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Bina a La!"a# $a!a# $%ana# Pa&an $'!a( C%a'd%a( P'")a( B%'"a# To* Ba%ad'( P'n
in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of

Ba+%e#o( o, En-inee(inin


A'-'". 2050



Certified that this project report DRIVING LICENCE MANAGEMENT S STEM6 is the !o"afide #or$ of Bi"a%a La&sa'( )a&a' )ha"a'( *a#a" )+&ar Cha+dhar%( *+s$ar Bh+sa' a"d Top Bahad+r *+", #ho carried o+t the project #or$ +"der &% s+per-isio".





Er/Satish )r/ )ar"a 1EAD OF DE*ARTMENT Co&p+ter L+&!i"i E"22/( M"2t 3 Sc/ Co''e2e R+pa"dehi( Nepa'

Er/Satish )r/ )ar"a S0*ERVISOR Lect+rer Co&p+ter L+&!i"i E"22/( M"2t/ 3 Sc/ Co''e2e R+pa"dehi( Nepa'


This is to certif% that the #or$ carried o+t !% Mr/ Bi"a%a La&sa'( Mr/ )a&a' )ha"a'( Mr/ *a#a" )+&ar Cha+dhar%( Mr/ *+s$ar Bh+sa' a"d Mr/ Top Bahad+r *+" for the co&p'etio" of the project e"tit'ed DRIVING LICENCE MANAGEMENT S STEM, as per the partia' f+'fi''&e"t of the re4+ire&e"t of the De2ree of Bache'or of E"2i"eeri"2 i" Co&p+ter E"2i"eeri"2 has !ee" acco&p'ished s+ccessf+''%/

D+ri"2 prese"tatio" I ha-e fo+"d the st+de"ts to !e e"th+siastic( hard #or$i"2 a"d Bo"a fide a"d read%5#ith5s$i''s to +"derta$e a"% i"d+stria' #or$ re'ated to IT a"d e"2i"eeri"2/

......./ E6ter"a' E6a&i"er ......./ ......./

The project doc+&e"tatio" i" this report #as carried o+t !% fi-e !e'o#5 &e"tio"ed si6 se&ester +"der2rad+ate st+de"ts of Co&p+ter E"2i"eeri"2 Depart&e"t for partia' f+'fi''&e"t of the re4+ire&e"t for the &i"or project of si6 se&esters +"der the s+per-isio" of Er/Satish )r/ )ar"a/ A"% $i"d of reprod+ctio" of the prod+ct a"d its part for co&&ercia' p+rpose is strict'% prohi!ited #itho+t a prior #ritte" per&issio" of the a+thor a"d +"i-ersit%/ 1o#e-er( this report is ope" a"d free for a"% $i"d of acade&ic p+rpose/

.....// Bi"a%a La&sa' ...../ )a&a' )ha"a' .....// *a#a" )+&ar Cha+dhar% ...... *+s$ar Bh+sa' ...... Top Bhad+r *+"

......... Er/Satish )r/ )ar"a Depart&e"t of Co&p+ter E"2i"eeri"2 L+&!i"i E"22/( M"2t 3 Sc/ Co''e2e S+per-isor


7e #ere a!'e to co&p'ete this project #ith the 2reat dea' of additio"a' research/ Se-era' peop'e he'ped +s to prod+ce the soft#are/ First( a -er% specia' tha"$s to Er/ Satish )r/ )ar"a( *roject s+per-isor( for pro-idi"2 +s 2+ida"ce a"d +sef+' s+22estio"s/ O+r si"cere tha"$s 2o to a'' #ho direct'% a"d i"direct'% s+pport +s to achie-e this 2oa'/ 7e are a'so tha"$f+' to a'' the staff of Tra"sportatio" office for pro-idi"2 +s the -er% +sef+' i"for&atio" re'ati"2 the Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&,( i" the practica' fie'd/ O+r si"cere tha"$s a'so 2o to a'' the frie"ds of si6 se&esters for pro-idi"2 s+22estio" a"d 2i-i"2 fr+itf+' co&&e"ts o" o+r projects/

Bi"a%a La&sa' )a&a' )ha"a' *a#a" )+&ar Cha+dhar% *+s$ar Bh+sa' Top Bahad+r *+"


The report descri!es the o-era'' DRIVING LICENCE MANAGEMENT S STEM, desi2"ed a"d !+i't as a project +"derta$e" !% si6 se&ester8s third %ear Co&p+ter E"2i"eeri"2 St+de"ts 9Bi"a%a La&sa'( )a&a' )ha"a'( *+s$ar Bh+sa'( *a#a" )+&ar Cha+dhar% a"d Top Bahad+r *+": +"der the s+per-isio" Er/ Satish )r/ )ar"a fro& L+&!i"i E"2i"eeri"2 Ma"a2e&e"t 3 Scie"ce Co''e2e/

The report prese"ts the -ie# of the s%ste& !+i't/ This report doc+&e"ts the professio"a' approach ta$e" to#ards s%ste& de-e'op&e"t strict'% fo''o#i"2 the aspects of soft#are e"2i"eeri"2/ SASD 9Str+ct+re A"a'%sis a"d Str+ct+re Desi2": #as +sed for A"a'%sis a"d Desi2"/ Vis+a' Basic/Net +sed as fro"t e"d a"d Ms5access as !ac$ e"d for stori"2 data to co&p'ete the i&p'e&e"tatio" s%ste&/

The project e"tit'ed DRIVING LICENCE MANAGEMENT S STEM, is f+''5f'ed2ed sta"d5a'o"e app'icatio" soft#are that 2i-es faci'it% to iss+e a "e# Lice"ce( add Lice"ce cate2ories a"d re"e# a Lice"ce for -ehic'e dri-er/

A+)no&#ed-e!en. A9".(a+. i ii

SECTION A5 INTROD0CTION ;/ I"trod+ctio" </ State&e"t of pro!'e& =/ Scope of project >/ O!jecti-es Ge"era' O!jecti-e Specific O!jecti-e SECTION B5 BAC)GRO0ND COVERAGE ;/ Data!ase Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& ;/; I"trod+ctio" ;/< Ro'e of DBMS ;/= Or2a"iAatio" of Data!ase ;/> Data!ase Desi2"i"2 ;/? Data!ase *ro2ra&&i"2 ;/@ Co&po"e"t of Data!ase &a"a2e&e"t ;/B Data Mode' ;/B/; O!ject Based Lo2ica' Mode' ;/B/<Record Based Lo2ica' Mode' ;/B/= *h%sica' Mode' ;/C SFL ? ? @ @ B B C D D ;E ;E ;E < < = = = =

