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Volume 5, Issue 1 January - February 2014


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Photo: James Donavon Davis

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Relic Hunter January - February 2014 5

About The Cover

Contributors: Thanks for your selection and posting the photo of your find.

Terry Barnhart Darren Blake Kenneth W. Briggs Greg Campbell Mark Dayton Matthew Drake Brett Duckworth Chris Gardiner

Roman Ingram Tony Mantia Tim Matthew Neil McElroy Nathan McGimpsey Paddy Morgan Keith Mullins Finn Nissen Charlie Nobles Ron Oiler Dan Patterson Chris Peters Michael Peters Treasure Seeker John Glass Mary Shafer Tim H. C. Glick Richard Gonzalez Kevin Stone Craig Talley Roy Griffith Roger Terry Randy Hall Drew Waholek Bob Harding John Ward Brian Harvey D. J. Yost Tony Hunt
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 7

The RANGER is a new shovel developed and designed in 2013 by Predator Tools. This is a great digging tool for metal detecting, relic hunting, gardening, nursery, landscaping, and rescue work.


The RANGER makes clean-cut ground plugs. It tears right through the thickest of roots with its doubled-serrated edge. Its a powerful tool for relic hunters or for anyone else who needs a quality based digging tool. The RANGERS blade is chrome-molly 4130 aircraft quality steel that has been heat treated and tempered, (one at a time) to give our customers nothing less than the best and strongest digging tools ever made. Dimensions: 41 (1041.39mm) overall length with a 1 shaft. D-Handle measures 1 x 15 3/8. The blade measures 5 wide X 11 long. Weight: Approx 3 lbs 2 oz

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hat is a Best Find to you? To me, it cant be the monetary value that it might have, rather its that I to discovered something it thats special . Perhaps, its the only one in my collection, or its an object that completed my collection. Maybe, I just started hunting and it was my first find. I still have my first bullet and cannon ball found in my back yard along Utoy creek. 1963 was when I began with my trusty WWII Army Mine Detector and I havent stopped. These relics, although not rare, are very special to me. On the next several pages are fantastic discoveries, each with their own story and each of them has a special place in the memories of the finder. What a great collection of Best Finds for 2013!


Best Finds of
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 9

BEST Finds Of 2013

Dan Patterson, US My Best Find was these 3 coins together in small area. Maybe from same money holder? 1851 New Orleans Dime, 1835 Half Dime, and a New Orleans Quarter. BF2013

Bob Harding, US BF2013, I think this is my best find this year. Found at a ghost town bean field site.


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Brett Duckworth, US I dug this disc which came off the tongue portion of a Virginia 2 piece sword plate. Could hardly contain myself! BF2013.

Brian Harvey, US My best find this year is a V.M.I coat button I found in a large Union camp. The camp may have been used by the southern boys before they got a hold of it. BF2013

Charlie Nobles, US My best of 2013. 1721 COLONIES FRANCOISE with H mint mark. Limited issue as currency to the French colonies along the Gulf of Mexico.BF2013

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


BEST Finds Of 2013

Chris Gardiner, UK Duke of Wellington West Riding regiment collar badge found this Sunday.

Chris Oconnor, US My first trime


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Chris Peters, US 1812 era patriotic cuff links, found 4/1/13 BF2013

Craig Talley, US Union Eagle Breastplate

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


BEST Finds Of 2013

D.j. Yost, US Found this 1837 Mexican 8 Reale this year with my Whites MXT. bf2013

Dan Patterson, US My Best Find was these 3 coins together in small area. Maybe from same money holder? 1851 New Orleans Dime, 1835 Half Dime, and a New Orleans Quarter. BF2013

Drew Waholek, US Found just outside of Philadelphia in 2013. 1773 Colonial Virginia Half Penny. BF2013


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Darren Blake, Ganmain, New South Wales Best Find Of 2013 This is my WW1 Returns Medallion For Sgt W Stewart of the AIF Australian Imperial Forces I just hope I can finds its home!

