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ANY SOCIAL EVIL INTRODUCTION 1. Frustration 1. Unique human nature and instinct 2. Suicides and terrorism 2.

Social needs of man 3. Economic problems REASONS 4. End of peace of mind 1. Lack of education SOLUTIONS 2. Ignorance of Islamic spirit 1. Reversal of reasons 3. Poverty 2. Strengthening of institutions 4. Poor law and order CONCLUSION 5. Geo strategic position of Pakistan 1. Faith in youth 6. Poor planning 2. Proper strategy is needed EFFECTS
Mankind is not likely to salvage civilization unless he can evolve a system of good and evil which is independent of heaven and hell..George Orwell Man is the unique creation of God. He has been blessed with goodness as well as evil. His conscience differentiates between these two faculties. Though man is the supreme creation of God, yet he is blend of evil and goodness. His wisdom and thoughts can change the outlook of this world. The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. MILTON Man has instinct of selfishness, greed and getting power and wealth. These qualities of man cause many evil practices. Man is a social animal. He cant live independently. He depends upon each another. A society is balanced if every one cares for others rights and duties. The harmony in the society is only possible if everyone follows the rules and regulation in the society. When one over reaches ones limits, social evils like --------------appear in the community. ------------is common problem of not only Pakistan but also of the whole world. Man shares nature across the world. The human instinct plays havocs all over the world. It is grave in nature. There are many reasons of -------------. Lack of real education is the cause of this problem. Thus it is very common in the developing countries like Pakistan. The uneducated people cant realize the harms of --------------. They continue practicing ---------------. They become selfish and greedy. The rating of Pakistan in this regard is alarming. The literacy rate is very low. The facts and figures of literacy are not reliable and up to the mark. There is a poor law and order in the country. The foreign investment is not encouraged in this situation. This affects economy of the country. Human life becomes uncertain. It also causes brain drain. The intellectual leave the country for good. Islamic teachings are ignored by the people. They dont differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Islamic ideology is only thought to be a set of certain prayers. The people have forgotten that Islam is practical religion. The role of an individual in a society is its basic concern. The religious scholars are involved in conflicts. This has resulted bad effects like-------------.Poverty is another factor which contributes ----------------directly and indirectly. Man becomes indulged in evil practice in his economic deprivation. The social difference also motivates the people to commit wrong. Many social evils are interdependent. They can cause -------------. There are vested interests of many powerful countries of the world in Pakistan. They fulfill their evil designs and cause many evils like ----------------directly and indirectly. Pakistan has very crucial geographical position. There is a poor planning on the part of govt. The officials and managers are corrupt and inefficient. They are unable to control-----------in the country. The excessive exposure to media has effected mentally and physically. The people want to imitate the models and actors. This causes the beginning of a race for money. It causes----------------.There is no rule of law and institutional role in the country. There is no planning and strategy to fight against-----------------. This problem of ----------has disturbed human life in general. The people become frustrated. The crimes and suicide are caused as a result. The economic progress stops. Uncertainty increases. The life of a common person becomes difficult. It causes brain and capital flight from the country. The people remain jobless and commit crimes. Terrorism threatens the peace of mind. The problems associated with----------------can be dealt in different ways. The following few suggestions can be useful in this regard. 1. The law and order should be made effective. 2. The govt. should revise and improve education according to national needs. 3. The public should be made aware regarding their duties and rights and harms of -----------4. Electronic and print media should play important role to highlight the causes of --------and solutions on different forums. 5. The police and judiciary culture should be changed and institutions should be strengthened to control--------6. Salaries and wages should be increased to control to make economic condition better------------------. 7. The religious scholars should invoke the true concept of practical Islam and social justice and equality. The problem of---------------is very grave, however, it can be solved by doing action sincerely and selflessly. Our youth is a ray of hope for prosperous future of Pakistan. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.