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A. Read the text carefully.

My dream job
Christoph Brettez, Belgium I would like to be a pilot in the army. This job requires an aptitude for science and mathematics because navigation skills are important and calculations have to be made all the time, both on the ground and in the air. But maths and science are my favourite school subjects. I also like adventure and I know that when you are a pilot, you are as free as a bird. I know that it is dangerous, but if you do not take any risk in life, then when you die, you havent lived at all. Sandy McCarthy, USA I imagine myself working in an office for a few hours a day, that is, I would like to have a nine-to-five job. I know this sort of job involves doing quite a lot of paperwork, but I dont mind. The salary wont be high at first, but if I work hard, I may get a good pay rise. However, the real world isnt as good as my dreams I must study and work, before my dreams come true. Greg Smith, Wales I want to be a bartender, like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and work on Bikini Island. There are many sandy beaches, with blue skies and transparent waters. There are beautiful, suntanned bodies everywhere, and the relaxing sound of crashing waves and refreshing sea smell is just perfect to escape the rat race which is our society. B. Answer these questions according to the text. 1. Where are Christoph, Sandy and Greg from and what is their dream job? Christoph is from Belgium and he wants to be a pilot in the army. Sandy is from the USA and she wants to work in an office. Greg is from Wales and he wants to work as a bartender. 2. What skills does Christoph need to land his dream job? Why? To be a pilot Christoph needs to have an aptitude for science and mathematics because it involves navigation skills and a lot of calculations. 3. Is he on the right track? Justify your answer. Yes, he is because he is good at maths and science which are his favourite school subjects. 4. Is Sandys dream job easy? Justify your answer. No, it isnt because working in an office involves doing quite a lot of paperwork.





5. Is it a well-paid job? Thought the salary is not good at first, she may get a good pay rise if she works hard. 6. Who does Greg want to be like and where does he want to work? Why? Greg wants to be like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. He wants to work on Bikini Island to escape the rat race which is society.

A. Write three more words to each group: 1. Jobs/professions: pilot, bartender, doctor, teacher, singer 2. Work-related verbs: to work, to volunteer, to apply for, to interview 3. Work-related nouns: skills, qualifications, employee, volunteer B. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words. 1. An interview is the first meeting with people you want to work for. 2. An employer is someone who pays somebody to work for him or her. 3. Skills are the abilities you need to do something well. 4. A career is a job or profession that you do for a long time. 5. An unemployed person is someone who is able to work but cant find a job. 6. The curriculum vitae is a record of your school qualifications and work experience.

A. Complete with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple. 1. Have you done (you/do) that course yet? Yes! I finished (finish) three weeks ago. 2. Did Greg buy (Greg/buy) that CD for you yesterday when you were in town? No. He has already spent (already/spend) all his money for this month. 3. Did they win (they/win) last night? Im not sure, I havent looked (not look) at the results on the internet yet. 4. Did Emma fail (Emma/fail) the exam last week? Emma? No! She has never got (never/get) less than 80% in any of her exams! B. Complete with the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous. 1. Wow! What have you been listening (you/listen) to? I have never seen (never/see) you dance like that before! 2. How long have you been watching (watch) me? I havent shown (not show) you my best yet. 3. I have been listening (listen) to some of my sisters music all week. She has been following (follow) Estopa for years ever since 1999. 4. I havent heard (not hear) that one before but I know they have already sold (already/sell) millions of CDs.


C. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate compound adjective. 1. Sandy always gets what she wants. She has firm ideas and beliefs. She is strongminded. 2. You shouldnt trust him. He smiles at your face but keeps talking behind you. He is two-faced. 3. The characters in that film were horrible. They were very unkind. They were coldhearted. 4. She was so arrogant! She was big-headed. 5. The teachers like me because I am polite. I am well-behaved. 6. Christophs dad gets angry very easily. He is short-tempered. 7. Greg is kind and friendly. He loves helping people out. He is warm-hearted. 8. She is very calm and sensible. She can overcome most difficulties easily. She is level-headed. 9. The new manager never accepts other peoples ideas. He is narrow-minded. 10. He doesnt seem to be easily offended by criticism. He is quite thick-skinned. 11. Yesterday my brother was being rude to his English teacher. He was badlybehaved. D. Use the prepositions with, for, in and of to form the correct phrasal verbs. 1. get on with 5. be responsible for 2. deal with 6. be in charge of 3. apply for 7. be proud of 4. be capable of 8. fit in with E. Complete the sentences with expressions from the previous exercise. 1. The police have to deal with theft and vandalism. 2. In my last job I was in charge of a big team. 3. As a leader, I am responsible for the success of my team. 4. Im going to apply for a job at the supermarket. 5. I dont get on with my brother. We argue a lot. 6. She is capable of passing her exams if she studies hard. 7. My mother is proud of me because I am a good student. 8. I was fired from my job because I didnt fit in with the companys culture.


A. Choose one of the following topics and write a short text about it. Do you already know what you want to do for a living? Dont forget to mention: what is your dream job the reasons why you would like to do that job what does that job involve the qualities you need for that job In the future I want to be a medical examiner. Ive always been a big fan of police television shows like CSI and NCIS where one of the main characters is a medical examiner. The main objective of this job is to determine the cause and manner of death therefore it involves performing autopsies. To be a medical examiner I need to be a courageous, curious, detail-oriented and science-loving person. I also need to get a PhD in Forensic Sciences... Science is already one of my favourite school subjects, so I think Im on the right track. But I know I still have to study and work a lot before my dream comes true.

What is your opinion on voluntary work? What does voluntary work mean to you? Do you think volunteering is a good idea? Why / Why not? Do you do any voluntary work or have you ever thought about doing it? To me, voluntary work means spending some of our free time helping others. We can volunteer to help other people or to protect animals, the environment, or any other cause that we care about. I think volunteering is a good idea, because it is an opportunity to help someone in need and to meet new friends. Its also something we can put on our curriculum vitae when we are applying for a job. Right now, I am not doing any voluntary work, but Im considering doing it next summer at the house of an elderly lady who needs to be taken care of.