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01. Which is/are not HTTP Method?









02. How many HTTP commands are used to submit the form data to the web server?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

03. From within an page, you need to run a section of code only if the user has previously

loaded the page and is submitting data as part of a form. Which page object property should you use?

a. IsCallback

b. IsReusable

c. IsValid

d. IsPostBack

04. Which is/are not the HTTP Commands?

a. GET




05. If you want to create a website on a remote computer running IIS 6.0 that doesn’t have Front Page Server Extensions installed, which website type will you create?

a. Remote HTTP

b. File System

c. FTP

d. Local HTTP

06. Which file contains settings for all .NET application types, such as windows, console ,

ClassLibrary, and web applications?

a. Web.config

b. Machine.config

c. App.config

d. Sys.config

07. WSAT stands for

a. Windows System Administration Tool

b. Web Site Administration Tool


Web Site Activation Tool

d. Web System Administration Tool

08. You want to make a configuration setting change that will be global to all web and windows

application of the current computer. Which file do you change?

a. Global.asax

b. Application Web.config

c. Machinge.config

d. Root Web.config

09. Which of the following statements about referencing master page methods and properties is/are false?

a. Content pages can reference private properties in the master page.

b. Content pages can reference public properties in the master page.

c. Content pages can reference public methods in the master page.

d. Content pages can reference controls in the master page.

10. You need to change the master page of a content page at run time. In which page event should

you implement the dynamic changing?

a. Page_Load

b. Page_Render

c. Page_PreRender

d. Page_PreInit

11. How many types of caching in ASP.NET?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

12. Which property actually uses an application-wide cache?

a. System.Web.Caching.Cache

b. Web.Caching.Cache

c. Caching.Cache

d. Page.Cache

13. Priority is a CacheitemPriority enumeration value that we can use to determine … removed first when memory starts to run low. This process is called ---

a. Scavenging

b. Caching

c. Memory Management

d. Session

14. Which caching stores a copy of a rendered page (or user control) in the server’s ……

a. Application

b. Page output

c. CachedSite

15. A Cookie is a big amount of data that we write to the client to be stored and then …. Our site. The statement is

a. True

b. False

16. When application state is used, Data is stored on???

a. Text File

b. URL

c. Client PC

d. Server

17. Which of the following statements is/are true about init event?

a. This event fires after each control has been initialized.

b. You can use this event to change initialization values for controls.

c. You cannot use this event to change initialization values for controls

d. If you need to dynamically add controls to a content page, use this event.

18. In which file should you write code to respond to the Application_Start event?

a. Any ASP.NET server page with an .aspx extension

b. Web.config

c. Global.asax

d. Any ASP.NET server page with an .aspx.vb or aspx.cs extension

19. You need to log data to a database when a user’s session times out. Which event should you use?

a. Application_Start

b. Application_End

c. Session_Start

d. Session_End

20. The literal control is useful when we need to add text to the output of the page dynamically Server) but do not want to use

a. A Label

b. A TextBox

c. A ListBox

d. A Combobox

21. WML Stands for

a. Web Markup Language

b. Windows Markup Language

c. Wireless Markup Language

d. Wide Markup Language

22. The classic ASP Page typically contains which tags nested inside a <form /> tag ?

a. <form />

b. <output />


<html />

23. When a page performs a postback, web application typically does what action to the webpage that originated the request?

a. Update posting data

b. Start Up posting data

c. End up posting data

d. Store posting data

24. Could not capture.

25. How many principal methods for creating ASP.NET web parts that can be managed … WebPartManager inside our webpages?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

26. Which of the following cannot be a Web Part?

a. A control based on the web user control template

b. A standard Label Control

c. A type derived from WebPart

d. A master page

27. A local resource file is

a. Application specific

b. Page specific

c. Website specific

d. Method specific

28. What must you do to enable users to select their own language preferences (outside of browser

… machine settings)?

a. Set the Page.Culture property

b. Set the Page.UICulture property

c. Override the Page.InitializeCulture method

d. Override the Page.ReadStringResource method

29. Which image properties can you define to enable screen readers to describe a picture on a webpage?

a. AccessKey

b. AlternateText

c. DescriptionUrl

d. ToolTip

30. Which of the following are accessibility features provide by ASP.NET?

a. Controls provided properties that enable you to provide hidden description that are available …. Readers.

b. Controls are displayed in high contrast by default


Controls that include a list of links at the top provide hidden links to skip over the links

d. Controls display text in large font sizes by default

31. Which of the following statements is/are not true?

a. A user control can be compiled to its own dynamic-link library (DLL) shared

b. A user control can only be shared within a single website

c. A user control follows the safe life cycle events as a page.

d. User controls enable web developers to easily compile controls into a single control encapsulating common functionality.

32. GAC stands for

a. Global Active Cache

b. Global Access Cache

c. Global Assembly Code

d. Global Assembly Cache

33. You are going to create a custom web server control that inherits directly from the WebControl … which method do you need to override to get your control to display in the browser window?

a. OnInit

b. Finalize

c. ToString

d. Render

34. You are interested in examining the data that is posted to the web server, wha trace resource you use to see this information?

a. The Control Tree section

b. The Headers Collection section

c. The Form Collection section

d. The Server variables section

35. Which are not involves publishing a website?

a. Configuring an application in IIS

b. Copying website files to the web server

c. Inserting data into database tables

d. Configuring the website with the production database connection