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demoted Mega-Absol to solely try to bounce back

No More Bad Omens for Mega-Absol?

status and hazards with Magic Bounce. After this underwhelming performance in the loss, Mega-Absol was hoping to redeem himself

After a rough start to this years GBA, the Mega star now looks to bounce back. One of the most intriguing new aspects of the 6th Generation of Pokmon was the introduction of Mega Evolutions. With big power buffs and

in the second week matchup against the Los Angeles Nidokings. But this time Mega-Absol was not even on the field, and from the sidelines he could watch his team lose after a thrilling ending where the early frontrunner for the MVP-title, Jolteon, proved to be too much for the D-Oxys. However, as round three of the GBA dawned, Mega-Absol was primed for a breakout after numerous impressive performances in practice, which might have been sparked by the criticism from manager and head coach Gubstacular. Mega-Absol was highlighted as a key player in the match at home in Arizona against the Orlando Milotics and Mega-Absol was expected to assume an extremely important role as anti-lead. And, lo and behold, Mega-Absol did its job brilliantly by keeping hazards off the field with Magic Bounce and even netting its first kill in the D-Oxys first win of the season. This performance caused coach Gubstacular to burst out in praise and hail Mega-Absol as a sexy beast.

changes to typings and abilities, the Megas were believed to have a major impact on the competitive scene. Many old and popular Pokmon gained a much needed boost through Mega-Evolutions such as Ampharos the hairless, Lighthouse dweller from Johto and the old fan favorite Charizard. Absol, the deadly, disaster-bringer from Hoenn, was another Pokmon who was given a MegaEvolution. While still being as frail as glass, MegaAbsol now comes with an increased Attack and Special Attack stat, making a mixed variant more viable. It also got a much needed boost to its lackluster speed and a new ability in Magic Bounce. With all of this, things were looking pretty good for Mega-Absol. And as testimony to Mega-Absols newly gained qualities, it was one of 8 Mega Pokmon to get drafted for the GBA. The Arizona D-Oxys were the franchise to pick up the ominous Dark-type. But by then it seemed like Mega-Absols luck had run out. Mega-Absol was a non-factor in the DOxys first GBA match against the Chicago Granbulls where an early burn from Will-O-Wisp

Absol is said to be a bad omen and it is believed to bring bad luck to anyone who meets it, including its opponents. After the rough start, the bad luck seemed to affect Mega-Absol and the DOxys more than their opponents, but now it looks like the franchise and Mega-Absol might have bounced back.