SECTION C5 *LANNING T1E *ROGECT ;/ O-er-ie# </ Defi"i"2 the *ro!'e& =/ *'a""i"2 the De-e'op&e"t *rocess =/; The *hased Life C%c'e Mode' =/< Mi'esto"es( Doc+&e"ts a"d re-ie#s =/= *re'i&i"ar% *rocess Sched+'e =/=/; 7or$ Brea$do#" Str+ct+re =/=/< Ga"tt Chart >/ *'a""i"2 a"d Or2a"iAatio"a' Str+ct+re >/; *roject Str+ct+re ?/ Cost A"a'%sis @/ Too's a"d Soft#are to Be 0sed SECTION D5 ANAL SIS OF T1E S STEM ;/ O-er-ie# </ *ro!'e&s =/ Ca+ses a"d Effect of a!o-e *ro!'e&s >/ Feasi!i'it% A"a'%sis >/; Operatio"a' Feasi!i'it% ?/ *roject *'a" @/ Re4+ire&e"t Defi"itio" SECTION E5 DESIGN ;/ Desi2" </ Data F'o# Dia2ra& </; E5Le-e' DFD </< ;5Le-e' DFD <= <= <> <? ;D ;D ;D <E <E <E <; ;< ;< ;< ;= ;= ;> ;> ;? ;@ ;@ ;@ ;B

SECTION F5 TESTING AND IM*LEMENTATION ;/ Testi"2 ;/; I"trod+ctio" ;/;/; 0"it Testi"2 ;/;/< S%ste& Testi"2 ;/;/= *ositi-e Testi"2 ;/;/> Stress Testi"2 ;/;/? Reco-er% a"d Sec+rit% ;/;/@ 0sa!i'it% Doc+&e"tatio" a"d *roced+re ;/;/B 0ser Accepta"ce Testi"2 ;/< Verificatio" a"d Va'idatio" ;/= Desi2" of Test Case </ I&p'e&e"tatio" SECTION F5 LIMITATION AND F0T0RE EN1ANCEMENT ;/ Li&itatio" </ F+t+re E"ha"ce&e"t =/ Co"c'+sio" SECTION 15 A**ENDIH App'icatio" for 0ser I"terface Re,e(en+e" =B >= == => =? <B <B <C <C <C <C <C <D <D <D =E =;


The Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& is the soft#are for &a"a2i"2 the Dri-er Lice"ce( #hich dea's #ith the detai' i"for&atio" a!o+t the -ehic'e dri-er/ B% #hich #e are a!'e to 2et &ore i"for&atio" a!o+t Lice"ce o#"er( Lice"ce cate2ories p'+s his f+'' address a"d other thi"2 as #e''/ Ma"% co+"tries 2o for#ard #ith the he'p of scie"ce a"d tech"o'o2%/ The co&p+ter( #hich is the 2ift of scie"ce a"d tech"o'o2% !eco&e heart of e-er% perso" toda%/ The e"tire prod+cts are "o# co&p+ter desi2"ed/ Ma"% paper #or$s is rep'aced !% co&p+teriAed s%ste&/ This s%ste& re&o-e traditio"a' Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& +ses paper to store data is "ot sec+re( ti&e co"s+&a!'e a"d diffic+'t process !% easi'% accessi!'e a"d sec+re co&p+teriAed s%ste&/ I" the co"te6t of Nepa' there is +se of traditio"a' s%ste& e-e" %et/ This is o"e that &a"a2es Dri-i"2 Lice"ce i" eas% #a%/ This soft#are 2i-es faci'it% iss+e a "e# Lice"ce( add Lice"ce cate2ories to e6isti"2 Lice"ce a"d re"e# a Lice"ce of -ehic'e dri-er/ B% this co&p+teriAed s%ste&( #e are a!'e to $eep record of -ehic'e dri-er a"d retrie-e easi'% #he" "eeded/

I" Tra"sportatio" office( there is +se of traditio"a' s%ste& e-e" %et/ Traditio"a' Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& +ses paper to store data/ This is "ot sec+re( ti&e co"s+&a!'e a"d diffic+'t process/ So to re&o-e s+ch 'i&itatio" a"d diffic+'t%( a "e# co&p+teriAed Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& is "eeded( #hich is eas% to +se( sec+re a"d ta$e short ti&e to process/


O+r project is re'ated to the Tra"sport Sectio" of the La!or a"d Tra"sport Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& of Nepa'/ 7hich co-er Lice"ce Re2istratio"( a s+!sectio" of the Tra"sport Sectio"/ 7hich foc+ses &ai"'% three tas$sI iss+e a "e# Lice"ce( add Lice"ce cate2or% a"d re"e# a Lice"ce/ This tas$ r+"s i" e-er% Tra"sportatio" office i" Nepa'/ Tra"sport sectio" is the i&porta"t +"it of La!or a"d Tra"sport Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&/ The% pro-ide ser-ice to the peop'e/ This Dri-i"2 Lice"ce Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&, possesses "ear'% a'' feat+res that are "eeded for &a"a2i"2 Dri-i"2 Lice"ce/ This s%ste& is s+ita!'e for &a"a2i"2 Dri-er Lice"ce i" Nepa'/

5. Gene(a# O9<e+.i=e4 For the partia' f+'fi''&e"t of the de2ree of !ache'or of e"2i"eeri"2 i" co&p+ter e"2i"eeri"2/ To i&p'e&e"t the project re'e-a"t s$i''s 2ai"ed i" three %ear of e"2i"eeri"2 ed+catio"/ 2. S*e+i,i+ O9<e+.i=e4 The &ai" o!jecti-e of this project is rep'ace&e"t of traditio"a' &a"a2e&e"t s%ste& of office thro+2h paper #or$ !% f+''% co&p+teriAed s%ste&/ D+e to co&p+teriAed s%ste& it red+ces the "+&!er of e&p'o%ee a"d ti&e for &a"a2i"2 the #ho'e s%ste& &o"e% a"d ti&e #i'' sa-e/

