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Duration : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 100

Read the following instructions carefully. 1. 2. Do not open the seal of the Question Booklet unlit you are asked to do so by the invigilator. Take out the Optical Response Sheet (ORS) from this Question Booklet without breaking the seal and read the instruments printed on the ORS carefully. If you find the Question Booklet Code printed at the right hand top corner of this page does not match with the Booklet Code on the ORS, exchange the booklet immediately with a new sealed Question Booklet. On the right half of the ORS, using ONLY a black ink ball point pen, (i) darken the bubble corresponding to your test paper code and the appropriate bubble under each digit of your registration number and (ii) write your registration number, your name and name of the examination center and put your signature at the specified location. This Question Booklet contain 16 pages including blank pages for rough work. After you are permitted to open the seal, please check all pages and report discrepancies, if any, to the invigilator. There are a total of 65 Question carrying 100 marks. All these questions are of objective type. Each question has only on correct answer. Question must be answered on the left hand side of the ORS by darkening the appropriate bubble (marked A, B, C, D) using ONLY a black ink ball point pen against the question number. For each question darken the bubble of the correct answer. More than on answer bubbled against a question will be treated as an incorrect response. Since bubbles darkened by the black ink ball point pen cannot be erased, candidates should darken the bubbles in the ORS very carefully. Question Q. 1 Q. 25 carry 1 mark each. Questions Q. 26 - Q. 55 carry 2 marks each. The 2 marks question include two pairs of common data questions and two pairs of linked answer questions. The answer of the second question of the linked answer questions depends on the answer to the first question of the pair. If the first question in the linked pair is wrongly answered or is unattemped, then the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated. Question Q. 56 - Q. 65 belong to General Aptitude (GA) section and carry a total of 15 marks. Question Q. 56 - Q.60 carry 1 mark each, and questions Q. 61 -Q. 65 carry 2 marks each. Unattempted questions will result in zero mark and wrong answer will result in NEGATIVE marks. For all 1 mark questions 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. For all 2 marks questions, 2/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. However, in the case of the linked answer question pair, there will be negative marks only for wrong answer to the first question and no negative marks for wrong answer to the second question. Calculator is allowed whereas charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall. Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Blank pages are provided at the end of the question paper for rough work. Before the start of the examination, write your name and registration number in the space provided below using a blank ink ball point pen.


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Q.1- Q.25 carry one mark each.


Consider a LTI discrete time system shown in figure below

If input x [n] is a periodic sequence with period N then which of the following statement regarding output y [n] in true ? (A) y [n] is a aperiodic (B) y [n] is periodic with periiod N' = 2N (C) y [n] is periodic with period N' = N (D) y [n] is periodic with period N' = N 2

In the circuit shown below what is the value of current i in the figure ?

(A) ^2 + 2j h A (C) ^ 2 2j h A

(B) ^2 2j h A (D) ^ 2 + 2j h A


In synchronous motor minimum armature current corresponds to (A) lagging power factor (B) leading power factor (C) zero power factor (D) unity power factor


A 3-phase, 10,000 kVA, 11 kV alternator has a subtransient reactance of 8%. A 3-phase short-circuit occurs at its terminals. The fault MVA and fault current are (A) 13.75 MVA, 7.21 kA (B) 125 MVA, 11.36 kA (C) 125 MVA, 6.56 kA (D) 13.75 MVA, 6.56 kA


A new Binary Coded Pentary (BCP) number system is proposed in which every digit of a base-5 number 24 will be represented by its BCP code 010100. In this numbering system, the BCP code 10001001101 corresponds of the following number is base-5 system (A) 423 (B) 1324 (C) 2201 (D) 4231


Following table gives the set of 10 measurements that were recorded by a student




working on an experiment in the laboratory. Measurement number Measurement value Xn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 98 101 102 97 101 100 103 98 106

10 99 The precision of the 6th measurement is (A) 0.01 (C) 0.995


(B) 0.1 (D) .0049

Consider the given circuit and a waveform for the input voltage. Assume the diode is ideal, the waveform of output voltage vo is


A three phase bridge inverter is fed from a 500 V dc source. The inverter is operated in 180c conduction mode and it is supplying a purely resistive, star-connected load. The RMS value of the output (line) voltage is (A) 450 V (B) 259.80 V (C) 408 V (D) 235.56 V


In pumped storage scheme, the generator is also used as




(A) induction generator or synchronous condenser. (B) induction generator or synchronous motor. (C) synchronous generator or induction generator. (D) synchronous motor or synchronous condenser.