Finn Nissen, DE Eastprussian Silverspoon found in Russian officers foxhole on the eastern front found with XP Gmaxx and German belt buckle found with Fisher F75. BF2013

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


BEST Finds Of 2013

Greg Campbell, US My BF2013 would be this 1874 Injun.

John Ward, US This was the best coin I dug this year. 1830 half dollar !!

John Glass, US Best find of 2013 - turned out to be gold plated but neat find! Cant wait for 2014.
16 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

... Items found included 68 pennies, 8 nickels, 12 dimes, 2 quarters, a broken pocket knife, a small rhinestone studded earring in the shape of a cross, one key, a 20 inch chain of very small links, 4 inch pink cross, a matching pair of earrings found 15 feet apart from each other, a 4 inch section of chain, childs ring with three stones, a ladybug earring and a bracelet with dog item charms. I always tell people that purchase a machine to dig everything until they get used to what the machine is telling you compared with what they dig. Same thing when testing a new model so I dug everything and found the MX5 to be accurate on what it was telling me. For those who have wanted more than a Coinmaster model but are not quite ready to pay for an MXT Pro, the MX5 will be perfect choice. Paul S., Oklahoma

Early field reports ... MX5 users are digging deep targets, finding old coins and relics

Went out with a group to test the MX5 in an area that we have pounded. These people are seasoned hunters with high end detectors. I like to tell folks that with all of our experience we should be over 1000 years old, but thats another story. I decided to hunt in All Metal & could hear faint targets many times that were off to the side of me. When I locked on to the signal, I would switch back to Coin & read the VDI. This approach let me cover a lot of ground. Good targets always repeated. I hit a mid-1700s King George copper, an early large cent, musket balls & a piece of jewelry. I ended up with the most Revolutionary War targets. One of the boys beat me on earliest coin when he found a 1754 Spanish Reale. The bottom line on the MX5 is that, in my opinion, its the best metal detector on the market for the money. The things I love most about this detector are the tones, depth & threshold. Bob at Northeast Metal Detectors

Fast Tracking eliminates ground minerals in a snap! Improved performance in all kinds of ground conditions. Clear easy-to-read display with Sensitivity Graph, Target I.D., VDI number, Depth Reading, Selected Program and full panel backlight. Difficult for most metal detectors to handle, MX5s Beach mode expands the ground tracking range to handle wet salt sand. MX5 has the ability to accept or reject targets based on their VDI response with 20 VDI zones (notches). In addition to the visual ID, the MX5 can also produce a Tone ID. There are 3 different tone ID modes: 1 Tone, 2 Tones and 8 Tones. A quick press of the power key and MX5 goes into suspend mode. Lay the detector down, dig a target without the detector sounding off. Just press any key to resume detecting. VDI numbers for precise target I.D., VCO Pinpointing, Target and Threshold Volume adjustments, 3.6 lbs., and 30 hour detection time from the slide-in AA battery pack.

$599 95

For a dealer near you 1-800-547-6911

BEST Finds Of 2013

Keith Mullins, US 14 gauge Union Metallic Cartridge Company shotgun shell head. Design style dates to around 1900 +/- a couple years. Two separate ammunition ID websites have both told me they show no record of this size ever being produced and thus consider it to be an extremely rare find. BF2013

Kenneth W Briggs, US This is the one that came out of Irvine Park at Kells Corner at the Glen Loch Overlook


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Kevin Stone, US This is one of a bunch of tokens from one yard. BF2013

Mark Dayton, US Had a great year with the relics. If you want to see us in action relic hunting up here in the California Gold Country, check us out on YouTube California Relic Adventures. Looking forward to seeing all of your best of 2013 finds too!

BEST Finds Of 2013

Mary Shafer, US Tie between my 1774 Virginia Halfpenny (oldest coin to date) and 1857 Seated Liberty Quarter (largest silver and only silver quarter to date). Im posting the seated because its prettier. #BF2013

Matthew Drake, US Best find of the year 1891 Indian 2 inches down.

