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Kapil Dev Shrivastava B. Tech{Electronics & Communication Engineering.} Email !apil"#$%%$& Contact '%%'%(")$%' C*REER +B,ECT-.E

Looking for a challenging opportunity to work as an RF Engineer in cutting-edge wireless industry, utilizing background, skills and 1 Year experience in eleco! industry" #apable and flexible to work under aggressi$e pro%ect ti!e-lines and able to work on all technical aspect of the pro%ect" S!ill Set Technical Skill : # basic, &"'" (ffice )*1+, Operating system : ,indows -.*)*/*&ac" Practical skills : Electronics #01 Lab, .#2 &anufacturing Major Subject : Electronics, #o!!unication, wireless 3 !obile co!!unication, signal syste! Electives : Laser 'yste!
/R+0ESS-+1*2 3U*2-0-C*T-+1 /ro4essional Degree 5 2" ech" 42achelor of echnology5 Branch 5 E"#" 4Electronics 3 #o!!unication Engineering5 *ggregate /ercentage 5 )6.67 8-st Division9 EDUC*T-+1*2 CREDE1T-*2S E:amination Discipline; Speciali<ation 2" ech" Electronics 3 co!!unication Engineering .hysics9 &aths 9 #he!istry 'cience 9&aths Boar=; Universit> 6"." "6" School;College #ollege of Engineering 3 echnology, &oradabad" :;'<& 8; ER #(LLE=E, 20RE8LLY :;'<& 8; ER #(LLE=E, 20RE8LLY ?ear o4 /assing 7+17 /ercentage )6.67

8nter!ediate @igh 'chool

6"." 2oard 6"." 2oard

7++/ 7++>

>1? )6.))7"

Ke> /ersonalit> S!ills

=ood #o!!unication 'kills" #an work effecti$ely in tea!, as well as indi$idually" @a$e good inter-personal skills" #onstant Endea$or o 0chie$e .erfect =oal (pti!istic" @elpful 8n ;ature" (pti!istic"

,on !any /ri<es in inter and intra le$el *ca=emic e$ents" 0cti$e organizer of 0reshers Aenesis5Raising *spirations...'% in our college" 0cti$e organizer of farewell e$ent at inter le$el"

.resented a pro%ect in college on the e!erging technology A&icrocontroller based 6.' B"


EC/ER-E1CE & TR*-1-1AS M? /R+,ECTS 1"C#urrently working with ;okia 'ie!ens ;etworks fro! oshniwal Enterprises #ontrols .$t" Ltd" on 08R#EL 7= &ain !onth .ro%ect in 1EL@8 as RF 1ER8<E E' Engineer" D :6;EB7+1EC" 7C <odafone 7=*E= &ain !onth with ;okia 'ie!ens ;etworks fro! eleysia ;etworks .$t ltd .ro%ect in <adodara, =u%rat D0prilB7+1E to &ayB7+1EC" EC <odafone 7=*E= 2ench!ark with ;okia 'ie!ens ;etworks fro! eleysia ;etworks .$t ltd .ro%ect in =u%rat D:anuaryB7+1E to &arB7+1EC" FC 0irtel 7=*E= =21 .ro%ect with ;okia 'ie!ens ;etworks fro! eleysia ;etworks .$t ltd .ro%ect in 'urat,=u%rat D&ay A7+17 to 1ec!berB7+17C /R+,ECTS *1*2?S-S 1" o perfor! 1ri$e est for 7=*E= 'er$ices by using E&' 1+"+"G", E&' 1+"1"7 , E&'1E"1"1, E&'1E"1"7 3 E&' 1E"1"EE 7" 1ri$e test of site for call origination test, hando$er test 3 co$erage test" E" o perfor! #luster 1ri$e and .ost .rocessing of Log Files" F" &ake report and .ost .rocessing and analyzing call drops, call setup failure and co$erage holes by 0ctix" G" 0ttend #usto!er #o!plaints" > .rocess RL 1u!p"

)" .erfor! ,alk est for &etro*&alls" /" .erfor! Freeway 1ri$e bi!onthly according to custo!er de!and" H" 1ri$e test for &obile er!ination test" 1+"(pti!ization of ;etwork with !echanical tilt, Electrical tilt 3 (rientation" 11" 0nalysis of cells ha$ing '1##@ congestion, high @( failure ratio,high #@ drop call Rate" D @+ anal>sis. I 0nalyzing Log Files I 1eciding 0ntenna azi!uth by checking co$erage prediction and analyzing 1ri$e test log" #onsider and Reduce the sector swap, cyclic swap and di$ersity swap"

TR*1-1AS > ,eeks 'u!!er raining in JEmEe==e= & RoEoticsK fro! @.E' &oradabad" (ne &onth raining in JRF deri$e test 3 site opti!izationK fro! eleysia ;etworks .$t ltd " SOFTWARE & TOOLS USED: =.' !anager 3 &ap source Dused for no!inal planning and network connecti$ity .lanning" 8n$estigation ='& $ersion >"+, /"+"F" TEMS -nvestigation $'.'.BF$'.$.GF$(.'F$(.$.$F$(.$.GF$(.$.(F$(.$.B =.' D=lobal .ositioning 'yste!C, #o!pass" Map -n4o )"+, /"G"+ ,.roffesional 1+"+ 3 &#(& =L(20L &0..ER For L(' '6R<EY
/ERS+1*2 DET*-2S FatherBs ;a!eL 1ate of 2irthL 'exL &arital 'tatusL LanguageL ;ationalityL #urrent 0ddressL @e! ;arayan 'hri$asta$a /th 0prilB1HH+ &ale 'ingle @indi, English 8ndian 2areilly

8, Mapil 1e$ 'hri$asta$a, sole!nly declare that the infor!ation gi$en abo$e are all true to the best of !y knowledge 3 belief" Date 8K*/-2 DE. S@R-.*ST*.*9 /lace B*RE-22? Signature