Trigonometric Fourier series for a periodic function shown in figure below is given as f (t) = k +

/an cos 2nt + bn sin 2nt


The constant k, an and bn are (A) k = 0, an = 0, bn = 1 n (C) k = 1 , an = 1 , bn = 1 n n 2


(B) k = 1 , an = 0, bn = 0 2 (D) k = 1 , an = 0, bn = 1 n 2

In the circuit shown in fig (a) if current I1 = 2.5 A then current I2 and I 3 in fig (b) and fig (c) respectively are

(A) 5 A, 10 A (C) 5 A, 10 A

(B) 5 A, 10 A (D) 5 A, 10 A

Consider an ideal transformer shown below. Which of the following statement is true ?

(A) z -parameters exist for the network (B) Both z and y -parameters exist for the network (C) Neither z nor y -parameters exist for the network (D) y -parameters exist for the network




The starting torque of a 3 induction motor can be increased by increasing (A) the rotor resistance (B) the rotor reactance (C) the stator resistance (D) the stator reactance


A PMMC instrument with a 100 turn coil has magnetic flux density in its air gaps of B = 0.2 T . The coil diameter is D = 1 cm and length is l = 1.5 cm . For a current of 1 mA, the torque on the coil will be (A) 3 # 106 Nm (B) 6 # 106 Nm (C) 1.5 # 106 Nm (D) 12 # 106 Nm


K (s2 + 1) The forward transfer function of a ufb system is G (s) = The system is (s + 1)( s + 2) stable for (A) K < 1 (B) K > 1 (C) K < 2 (D) K > 2


The positive sequence bus impedance matrix of a 4-Bus power system network is given below : R V Sj 0.724 j 0.620 j 0.656 j 0.644W Sj 0.620 j 0.738 j 0.642 j 0.660W Z1, BUS = S W Sj 0.656 j 0.642 j 0.702 j 0.676W Sj 0.664 j 0.660 j 0.676 j 0.719W T X If a symmetrical fault occurs on Bus-2, then positive sequence component of fault current is (A) j1.61 pu (B) j0.375 pu (C) j1.51 pu (D) j1.35 pu


A 4 pole generator, having wave wound armature winding has 55 slots, each slot containing 19 conductors. What will be the voltage generated in the machine when driven at 1500 rpm assuming the flux per pole is 3.0 mWb? (A) 78.375 V (B) 940.5 V (C) 156.75 V (D) 470.25 V


The figures show two different sets of input and output variables for the same twoport resistive network N. Value of Io is

(A) 2 A (C) 2.4 A


(B) 1.25 A (D) 1 A





A 220 V d.c. shunt motor runs at 500 r.p.m. when the armature current is 50 A. The armature resistance of the motor is 0.2 . If the torque is doubled, then speed of the motor will be (A) 476 rpm (B) 479 rpm (C) 454 rpm (D) remains same


When a fault occurs in a high voltage transmission line, first the (A) circuit breaker operates then the relay. (B) relay operates then the circuit breaker. (C) relay operates, then successively the isolator and the circuit breaker. (D) isolator operates, then successively the relay and the circuit breaker.


An ac voltmeter using half-wave rectifier circuit is used to measure a 10 V rms ac voltage as shown in the figure. The PMCC instrument has an internal resistance of 100 and full-scale deflection at 1 mA. What is the required value of series resistance ?