A'' the i"for&atio" #hich is re'ated to dri-er ca" !e stored sec+re'% a"d s%ste&atica''% #hich #i'' !e he'pf+' for a"a'%sis i" f+t+re/ It pro-ides the faci'it% for ad&i"istrator to co"tro' a"d &a"a2e&e"t of #ho'e s%ste& efficie"t'% a"d effecti-e'%/ The Lice"ce o#"er i"for&atio" is "ecessar% for the f+t+re p+rpose( #hich is easi'% achie-ed !% &ea"s of this s%ste&/ *ro-ide 'itt'e i"for&atio" a!o+t ho# to 2et Lice"ce( #hat are ta$e" for 2etti"2 dri-er 'ice"se etc/





A DBMS is a set of soft#are pro2ra&s that co"tro's the or2a"iAatio"( stora2e( &a"a2e&e"t( a"d retrie-a' of data i" a data!ase/ DBMSs are cate2oriAed accordi"2 to their data str+ct+res or t%pes/ The DBMS accepts re4+ests for data fro& a" app'icatio" pro2ra& a"d i"str+cts the operati"2 s%ste& to tra"sfer the appropriate data/ The 4+eries a"d respo"ses &+st !e s+!&itted a"d recei-ed accordi"2 to a for&at that co"for&s to o"e or &ore app'ica!'e protoco's/ 7he" a DBMS is +sed( i"for&atio" s%ste&s ca" !e cha"2ed &+ch &ore easi'% as the or2a"iAatio"Js i"for&atio" re4+ire&e"ts cha"2e/ Ne# cate2ories of data ca" !e added to the data!ase #itho+t disr+ptio" to the e6isti"2 s%ste&/ A DBMS is a s%ste& soft#are pac$a2e that he'ps the +se of i"te2rated co''ectio" of data records a"d fi'es $"o#" as data!ases/ It a''o#s differe"t +ser app'icatio" pro2ra&s to easi'% access the sa&e data!ase/ DBMSs &a% +se a"% of a -ariet% of data!ase &ode's( s+ch as the "et#or$ &ode' or re'atio"a' &ode'/ I" 'ar2e s%ste&s( a DBMS a''o#s +sers a"d other soft#are to store a"d retrie-e data i" a str+ct+red #a%/ I"stead of ha-i"2 to #rite co&p+ter pro2ra&s to e6tract i"for&atio"( +ser ca" as$ si&p'e 4+estio"s i"a 4+er% 'a"2+a2e/ It pro-ides faci'ities for co"tro''i"2 data access ( e"forci"2 data i"te2erit%( &a"a2i"2 co"c+rre"c%( a"d restori"2 the data!ase fro& !ac$+ps/ A DBMS a'so pro-ides the a!i'it% to 'o2ica''% prese"t data!ase i"for&atio" to +sers The fo''o#i"2 are the i&porta"t app'icatio" of data!ase s%ste&I Ma"+fact+ri"2 #ith i"-e"tor% &a"a2e&e"t(!i''s of &ateria's processi"2( a"d e4+ip&e"t sched+'i"2/ Go-er"&e"t( at a''( 'e-e's #ith record o" ta6 pa%i"2 i"di-id+a' a"d propert%/ Officers #ho are a+to&ati"2 their doc+&e"ts &a"a2e&e"t/ Air'i"es reser-atio"/ *orts &a"a2e&e"t/

@ 5.2. ROLE O7 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A data!ase &a"a2e&e"t s%ste& pro-ides the tech"o'o2% for achie-i"2 effecti-e a"d i"te2rated i"for&atio" s%ste&/ The &ajor o!jecti-e of desi2"i"2 a"% data!ase &a"a2e&e"t pac$a2e is to pro-ide its +ser as apprecia!'% hi2her5'e-e' fra&e#or$ s+ch that the re'e-a"t i"terre'ated data ca" !e co''ected a"d stored to2ether to so&e &+'tip'e app'icatio"s/ 5.3. ORGANI>ATION O7 DATABASE A data!ase is or2a"iAed i" three i"depe"de"ts( #hich are 2i-e" !% *h%sica' stora2e or2a"iAatio"/ O-era'' 'o2ica' or2a"iAatio"/ *ro2ra&&er8s 'o2ica' or2a"iAatio" !ased o" o-era'' 'o2ica' or2a"iAatio"/ 5.;. DATABASE DESIGNING O!ject &ode'i"2 he'ps str+ct+re data i"to the re'e-a"t ta!'e/ 7e sho+'d a'#a%s see$ ad-ice fro& a 4+a'ified data!ase( data!ase( #hich has &ore tha" a fe# doAe" fie'ds/ 5.?. DATABASE PROGRAMMING Data!ase pro2ra&&i"2 is rea''% the process of stori"2 the -ariet% of i"for&atio" i" a sta"dard #a% so the data ca" !e easi'% assist a"d &ai"tai"/ I"for&atio" stored #ith i" a data!ase o" 'i$e a #ord processi"2 doc+&e"t( +s+a''% fo''o#ed a sta"dard for&at/ The data!ase pro2ra&&i"2 is process of co"str+cti"2 a data!ase fi'e to ho'd i"for&atio" i" a sta"dard for&/ 7he" the act+a' data!ase has !ee" co"str+cted VB/Net app'icatio" is the" co"str+cted to a''o# the i"for&atio" stored i" the data!ase to !e e6a&i"ed( &odified a"d a+2&e"t/


The !asic co&po"e"t of data!ase s%ste&s is sho#" i" fi2+re/ A DBMS creates a"d &ai"tai" a data!ase( 'oads a"d &a"ip+'ates data #ith i" a data!ase/ It co"sists of the fo''o#i"2 co&po"e"tsI A data!ase descriptio" 'a"2+a2e to tra"s'ate the sche&a the sche&a #ritte" i" a so+rce 'a"2+a2e i"to the o!ject sche&a( there !% creati"2 a 'o2ica' a"d ph%sica' 'a%o+t for the data!ase/ *roced+res for addi"2 "e# data i"to the data!ase a"d &odif%i"2 a"d retrie-i"2 data fro& there/ S%ste& soft#are &od+'es for fi'e a"d !+ffer &a"a2e&e"t( report 2e"eratio"( co"tro''i"2 co"c+rre"c%( reco-er% fro& fai'+re a"d to e"force sec+rit%/

Tra"s'atio" of the so+rce sche&a i"to the o!ject sche&a( creati"2 a 'o2ica' a"d ph%sica' 'a%o+t for the data!ase/

Data descriptio" 'a"2+a2e 9DDL:

So+rce sche&a

A set of proced+re for addi"2 "e# data i"to the data!ase( &odif%i"2 a"d retrie-i"2 data i" the data!ase

