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EXPLICAES DE INGLS 9 ANO (NVEL 5) READING A. Read the text carefully.

Applying for a job

Some weeks after Leo Johnson had sent his resum to Glow Co., a big fashion company, he was invited for an interview with Mr. Glen Custer, the general manager. Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Leo Mr. Custer Why are you applying for a job here? Because this is a good company, I believe I will be able to improve myself and be useful to the growth of the firm. Do you have any experience? Last year I worked as a trainee at a bank. Hmmm So, you have no experience I have no experience as an employee, sir. But Im sure you will like my work if you give me a chance. Uh uh! How much do you expect to earn? I dont know the companys wage policy. Perhaps you could help me with my answer. Our policy is according to the present job market. Thats great for me. How long do you plan to work with us? As long as it is interesting for both of us. But if it depends on me it will be for a long time. Well, I liked your answers. The job is yours. Congratulations!! Thank you very much, sir. Youre welcome.

B. Answer these questions according to the text . 1. How did Leo Johnson get this job interview? Leo Johnson got this job interview after sending his resum to Glow Co. some weeks before. 2. Why did he apply for a job at Glow Co.? He applied for a job at Glow Co. because he thinks it is a good company. He also believes he will be able to improve himself and be useful to the growth of the firm. 3. Did he answer all the questions during the interview? No, he didnt. When Mr. Custer asked him how much did he expect to earn, he wasnt able to answer the question, because he didnt know the companys wage policy. 4. Why did Mr. Custer give the job to Leo Johnson? Mr. Custer gave the job to Leo Johnson because he liked the way he answered the questions during the interview.


5. How much will Leo Johnson earn in his new job? a) A high salary. b) A low salary in the beginning. c) It will depend on his qualifications. d) Mr. Custer will decide after Johnson's trial period. e) It is not mentioned in the text. 6. The expressions "Hmmm" and ''Uh uh" in the text probably mean: a) hesitation and agreement. b) disgust and indifference. c) doubt and irony. d) dissatisfaction and surprise. e) disappointment and reproach. 7. The question "How much do you expect to earn? is approximately the same as: a) How many dollars do you pretend to receive? b) How much money do need? c) What salary are you expecting to get? d) What is the exact amount of money you plan to make? e) What is your price? VOCABULARY A. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words. 1. You send a curriculum vitae when you apply for a job. 2. If the employer thinks that you are a good candidate, they will invite you to attend an interview. 3. You must show that you are capable of doing the job, and it is important to look interested to make a good impression, so remember: do not cross your arms and always make eye contact. GRAMMAR A. Connect each pair of sentences/phrases with the appropriate connector. Classify the connectors you chose. 1. She is a kind girl but she is not the right person for this job. (contrast/concession) 2. Leo is lucky; he is both attractive and intelligent. (addition) 3. When I sent my curriculum vitae, I didnt expect to get an answer that fast. (time) 4. Although they have a good resum, they still dont have a job. (contrast/conc.) 5. My computer got stuck because/as there was a power failure last night. (cause) 6. Mr. Custer called me as soon as he read my application letter. (time) 7. You wont get the job if you dont respect the dress code. (condition) 8. Despite/In spite of his initial shyness, Leo soon got along with his co-workers. (contrast/concession) 9. He can either accept the job or refuse it. (alternative) 10. To get this job we should have some basic computer skills such as word processing and using the Internet and email. (exemplification) 11. In the future more computers will be used in classrooms. However books, pens and pencils will be around for quite a while. (contrast/concession)

EXPLICAES DE INGLS 9 ANO (NVEL 5) B. Complete with can, could, to be able (negative forms included). 1. Im afraid Mr. Groves is deaf. He cant hear what you say. 2. It was dark. We couldnt see a thing. 3. The concert was sold out. Im afraid I cant get tickets. 4. Oh, youre good at maths. Youll be able to to catch up. 5. Last night the fence fell down in the storm. Luckily I was able to repair it myself. 6. Mrs Bernstein is quite happy living alone. She can look after herself. WRITING A. Write an application letter for your dream job. Remember, the job can be in whatever field you want and you are pretending that you have all of the qualifications for the job. Mnica Martins (n) (rua) 3450-06... Sobrosa 19th January, 2014 Mr. Albert Robbins Personnel Department Research Centre Manchester M2 1ZA Dear Mr. Robbins, I am writing to apply for the post of medical examiner as advertised in Expresso of 18th January, 2014. As you can see from the enclosed curriculum vitae, I have good qualifications in biochemistry and microbiology and I have a PhD in Forensic Sciences. After my PhD, I worked as a forensic scientist for 3 years, therefore I have already performed several autopsies. Im a courageous, curious, detail-oriented and science-loving person and I work well in teams. Im sure you will like my work if you give me a chance. If you consider that my qualifications are suitable, I am available for an interview whenever it is convenient for you. I can be contacted at the above address. I look forward to meeting you. Yours sincerely, Mnica Martins