(A) 450 k (C) 500


(B) 449.5 k (D) 500 k

The phenomena of crawling in a 3 cage rotor induction motor may be due to (A) stator circuit 3rd harmonic (B) stator circuit 3rd space harmonic (C) rotor circuit 3rd time harmonic (D) rotor circuit 3rd space harmonic


A three-phase, 33 kV line feeds a per-phase load of 10 MW. If the impedance of the line is Z = j20 , then the value of load angle to maintain a line voltage of 33 kV at the load is (A) 60c (B) 10.58c (C) 30c (D) 33.43c


In a series generator the field resistance is 650 and the load resistance is 800 . (A) The machine will not excite (B) The machine will deliver a low voltage (C) The machine will deliver a high voltage (D) The machine will deliver a low voltage


A three-phase motor draws 20 kVA at 0.707 power-factor lagging from a 220 V source.




The rating of capacitor bank to make the combined power factor 0.90 lagging is (A) 7.29 kVAR (B) 6.85 kVAR (C) 14.14 kVAR (D) 20 kVAR

Q.26- Q.55 carry two mark each.


For the given circuit shown in figure power absorbed in R resistor due to voltage source only is 24 W and due to current source only is 216 W. Then total power absorbed in resistor due to both the sources-

(A) 240 W (C) 192 W


(B) 20 W (D) 384 W

Two CT signals x (t) and h (t) are shown in figure below.

Which of the following plot represents y (t) = x (t) ) h (t) ?


- sT A process with open-loop model G (s) = Ke is controlled by a PID controller. For s + 1 this purpose (P) the derivative mode improves transient performance (Q) the derivative mode improves steady state performance (R) the integral mode improves transient performance (S) the integral mode improves steady state performance.





The correct statements are (A) (P) and (R) (C) (P) and (S)

(B) (Q) and (R) (D) (Q) and (S)

When two wattmeters W1 and W2 are used to measure power input to a synchronous motor, each of them indicates 60 kW. If the power factor is to be changed to 0.866 leading keeping the total input power same, then reading of W1 and W2 are respectively (A) 90 kW, 30 kW (B) 30 kW, 90 kW (C) 40 kW, 80 kW (D) 50 kW, 70 kW


Consider the following circuit and input voltage to it.

If op-amp and diodes are ideal, the output voltage waveform is


Consider a circuit shown in figure. The circuit functions as

(A) D-flip-flop (C) Output remains stable at '1'


(B) T-flip-flop (D) Output remains stable at '0'





The circuit shown in the figure is initially relaxed. If the thyristor is turn on at t = 0 , what is the conduction time of thyristor ?

(A) 2 LC (C) LC 4

(B) LC (D) LC 2

For a 50 MVA, 11 kV, three-phase synchronous generator, it is given that threephase fault current is 2000 A and line to line fault current is 2600 A. The generator neutral is solidly grounded. The per unit value of negative sequence reactance of the generator is (A) 0.436 pu (B) 1.056 pu (C) 1.71 pu (D) 0.524 pu 3x [n], x < 0 A DT system has following input-output relationship y [n] = ) 0, x $ 0 Consider the following properties P1 : System is Linear P2 : System is causal P3 : System is invertible Which of the above properties are possessed by the system ? (A) P1, P2 (B) only P1 (C) P1, P3 (D) only P2



The ac bridge shown in the figure is used to measure an unknown inductance connected in CD arm. The bridge can be balanced by

(A) placing a resistor of 5000 in parallel with capacitor




(B) placing a capacitor of reactance 100 in series with resistor R 3 (C) placing a resistor of 2000 in parallel with capacitor (D) both (A) and (B)

A 10 kW, 250 V shunt generator, having an armature resistance of 0.1 and a field resistance of 250 , delivers full-load at rated voltage and 800 rpm. The machine is now run as a motor while taking 10 kW at 250 V. What is the speed of the motor? (A) 827 rpm (B) 774 rpm (C) 841 rpm (D) 667 rpm


A bipolar amplifier circuit shown below, exhibits the following characteristic IC = IS exp c VBE m , VT = 25 mV 2VT