Michael Peters, US Well these are my best relics for 2013. I couldnt pick just one. Its not my best year by far but thats the way it goes sometimes.


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


The Original Detecting Buddy

The original Detecting Buddy Bungee Harness is the simplest and most comfortable way of supporting and using a metal detector in the field. It is so uncomplicated, consisting of only one main strap to support the weight of the detector rather than the many straps that other harnesses use unnecessarily. Using it, once set to fit the wearer you instantly forget you even have it in place. On stopping to dig finds you have the option of quickly clipping your detector off and laying it down or leaving it in place which because the weight is supported keeps everything out of the dirt and wet. For purchases for delivery outside the UK please email for a postage quote before payment. A payment request will then be emailed back to the buyer asking for payment through the PayPal system. Customers do not need a PayPal account themselves to do this only a debit or c/card. Trade enquiries for this product are welcome from anywhere other than the US & Canada. 20.95 - plus 4.10 Packing & Shipping by Royal mail, recorded First Class Delivery (UK only) For all other overseas inquiries, please contact us for the shipping price.

Watch the video, Click on photo
24 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

01202 872069 or 01202 870079

BEST Finds Of 2013

Nathan McGimpsey, UK Chinese coin found metal detecting I believe its emperor KAO TSUNG AD 17361795 REIGN CHIEN-LUNG HAS REVERSE MINT STAMPS TO

Neil McElroy, US This is my BEST COIN FIND of 2013. Key date 1916-s Walking Liberty Half dollar found August 2013 near the University of Oregon. BF2013

Paddy Morgan, UK Small roman coin found 0.5 miles away from the antonine wall dated 117-143 Ad BF2013

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


The Find Of
by Brd Gauden, Norway

t was the first of January, and I went out for an evening hunt at my local field. It was dark outside so I had to put on my head lamp, and with a fully charged CTX3030, I headed out. After a few hours in the field the landowner came by, and asked me if I had found anything nice lately? So I told her about a Viking age coin I had found some days before, but as of this hunt I had nothing to show for, just a bag of trash. Then she told me about a little path leading up a ridge to where the main farm of the area used to be. This path had been used for centuries. This got me thrilled and started the walk towards it. To get to the start point of the path I had to face a barbed wire fence, not the easiest thing to get over with heavy clothing. But somehow I managed to get over using my shovel as a ladder! Safe on the other side I started looking for the path but due to the darkness It was really hard to find, so I dug a few pieces of trash and decided to head straight to the top. After a quick rest to catch my breath I started to swing the detector. Almost straight away I got this massive iron signal, with the numbers and target trace jumping all over the screen. I pushed the pinpoint button and the sound was screaming in my ears, indicating something really big or something big and shallow. Of course, I just thought I was an
Relic Hunter January - February 2014

old ax-head or a horse shoe. So I pulled out a nice big plug and got to work with the probe. I soon realized this could not be an ax-head or a horse shoe, maybe a door to an old oven or a cooking pan? I expanded the hole and started working the probe again and now I faced a long narrow object. And I thought to myself; Is it...? Can it be...? No, It cant be...? I carefully picked it up and put it on the ground. HOLY.... It IS! I had found a part of a true Viking sword! Can you believe it! So from there on I knew what I had to do. I had to become the school example of what to do when finding an archeological find.

Brd Gauden


f A Lifetime

Brd Gauden

Brd Gauden

Brd Gauden I took a bunch of pictures, carefully put the sword back to Its original position in the hole. Took another picture and covered it over. Then I looked up the phone-number to my county-Archeologist and called him up. He was thrilled to hear about my find. He congratulated me and asked me a few questions about the location and told me he would call me back the next day. The next day he did call me, as promised, and told me he would come the next day to dig up and document my discovery. I went back to the site and covered it over with plastic in case of heavy rain and rigged up a ladder for the fence. The day was finally here, I had almost no sleep all night, just two hours between 5 and 7 AM. I got up drank a lot of coffee and filled out the required forms and documents for the find. Finally the archeologist was here (hes wearing the orange rain coat) and the emergency excavation had started.