A se4+e"ce of proced+re ca''s for retrie-i"2 data fro& the data!ase/

A 4+er% 'a"2+a2e

F+eries #ritte" i" a so+rce 'a"2+a2e

Fi2+re ;/E Basic co&po"e"ts of a DBMS

5.A. DATA MODEL Data &ode' is the co''ectio" of co"cept+a' too' for descri!i"2 data( data re'atio"ships( data se&a"tics a"d co"siste"c% co"strai"ts/ Vario+s data &ode' ha-e !ee" proposed fa''s i"to three 2ro+psI O!ject !ased 'o2ica' &ode' Record !ased 'o2ica' &ode' *h%sica' &ode'

O!ject !ased 'o2ica' &ode's are +sed i" descri!i"2 data at 'o2ica' a"d -ie# 'e-e's/ E6a&p'es are The e"tit% re'atio"ships &ode' The f+"ctio"a' &ode' The o!ject orie"ted &ode' En.i. Re#a.ion"%i*" Mode#" The e"tit% re'atio"ships data &ode' is !ased o" a perceptio" of a rea' #or'd/ It co"sists of a set of !asic o!jects ca''ed e"tities( a"d re'atio"ships a&o"2 these o!jects/ A" e"tit% is so&ethi"2 a!o+t #hich #e #a"t to store data/ S%"o"%&s i"c'+de e"tit%5t%pe a"d e"tit%5c'ass/ A" e"tit% &a% !e co"crete or a!stracts/ A" e"tit% is represe"ted !% a set of attri!+tes/ A..(i9'.e" A" attri!+te is a descripti-e propert% or characteristics of a" e"tit%/ S%"o"%&s i"c'+de e'e&e"ts( propert%( a"d fie'd/ A" attri!+tes is a f+"ctio"s( #hich &aps a" e"tit%5set i"to a do&ai"/ Re#a.ion"%i* A re'atio"ship is a "at+ra' !+si"ess associatio" that e6ists !et#ee" o"e or &ore e"tities/ The re'atio"ship &a% represe"t a" e-e"t 'i"$s e"tities or &ere'% affi"it% that e6ists !et#ee" the e"tities/


Record !ased 'o2ica' &ode' are +sed i" descri!i"2 data at 'o2ica' a"d -ie# 'e-e's/ The &ost #ide'% +sed record !ased data &ode's areI Re'atio"a' &ode' 1ierarchica' &ode' Net#or$ &ode'

*h%sica' data &ode' are +sed to descri!e data at the 'o#est 'e-e'/ E6a&p'es are 0"if%i"2 &ode' Fra&e &e&or% &ode' 5.B. SCL SFL is a str+ct+red 4+er% 'a"2+a2e/ SFL is +sed to access data so+rce for 4+er%i"2( i"sertio"( de'etio"( +pdati"2( a"d str+ct+ra' "otificatio"/ SFL is the sta"dard 'a"2+a2e +sed i" &a$i"2 4+eries to ret+r" specific data/ It ca" +se thro+2h ADO or ODBC/ It is a "o" proced+ra' 'a"2+a2e #here the co"cept of +"i-ersa' 4+a"tifiers is "ot +sed/ I" o+r project( #e +sed fo''o#i"2 SFL co&&a"ds/ I"sert Co&&a"dI 0sed to i"sert data to the data!ase/ The for&at isK I"sert i"to ta!'e5"a&e 9att;( att<.: -a'+es 9..:/ 0pdate Co&&a"dI 0se to +pdate the c+rre"t data!ase/ The for&at isK 0pdate ta!'e5"a&e set att;L-a'+e;.#here att<L-a'+e</ De'ete Co&&a"dI 0se to de'ete data fro& the data!ase/ The for&at isK De'ete fro& ta!'e5"a&e #here att;L-a'+e;/ SFL ca" !e +sedI *erfor& si&p'e or co&p'e6 4+eries/ Create data!ase/ Create a"d &odifies str+ct+re of ta!'es/ I"sert "e# record/ Modif%i"2 e6isti"2 records/ Create re'atio"ship !et#ee" se-era' ta!'es/




Caref+' p'a""i"2 is re4+ired for !oth the de-e'op&e"t process a"d the #or$ prod+ct i" order to a-oid the pro!'e&s of sched+'e s'ippa2e( cost o-err+"s( poor 4+a'it% a"d hi2h &ai"te"a"ce cost for soft#are/ Tho+2h said( ear'% p'a""i"2 is i&possi!'e precise i"for&atio" co"cer"i"2 project 2oa's( c+sto&er8s "eeds( a"d prod+ct co"strai"ts is "ot a-ai'a!'e at the !e2i""i"2 of a soft#are project( !+t &ajor p+rpose of p'a""i"2 phase is to c'arif% 2oa's( "eeds a"d co"strai"ts/ The diffic+'t of p'a""i"2 sho+'d "ot disco+ra2e this &ost i&porta"t acti-it%/


The first step i" p'a""i"2 a soft#are project is to prepare( i" the c+sto&er8s ter&i"o'o2%( a co"scio+s state&e"t of the pro!'e& to !e so'-ed a"d the co"strai"ts that e6it for the so'+tio"/ The defi"iti-e pro!'e& state&e"t sho+'d i"c'+de the discretio" of the prese"t sit+atio" a"d the 2oa's to !e achie-e !% "e# s%ste&/ *ro!'e& defi"itio" re4+ires thro+2h +"dersta"di"2 of the pro!'e& do&ai"/ Th+s( -isit to f+''% f+"ctio"a' &oder" 'i!rar% is "ecessar% to 2ai" a"d +"dersta"di"2 for the do&ai" $"o#'ed2e/


The co"sideratio" here is to defi"e a prod+ct 'ifec%c'e &ode'/ The soft#are 'ifec%c'e e"co&passes a'' acti-ities re4+ired to defi"e( de-e'op( test( de'i-er( operate a"d &ai"tai" a soft#are prod+ct/

;< 3.5 T2E P2ASED LI7ECYCLE MODEL 7e co"sider the phase &ode' to co"sist of the fo''o#i"2 phasesI A"a'%sis( desi2"( i&p'e&e"tatio"( s%ste& testi"2 a"d &ai"te"a"ce
A"a'%sis *hase *'a""i"2 Re4+ire&e"ts Defi"itio" Desi2" *hase I&p'e&e"t *hase S%ste& Testi"2 Mai"te"a"ce *hase

