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61 Amazing True Facts Posted by Admin on October 30, 2009

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In t e !eig t"essness o# s$ace a #rozen $ea !i"" e%$"ode i# it comes in contact !it Pe$si& T e increased e"ectricity used by modern a$$"iances is causing a s i#t in t e 'art ()*s magnetic #ie"d& +y t e year 232,, t e -ort Po"e !i"" be "ocated in mid./ansas, ! i"e t e 0out Po"e !i"" be 1ust o## t e coast o# 'ast A#rica& T e idea #or ()2tribb"es()3 in ()20tar Tre4()3 came #rom gerbi"s, since some gerbi"s are actua""y born $regnant& 5a"e r esus mon4eys o#ten ang #rom tree branc es by t eir amazing $re ensi"e $enises& 6o nny P"essey batted &331 #or t e 7"e8e"and 0$iders in 1991, e8en t oug e s$ent t e entire season batting !it a ro""ed.u$, "ac:uered co$y o# t e To"edo Post.;is$atc & 0mearing a sma"" amount o# dog #eces on an insect bite !i"" re"ie8e t e itc ing and s!e""ing& T e +oeing ,<, is ca$ab"e o# #"ying u$!n i# it !eren()*t #or t e #act t at t e !ings !ou"d s ear o## ! en trying to ro"" it o8er& T e truc4ing com$any '"8is Pres"ey !or4ed at as a young man !as o!ned by Fran4 0inatra& T e on"y go"# course on t e is"and o# Tonga as 1= o"es, and t ere()*s no $ena"ty i# a mon4ey stea"s your go"# ba""& >egis"ation $assed during ??I ma4ing it i""ega" to say ()2gesund eit()3 to a sneezer !as ne8er re$ea"ed& 5anatees $ossess 8oca" c ords ! ic gi8e t em t e abi"ity to s$ea4 "i4e umans, but don()*t do so because t ey a8e no ears !it ! ic to ear t e sound& 07@+A di8ers cannot $ass gas at de$t s o# 33 #eet or be"o!& 7at#is are t e on"y anima"s t at natura""y a8e an O;; number o# ! is4ers& Ae$"ying more t an 100 times to t e same $iece o# s$am e.mai" !i"" o8er! e"m t e sender()*s system and inter#ere !it t eir abi"ity to send any more s$am& Po"ar bears can eat as many as 96 $enguins in a sing"e sitting& T e #irst 5c;ona"d()*s restaurant o$ened #or business in 19=2 in 'dinburg , 0cot"and, and #eatured t e 5cBaggis sand!ic & T e Air Force()*s F.11, #ig ter uses aerodynamics disco8ered during researc into o! bumb"ebees #"y&

Cou can get b"ood #rom a stone, but on"y i# contains at "east 1, $ercent bau%ite& 0i""y Putty !as ()2disco8ered()3 as t e residue "e#t be ind a#ter t e #irst "ate% condoms !ere $roduced& It()*s not !ide"y $ub"icized #or ob8ious reasons& A$$ro%imate"y o# your "i#e is s$ent on ?ednesdays& T e s4in needed #or e"bo! trans$"ants must be ta4en #rom t e scrotum o# a cada8er& T e s$ort o# 1ai a"ai originated #rom a game $"ayed by Incan $riests ! o e"d cats by t eir tai"s and s!ung at "eat er ba""s& T e cats !ou"d instincti8e"y grab at t e ba"" !it t eir c"a!s, t us enab"ing $"ayers to catc t em& A cat()*s $urr as t e same romance.en ancing #re:uency as t e 8oice o# singer +arry ? ite& T e ty$e!riter !as in8ented by Bungarian immigrant D!ert Cuio$, ! o "e#t is ()2signature()3 on t e 4eyboard& T e 8o"ume o# !ater t at t e Eiant 0e:uoia tree consumes in a 2<. our $eriod contains enoug sus$ended minera"s to $a8e 1,&3 #eet o# a <."ane concrete #ree!ay& /ing Benry VIII s"e$t !it a gigantic a%e& +ecause $rinted materia"s are being re$"aced by 7;.AO5, micro#ic e and t e Internet, "ibraries t at $re8ious"y san4 into t eir #oundations under t e !eig t o# t eir boo4s are no! in danger o# co""a$sing in e%treme"y ig !inds& In 19<3, a Parisian street mime got stuc4 in is imaginary bo% and conse:uent"y died o# star8ation& Touc .tone te"e$ one 4ey$ads !ere origina""y $"anned to a8e buttons #or Po"ice and Fire ;e$artments, but t ey !ere re$"aced !it F and G ! en t e $ro1ect !as cance""ed in #a8or o# de8e"o$ing t e 911 system& Buman sa"i8a as a boi"ing $oint t ree times t at o# regu"ar !ater& 7a"8in, o# t e ()27a"8in and Bobbes()3 comic stri$, !as $atterned a#ter President 7a"8in 7oo"idge, ! o ad a $et tiger as a boy& ?atc ing an our."ong soa$ o$era burns more ca"ories t an !atc ing a t ree. our baseba"" game& @nti" 19,9, 7ame" cigarettes contained minute $artic"es o# rea" came"s& Cou can actua""y s ar$en t e b"ades on a $enci" s ar$ener by !ra$$ing your $enci"s in a"uminum #oi" be#ore inserting t em& To uman taste buds, Hima is 8irtua""y indistinguis ab"e #rom zebra urine& 0e8en out o# e8ery ten oc4ey.$"aying 7anadians !i"" "ose a toot during a game& For 7anadians ! o don()*t $"ay oc4ey, t at #igure dro$s to #i8e out o# ten& A dog()*s na4ed be ind "ea8es abso"ute"y no bacteria ! en $ressed against car$et& A team o# @ni8ersity o# Virginia researc ers re"eased a study $romoting t e $ractice o# $ic4ing one()*s nose, c"aiming t at t e ea"t bene#its o# 4ee$ing nasa" $assages #ree #rom in#ectious b"oc4ages #ar out!eig t e negati8e socia" connotations&