For the next few hours we uncovered: 1 Viking sword, was broken and corroded in 5 pieces. To me it looks like a Petterson type B. 1 Scythe, complete in one piece 1 Battle axe, complete in one piece And there were more items in the grave that will be laying there until a bigger excavation this summer. We also think it might be more graves, because we got many similar solid iron signals with my detector close by. The last days I have received tons of positive feedback from archeologists and people in the metal detecting community for the way I handled the find and

Brd Gauden reporting it and doing all the right things. The grave site lays on a ridge with great view out over the Hardangerfjord, WestNorway. According to what the archeologist said it dates to early Viking age, around 700 AD In Norway, items and sites dating from before 1537 AD are protected by law and are considered as the property of the government. Happy New year, and Happy hunting.

! Evolution Pro W NE
Designed and developed with the help of the well known UK detectorist Gordon Heritage. Gordon spends a lot of his time hunting in Rivers lakes and Fjords around the world for Gold & silver Jewellery primarily but is also partial to Roman & Celtic coinage and artefacts that were deposited or lost in European rivers & lakes. Gordon selected the Evolution Pro beach scoop over many other scoops mainly for its ruggedness and strength of build. He used it as the basis for his idea of what a River scoop should look and be like. A normal Evolution beach scoop has 14mm holes all over its body. The new Pro River scoop has the same 14mm holes in the top half of its body but the bottom half has now been constructed with 3.5mm holes completely. This has made the scoop slightly more expensive to produce but it does what he intended. Gordon was determined to design this scoop primarily to catch all the tiny Roman minim & small Saxon silver coins that would otherwise flow through the large 14mm holes of a beach scoop. The small holes also stop all the lead shot that hunters & fishermen have deposited in our rivers & lakes over the years. Why would anybody want to tip all this junk back out of their scoops to find again with their next signal.

The only one available anywhere specifica


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

o River Scoop
In other parts of the world such as the US & Canada and parts of Europe this would also solve the problem would it not of small gold nuggets being washed through the larger holes in fast flowing river water. This could be the perfect tool for searching out river beds and swimming holes. Gordon has already used it successfully in the Norwegian Fjords finding Gold & silver rings on a recent trip. Detectorbits is the Evolution sole supplier for this all new River scoop. The price in the UK and throughout the EU is 169.99 plus shipping and includes Value added tax @ 20% If you live in a country outside of the EU such as the US & Canada the price is reduced to 145.00 plus shipping because you attract a zero rate of Vat. Shipping price in Mainland England & Wales is 11.95, for all other areas of the UK including all Islands, the Highlands and most of Scotland, please email us at for a price. For all overseas areas please also Email us for a price. All Shipping will be by FEDEX signed for and Insured. As a rough guide shipping to the US & Canada will cost around 34 English pounds. All payments once shipping is agreed will be by Paypal in GB Pounds Stirling. Debit card payments can be taken over the telephone by arrangement.

ally designed for River and Stream use.

01202 872069 or 01202 870079

BEST Finds Of 2013

Randy Hall, US This is my best coin of the year, an 1830 capped bust half dollar in nice condition. Found in a field at about 8-9 inches or so. BF2013 Roger Terry, US My best find of 2013 was this clock part I guess. I thought it was a piece of clock inerds when it first appeared from the dirt. Turns out it is a Central Pacific wood token, circa 1870s-1880s ?. At least the little spot I found it in eastern Nevada was history by the mid 1890s. A check of the Central Pacific website shows that engine #80 was named the Phil Sheridan after the famous little C.W. general, and was put into service on the line in 1868. History all around us.
32 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Richard Gonzalez, US The most meaningful find for me last year was this .36 bullet found on the field of Zagonyis charge in Springfield, Mo. It belonged to an Army/Navy pistol which was the primary weapon used during the battle. Suddenly, the civil war became much more real for me. It was a profound moment...BF2013