Architect+re Detai's Code De!+2 Test Verif% E"ha"ce Adapt Fi6

Verif% Verif%

I"te2ratio" Accepta"ce






*RR **M

3.2 MILESTONE0 DOC/MENTS AND REVIE3 As soft#are prod+ct e-o'-es thro+2h the de-e'op&e"t c%c'e( it is ofte" diffic+'t( if "ot i&possi!'e( for the project tea& &e&!er to assess the pro2ress( to deter&i"e the reso+rces spe"t( to predict sched+'e de'a%s( or to a"ticipate pro!'e& area/ Esta!'ishi"2 &i'esto"e( re-ie# poi"ts( sta"dardiAed doc+&e"ts a"d &a"a2e&e"t si2"5offs ca" i&pro-e -isi!i'it%/ This i" t+r" ca" res+'t i" i&pro-ed prod+ct 4+a'it% i"crease pro2ra&&er prod+cti-it% a"d !etter &ora' a&o"2 the project tea& &e&!er

;= 3.3 PRELEMINARY DEVELOPMENT SC2ED/LE The de-e'op&e"t sched+'e #i'' !e pre'i&i"ar% d+ri"2 the p'a""i"2 phase !eca+se it is +s+a''% "ot possi!'e to &a$e acc+rate esti&atio" #ith o+t doi"2 so&e desi2"/ The sched+'e has !ee" esti&ated as fo''o#s/ 3.3.5 3o() B(ea)do&n ".('+.'(e

Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&







Architect+re S%ste& Data Re4+ire&e"t Detai'

Fi2+re ;/; 7or$ Brea$do#" Str+ct+re

;> 3.3.2 Gan.. C%a(.4

E?5E@5<EED St+d% *hase





Re4+ire&e"t A"a'%sis Desi2" Specificatio" Codi"2 3 Mod+'e Testi"2 I"te2ratio" 3 S%ste& Testi"2 <=5EC5<EED Doc+&e"tatio"

Fi2+re ;/< Ga"tt chart/



;.5 PROJECT STR/CT/RE4 0se of a project for&at i"-o'-es asse&!'i"2 a tea& of pro2ra&&er #ho co"d+ct a project fro& star to fi"ishK project tea& &e&!ers do prod+ct defi"itio"( desi2" the pro2ra&( i&p'e&e"t it( test it( co"d+ct project re-ie# a"d prepare the s+pporti"2 doc+&e"t/ I" the f+"ctio"a' approach to or2a"iAatio"( a differe"t tea& of pro2ra&&er perfor&s each phase of the project( a"d the #or$ prod+ct passes fro& tea& to tea& as e-o'-e/


S.NO ; < = > ?

*roject data co''ectio"


Statio"ar% E4+ip&e"t


Case St+d% Doc+&e"tatio" Misce''a"eo+s






Too'sMSoft#are to !e +sed Vis+a' !asic/NET Microsoft 7ord Hp Microsoft Access MSDN 'i!rar%

Descriptio" IDE fro& Microsoft Corporatio" 7ord *rocessor fro& Microsoft Corporatio" Data!ase Fro& Microsoft Corporatio" The he'p too' for the MS Vis+a' St+dio/NET




A"a'%sis co"sists of t#o s+!5phasesI p'a""i"2 a"d re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio"/ The &ajor acti-ities i" p'a""i"2 i"c'+de +"dersta"di"28s the c+sto&er8s pro!'e&( perfor&i"2 the feasi!i'it% st+d%( de-e'opi"2 a reco&&e"ded so'+tio" strate2%( deter&i"i"2 the accepta"ce criteria a"d p'a""i"2 the de-e'op&e"t process/ The prod+cts of p'a""i"2 are a S%ste& Defi"itio" a"d project p'a"/ Re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio" is co"cer"ed #ith ide"tif%i"2 the !asic f+"ctio"s of soft#are co&po"e"ts i" a hard#areMsoft#areMpeop'e s%ste&/ The prod+cts or re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio" is a specificatio" that descri!es the processi"2 e"-iro"&e"t( the re4+ired soft#are f+"ctio"s( perfor&a"ce co"strai"ts o" the soft#are 9siAe( speed( a"d &achi"e co"fi2+ratio":( e6ceptio" ha"d'i"2( s+!sets a"d i&p'e&e"tatio"s priorities( pro!a!'e cha"2es a"d 'i$e'% &odificatio"( a"d accepta"ce criteria for the soft#are/

;/ Diffic+'t a"d tedio+s jo! of accessi"2 i"for&atio"/ </ Errors i" pro-idi"2 i"for&atio"/ =/ Ma6i&+& +se of paper for stori"2 p+rpose/ >/ Diffic+'t to retrie-e re'ated data/


;/ Ma"+a' process of i"for&atio" access/ <. The h+&a" i"-o'-ed i" accessi"2 i"for&atio" are pro"e t#o errors Especia''% #he" the i"for&atio" has to !e retrie-ed fro& 'ar2e "+&!er of hectic repeated records a"d data/ </ 9a:/ The i&proper &a"a2e&e"t of dri-i"2 'ice"se data/ =/ Ma"+a' process of stori"2 data/ There are "o other for&s of stora2e i" &a"+a' operatio"/ >/ D+e to paper stora2e of data/


The feasi!i'it% a"a'%sis is perfor&ed for deter&i"i"2 #hether the project is feasi!'e or "ot/ C'ear the a+to&atio" of the e"tire 'ice"se &a"a2e&e"t s%ste& is a h+2e project a"d its feasi!i'it% a"a'%sis de&a"d &ore atte"tio"/ The soft#are pac$a2e Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&, re4+ires a" efficie"t i"frastr+ct+re of co&p+ters/ The 'ice"se &a"a2e&e"t s%ste& co"tai" se-era' &od+'e "eeds to !e i"c'+de i" the soft#are pac$a2e/ The feasi!i'it% sho+'d !e &eas+re thro+2ho+t the 'ife c%c'e/ This is ca''ed the creepi"2 co&&it&e"t approach/ ;.5 OPERATIONAL 7EASIBILITY4 Operatio"a' feat+re is a &eas+re of ho# #e'' the so'+tio" #i'' #or$ i" the or2a"iAatio"/ It is a'so &eas+re of ho# peop'e #i'' fee' a!o+t the s%ste&Mproject/ Operatio"a' feasi!'e is peop'e orie"ted/ There are t#o aspects of operatio"a' feasi!i'it%/ The% areI5 ;/ Is the pro!'e& #orth so'-i"2( or #i'' the so'+tio" of pro!'e& #or$N </ 1o# do the e"d5+sers a"d &a"a2e&e"t fee' a!o+t the pro!'e& 9so'+tio":N

