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JOBS ON THE SCREEN Stevie Casey, now aged 23, was a worry to her parents when she was in high school. She suddenly fell

in love with… her favourite video game; Midtown Madness. She became brilliant at it. Eventually she

went to Dallas, met the creator of the game and he offered her a job. Now she earns 65 thousand euros

a year designing online games. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Many companies are desperately


looking for young people who eat, breathe and sleep computers. As many software and games

companies are new, youth can be an advantage, especially because young people are the main clients

of these products. However, as with all jobs, experience is needed. Many companies offer part-time

jobs or summer training so that you can gain some technical knowledge and experience.

Sometimes they pay quite well! The main advantage of these jobs is that they often help people to get a


foot in the door, especially as temporary jobs often lead to permanent job offers. Make sure your

keyboard skills are good. It is important to know how to install software. Many 17-year-old network

managers got jobs installing software at local schools. Many young people are taken on because of the

knowledge or skill they have picked up while surfing the net. Computer geeks are desirable for their

enthusiasm, many jobs require other skills such as the ability to work in a team, being able to


communicate and solving problems. The world of computer software and games is a lively industry.

Many computer enthusiasts get paid for doing something they love. On the other hand, it isn’t all play

and the work can be really tough.

Current (adapted)

A. PARAGRAPH 1: Decide whether the following sentences are true or false and correct the false ones. [4x3=12%]

1. Stevie loved studying in high school.

2. She was offered a job by the creator of Midtown Madness, the game she was a specialist at.

3. Lots of companies wish to find young people whose lives truly depend on computers.


No kind of training is provided.

B. PARAGRAPH 2: Complete the sentences accordingly. [4x3=12%]

1. These types of jobs are very important because

2. Installing software is an essential skill if

3. Besides being a computer geek, you should

4. Working in the computer industry may be

C. Match the words/expressions on the left . [4x2=8%]

1. get a foot in the door (ll. 9-10)

2. software (l. 11)

3. picked up (l. 13)

4. geeks (l. 13)


a) learned a new skill or started a habit without intending to

b) to get your first opportunity to work in a place

c) people who live and breathe computing

d) programs used by computers for doing particular jobs





A. What do these people do? Match the people to the sentences. [5x1=5%]

1. accountants

2. nannies

3. bricklayers

4. lorry drivers

5. tour guides

a) care for little children

b) build walls with bricks

c) tell visitors about places

d) drive large goods vehicles

e) keep and examine money accounts

B. Circle the odd-one-out. [4x1.5=6%]






1. a) restaurant

b) judge

c) bank

d) office

2. a) cooks

b) lawyers

c) cookers

d) nurses

3. a) agree

b) avoid

c) deny

d) mind

4. a) can

b) should

c) might

d) try


A. Suffixes: Complete the noun from the words given in brackets. [5x2=10%]


2. There are some points of


4. There has been some

John is a

Anna has a

(study) of

(inform) technology.


(similar) between the two actors. for fast cars. (improve) lately.

B. Complete with the past perfect simple or past perfect continuous. [4x2=8%]

1. He was exhausted. He

2. He

3. They finally found the key. How long


(work) most of the afternoon.

(write) ten letters by tea time.

(finish) our test, we left.

(they/look) for them?

After we

C. Complete with the gerund or the infinitive (with or without to). [5x2=10%]

1. I can’t stand

2. She imagined

3. My mother taught me


5. We are good at

You could

(be) alone at home at night. (travel) around Europe. (sing).


me with my homework.

(solve) puzzles.

D. Combine the two sentences into one by using a relative pronoun. Omit the pronoun whenever possible. [4x3=12%]

1. This is the video game. I bought it yesterday.

2. The girl sent me an e-mail. She lives in Bristol.

3. He is an actor. I admire his films.

4. They work in a shop. It sells women clothes.




the qualifications and skills you

need; how old you need to be; if you need any training course; what the job involves; working hours,

prospects and pay; why you think it suits you; the good and bad things about the job.

In about 80 words describe your dream job. You may refer to:

? Good luck! ?

Your teacher,

Clara Costa