Roman Ingram, US Best find 2013

Ron Oiler, US My best find 2013. Cache of WW1military buttons all in the same hole.
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 33

BEST Finds Of 2013

Tony Hunt, Dorset, UK The total of two hoards, found by myself and and my hunting mate, David Green, were only 10 yds apart, in the same field. This horde was 75 silver coins all total. These were Durotrigian Celtic Silver Staters that have been buried for some 2000 years until we rescued them for people to enjoy in a museum hopefully!


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Roy Griffith, US This is my BEST COIN FIND of 2013. 1777 Spanish 2 Reale coin minted in Potosi, Bolivia found October 2013 in my yard in Pennsylvania, USA that has no historic significance whatsoever. I have no idea how it got there. BF2013

Terry Barnhart, US Here is my best coin find for 2013. Key date 1885 V nickel. BF2013

Tim Half Cent Glick, US My Best Finds of 2013 is a 1793 2 Reale with a punched holed ,found in corn field. BF2013
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 37

BEST Finds Of 2013

Treasure Seeker, US I made some nice finds this year but would have to say that my best find this year was this 12G 10K yellow gold class ring that had been missing approx. 6yrs. I recovered this ring on Fathers day for the mother to give back to her son at Christmas, making it a Christmas that he will remember for quite awhile. I hear that Christmas went great for the family and have received many thanks for this return. Made their Christmas and probably mine as well for being able to return an item that a person had given up hope of seeing again. Great story. BF2013

Tony Mantia, US My best find this year is this very nice 1853 Seated Quarter. BF2013


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Tim MassdirtFisher Matthew. US The frozen plowed field gave birth to a copper. From chilled mud, to holding her in my hands. Here is my best find of the year. I like to leave them pretty dirty, but she is a beauty of times gone. 1797 Draped Bust BF2013

mighty warship that sailed nearly 1,000 years ago during the reign of Cnut the Great, will stand at the centre of the British Museums Viking exhibition in March 2014. The Viking expansion from their Scandinavian homelands during this era created a cultural network with contacts from the Caspian Sea to the North Atlantic and from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean. The culture of the Scandinavians can be viewed in a global context which will highlight the multifaceted influences arising from extensive cultural contacts. The exhibition will capitalize on new research and thousands of recent discoveries by both archaeologists and metal detectorists. Silver-inlaid axehead in the Mammen style (AD 900s, Bjerringhj, Mammen, Jutland, Denmark). Iron, silver, brass. The National Museum of Denmark. These new finds have changed our understanding of the nature of Viking identity, trade, magic and belief and the role of the warrior. Above all, it was the maritime character of Viking society and the extraordinary shipbuilding skills that were key to their achievements. In order to highlight this, the centre of the exhibition will house the surviving timbers of a 37-meter-long Viking warship, the longest ever found and never before seen in the UK. Sword, late 8thearly 9th century. Kalundborg or Holbk, Zealand, Denmark. Photo: John Lee. The National Museum of Denmark. Sword, late 8thearly 9th century. Kalundborg or Holbk, Zealand, Denmark. Photo: John Lee. The National Museum of Denmark. The ship, known as Roskilde 6, was excavated from the banks of Roskilde fjord in Denmark during work undertaken to develop the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum in 1997. Since the excavation, the timbers have been painstakingly conserved and analyzed by the National Museum of Denmark. The surviving timbers approximately 20% of the original ship have now been re-assembled for display in a specially made stainless steel frame that reconstructs the full size and shape of the original ship. The construction of the ship has been dated to around AD 1025, the high point of the Viking Age when England, Denmark, Norway and possibly parts of

1) Odin or vlva figure (800-1050, Lejre, Zealand, Denmark). 2) Brooch shaped like a ship (800-1050, Tjrnehj II, Fyn, Denmark). 3) Penny of Anlaf Guthfrithsson of Northumbria (93941, England). 4) The Vale of York hoard (AD 900s, North Yorkshire, England).