The project p'a" i"c'+des the doc+&e"ts as s+chI5 / Life5c%c'e Mode' / Or2a"iAatio"a' Str+ct+re / *re'i&i"ar% Staffi"2 a"d Reso+rces Re4+ire&e"ts / *re'i&i"ar% De-e'op&e"t Sched+'es / *re'i&i"ar% cost Esti&atio" / Too's a"d Tech"i4+e to !e +sed


Re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio" is co"cer"ed #ith ide"tif%i"2 the !asic f+"ctio" of the soft#are co&po"e"t i" a hard#areMsoft#areMpeop'e s%ste&/ E&phasis is p'aced o" #hat the soft#are is to do a"d the co"strai"ts +"der #hich it #i'' perfor& its f+"ctio"s/ Decidi"2 e6act'% ho# the soft#are #i'' !e i&p'e&e"ted is deferred +"ti' the desi2" phase/ The prod+ct of re4+ire&e"t defi"itio" is soft#are re4+ire&e"t specificatio"/ I" co"trast to the s%ste& Defi"itio"( *roject p'a"( a"d pre'i&i"ar% 0ser8s &a"+a''% #hich are pri&ar% co"cer"ed #ith the +ser a"d the e6ter"a' -ie# of the soft#are prod+ct( re4+ire&e"ts for the soft#are prod+ct/ The 2oa' of soft#are re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio" is to co&p'ete'% a"d co"siste"t'% specif% the tech"ica' re4+ire&e"ts for the prod+ct i" a co"cise a"d +"a&!i2+o+s &a""er/

Idea''%( the soft#are re4+ire&e"ts #i'' state the #hat, of the soft#are prod+ct #itho+t i&p'%i"2 ho#,/ Soft#are desi2" is co"cer"ed #ith specif%i"2 ho# the prod+ct #i'' pro-ide the re4+ired feat+res/ The i"itia' tas$ of the re4+ire&e"ts defi"itio" tas$ is to re4+ire&e"ts/ The re4+ire&e"ts are !road'% i"toI

/ F+"ctio"a' Re4+ire&e"ts / No"5F+"ctio"a' Re4+ire&e"ts




A desi2" +"it is a se'f5co"tai"ed co''ectio" of processes( data stored a"d data f'o#s that share si&i'ar desi2" attri!+tes/ A desi2" +"it ser-es as s+!sets of the tota' s%ste& #hose i"p+t( o+tp+ts( fi'es a"d data!ase a"d pro2ra& ca" !e desi2"ed( co"str+cted a"d +"it tested as si"2'e s+!s%ste&/ A" e6a&p'e #o+'d !e a set of processes 9o"e or &ore: to !e desi2"ed as a si"2'e pro2ra&/ The desi2" +"it the" co+'d !e assi2" to a si"2'e pro2ra&&er 9or tea&: #ho ca" #or$ i"depe"de"t'% of the other pro2ra&&ers/ The i&p'e&e"ted +"it #o+'d the" !e asse&!'ed i"to the fi"a' app'icatio" s%ste&/ Desi2" part is the part of desi2"i"2 +ser i"terface #hich is the" i&p'e&e"ted the" !% +si"2 codi"2/

DFD is a &ode'i"2 too' +se to &ode' the f+"ctio"a' -ie# of the e"tire s%ste& i" ter&s of processes a"d f'o# of data !et#ee" these processes/ The DFD is +sed to represe"t a s%ste& or soft#are at a"% 'e-e' of a!stractio"/ It has fo''o#i"2 co&po"e"ts/ E E"tit%

n *rocess p p

D! "oI "a&e /////////////////////

Data!ase F'o#




Iss+e Lice"se( Re"e#( Add Vehic'e


Vehic'e Dri-er

Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&


Lice"se iss+ed( re"e#ed( -ehic'e added


Fi2+re ;/= Le-e'5E DFD of the Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&


Vehic'e Dri-er i"fo ; Vehic'e Dri-er

D!;I D'&s
Add data

Lice"se iss+ed


Re"e# Lice"se( add -ehic'e


Vehic'e Dri-er I"fo 0pdate I"for&atio"

Vehic'e Dri-er I"-a'id Lice"se Lice"se re"e#ed( -ehic'e added


Fi2+re ;/> Le-e'5; DFD of Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&




5.5. INTROD/CTION Testi"2 is a pro2ra& co"sists of pro-idi"2 the pro2ra& #ith a set of test i"p+t 9or test cases: a"d o!ser-i"2 if the pro2ra& !eha-es as aspect( the" the co"ditio"s +"der #hich a fai'+re occ+rs are "oted for de!+22i"2 a"d the correctio"/

Test is to deter&i"e #hether it &eets the +ses re4+ire&e"t/ This is the 'ast cha"ce to detect a"d correct errors !efore the s%ste& is i"sta''ed for +ser accepta"t testi"2/ The p+rpose of the s%ste& testi"2 is to co"sider a'' the 'i$e'% -ariatio"s to #hich it #i'' !e s+!jected a"d the" p+sh the s%ste& to its 'i&its/

Testi"2 is -ita' to the process of the s%ste&/ S%ste& testi"2 &a$es a 'o2ica' ass+&ptio" that if a'' the parts of the s%ste&s are correct( the 2oa' #i'' !e s+ccessf+''% achie-ed/ I"ade4+ate testi"2 'eads to error( #hich &a% "ot appear +"ti' the prod+ct is i&p'e&e"ted at the rea' #or'd/ This creates t#o pro!'e&sI

;/ The ti&e ta2 !et#ee" the ca+se a"d the appeara"ce o" the pro!'e&s 9'o"2er the ti&e i"ter-a'( the &ore co&p'icated the pro!'e& has !eco&e:( a"d </ The effect of s%ste& errors o" the fi'es a"d records #ithi" the s%ste&/ S&a'' s%ste& error ca" co"cei-a!'% e6p'ode i"to a &+ch 'ar2er pro!'e&/ Effecti-e testi"2 ear'% i" the process tra"s'ates direct'% i"to 'o"2 ter& cost sa-i"2 fro& a red+ced "+&!er of errors/