(A) 20 (C) 10

(B) 40 (D) 100

An electron with velocity V = (3ux + 12uy 4uz ) # 105 m/s experiences no net forces at a point in a magnetic field B = ux + 2uy + 3uz nWb/m 2 . The electric field E at that point is (A) 4.4ux + 1.3uy + 0.6uz kV/m (B) 4.4ux 1.3uy 0.6uz kV/m (C) 4.4ux + 1.3uy + 0.6uz kV/m (D) 4.4ux 1.3uy 0.6uy kV/m


Consider the following 8085 instruction XRA A MVI B, 4AH SUI 4FH ANA B HLT The contents of register A and B are respectively (A) 05, 4A (B) 4F, 00 (C) B1, 4A (D) None of the above


A single-phase full bridge voltage source inverter feeds a load as shown in figure. If the load current is I 0 = 540 sin (t 45c), the power delivered to the load is





(A) 103.15 kW (C) 36.46 kW


(B) 72.94 kW (D) 114.55 kW

The impedance diagram of a power system is shown in figure. The bus admittance matrix YBUS is


R R V V 5. 0 0 W S 8.5 2.5 S1.6 0.4 0.2 0 W S 2.5 8.75 5.0 S0.4 1.4 0.2 0 W 0 W (A) YBUS = j S (B) YBUS = j S S W WS 5.0 22.5 12.5 W S 5.0 S0.2 0.2 1.2 0.8W 0 12.5 12.5W S 0 S 0 0 0.8 0.8W T T X X R R V V 1 . 6 0 . 4 0 . 2 0 8 . 5 2 . 5 5 . 0 0 W S S W S 0. 4 1. 4 0 . 2 S2.5 8.75 5.0 0 W 0 W (C) YBUS = j S (D) YBUS = j S S W WS S 0. 2 0. 2 1 . 2 0 . 8 W S5.0 5.0 22.5 12.5W 0 0.8 0.8W 0 12.5 12.5W S 0 S0 T T X X A numerical solution of the equation f (x) + x 3 = 0 can be obtained using NewtonRaphson method. If the starting value is x = 2 for the iteration, the value of x that is to be used in the next step is (A) 0.306 (B) 0.739 (C) 1.694 (D) 2.306


In the circuit shown below the transistor parameters are VTN = 1.7 V and Kn = 0.4 mA/V 2 .





If ID = 0.8 mA and VD = 1 V, then value of resistor RS and RD are respectively (A) 2.36 k , 5 k (B) 5 k , 2.36 k (C) 6.43 k , 8.4 k

(D) 8.4 k , 6.43 k

Let Q1 = 4C be located at P1 (3, 11, 8) while Q2 = 5C is at P2 (6, 15, 8). The force F2 on Q2 will be (A) (4.32ux + 5.76uy) N (B) 4.32u + 5.76uy N (C) (4.32ux + 5.76uy) mN (D) 4.32ux + 5.76yy mN 1 2z at its poles are z (z 1) (z 2) (B) 1 , 1 and 1 2 2 (D) 1 , 1 and 3 2 2


The residues of a complex function x (z) = (A) 1 , 1 and 1 2 2 (C) 1 , 1 and 3 2 2


4 2 Given the matrix = , the eigenvector is 4 3G 3 (A) = G 2 2 (C) = G 1

4 (B) = G 3 1 (D) = G 2


In the Taylor series expansion of exp (x) + sin (x) about the point x = , the coefficient of (x ) 2 is (A) exp () (B) 0.5 exp () (C) exp () + 1 (D) exp () 1

Common Data For Questions 48 and 49:

A 50 kW, 440 V, 50 Hz, 6-pole induction motor has a full load slip of 6% . The friction and windage losses are 300 W, and the core losses are 600 W at full-load conditions.

What is the shaft speed at full load ? (A) 1000 rpm (C) 940 rpm

(B) 600 rpm (D) 870 rpm






What is the value of load torque ? (A) 846 N-m (C) 161 N-m

(B) 377 N-m (D) 508 N-m

Common Data For Questions 50 and 51:

The open-loop transfer function of a feedback control system is G (s) H (s) =

1 2s (1 20s)

The Nyquist plot for this system is


Regarding the system consider the statements 1. Open-loop system is stable 2. Closed-loop system is unstable 3. One closed-loop poles is lying on the RHP The correct statements are (A) 1 and 2 (B) 1 and 3 (C) only 2 (D) All

Statement For Linked Answer Questions 52 and 53:

For the chopper circuit shown in the figure, duty cycle is 0.4. The voltage drop across the chopper during ON state is 2 volt.