Sword, late 8thearly 9th century. Kalundborg or Holbk, Zealand, Denmark.

Sweden were united under the rule of Cnut the Great. The size of the ship and the amount of resources required to build it suggest that it was almost certainly a royal warship, possibly connected with the wars fought by Cnut to assert his authority over this short-lived North Sea Empire. Weapons and looted treasures demonstrate the central role of warfare to the identity of the Vikings. Recently excavated skeletons from a mass grave of executed men near Weymouth in Dorset will provide a close-up encounter with real Vikings and illustrate what happened when things went wrong for warriors on British soil. Viking hoards The Vale of York hoard will be shown in its entirety at the British Museum for the first time since its discovery by metal detectorists near Harrogate in 2007 and jointly acquired by the British Museum and York Museums Trust. Consisting of 617 coins, 6 arm rings and a quantity of

bullion and hack-silver, the Vale of York hoard is the largest and most important Viking hoard since the Cuerdale hoard was found in Lancashire in 1840, part of which will also be included in the exhibition. With coins and silver from places as far removed as Ireland and Uzbekistan, the hoards reveal the true extent of the Viking global network. The silver cup in which the Vale of York hoard was placed, pre-dates the burial by a century and was probably made for use in a Frankish church and may well represent treasure stolen in a raid. Ostentatious jewellery of gold and silver will demonstrate how status was vividly displayed by Viking men and women. These include a stunning silver hoard from Gnezdovo in Russia and will highlight the combination of Scandinavian, Slavic and Middle Eastern influences which contributed to the development of the early Russian state in the Viking Age. More Information Vikings: Life and Legend opens March 6, 2014. Tickets can be booked online at or 020 7323 8181. Opening hours 10.0017.30 Saturday to Thursday and 10.0020.30 Fridays. Open on Good Friday 18 April, 10.0017.30.

Recent Finds
Bob Harding, US Most of my coin finds found in 2013. 177 90% silver and three 40% war nickels!

David Aragon, US Found this 14k gold ring today at a school field with my GARRETT AT PRO
44 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Brandon Pilger, US Heres an irony.

Brandon Pilger, US Schenkl shell fuse. My first civil war related relic

Chris Gardiner, UK This is a 17th century Posey ring from last year. The inscription reads I LYKE MY CHOYCE Posey rings were used in the UK and France up to the early 1700s and were a kind of betrothal ring. Earlier examples used Norman-French so they possibly came over to the UK around 1066 with William the Conqueror and his boys. My example has been identified as late 1600s by the British museum.
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 45

Recent Finds
Drew Waholek, US Last hunt for 2013. I spent about an hour over at a local school thats been producing some nice oldies for me. 1936 Buffalo, 51 and 53 wheats, 2 older Philly transportation tokens, and JESUS!

Jack Nash, UK Miniature Bronze Age axe found by me the other week.


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

James Donavon Davis, US Seeing the light after a 150 years

Jeffry Zolna, US Found this today at lunch. This one lot/ yard has now produced 2 Mercurys, 1 Canadian dime, 4 Roosevelts & 28 wheat pennies. Wish they were all like that

John Ward, US For those that asked. The top right is the cut coin with the picture of the half I posted. I also added some other items I dug at same spot. 1773 VA and the GW button, plus another cut coin.

Relic Hunter January - February 2014


Recent Finds
Mike Hovat, US My find of the week!! 1833 HALF DIME, in awesome condition!! The joys of metal detecting!!

Mike Lichtenstein, US Todays hunt after work. 6 buttons all within a 2 foot span!! I am pumped.


Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Nathan McGimpsey, UK WW1 canadian cap badge found in the UK

Seener Fiftythree, US Todays hunt

Steve Olsen, US Really cool badge like medallion I dug at my granddads old home. He was a part of The Oddfellows and its the female part of that organization called The Ladies of Liberty I think. The medal is from the 1890s.
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 49

Detecting Clubs & Hunts


Georgia Research and Recovery

We are a relic hunting association. Formed in 1976, the group is one of the largest in the state with membership throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at THE DELKWOOD GRILL at 7:00 PM The grill is located at 2769 on Delk Road in Marietta, Georgia, USA. We are dedicated to the responsible hobby of preserving the past for future generations. The purpose of this club is Join US on Face Book to provide social, technical and recreational informational (Click the logo) exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment of hunting and collecting items from the past and present. Visit our website:

MLO is a website that is member supported. It provides a wealth of information, finds and instructional video. MLO TV has great videos, tips and tricks that the Pros use and thousands of people who will share ideas and information with you. MLO is more than a forum, its a Worldwide Club!
50 Relic Hunter January - February 2014



e are based out of the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. We assist in the recovery of lost items and work with the state in ongoing archaeological projects. Monthly meetings are held the last Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Location is subject to change month-to-month. Regularly scheduled meetings of the Old North State Detectorists Club are held on the last Saturday of the month at 9:00 am in the Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library Community Meeting Room located at 1420 Price Park Road in Greensboro, NC. Guests are welcome to attend. Up-to-date details can be found at our club website: or contact our club president William Purkey at Newsletter/Website Editor Old North State Detectorists

Welcome to the Three Seasons Treasure Hunting Club located in the heart of the Indian head Country. We are located in Chippewa County in West Central Wisconsin. We area family oriented Metal Detecting club. We hold our monthly meetings at 7 PMthe first Thursday of each month at the Ojibwa Golf and Bowl 8140 136th St. Join our Forums and post your finds and ask any questions you may have.

Join US on Face Book

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Relic Hunter January - February 2014


Detecting Clubs & Hunts

NorEasters Metal Detecting Club
The meetings are held on the Second WEDNESDAY of each month at 7:30 PM. In addition to August, October and December - these are the months when we dont have any meetings. Meeting location is in the St. Maurice Parish Church The room called Doran Hall The address is 358 Glenbrook Rd. Stamford, CT 06906-2198. GPS Coordinates: -73.522475,41.065862,0 This is the basement area of the Church. Our contact info is Our web site is

Plymouth Mudlarks M.D.S.

PLYMOUTH MUDLARKS MEMBERSHIP OPEN. We are looking for members to join this new Metal Detecting and Larking club in Plymouth. If you are looking for a new family friendly club, then come and join us. We are limiting members to 20 at the beginning. Please send me a message if you are interested ASAP. Mudlark M.D.S. is led by Chief Mudlark Mark Langdon. We are a group of people who enjoy whats known as Mudlarking, scavaging & hunting in river mud for items of historical value. We also metal detect across the beautiful South West of England. The group has been made famous more recently by the History Channels TV show Mud Men, with Steve Brooker & Johnny Vaughan. And here is the link for the History Channels Mud Men: Feel free to browse around, & if you have any queries or questions youd like to ask, please feel free, & one of our Mudlarks will be more than happy to help you with your needs. :-)
52 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

Southwest Ohio Treasure Hunting

Were in Bethel, Ohio 45106 We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the Bethel American Legion. 3393 Legion Ln. Bethel, Ohio 45106 We have a bunch of great guys and gals that love the hobby. Come join our family! Please call club president Joe Angel with any questions or to arrange a hunt with some of the guys. 513-253-3285

North Georgia Relic Hunters Association

At North Georgia Relic Hunters Association (NGRHA) we further the enjoyment of responsibly collecting Civil War relics, old bottles and coins as well as other items from years gone by. The NGRHA is dedicated to preserving Georgia history through responsible excavation. The North Georgia Relic Hunters Association was formed in 1972 in partnership with the City of Marietta Department of Parks and Recreation. The association has approximately 90 members from all walks of life. Meetings are open to the public. When: First and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Where: Train Depot Building in front of the museum in downtown Kennesaw Please visit our web site:
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 53