Among items "e#t be ind at Osama bin >aden()*s ead:uarters in A#g anistan !ere 2, issues o# 5ad 5agazine& A" Daeda members a8e admitted t at bin >aden is re$orted"y an a8id reader& @rine #rom ma"e ca$e !ater bu##a"oes is so #"ammab"e t at some tribes use it #or "antern #ue"& At t e #irst ?or"d 7u$ c am$ions i$ in @ruguay, 1930, t e soccer ba""s !ere actua""y mon4ey s4u""s !ra$$ed in $a$er and "eat er& '8ery >abrador retrie8er dreams about bananas& I# you $ut a bee in a #i"m canister #or t!o ours, it !i"" go b"ind and "ea8e be ind its !eig t in oney& ;ue to t e ang"e at ! ic t e o$tic ner8e enters t e brain, staring at a b"ue sur#ace during se% great"y increases t e intensity o# orgasms& -e8er o"d your nose and co8er your mout ! en sneezing, as it can b"o! out your eyeba""s& 7enturies ago, $urc asing rea" estate o#ten re:uired a8ing one or more "imbs am$utated in order to $re8ent t e $urc aser #rom running a!ay to a8oid re$ayment o# t e "oan& Bence an e%$ensi8e $urc ase !as said to cost ()2an arm and a "eg&()3 ? en 5a atma Eand i died, an auto$sy re8ea"ed #i8e go"d /rugerrands in is sma"" intestine& Aard8ar4s are a""ergic to radis es, but on"y during summer mont s& 7oca.7o"a !as t e #a8ored drin4 o# P arao Aamses& An inscri$tion #ound in is tomb, ! en trans"ated, !as #ound to be a"most identica" to t e reci$e used today& I# you $art your air on t e rig t side, you !ere born to be carni8orous& I# you $art it on t e "e#t, your $ ysica" and $syc o"ogica" ma4e.u$ is t at o# a 8egetarian& ? en immersed in "i:uid, a dead s$arro! !i"" ma4e a sound "i4e a crying baby& In ??II t e @0 mi"itary $"anned to airdro$ o8er France $ro$aganda in t e #orm o# P"ayboy magazine, !it coded messages idden in t e mode"s()* turn.ons and turn.o##s& T e $"an !as scra$$ed because o# a sta$"e s ortage due to rationing o# meta"& A"t oug di##icu"t, it()*s $ossib"e to start a #ire by ra$id"y rubbing toget er t!o 7oo" Aanc ;oritos& -a$o"eon()*s #a8orite ty$e o# !ood !as 4notty c estnut& T e !or"d()*s smartest $ig, o!ned by a mat ematics teac er in 5adison, ?I, memorized t e mu"ti$"ication tab"es u$ to 12& ;ue to t e natura" ()2momentum()3 o# t e ocean, sa"t!ater #is cannot s!im bac4!ards& In ancient Ereece, c i"dren o# !ea"t y #ami"ies !ere di$$ed in o"i8e oi" at birt to 4ee$ t em air"ess t roug out t eir "i8es& It is near"y t ree mi"es #art er to #"y #rom Amari""o, Te%as to >ouis8i""e, /entuc4y t an it is to return #rom >ouis8i""e to Amari""o& T e ()2nine "i8es()3 attributed to cats is $robab"y due to t eir a8ing nine $rimary ! is4ers& T e origina" ins$iration #or +arbie do""s comes #rom do""s

de8e"o$ed by Eerman $ro$agandists in t e "ate 1930s to im$ress young gir"s !it t e idea" notions o# Aryan #eatures& T e $ro$ortions #or +arbie !ere actua""y based on t ose o# '8a +raun& T e Venezue"an bro!n bat can detect and dodge indi8idua" raindro$s in mid.#"ig t, arri8ing sa#e"y bac4 at is ca8e com$"ete"y dry&

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