pune capac i se fierbe pn se nmoaie r-o crati separat se fierbe un pic de ap cu sare i cu resturile de crap sau de alt pet e mic. Cnd s-au nmuiat i cantitatea-supa este gata se toarn-trece printr-o strecurtoa re i se adaug legumele fierte. Se ndeprteaz cu atenie osul de pete, petele se taie n . Se spal cartofii i se taie n bucele. Se pun n sup. Se adaug condimentele : sare, pi i

them into the soup. Add the seasoning, salt, pepper and ginger. Cook until the p otatoes are soft. Prepare a suspension of flour and some water and add to the so up. At the end add the pieces of fish. Serve with pieces of toasts.

ghimbir. Se gtesc pn cnd cartofii devin moi. Se pregtete o suspensie din ap i fin g la sup. Se adaug bucile de pete. Se servete cu felii de pine prjit. CHRISTMAS EVE'S FUNGI SOUP INGREDIENTS: 5-7 decagrammes of dried fungi (preferably boletus) SUPA DE CIUPERCI DIN AJUNUL CRACIUNULUI INGREDIENTE: 5-7 decagrame ciuperci (bol etus) boabe piper negru MOD DE PREPARARE: Adaugati 2 litri de apa peste ciuperci si fierbetile usor intr-o oala acoperita cu un capac. Cand ciupercile sunt inmu iate, adaugati legumele, apoi fierbeti supa cam 25-30 de minute. Strecurati supa prin sita iar apoi adaugati sare si putin suc de lamiae. Feliati ciupercile fie rte si adaugati-le in supa strecurata. Se serveste cu paste fierte si smantana. (paste patratoase) 2 morcovi 1 pastarnac ceapa PREPARATION Add 2 litres of water to dried fungi and boil softly in the pot cove red with a lid. When the fungi are softened add vegetables e.g. 2 carrots, 1 par snip, half of onion, 10 seeds of black pepper but do not add white cabbage. Afte r vegetables are added cook the soup up to 25-30 minutes. Then pour the soup thr ough the strainer or sieve, add some salt and a bit of lemon juice. Slice the co oked fungi and add to the sieved soup. Serve with cooked square pasta and sour c ream.