The average and rms output voltages are respectively (A) 156.8 V, 99.2 V (B) 100 V, 158.1 V (C) 99.2 V, 156.8 V (D) 158.1 V, 100 V


What is the efficiency of the chopper ? (A) 70.28% (C) 25.1%

(B) 39.36% (D) 99.19%

Statement For Linked Answer Questions 54 and 55:

A two bus power system is shown in the figure. Incremental fuel costs of the two generators are given as: IC1 = (0.35PG + 41) Rs/MWhr , IC2 = (0.35PG + 41) Rs/MWhr loss expression is PL = 0.001 (PG 70) 2 MW The total incremental cost of the system is 117.6 Rs/MWhr
1 2 2


The optimal scheduling for generators are given as (A) PG = 218.857 MW, PG = 159.029 MW (B) PG = 200 MW, PG = 160 MW
1 2 1 2

(C) PG = 318.56 MW, PG = 281.44 MW

1 2

(D) PG = 400 MW, PG = 150 MW

1 2


The power loss will be (A) 8.1 MW (C) 7.92 MW

(B) 44.70 MW (D) 6.4 MW

General Aptitude (GA) Questions Q. 56-Q. 60 carry one mark each


Which of the following word in the options is closest in meaning to the word given below ?




FLIPPANT (A) Obverse (C) Feeble


(B) Irreverent (D) Candid

The question below consists of a pair of related words followed by four pairs of words. Choose the pair which best expresses the relation in the original pair. Doctor : Healing (A) PRISON : GUARD (B) DINOSAURS : PALEONTOLOGIST (C) AUTHOR : WRITING (D) PLANETS : UNIVERSE


Choose the most appropriate words from the options given below to fill the blanks in the given sentences. It is evident from the...... 9/11, that followed the occupation of Iraq, the the terrorists anger is the result of cultural ............., often combined with direct personal degradation. (A) war, discrimination (B) violence, vendetta (C) carnage, humiliation (D) aftermath, bigotry


In the following series, choose the odd one out 84129, 32418, 47632, 36119, 67626, 72927 (A) 84129 (C) 47632 (B) 32418 (D) 72927


Salmas current age is 24 years grater than her son Danishs age. In 8 year, Salmas age will be twice Danishs age at that time. What is Salmas current age ? (A) 32 (B) 40 (C) 48 (D) 52

Q. 61-Q. 65 carry two mark each


People who discontinue regular exercise claim that exercising amounted to wasted time for them. But this calm is born of laziness, in light of the over-whelming evidence that regular exercise improves ones health. Which of the following statements, if true, would most seriously weaken the argument above ? A. Exercise has been shown to not only improve ones health, but also to increase longevity, or life span. B. People who have discontinued regular exercise now make productive use of the time they formerly devoted to exercise. C. People who are in good health are more likely to exercise regularly than people





who are in poor health. D. A person need not exercise every day to experience improved health from the exercise.

If a and b are negative integers, and if a b = 1, what is the least possible value of ab ? (A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

Common Data for Q. 63-64

In the following graph area of warehouse units A, B, C and D as portions of total warehouse are shown


By approximately how much many square feet does the size of Unit A exceed that of unit C ? (A) 9000 (B) 11000 (C) 12500 (D) 15500


The combined area of Unit B and Unit D is approximately (A) 51000 square feet (B) 57500 square feet (C) 70000 square feet (D) 74500 square feet


P can do a piece of work in 12 days and Q can do the same work in 18 days. If P works for three days, then in how many days will the remaining work be completed by Q ? (A) 13.5 days (B) 9 days (C) 16.5 days (D) 12 days END OF THE QUESTION PAPER