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Burned out by Religion

Lets Play: Church! This is a message which the Lord put on my heart two days ago. It is for all who are entangled in Religion. There are many religions like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, etc. Many Christians follow a religion called, Religious Christianity They may be sincere in what they follow. However, sincerity does not mean they are correct in what they do. It brings forth a Lets play: Church or churchianity attitude. These attend meetings and fellowships, shout, sing, dance, hear a sermon, meet friends, give their offerings and are back home, feeling happy and blessed. But, when you take a closer look, they are back to their old lives; they show no transformation, and neither bear fruit. It seems they are happy with what they do: warming the chairs and benches. Gods Initiation Our Father God initiated the restoration of relationship after the fall of man and Jesus Christ completed the reconciliation by His death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit is the seal of that reconciliation. Anything done outward to please God in terms to be saved is religion. We love because He first loved us. Religion teaches you to do things to get in Christ. True Disciples of Christ do things as a result of being in Christ. Survive or Thrive As the Israelites came out of Egypt during the time of Moses, some come out of Egypt today, but have Egypt residing and reigning in them. Many people want revival in religion. The church should be the centre, and source, to revive others. There can be no revival in and through religion. You cannot be revived by religion. You can only survive in it. But, in Christ, you dont surviveyou thrive. Jesus Christthe Only Medium A dead Religion binds dead people and dead people, love dead religion. I am not speaking of physical death but of spiritual deadness. Only the spirit of Christ makes you
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alive. Religion is not something new. It began with Adam and Eve covering themselves with fig leaves after they sinned against God. The first fallen man tried to lift himself and hide his shamefulness and cover his sinfulness. This is why, religion is man centered, and not God centered. Then, God covered them with the skin of an animal, symbolizing the covering of their sin. The animal was the medium to a relationship between God and man. Today, Jesus Christ, the slain lamb, is the only medium to a restored and reconciled relationship between God and man. Who Saves? Religion does not give life for it does not possess life. Christ possesses life. Christ Himself is LIFE! Religion is not based on a relationship with God. It is merely based on rituals and traditions. However, Life with Jesus Christ is a relationship. Our love, grace and compassion toward others must be birth from a relationship with Jesus Christ. He desires a relationship with you today. Religion cannot save, ONLY Jesus Christ saves! The BEST in Business So let me ask you: Are you one who is burned out by religion? Frustrated by it? Are you searching for the refreshing of your soul because you find yourself dry? Have you been praying for revival? Dont worry. Gods well is never going to run dry. He is THE REVIVALIST and the very BEST in business. Revival begins in the heart of God and manifests in lives of men. Jesus said: John 7:37 (NKJV) "If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. Religion is man-made; therefore, it cannot quench your thirst. If you are thirsty, COME to Jesus! He is the source of living water. The drink is free and on the house. There is a continual supply in Christ which never runs dry. Religious Christianity Dont be bound by religion. The Church is called His bodythe body of Christ. It is not an institution or an organized religious order. The church is not the body of any religion or
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religious leader. It is the blood-purchased body of Christ. Jesus has set us free to serve: He wants to liberate us from Religious Christianitywhich is an organized religious order. You are free to follow and obey Jesus, free to love God and to love your neighbor, without being bound by the Spirit of Religion. Two kinds There are two kinds of Christians. First, there people who belong to a religion based church and the other are people who are the relationship with Jesus based church. These are called to display the majesty, power and glory of God. Religion seeks to give answers to spiritual thingsJesus Christ is the ANSWER! Bitter to Swallow These are hard truths which are bitter to swallow. However, these truths present a terrible case of bondage, blindness and deafness in Religious Christianity. When one is called out by Godcalled out of darkness and into His marvelous light, it is possible for newly liberated Christians to wander in the wilderness for years and never discover the purpose to which they are called. This is why they cant figure how to bear fruit because what they have missed is a relationship with Jesus Christ. The Galatians church, to which Paul writes were entangled back again in religion. Likewise, you can easily find yourself being set free in Christ, only to become entangled again by the yoke of bondage. What can you offer God? God is not interested in the candles you offer, or even the money. What could you offer God? The money, buildings, candles, garlands, rituals, traditions, gold, silver cannot save you. He is not interested in any of these. He is interested in YOU. You cannot buy salvation. As religion cannot save, it seeks to buy salvation through outward deeds. The nature of religion is bondage. It spreads itself through fear and bondage. Your lifted hands and bowed down heads are useless if your hearts are not right with God. Examine your heart and life. When people are bound in religion, they try to please God through outward behavior modifications, neglecting the much essential inner transformation. Satan works outward in,

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God works inside out! The bondage could also be self righteousness, hypocrisy, false humility, pride, legalism, criticism and rebellion. No Condemnation! People are often criticized as condemning others when they speak against such norms. We do not condemn anyone. We want to help. Help people reach maturity in Christ. A child cannot remain a child forever. The parents will always desire that their child be healthy and grows. No parent would be happy to see their child not growing, physically or mentally. The Holy Spirit is sent to guide us into all truth. We are called to grow spiritually, mentally and be healthy in body. STAND FAST in the liberty wherein Christ has made you free. You dont need to be burned out by religion! Watch him work. He is waiting on you to ask so He can move. It is never too late, too long, and you are never too fargone for God! Let Jesus give a new meaning to your life. Be free and live free in Christ! Jesus lover,


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