<B 5.5.5. /ni. Te".in-4

0"it testi"2 is testi"2 cha"2es &ade i" a" e6isti"2 or "e# pro2ra&/ Se4+e"tia' or series testi"2 is chec$i"2 the 'o2ic of o"e or &ore pro2ra&s i" the ca"didates s%ste&( #here the o+tp+t of o"e pro2ra& #i'' affect the processi"2 do"e !% a"other pro2ra&/ 5.5.2. S ".e! Te".in-4 S%ste& testi"2 is e6ec+ti"2 a pro2ra& to chec$ 'o2ic cha"2es &ade i" it a"d #ith the i"te"tio" of fi"di"2 errors &a$i"2 the pro2ra& fai'/ Effecti-e testi"2 does "ot 2+ara"tee re'ia!i'it%/ Re'ia!i'it% is a desi2" co"sideratio"/ 5.5.3 Po"i.i=e Te".in-4 *ositi-e testi"2 is &a$i"2 s+re that the "e# pro2ra&s do i" fact process certai" tra"sactio" accordi"2 to specificatio"/ Accepta"ce testi"2 is r+""i"2 the s%ste& #ith 'i-e data !% the act+a' +ser/ The first set of a s%ste& is to see #hether it prod+ces the correct o+tp+ts/ Fo''o#i"2 this step a -ariet% of other test ca" !e co"d+cted/ 5.5.;. S.(e"" Te".in-4 The p+rpose of stress testi"2 is to pro-e that the ca"didate s%ste& does "ot &a'f+"ctio" +"der pea$ 'oads/ 0"'i$e -o'+&e testi"2( #here is ti&e "ot a factor( #e s+!ject the s%ste& to a hi2h -o'+&e of data o-er a short ti&e period this si&+'ate a" o"'i"e e"-iro"&e"t #here a hi2h of acti-ities i" sp+rts/ 5.5.? Re+o=e( 1 Se+'(i. 4 A forced s%ste& fai'+re is i"dicated to test a !ac$+p reco-er% proced+re for fi'e i"te2rit%/ I"acc+rate data are e"tered to see ho# s%ste& respo"se i" ter&s of error detectio" a"d protectio"/ Re'ated to fi'e i"te2rit% is a test to de&o"strate that data a"d pro2ra&s are sec+re fro& +"a+thoriAed access/


5.5.@ /"a9i#i. Do+'!en.a.ion and P(o+ed'(e4 The +sa!i'it% test -erifies the +ser5frie"d'% "at+re of the s%ste&/ This re'ates to "or&a' operati"2 a"d error ha"di"2 proced+res( for e6a&p'e/ O"e aspect of +ser frie"d'i"ess is acc+rate a"d co&p'ete doc+&e"tatio"/ The +ser is as$ed to +se o"'% the doc+&e"tatio" a"d proced+res a"d a 2+ide to deter&i"e #hether the s%ste& ca" !e r+" s&ooth'%/ The project D(i=in- Li+en"e Mana-e!en. S ".e! 88 satisfies the a!o-e s%ste& test/ 7hich pro-ides the faci'it% of o"'i"e respo"se that #i'' "ot ca+se a hardship to the +ser( it a'so pro-ide that the s%ste& dose "ot &a'f+"ctio" +"der pea$ 'oads i" #hich #e s+!ject s%ste& to the hi2h -o'+&e of data o-er a short period of ti&e/ This project is tested first i"di-id+a'( a"d the" the &od+'es are co&!i"ed to2etherK o"e !% o"e( a"d the" i"te2ratio" testi"2 is perfor&ed/ I" the fi"a' steps( the s%ste& testi"2 is perfor&ed/ 5.5.A /"e( A++e*.an+e Te".in-4 A testi"2 that -erifies for the +ser that the s%ste&8s prod+cer operates to s%ste& specified a"d the i"te2rit% of -ita' data is &ai"tai"ed/ A" accepta"ce test has the o!jecti-es of te''i"2 the +ser o" the -a'idit% a"d re'ia!i'it% of the s%ste&/ E-e" i" a!se"ce of proper trai"i"2( the +ser ca" easi'% operate she''/ 5.2. VERI7ICATION VERS/S VALIDATION Ve(i,i+a.ion and =a#ida.ion is the process of chec$i"2 that a prod+ct( ser-ice( or s%ste& &eets specificatio"s a"d that it f+'fi''s its i"te"ded p+rpose/ These are critica' co&po"e"ts of a 4+a'it% &a"a2e&e"t s%ste& s+ch as ISO DEEE/ So&eti&es preceded #ith OI"depe"de"tO 9or IV3V: to e"s+re the -a'idatio" is perfor&ed !% a disi"terested third part%/ Verificatio" is a F+a'it% co"tro' process that is +sed to e-a'+ate #hether or "ot a prod+ct( ser-ice( or s%ste& co&p'ies #ith re2+'atio"s( specificatio"s( or co"ditio"s i&posed at the start of a de-e'op&e"t phase/ Verificatio" ca" !e i" de-e'op&e"t( sca'e5+p( or prod+ctio"/ This is ofte" a" i"ter"a' process/


Va'idatio" is a F+a'it% ass+ra"ce process of esta!'ishi"2 e-ide"ce that pro-ides a hi2h de2ree of ass+ra"ce that a prod+ct( ser-ice( or s%ste& acco&p'ishes its i"te"ded re4+ire&e"ts/ This ofte" i"-o'-es accepta"ce of fit"ess for p+rpose #ith e"d +sers a"d other prod+ct sta$eho'ders/ 5.3. DESIGN O7 TEST CASE