Detecting Clubs & Hunts

Daytona Dig & Find Metal Detecting Club
338 Oceanshore Blvd Ormond Beach, FL
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



4th Tuesday of the month

Volusia countys only metal detecting club for over 20 years. Meetings the 4th Tuesday of each month. Two Yearly seeded hunts, Finds of the month, Raffles, Prizes and Detectorists of all ages.

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54 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

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WRDF Home of the Yorkshire Raiders.

Mid Florida Historical Research & Recovery Association Metal detecting is fun and Were Diggin It

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at: Gander Mountain. Intersection of I-75 And SR 40 at 6:00 PM
Officers Bill Beardsley, President Mike Sniegowski,Vice President Carol Seidman, Secretary Roger Ackley, Treasurer.
Relic Hunter January - February 2014 55

Detecting Clubs & Hunts

Im Bruce Hudson and Ive been hunting and collecting artifacts most of my life around the Kentucky area since 1974. I have been very fortunate to have seen and studied many fine examples. I have many personal finds that have been documented and I still get a adrenaline rush every time Ive made a find. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for news and updates visit us on Facebook.
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Welcome to Bluegrass Artifacts,

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The Prospectors Home Club

The Prospectors Home Club is based in Parramatta, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia and was founded in 1981. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Parramatta Band Club Hall, Jubilee Lane (off Marion Street), Harris Park. Members have many interests and expertise, particularly in metal detecting for gold, coins and relics. A feature of Club Life is the monthly weekend outings to various gold and gem areas as well as beach detecting. Longer trips are also organized to gold and gem areas in Australia. Club members are expert in many fields of endeavor including gold panning and associated skills including the manufacture of various devices to enhance your prospecting opportunities. New members are very welcome. For information about the Prospectors Home Club please contact the Secretary at or write to P. O. Box 25 Rydalemere NSW 1701 Australia.
56 Relic Hunter January - February 2014

The TexasTreasure Hunters Club

Were agroup offine folksthat liketo havefunenjoying our Metal Detectors. We like to goRelic Hunting, Coin Hunting, Beach Hunting orDigging in the dirt looking for Gems, and Gold Prospecting. We welcomeanyone that also enjoys the great outdoors in this hobby we call treasure hunting. If you would like to join our club, please visit with us at one of our monthly meetings,we would sure love to have ya. As a Club we will have our monthly outings as well, and our Yearly treasure hunt event.. We hope to meet you soon. Texas Treasure Hunters Club is a proudmember of the United Metal Detecting Clubs of America.

Hi I am Wendell Mosley, Founder of Prospecting U S A We are located in Heflin, Alabama. This clubs goal is to give people a place to find some one near them to go treasure hunting with and to serve as a forum to display what youve found. Visit our club on Facebook and on the web: http:/ and yes prospecting is misspelled. Thanks Wendell Email: Website:

Relic Hunter January - February 2014



Increase your finds with the Garrett Pro-Pointer
Proportional audio/vibration pulse indicates targets Pinpoint tip detection 360 side scan detection area LED light for low light uses Scraping blade for searching soil Automatic tuning Woven belt holster included Water resistant Includes woven belt holster and 9 volt battery

The Ones That Didnt Get Away

Pro-Pointer Success Stories

Steve M. (above) used his Pro-Pointer in South Carolina to speed recovery of many of these smaller Civil War artifacts.

(Above) This tiny hammered gold coin was dug in southern Malaysia by Shahril M.

(Above) This silver 1853 New Orleans mint half dime and 1862 three-cent piece were recovered by Evan G. of Durant, OK with his Pro-Pointer.

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800.527.4011 (U.S. and CANADA) 1.972.494.6151 (INTERNATIONAL)

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