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1) Derive an expression for the de Broglie Wavelength of an electron moving under potential difference of V volt.

2) Calculate current drawn by the primary of a transformer which steps down 200V to 20V to operate a device of resistance 20 . Assume the efficiency of transformer to be 80%. 3) State the condition under which total internal reflection occurs. One face prism with a refracting angle of 30o coated with silver. A ray incident on another face at angle of 45o is refracted and reflected from silver coated face and retrace its path. Find the refractive index of the material of prism. 4) (a) Explain with the help of suitable nuclear reaction in each of the following case how neutron proton ratio changes during decay & decay (b) Define actively of a radioactive sample give its S.I unit. 5.Using the Rydberg formula, calculate the wavelengths of the first four spectral lines in the Lyman series of the hydrogen spectrum. 6.How an AM wave is detected? Draw the necessary block diagram. Why is modulation necessary for transmission? 7. Draw block diagram of Communication System and state few terms related to it. 8. Draw the graphs for photoelectric effect between a. Frequency and maximum kinetic energy b. Stopping potential a nd current c. Intensity and stopping potential 9. Draw Binding Energy Curve . Also explain the statbility of different nuclides on the basis of this curve. 10. Write down de Broglies explanation of quantization of angular momentum given by Bohr. 11.Explain Astronomical telescope 12 A metallic rod 1 m length is rotated with a frequency of 50 rev/s , with one end hinged at the centre and other end at the circumference of a circular metallic ring of radius 1m , about an axis passing through the centre and perpendicular to plane of ring. A constant and uniform magnetic field of 1T and parallel to the axis is present everywhere . What is the e.m.f between the centre and metallic ring ? 13. Draw Graphs

a) Between electric field due to a uniformly charged spherical shell and distance from centre b) Between Resistivity and temperature for nichrome c) Between Current and angular frequency for LCR circuit. d) Hysteresis curve for soft iron e) Between angle of incidence and angle of deviation for a Prism f) Between nuclear force and distance between nucleons g) Characteristics of common emitter npn Transistor h) Amplitude Modulated wave 14. If a Dielectric is inserted in a parallel plate capacitor a) when connected to a battery of V volt b)when initially charged to V volt bu disconnected from battery , what is the the effect on I. II. III. IV. Charge Voltage across capacitor Electric field inside capacitor Capacitance

15. What is the principle of potentiometer and Expalin its two applications . 16. If voltage applied across a conductor is doubled what is its effect on a) Current b) drift velocity c) relaxation time d) Electric Field d)resistence 17.