A"% e"2i"eered prod+ct ca" !e 'isted is o"e of t#o #a%s/ ;: )"o#i"2 the specified i" that a prod+ct has !ee" desi2"ed to perfor&( tests ca" !e co"d+cted that de&o"strate each for f+''% operatio"a' #hi'e at the sa&e ti&e searchi"2 for errors i" each t"( ca''ed BLAC) BOH TESTING/ It a''+des to test that are co"d+cted at the SM7 i"terface/ A'tho+2h the% are desi2"ed to +"co-er errors( !'ac$5!o6 tests are a"d to de&o"strate that SM7 f"8s are desi2"ed to +"co-er errors !'ac$ !o6 tests are a"d to de&o"strate that sM# f"8s are operatio"a'( that ip is proper'% accepted a"d op is correct'% of e6ter"a' i"fo/ 9e2/ Data: is &ai"tai"ed/ A !'ac$ P !o6 test e6a&i"es 'itt'e re2ard for the i"ter"a' 'o2ica' str+ct+re of the soft#are testi"2/ <: )"o#i"2 the i"ter"a' #or$i"2 of a prod+ct( tests ca" !e co"d+cted to e"s+re that a'' i"ter"a' operatio"s are perfor&ed accordi"2 to spec a"d a'' i"ter"a' co&po"e"ts ha-e !ee" ade4+ate'% e6ercised/ This is ca''ed 71ITE BOH TESTING or GLASS BOH TESTING/ 7hich !o6 testi"2 asserts a c'ose e6a&i"atio" of proced+ra' detai'N Lo2ica' paths thro+2h the sM# are 'isted !% pro-idi"2 test cases that e6ercise specific sets of a"dM or 'oops/ The stat+s of the pro2ra& ca" !e e6a&i"ed at -ario+s pts to depth of the e6pected or asserted stat+s correspo"ds to the act+a' stat+s/ 1ere the test case desi2" is +si"2 str+ct+re of the proced+ra' desi2".


I&p'e&e"tatio" is the rea'iAatio" of a" app'icatio"( or e6ec+tio" of a p'a"( idea( &ode'( desi2"( specificatio"( sta"dard( a'2orith&( or po'ic%/ I" co&p+ter scie"ce( a" i&p'e&e"tatio" is a rea'iAatio" of a tech"ica' specificatio" or a'2orith& as a pro2ra&( soft#are co&po"e"t( or other co&p+ter s%ste&/ Ma"% i&p'e&e"tatio"s &a% e6ist for a 2i-e" specificatio" or sta"dard/ For e6a&p'e( #e! !ro#sers co"tai" i&p'e&e"tatio"s of 7or'd 7ide 7e! Co"sorti+&5reco&&e"ded specificatio"s( a"d soft#are de-e'op&e"t too's co"tai" i&p'e&e"tatio"s of pro2ra&&i"2 'a"2+a2es . The i&p'e&e"tatio" phase of soft#are de-e'op&e"t co"cer"ed #ith tra"s'ati"2 desi2" specificatio" i"to so+rce code/ The pri&ar% 2oa' of the i&p'e&e"tatio" is to #rite so+rce code a"d i"ter"a' doc+&e"tatio"( so that co"for&a"ce of the code to its specificatio" ca" !e easi'% -erified( a"d so that de!+22i"2( testi"2 a"d &odificatio" are eased/ *rod+ctio" of hi2h 4+a'it% of soft#are re4+ires that the pro2ra&&i"2 tea& ha-e a desi2"ated 'eader( a #e'' defi"ed or2a"iAatio"a' str+ct+re( a"d a thoro+2h +"dersta"di"2 of the d+ties a"d respo"si!i'it% of each tea& &e&!er/ The i&p'e&e"tatio" tea& sho+'d !e pro-ided #ith a #e'' defi"ed set of soft#are re4+ire&e"ts( a" architect+ra' desi2" specificatio" a"d a detai' desi2" descriptio"/




As #ith e-er% s%ste&( "o &atter ho# perfect or ho# 'ar2e it8s certai" 'i&itatio"s are a'#a%s there/ The c+rre"t project #as carried o+t #ith the &ajor 'i&itatio" i" the project DRIVING LICENSE MANAGEMENT S STEM, is 'isted !e'o#I The project re4+ires specific hard#are re4+ire&e"ts( *e"ti+& processor a"d <?@ MB of RAM a"d #i"do#8s p'atfor&/ It a'so re4+ires /NET fra&e#or$ =/? i"sta''ed i" a co&p+ter to r+" this soft#are/ The project re4+ire +ser ha-i"2 2ood $"o#'ed2e a!o+t ha"d'i"2 this soft#are a"d ha"d'i"2 data!ase a'so/ The s%ste& does posses the "eed of re2+'ar &ai"te"a"ce( s+pport a"d re-isio"s The s%ste& does posses so&e rea' ti&e error a"d dra#!ac$s o"'% -isi!'e at the ti&e of i&p'e&e"tatio"/ I" c+rre"t project data are a"a'%Aed se4+e"tia''%( e6pired 'ice"se "ot de'eted a+to&atica''%( so it ta$e 'o"2 ti&e/ Bi''i"2 i"for&atio" is "ot i"c'+ded i" this project/


F+t+re e"ha"ce&e"t &ea"s #hat feat+re #e are a!'e to add to o+r project i" f+t+re i/e/ f+t+re scope/ O+r project is tota''% !ased o" Dri-i"2 Lice"se( a"d #e are "ot i"c'+di"2 a'' feat+re a"d faci'ities i" this project/ This project 'i$es a DEMO that "ear'% &eets the re4+ire&e"t/ F+t+re scopes of the project areI The records of the staff( !i''i"2 i"for&atio" etc are "ot i"c'+ded( so it &a% !e i"c'+de i" f+t+re/ The f+t+re p'a" of the e"ha"ce&e"t of the project is to direct the prese"t a+to&atio" of the Dri-er Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste& to si&+'atio"/ The c+rre"t project "ot i"c'+de +ser photo( it &a% i"c'+de i" f+t+re i" data!ase for ide"tificatio" of +ser( +ser si2"at+re a'so i"c'+de i" "ear f+t+re/ The e6pired 'ice"se de'eted a+to&atica''% a"d !i''i"2 i"for&atio" a"d proced+re &a% a'so i"c'+de i" "ear f+t+re/ More sec+rit% to the soft#are/ O"'i"e access a"d operati"2 thro+2h the i"ter"et/


It is co"c'+ded that Dri-i"2 Lice"se Ma"a2e&e"t S%ste&, "ear'% f+'fi''s the e"tire esse"tia' re4+ire&e"t for the &a"a2e&e"t of dri-er 'ice"se/ I&p'e&e"ti"2 this soft#are( tra"sport office ca" red+ce "+&!er of e&p'o%ee( sa-e the ti&e( sa-e the &o"e% a"d effort/ 1e"ce #e ca" sa% that o-era'' perfor&a"ce of the office #i'' !e i&pro-ed !% i&p'e&e"ti"2 this soft#are/



=@ A**#i+a.ion ,o( In.e(,a+e" /"e(

Fi2+re ;/? D'&s F'ash scree" at the !e2i""i"2

Fi2+re ;/@ D'&s Lo2i" #i"do#


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