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B A- Read the text carefully.

Test B

Why volunteer?
Martin, Rachel and Cliff tell how their volunteer work made them feel good about themselves. And, it was a great way to meet new friends. Martin: A lot of kids my age if you tell them'Let's go volunteer', they will give you a dirty look they think volunteering is bad. But they're missing out on helping people, and it can be rewarding. I volunteered at the home of an elderly nglish lady and I was the only nglish speaking person at the time. It was really good !ust be her friend. Rachel: I started working at the "ood #ro!ect when I was fifteen. I didn't really know much about it, I !ust thought it was kids working on a farm doing hard work. I was so against it. And one day I decided, '$ey, why don't you !ust find out what it's about%' And it was like this incredible program to work for the community. &ight from the beginning I felt my confidence start to rise what I was doing was making a difference and that's enough to raise someone's confidence' that you are not a waste product you're doing something and you're helping people out. Cliff: (hen I first started to see that I wanted to do volunteer work work with children and make a change and work for social !ustice, I was si)teen years old. In the future I see myself definitely working. in volunteer work to give my time to other people. I would love to keep working in social !ustice and working in a non*profit organi+ation I would like to go to college to learn how to do that better.,works,why.htm -adapted.

- Choose the right o!tion to com!lete the sentences. ". /he teenagers in the te)t consider that to do volunteer work a. helps to make new friends b. is bad c. is boring

#. 0artin started working with a a. old lady b. hospital c. farm $. $e was a. bored to death b. the only nglish speaking person c. unable to communicate %. &achel worked with a. the water pro!ect b. disabled people c. the food pro!ect &. 1liff wants a. to forget the e)perience b. learn to do it better c. to give up the e)perience C- Answer these 'uestions. (ou may co!y from the text. ". (here did &achel work% 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 #. (hat kind of idea did she have about the pro!ect% 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 $. (hat did 1liff want to do% 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 B A )- Com!lete the sentences with: Although* In spite of or Despite ". 2222222222222222222she worked hard for a month, she failed the entrance test. #. 2222222222222222222 the price of the flight, he went to 0e)ico in the holidays. $. 2222222222222222222 he was late, he stopped to buy a sandwich. %. 2222222222222222222 feeling terribly sick, I went to work every day that week. 1 +- Re!hrase the following. ". 3he didn4t like the film. 3he en!oyed it in the end. Although 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222. #. /hey had visited #aris. /hey didn4t have time to visit the Louvre. 5espite 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222. $. It was fog. /he plane arrived on time. In spite of 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222.

%. #hil has been a heavy smoker for years. $e still smokes from time to time now. Although 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222. ,- -rite the correct form of the verbs using the !refixes: un, dis, mis, re, over. 6* sleep too long 2222222222222222222 7* open again 22222222222222222 8* not agree 222222222222222222 9* no longer visible 22222222222222222 :* interpret wrongly 222222222222222222 .- Com!lete with the correct form of the future: will, be going to or !resent continuous: 6* I am really hungry . 2222222222222222222 -you give. a cookie% -re;uest. 7* 3he 22222222222222222222222 -visit. her best friend ne)t year in 1hina. -intention. 8* I believe it 2222222222222222222222 -possibly rain. tomorrow. 9* (e 2222222222222222222222222 -have. a party 3aturday night. -arrangement. :* /hey 222222222222222222222222 -meet. very soon. -plan.